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Top 20 Investments for February 2015

Deal No.Amount Paid (USD)CompanyInvestor/BuyerSectorDeal Type
2$600,000,000Kuaidi DacheConsortiumMobile & AppsInvestment
3$590,000,000Meizu Alibaba Group Holding LimitedHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
4$485,000,000SnapchatConsortiumMobile & AppsInvestment
5$350,000,000Ele.meTencent, Sequoia CapitalTransactionsInvestment
6$324,510,900Delivery HeroUndisclosedTransactionsInvestment
7$270,000,000Conductor ConsortiumMarketingInvestment
10$200,000,000Social Finance ConsortiumTransactionsInvestment
11$186,000,000lynda.com ConsortiumMediaInvestment
12$161,000,000Wanda E-commerceCentec Networks, Xude RendaoEcommerceInvestment
13$143,500,000AccelaConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
14$140,000,000Jet ConsortiumEcommerceInvestment
15$140,000,000XeroAccel Partners, Matrix Capital ManagementSoftware & ServicesInvestment
16$126,000,000HelloFreshRocket Internet, Insight Venture PartnersTransactionsInvestment
17$125,000,000kCuraICONIQ CapitalSoftware & ServicesInvestment
18$117,000,000Taboola ConsortiumTransactionsInvestment
19$115,000,000Sigfox UndisclosedSoftware & ServicesInvestment

More information

  1. Uber Expands Funding Round by $1 Billion (CNBC)
  2. KuaiDi Dache Raises US$600M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  3. Meizu Receives US$590M Minority Investment from Alibaba (FinSMEs)
  4. Snapchat Raises $485M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  5. Food Delivery Service Ele.me Raises $350M From Tencent, Sequoia Capital (TechCrunch)
  6. Delivery Hero Raises €287M in Financing (FinSMEs)
  7. Conductor Proves Web Presence Management Is A Real Thing With $27 Million In Series D (TechCrunch)
  8. Lyft Seeks To Raise Another $250 Million At A $2 Billion Valuation (TechCrunch)
  9. Instacart Closes $220M Series C Financing (FinSMEs)
  10. Social Finance Raises $200M in Series D Funding (FinSMEs)
  11. lynda.com Receives $186M Investment (FinSMEs)
  12. Wanda E-commerce Raises $161M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  13. Accela Closes $143.5M in Financing (FinSMEs)
  14. Jet Raises $140M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  15. Xero raises $140 million to fund US and UK growth (StartupSmart)
  16. HelloFresh Raises $126M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  17. kCura Raises $125M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  18. Taboola Completes $117M Series E Funding (FinSMEs)
  19. Sigfox Secures $115M Round of Funding (FinSMEs)
  20. Capital Today, New Horizon Lead $100M Series C In Beibei.Com (China Money Network)

Top 20 Software & Services Deals for February 2015

Deal No.Amount Paid (USD)CompanyInvestor/BuyerSectorDeal Type
1$350,000,000Annapurna LabsAmazonSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
2$200,000,000Panaya InfosysSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
3$143,500,000AccelaConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
4$140,000,000XeroAccel Partners, Matrix Capital ManagementSoftware & ServicesInvestment
5$125,000,000kCuraICONIQ CapitalSoftware & ServicesInvestment
6$115,000,000Sigfox UndisclosedSoftware & ServicesInvestment
7$95,000,000Planet Labs ConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
8$80,000,000MongoDBConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
9$56,000,000AntuitGoldman Sachs, Zodius CapitalSoftware & ServicesInvestment
10$50,000,000VMTurboConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
11$50,000,000Silent Circle UndisclosedSoftware & ServicesInvestment
12$45,500,000UserTesting Accel Partners, OpenView Venture PartnersSoftware & ServicesInvestment
13$43,000,000ScienceLogicIntel Capital, NEA, Goldman SachsSoftware & ServicesInvestment
14$42,000,000Avalara Technology Crossover VenturesSoftware & ServicesInvestment
15$40,100,000Ionic Security ConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
16$40,000,000Stack ExchangeConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
17$40,000,000Saltside Technologies ConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
18$40,000,000Qumulo ConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
19$40,000,000InstructureConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
20$38,800,000Ruby ReceptionistsUpdata Partners, StepStone GroupSoftware & ServicesInvestment

More information

  1. Amazon buys secretive chip maker Annapurna Labs for $350 million (Extreme Tech)
  2. Infosys Acquires SaaS Provider Panaya In Deal Valued At $200M (TechCrunch)
  3. Accela Closes $143.5M in Financing (FinSMEs)
  4. Xero raises $140 million to fund US and UK growth (StartupSmart)
  5. kCura Raises $125M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  6. Sigfox Secures $115M Round of Funding (FinSMEs)
  7. Planet Labs Raises $95M (FinSMEs)
  8. MongoDB Secures $80M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  9. Antuit Secured up to $56M (FinSMEs)
  10. VMTurbo Raises $50M in Seres D Funding (FinSMEs)
  11. Silent Circle Raises $50M in Equity Funding (FinSMEs)
  12. UserTesting Secures $45.5M in Series C Financing (FinSMEs)
  13. ScienceLogic Raises $43M Series D Round Led By Goldman Sachs (TechCrunch)
  14. Avalara Raises Over $42M in Series D-1 Funding (FinSMEs)
  15. Ionic Security Secures $40.1M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  16. Stack Exchange Raises $40M in Series D Funding (FinSMEs)
  17. Saltside Technologies Raises $40M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  18. Qumulo Closes $40M Series B Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  19. Instructure Raises $40M in Series E Funding (FinSMEs)
  20. Ruby Receptionists Receives $38.8M Majority Equity Investment (FinSMEs)

Top 20 Asia & Pacific Deals for February 2015

Deal No.Amount Paid (USD)CompanyInvestor/BuyerSectorDeal Type
1$600,000,000Kuaidi DacheConsortiumMobile & AppsInvestment
2$590,000,000Meizu Alibaba Group Holding LimitedHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
3$350,000,000Ele.meTencent, Sequoia CapitalTransactionsInvestment
4$161,000,000Wanda E-commerceCentec Networks, Xude RendaoEcommerceInvestment
5$140,000,000XeroAccel Partners, Matrix Capital ManagementSoftware & ServicesInvestment
7$100,000,000APUS Group ConsortiumMobile & AppsInvestment
8$100,000,000YmatouSailing Capital InternationalEcommerceInvestment
10$56,000,000AntuitGoldman Sachs, Zodius CapitalSoftware & ServicesInvestment
11$36,000,000MetapsUndisclosedMobile & AppsInvestment
12$30,000,000PractoSequoia Capital, Matrix PartnersTransactionsInvestment
14$25,000,000Carmudi ConsortiumTransactionsInvestment
15$20,000,000Lizhi.FMConsortiumMobile & AppsInvestment
17$14,800,000Muse & Co.MixiEcommerceAcquisition
18$13,000,000Capital Float ConsortiumTransactionsInvestment
19$10,000,000Lalamove ConsortiumTransactionsInvestment
20$7,769,500IconTechnologyOneSoftware & ServicesAcquisition

More information

  1. KuaiDi Dache Raises US$600M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  2. Meizu Receives US$590M Minority Investment from Alibaba (FinSMEs)
  3. Food Delivery Service Ele.me Raises $350M From Tencent, Sequoia Capital (TechCrunch)
  4. Wanda E-commerce Raises $161M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  5. Xero raises $140 million to fund US and UK growth (StartupSmart)
  6. Capital Today, New Horizon Lead $100M Series C In Beibei.Com (China Money Network)
  7. APUS Group Raises $100M in Series B Financing (FinSMEs)
  8. Cross-border Shopping Site Ymatou Pockets US$100M Series B Funding (TechNode)
  9. India’s FreeCharge, Which Gives Users Coupons When They Pay Bills, Raises $80M Series C (TechCrunch)
  10. Antuit Secured up to $56M (FinSMEs)
  11. Metaps Completes $36M Series C Financing (FinSMEs)
  12. Practo Closes $30M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  13. Brainbees Solutions Raises $26M in Series D Funding (FinSMEs)
  14. Rocket Internet-Backed Car Listings Site Carmudi Raises $25M To Fuel Growth In Asia And Mexico (TechCrunch)
  15. Xiaomi, Shunwei, Matrix In $20M Series C For Lizhi.FM (China Money Network)
  16. India’s Stayzilla Raises $20M For Its Hybrid Hotel/Airbnb-Like Booking Service (TechCrunch)
  17. Not satisfied with Monster Strike, Mixi acquires Japanese fashion startup (Tech In Asia)
  18. Capital Float Raises $13M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  19. Lalamove Raises $10M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  20. TechnologyOne acquires Icon for AUD 10 mln (Telecompaper)

Top 20 Software & Services Deals for December 2013

Deal No.Amount Paid (USD)CompanyInvestor/BuyerSectorDeal Type
1$1,260,000,000BrightstarSoftBankSoftware & ServicesInvestment
2$800,000,000TrusteerIBMSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
3$475,000,000IntucellCiscoSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
4$354,000,000PrimeSenseAppleSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
5$324,000,000The 41st ParameterExperianSoftware & ServicesInvestment
6$250,000,000SpotifyTechnology Crossover VenturesSoftware & ServicesInvestment
7$196,500,000Palantir TechnologiesUndisclosedSoftware & ServicesInvestment
8$170,000,000GracenoteTribuneSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
9$155,000,000SkyfireOperaSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
10$150,000,000MongoDBConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
11$150,000,000SevOneBain CapitalSoftware & ServicesInvestment
12$150,000,000Pure StorageConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
13$150,000,000XeroConsortiumSoftware & ServicesInvestment
14$136,000,000BankLinkMYOB Finance NZSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
15$130,000,000VocalocityVonageSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
16$130,000,000SolutoAsurionSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
17$111,622,500SoftonicPartners GroupSoftware & ServicesInvestment
18$110,000,000DirectiEndurance InternationalSoftware & ServicesAcquisition
19$107,800,000Palantir TechnologiesUndisclosedSoftware & ServicesInvestment
20$105,000,000Pivotal LabsGESoftware & ServicesInvestment

More information

  1. Brightstar Receives $1.26BN Investment from SoftBank (FinSMEs)
  2. IBM Buys Israel/US Cybersecurity Specialist Trusteer For $800M-$1B (TechCrunch)
  3. Cisco acquires Intucell for US$475m (SiliconRepublic)
  4. Apple reportedly acquires Kinect-tech maker PrimeSense for $345M (Venture Beat)
  5. Experian to buy 41st Parameter in $324m deal (The Financial Times)
  6. Technology Crossover Ventures Funds All Of Spotify’s $250M International Growth Round (TechCrunch)
  7. Palantir Technologies Raises $196.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  8. Tribune To Acquire Sony Audio Recognition Unit Gracenote For $170 Million (TechCrunch)
  9. Opera buys Skyfire for $155M to trim carriers’ mobile video burden
  10. MongoDB Raises $150M in Financing (FinSMEs)
  11. SevOne To Go For IPO, Raises $150 Million From Bain Capital To Expand P2P IT Monitoring (Techcrunch)
  12. Pure Storage Raises $150M And Sets For Battle With The Storage Giants (TechCrunch)
  13. Xero to Intuit: I have $150M in funding — now gimme all your customers (Venture Beat)
  14. MYOB acquires NZ firm for $136m (The Channel)
  15. Vonage Acquires Vocalocity For $130 Million (Pulse2.0)
  16. Cloud-Based Device Management Startup Soluto Acquired By Device Insurers Asurion For Up To $130M (TechCrunch)
  17. Software download portal Softonic receives reported €82.5 million investment from Partners Group (The Next Web)
  18. Directi Acquired for $ 110 mn by Endurance International (NextBigWhat.com)
  19. Palantir’s Latest Round Valuing It At $9B Swells To $107.8M In New Funding (TechCrunch)
  20. GE Puts $105M Into Pivotal, The New EMC And VMware Platform Initiative, But Here’s What It Is Missing (Techcrunch)