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Geek meets chic


Wearable tech like activity trackers, smartwatches and smart glasses have always looked geeky. They either look staid or too futuristic. Because of their design, you will never mistake them for items of adornment. But what if a wearable gadget could be a fashion statement? This is where Cuff comes in. Cuff is an activity tracker that fits into different pieces of jewelry. Cuff vibrates when you get a call or text from your cellphone, it will buzz if you accidentally leave your phone, it will track your physical activity throughout the day, and it even has an alert feature that allows you to send an SOS to a friend or loved one if you’re in an emergency. And the best thing about it is, you can snap Cuff into an array of attractive necklaces and bracelets. Many industry watchers predict that jewelry is the next frontier for smart devices and competition is heating up. Designer Tori Burch recently created a more fashionable Fitbit bracelet. Ringly and MEMI have both launched their own trendy wearables. And not to be outdone, Apple has recruited renowned Australian designer Marc Newson to boost its design team.

Cuff is about to seal its $5 million Series A in a funding round led by NEA. You can read about the funding here.

Get a Moov on

Our daily lives are ruled by technology. Now ingrained in our lives, it’s no surprise that technology has also invaded the fitness world. Today, countless apps and wearables are available for every type of fitness enthusiast. There are wearables that will simply measure your heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned. Then there are more sophisticated gadgets that can track your sleeping and fitness habits, and even gently coax you to exercise if you miss a workout. One wearable making waves in the market today is Moov. What makes Moov interesting is it can provide real-time audio coaching just like a personal trainer. It works by tracking your motions and suggests ways to improve your form. Designed by former Apple engineer Nikola Hu, Moov’s algorithm and ideal forms are based on collected data from a number of elite athletes and trainers. To efficiently track body movement, Moov uses 3D mapping to understand how your body is moving without the use of a camera. And since the entire body is being tracked, Moov can be used in different types of fitness activities such as, running, walking, swimming, weight lifting, boxing, golf and even yoga.
Being initially financed by crowdfunding, Moov has recently received funding from Banyan Capital. You can read about the funding here.