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Dedrone raises $10 million


From cheap mini drones to beasts that cost thousands of dollars, drones have become increasingly common around the world. Initially created for military use, drones are now used for deliveries, photography, filming movies, search and rescue. Although using drones has its benefits, the vehicles can easily be used for illegal activities such as spying or smuggling, and this brings a myriad of security and privacy issues. As drones continue to invade the skies, Dedrone, a software startup in San Francisco, aims to battle the threat of unmanned domestic drones. Dedrone has developed DroneTracker, a drone detection platform, which is attached to exterior walls of buildings and rooftops and uses sensors to identify illegal drones in an area. According to the company, the DroneTracker is now being used in airports, sports stadiums, hotels and private homes. Founded in 2014, Dedrone recently raised $10 million in a round led by Menlo Ventures.

You can read about the funding here.