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Is UGC the future of marketing?


The rise of social media has significantly changed the marketing landscape. A decade ago, advertisers would spend thousands, if not millions of dollars to produce and launch an ad campaign. Today, instead of investing big money in traditional campaigns, many marketers are learning to tap into the power of their fans and use their original content to advertise their brands. This creates User Generated Content (UGC), and it’s the hottest thing in digital marketing right now. UGC campaigns are a great way to collect potential advertising material, create buzz in social networks, and increase brand engagement. Major brands like Pepsi, Estee Lauder, Nissan and Dunkin Donuts, have all launched UGC campaigns to maximise their brand presence in social media.

In the US, the company that pioneered the development and adoption of UGC for brand marketing is Thismoment. The San Francisco-based company offers a digital storytelling platform that allows easy content curation, sharing and seamless technology integration among devices. Currently, more than 150 top brands use Thismoment, including Coca-Cola, Levi’s and Sephora.

Today, Thismoment received $17.6M additional funding from a consortium of investors. You can read about the funding here.