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Is Telemedicine the future of outpatient care?


Rapid advances in computer equipment, software, and internet technology have made telecommuting an acceptable way to communicate in business. Now we can connect digitally, device to device; share documents and files; and even conduct video meetings and conferences. Today the concept of remote communication is now being used in the field of medicine. Coined as “telemedicine,” which literally means healing at a distance, telemedicine is described as the ability to provide interactive healthcare using modern communication technologies. Now patients can consult their physicians live over video to avail of immediate care. Videos and still images of patients with ailments can also be sent to physicians for diagnosis or follow up treatment. The beauty of telemedicine is, wherever you are in the world, you can use the technology to instantly connect you to a specialist.

One startup at the forefront of telemedicine technology is Bright.md, a Portland-based company that has the SmartExamâ„¢ platform that connects patients to their physicians using their home computer or mobile device and allows them to receive treatment for less cost. Bright.md has closed a $1 million round of seed funding today. You can read about the funding here.