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Top 20 Hardware & Infrastructure Deals for July 2013

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $475,000,000 Intucell Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
2 $403,000,000 MakerBot Stratasys Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
3 $380,000,000 Tensilica Cadence Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
4 $310,000,000 Ubiquisys Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
5 $198,630,000 ISP Dodo M2 Telecommunications Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
6 $180,000,000 Composite Software Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
7 $155,000,000 Skyfire Opera Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
8 $150,000,000 SevOne Bain Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
9 $120,000,000 NexGen Storage Fusion-io Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
10 $107,000,000 JouleX Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
11 $105,000,000 Ingenuity Systems Qiagen N.V. Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
12 $85,000,000 Arieso JDSU Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
13 $82,000,000 Kotura Mellanox Technologies Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
14 $80,000,000 Clearwire Sprint Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
15 $78,201,000 Revera Telecom Corp of New Zealand Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
16 $75,000,000 Corsair Components Francisco Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
17 $60,000,000 Roku Fidelity, Peter Kafka Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
18 $55,000,000 Telanetix Intermedia Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
19 $55,000,000 Revision Optics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
20 $51,000,000 Affirmed Networks Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment

More information

  1. Cisco acquires Intucell for US$475m (SiliconRepublic)
  2. Stratasys Acquiring MakerBot In $403M Deal, Combined Company Will Likely Dominate 3D Printing Industry (Techcrunch)
  3. Cadence to Acquire Tensilica (Market Wire)
  4. Cisco Is Buying Ubiquisys For $310M For A Big Move Into Mobile Coverage With Femtocells And Small Cells (Techcrunch)
  5. M2 Telecommunications acquires ISP Dodo for A$203.9m and junior telco Eftel for A$44.1m, 5*FY14 EBITDA (Australian Technology Transactions)
  6. Cisco Acquires Composite Software for $180,000,000 (Xconomy)
  7. Opera buys Skyfire for $155M to trim carriers’ mobile video burden
  8. SevOne To Go For IPO, Raises $150 Million From Bain Capital To Expand P2P IT Monitoring (Techcrunch)
  9. Fusion-io Acquires NexGen Storage for $120M (FinSMEs)
  10. Cisco to Acquire JouleX for $107M (FinSMEs)
  11. Qiagen N.V. Acquires Ingenuity Systems for $105,000,000 (Xconomy)
  12. JDSU Buys Arieso For $85M In Cash To Boost Its Mobile Network Business (TechCrunch)
  13. Mellanox Technologies Acquires Kotura for $82,000,000 (Xconomy)
  14. Clearwire takes $80M from Sprint even as it’s flirting with Dish for a buyout (VentureBeat)
  15. Telecom NZ acquires NZ cloud data centre and infrastructure services firm Revera for NZ$96.5m, est 6.43*2013 EBITDA (Australian Technology Transactions)
  16. Corsair Components Receives $75M Strategic Investment from Francisco Partners (FinSMEs)
  17. Roku Wants To Be Part Of Your Next Smart TV, Raises $60 Million To Do It (Techcrunch)
  19. ReVision Optics Raises $55M in Equity Financing (FinSMEs)

Top 20 Acquisitions for 2013

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $710,000,000 Mountain Cablevision Rogers Communications Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
2 $55,000,000 Open Solutions Fiserv Software & Services Acquisition
3 $55,000,000 Telanetix Intermedia Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
4 $28,400,000 Vineyard Networks Procera Networks Software & Services Acquisition
5 $25,000,000 Zuji Webjet Transactions Acquisition
6 $23,000,000 TapIt Phunware Mobile & Apps Acquisition
7 $12,300,000 Kununu XING Media Acquisition
8 $12,081,000 I-graduate Tribal Group Software & Services Acquisition
9 $7,000,000 Enter Crews Mobcast Games Acquisition
10 $6,200,000 Zenfolio Art.com Media Acquisition
11 $6,170,000 Pacific Micromarketing Experian Marketing Acquisition
12 Undisclosed Authentic Response ReInvention Marketing Acquisition
13 Undisclosed DocuSource Konica Minolta Software & Services Acquisition
14 Undisclosed Glassmap Groupon Mobile & Apps Acquisition
15 Undisclosed Koinup ExitReality Media Acquisition
16 Undisclosed MakeGood Quantcast Marketing Acquisition
17 Undisclosed Marketing Research Services ORC International Marketing Acquisition
18 Undisclosed Oodle.co.uk Adzuna.co.uk Transactions Acquisition
19 Undisclosed Overlay Media InMobi Software & Services Acquisition
20 Undisclosed Point Reach Essence Marketing Acquisition

More information

  1. Canadian Internet Provider Rogers Buys Mountain Cablevision, Wireless Spectrum Licenses From Shaw (Techcrunch)
  2. Fiserv Acquires Open Solutions for $55,000,000 (Xconomy)
  4. Procera Networks Buys Vineyard Networks For $28M To Beef Up Its Deep Packet Inspection Capabilities (TechCrunch)
  5. Travelocity sells Asia-Pacific agency Zuji to Webjet for $25 million(TNOOZ)
  6. Phunware Acquires Mobile Advertising Company TapIt Media Group For $23M (TechCrunch)
  7. LinkedIn Competitor XING Buys Glassdoor-like Startup Kununu For $12.3M, But Will It Fare Well? (TechCrunch)
  8. Tribal Group acquires i-graduate for £7.5m (Research)
  9. Mobcast acquires online game developer Enter Crews for US$7M (E27)
  10. Art.com buys photo and video hosting service Zenfolio for at least $6.2m in stock (The Next Web)
  11. Experian buys analytics firm Pacific Micromarketing (Research)
  12. ReInvention makes second acquisition, buys Authentic Response (Research)
  13. DocuSource Acquired By Konica Minolta (SoCal Tech)
  14. Groupon Acquires Realtime Location-Aware Service Glassmap To Help You Find Deals (Techcrunch)
  15. ExitReality Acquires Koinup (FinSMEs)
  16. Quantcast Acquires Startup MakeGood To Improve Ad Data Aggregatio (TechCrunch)
  17. ORC International buys consumer specialist MRSI (Research)
  18. Adzuna.co.uk Acquires Traffic of Oodle.co.uk (FinSMEs)
  19. Mobile Ad Network InMobi Buys Overlay Media To Improve Ad Personalization, And More (TechCrunch)
  20. More Mobile Ad Consolidation: Essence Buys Mass Market Mobile Agency Point Reach (TechCrunch)