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The future of motorcycle helmets

SKULLY, the maker of state-of-the-art motorcycle helmet SKULLY AR-1, is revving up for success. Fresh from its record-breaking pre-order campaign on Indiegogo that raised $2.8 million from consumers, the company recently raised an additional $11 million in Series A funding to get the motorcycle helmet into production. So why is the SKULLY AR-1 getting a lot of buzz? SKULLY AR-1 has been dubbed by its founder Dr. Marcus Weller as the “world’s smartest motorcycle helmet” and with good reason. It uses the SKULLY’s proprietary Synapse™ technology platform that features an advanced head up display optics that is linked to an intelligent network including a near 180-degree rear-view camera, GPS navigation, voice control, and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone communication. The high tech features are designed to enhance the rider’s awareness so he/she can have a safer riding experience. SKULLY will use the new funds to hire more people and ship its products.