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A smarter suitcase


The advent of smart technology has seen every manufacturer run to pack their devices with wifi connectivity, sensors, and all manner of technology. The end result can often be an over-engineered gadget or appliance equipped with pretty over-the-top tech features. From talking teapots, to washers that connect to the Internet, there are thousands of smart gadgets out in the market today. Anyone still have their fridge TV?

And then comes Bluesmart. Bluesmart looks just like your average suitcase but it comes with above-average tricks: using your smartphone, you can lock and unlock it, charge your smartphone more for 6 rounds, weigh the suitcase, track its location and it will even notify you if it sensed that you’re leaving it behind. In addition, if you get separated from it, it will automatically lock itself and inform you if someone attempts to open it. According to its website, The Bluesmart Travel Sentry┬« Approved Lock will be accepted by the TSA. With many practical features, the Bluesmart suitcase seems to be a very practical application of smart technology that could improve both personal security and convenience.

Today, Bluesmart has raised $1.4 million in funding through its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. You can read about the funding here.