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Are you ready for the connected home?


We may not be living like the Jetsons just yet, but there’s no denying that the connected home is fast becoming a reality. The battle for share in the connected home is in full swing and tech companies everywhere are scrambling to produce connected gizmos and gadgets like never before. Google’s Nest Labs has a “learning” thermostat that can program itself to adjust the temperature of the house according to the weather, time of day and your daily habits. Philips has its Hue Connected Bulb that allows you to change the colors of your light bulbs and control them from your phone. The Kwikset Kevo home lock will lock and unlock doors with the mere touch of a finger. There’s also the Sleep Number x12 Bed that can monitor your breathing, movement and heart rate and can assess the quality of your sleep. With so many companies vying for the keys to your house, the big question is, how many independent brains can one house support? Last week, a company called Savant Systems, put others on notice by taking $90 million from private equity firm KKR & Co LLP. Savant offers top-of-the-line home automation systems in some of the wealthiest homes in America. Google has shown intent in this space, and we know that they like owning the initial touch point and central control in most technology solutions (advertising, search, email and mobile). Is it a matter of time until they expand beyond the thermostat to own the centralised controls of the connect home?