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Cisco acquires CloudLock


In a move to strengthen its security unit, Cisco Systems announced today its plans to acquire CloudLock for $293 million. CloudLock provides Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology, which is a set of cloud security solutions. The solutions provide an integral layer of cloud cybersecurity centering around visibility, compliance, data security and threat protection. CloudLock empowers companies to monitor their employees that use public cloud applications like ServiceNow, Salesforce, Dropbox and Google apps. As more users use public cloud, sensitive company data can be moved to the public cloud and be made vulnerable to theft or leakage. CloudLock provides a single security dashboard that reports all security incidents across multiple SaaS applications simultaneously and offers a range of solutions including the CloudLock Selective Encryption™, the world’s first purely cloud-based, content-aware, intelligent AES 256-bit encryption solution. It allows enterprises to protect their sensitive data stored across multiple SaaS and public cloud platforms.