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A special time for education


Have you ever imagined what education will be like in the future? Ten years ago, the iPhone, Android phones and tablets did not even exist; but today these devices have moved into classrooms worldwide and have triggered the start of a tech revolution in learning. Content based online education has been around for a while, but the recent innovations in mobile content-delivery, functionality and interactivity, are now allowing students and teachers to share ideas and conversations anywhere/anytime, taking learning well-beyond the confines of a classroom. Investors are clambering to try to get a piece of the fast-evolving ed-tech market. This week, Udacity, MasteryConnect and Jike Xueyuan, a Chinese IT education startup, all received funding. In addition, Blackboard, the Washington DC-based ed-tech behemoth acquired UK-based Requestec, a provider of custom-made SMS and MMS applications. With more and more investment pouring in into the multi billion-dollar ed-tech industry, analysts expect to see continued innovation and some sizeable exits. In the words of Bill Gates, who’s a firm believer in the future of ed-tech, this is indeed “a special time in education.”