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The Davids against the Goliath


Presentations have become essential these days for business, school and marketing activities. Microsoft PowerPoint is still the gold standard in presentation software and leads the pack with more than 500 million users worldwide. Although the PowerPoint is considered the king of presentations, and has been around for more than 20 years, its use and efficiency have been widely criticized by critics. Its ready-made slides look outdated, the linear format makes it hard to go back to a specific slide, there’s limited functionality for creativity, and you have to buy the software. In short, PowerPoint is slowly becoming outdated and this is precisely the reason why startups have all been scrambling to unseat its dominance in the market. Challengers like Prezi, Clear Slide, Speaker Deck, Slide Shark and others have all created their presentation software with the hope of sharing in a piece of the roughly $300 billion a year that companies spend on workplace software.

Today, Emaze, a PowerPoint challenger from Israel has raised $2M to continue its quest to unseat the PowerPoint. You can read about the funding here.