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Palantir adds retail to its analytics platform


From helping solve national issues like cybercrime, terrorism and human trafficking, Palantir Technologies, the company known for its sophisticated data analytics software, is now singing a different tune. The company has recently acquired FancyThat, a tech startup that has a platform that can help retailers sell goods and communicate with their customers through omnichannel strategies across physical stores, online, mobile and other platforms. The purchase added retail and shopping data to Palantir’s growing analytics platform. Data analytics in retail can provide insights on customer behavior, online shopping transactions and upcoming trends. The information can help retailers strategise their future marketing campaigns and market more effectively to targeted customers. FancyThat is Palantir’s second acquisition in the field of marketing and sales after buying Poptip, a startup that helps companies conduct social media surveys and analyze online conversations.

You can read about the acquisition here.