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Glint raises $15.5 million


These days, employee engagement is all the rage. The economic downturn has proved to be a catalyst for companies to consider employee engagement as a vital tool to keep employees happy and more productive in their jobs. With many companies struggling to survive, having employees slack off at work for any reason is no longer excusable. Employee engagement platforms help managers have a clear picture about job satisfaction, physical and emotional well-being, job stress and other work-related information. The data can help companies create an effective employee engagement program that will make employees care more about their jobs, feel more appreciated, work harder and stay longer. One of the startups at the forefront of the employee engagement space is Glint. Glint leverages real-time people data to give managers a comprehensive view of the organization’s health, provide insight to predict problems and direction on how to best solve these problems.

Glint recently raised $15.5m in venture capital funding from a consortium of investors. You can read about the funding here.