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A smart move

Week after week, we see a non-stop parade of smart technologies unfolding on many fronts. There are apps, wearables, 3D printers, intelligent vehicle systems and security devices for the home. All these advances reflect the increasing role of smart technology at all levels of everyday life. One smart app that has been making waves lately is Peel, a remote system that allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a smart remote control. With Peel, you can control your TV or DVR, gain access to cable and local channels, watch and schedule shows and even engage with friends on social media. Described by Time Magazine as “the most thorough rethinking of what a remote control should be,” Peel is the app to have if you are a TV or a movie buff.

With more than 90 million users worldwide and generating five billion smart remote commands a month, Peel received a $50 million strategic investment from Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. You can read about the funding here.