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Is it goodbye TV?

Something ominous is happening to TV: millennials are abandoning their TV sets and are now turning to online video streaming and new media sites for their news and entertainment fix. A recent Nielsen survey shows that TV usage among millennials 18-24 years old in Q1 of 2015 has declined more than 17% compared to Q4 of 2014. Nielsen predicts that there will be a steady drop in the coming years. This is alarming. So alarming that media giant Comcast’s NBCUniversal has formed partnerships with new media companies Vox Media and BuzzFeed to collaborate on content, programming and advertising. NBCUniversal invested $200 million each into Vox Media and BuzzFeed. The investment allows NBCUniversal to tap into the digital prowess of Vox Media and BuzzFeed in attracting young, digital-native consumers, while it will also allow the two new media companies to be present in television and expand their brands.