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A hunger for dominance

According to TechCrunch, in 2013, Foodpanda, the Rocket Internet-backed global food delivery service has launched in over 20 countries and released a mobile app for iOS and Android to supplement its website. By the end of the first quarter of 2014, it opened in over 40 markets and arrived in Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, and Uganda. This year, its appetite for expansion is further whetted by the booming online food delivery space in Asia. With $60 million (Series C and D) at its disposal, Foodpanda recently acquired a total of six rival startups across seven countries in its goal to be the market leader Southeast Asia. The acquisitions include India’s Just Eat, Pakistan’s EatOye, Malaysia and Singapore’s Food Runner, Philippines’ City Delivery, Hong Kong’s Koziness, and Thailand’s Food By Phone. Like other Rocket Internet-backed companies, Foodpanda seems to be keen on gaining an edge by focusing its growth on emerging markets like Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and parts of Africa.