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22 Year Old Wants to Rev Up Mobile Payments


22 Year Old Wants to Rev Up Mobile Payments

If you haven’t heard of Lucas Duplan you soon will because his idea for a frictionless mobile wallet is about to take off, especially since Silicon valley’s biggest venture capitalists are backing him up.

Duplan’s company, which is still in stealth mode, is called Clinkle and it’s just received a $25 million seed round from the who’s who of investors including VCs Accel Partners and Andreessen Horowitz and strategic investors Intel and Intuit. The company’s angel investors include Peter Thiel of PayPal, Andrew Viterbi of Qualcomm, and Salesforce founder and CEO Mark Benioff.

For years, there’s been much talk about using mobile phones as a payment method but it hasn’t taken off. Clinkle is an app-to-app payment platform that requires no special hardware on the phone or at the point of sale. In short, paying with mobile phones will be as easy as downloading an app for both merchants and consumers.