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Luminar raises $36 million seed funding


In a few years, our roads will be full of driverless cars. If forecasts do come true, companies like NVIDIA, Audi, Nu Tonomy, Ford, Volkswagen, GM, Tesla, BMW, and others, will all be rolling out driverless vehicles in as early as 2020. But big questions remain. Will consumers want to relinquish control of their vehicles? Can driverless cars be truly safe in an unpredictable world? Luminar, a startup specializing in LiDAR technology, is about to unveil sensors that could make driverless cars safer than human drivers. LiDAR technology allows cars to “see” where they’re going, make sense of their surroundings, and react accordingly. Luminar claims that its LiDARs allow cars to “see” obstacles better and at greater distances than any other system in the market. Last week, the company has raised $36 million in seed-stage funding from Canvas Ventures, GVA Capital and 1517 Fund.