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Google’s Big Fight Against Ageing


Google’s Big Fight Against Ageing

From funding the world’s first lab-grown grown meat, to building driverless cars and Internet balloons, Google Inc. is the only company in the world fearless and crazy enough to bankroll projects that sound as though they were ripped straight out of sci-fi movies. Their latest undertaking: the quest to find the fountain of youth.

Last week, Google CEO Larry Page announced the launch of his new healthcare company called Calico, an abbreviation for the California Life Company. What’s intriguing about Calico is it will focus primarily on fighting ageing and finding possible cures for age-related diseases. Calico’s lofty mission will be headed by none other than Arthur D. Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple, Inc. Levinson, who began his career as a scientist and has a Ph.D. in biochemistry, is “incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunity,” and “eager to get started.”

Just how Google plans to turn this idea into a reality is anyone’s guess and will hinge on just how far the company is willing to go. And knowing how ambitious Google has become, it will perhaps stop at nothing to achieve its goal. After all, nothing is off-limits with Google now, not even death itself.