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CloudFlare’s flair

Following the successful fundraising of Zscaler, Tanium and Crowdstrike, leading US Internet performance and security company CloudFlare announced that it has raised $110 million from Fidelity Management and Research Company, Google Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and Baidu. CloudFlare is a service that protects and speeds up websites by up to 50% by acting as a proxy between visitors and servers. It’s being utilised by over two million websites and processes around 5% of the Internet’s traffic. According to sources, this deal will see CloudFlare push further into China. Baidu and CloudFlare had signed a partnership in 2014. The “virtual” joint venture, considered unprecedented by tech observers, allows CloudFlare’s technology to be used by Baidu’s platform to scale China’s Great Firewall without CloudFlare officially operating in the country. By combining CloudFlare’s expertise and Baidu’s network of data centres, the two companies have created a unified network that allows local and foreign websites to load faster in China. In addition to China, CloudFlare plans to pursue further international expansion, explore opportunities in mobile and expand its networks.