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SoftBank acquires ARM Holdings


Japan-based SoftBank, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has recently acquired British chip maker ARM Holdings for $31.4 billion. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, ARM Holdings provides chips to 95% of smartphones, 80% of digital cameras, and 35% of all electronic devices. As part of the acquisition, ARM will now be delisted from the London Stock Exchange. According to sources, ARM was acquired to boost SoftBank’s Internet of Things (IoT) plans. The deal could give SoftBank the technological edge that it needs to transform itself from a telecoms company into a global leader with a platform focused on the IoT. It will also allow Japan to regain control of the memory chips market, which has been dominated by the UK and South Korea.

Intel acquires IoT startup Itseez


Intel has acquired machine-vision startup Itseez for an undisclosed amount. Itseez’s technology allows computers to see and understand things around them. It’s being used today in security applications, self-driving cars and robotics. The startup specialises in providing automakers with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) algorithms that enables cars to detect obstacles on the road. The ADAS system can warn the driver of incoming collisions, approaching pedestrians, traffic signs or if the car has drifted off the lane. The company also has a face analysis and manipulation technology called Facense. According to Intel, Itseez will be a vital part of the company’s Internet of Things strategy. It will support Intel’s efforts in the digital security and surveillance market, as well as in the autonomous driving and industrial inspection sector.

Japanese startup Kamarq raises $3.2M to manufacture smart tables


As we move towards a connected world, there’s an increasing number of smart furniture being created to answer the rising consumer demand for tech-focused household items. In Japan, one of the rising stars in this sector is Kamarq’s Sound Table. Developed by startup Kamarq Holdings, the Sound Table is an IoT furniture that can play music and nature sounds by the use of an app. Kamarq Holdings recently announced it has raised $3.2 million from Energy & Environment Investment, Saison Ventures, iSGS Investment Works, and angel investors. According to sources, the capital will be used to manufacture more Sound Tables and similar devices.

You can read about the funding here.

A very big deal

This week, Cisco announced its acquisition of Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion. Jasper, also known as a Fortune unicorn, is a leader in the IoT service platform market. With Jasper, businesses can embed connectivity into industrial devices, enterprise smartphones and tablets, as well as consumer electronics. The connectivity allows businesses to deliver a wide range of IoT services and unlock new revenue. The company counts Coca-Cola, GE, Nissan, AT&T, Telefonica and Starbucks as some its clients. The acquisition complements Cisco’s IoT strategy perfectly. The deal allows Jasper to expand its technology to a much larger scale while giving Cisco an excellent head start into the IoT market, which is predicted to be worth $6.2 trillion by 2025. Analysts consider this deal to be a brilliant move and it will help solidify the company’s position in the growing IoT industry.