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Slack raises $200 million at $3.8 billion valuation


Slack, the popular communication application, has received another $200 million in venture capital financing from a consortium of investors led by Thrive Capital. This latest round brings the company’s total funding to $540 million and boosts its valuation from $2.8 billion to $3.8 billion. This is Slack’s biggest financing round so far and it comes at a time when a lot of investors remain wary of putting more money in tech startups. The capital could be used to develop more products like voice chat and video chat, as well as be spent on advertising and other ways to attract more users. The company currently has 2.7 million daily active users.

You can read about the deal here.

ClicksMob merges with AppGrade


As mobile app downloads continue to increase and is expected to triple by 2017, the mobile performance network company ClicksMob is beefing up its arsenal. It has merged with AppGrade, which specialises in providing advanced video monetisation for mobile. ClicksMob works as a third-party broker between apps and publishers in order to increase an app developer’s number of downloads and a publisher’s mobile traffic. Using thousands of mobile traffic sources, ClickMob matches apps with the right publishers, making mobile advertising more efficient. This results in more app downloads and more traffic for the publishers. With the merger, ClicksMob will be able to enhance its mobile performance marketing offering by utilising AppGrade’s innovative video monetisation platform.

You can read about the merger here.

Attivio closed a $31 million financing round


Last week, the Data Dexterity Company Attivio, founded in 2008, announced it closed a $31 million financing round. It has now raised $102 million in total funding from its investors, which include Oak Investment Partners, General Electric Pension Trust, Tenth Avenue Holdings, and Per-Olof Soderberg. Attivio announced a strong fiscal year with a 150% increase in license bookings, 100% increase in license revenue, and a 95% renewal rate year-over-year. The company provides a platform that helps companies make sense of big data. It has a software that analyses structured data, such as business intelligence and performance metrics, and unstructured data, including email, documents, media, web. It provides unified information that is insightful, understandable and quantifiable. With a single query, a user can have access to accurate and complete information about company performance. Notable customers include Citi, Qualcomm, UBS, GE, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

You can read more about the funding here.

Snapchat raises $175 Million


Snapchat has raised $175 million in a Series F funding round from Fidelity Investments, valuing the company at the same $16 billion valuation it received last year. According to Reuters, the flat round indicates investors are becoming cautious of Snapchat’s sustainability. Last year, Fidelity devalued its stake in Snapchat by 25%, but it was marked up again last fall by about 15%. It is still unclear how profitable the company is and the mark down suggests that Snapchat could be overvalued.

You can read about the funding here.