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The war on big data begins


The war on big data begins

Make no mistake about it, the war on big data is officially on. Last week, Cloudera, a Hadoop company from Palo Alto, California, has raised $900m in its recent venture capital fundraising round. A whopping $740m came from Intel, while $160m came from T. Rowe Price and Google Ventures. In conjunction with the funding, Intel has now become Cloudera’s largest strategic shareholder, with an 18% stake in the company.

While $900m is a huge amount of money, the bigger news is the new partnership between Cloudera and Intel. It is interesting to note that Intel used to have its own Hadoop distribution but recently discontinued it in favour of Cloudera. According to Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, the goal is to “build a world-class, enterprise-ready platform that everyone can build their big data solutions from.”

Together, Cloudera and Intel are a formidable partnership, with Intel leveraging Cloudera’s sophisticated Hadoop distribution, and Cloudera benefiting from Intel’s technological resources and strong sales presence in India and China. With Intel by its side, Cloudera can now compete head-on with other players such as, IBM, Oracle, SAS and Teradata, all of which have ambitions to dominate the big data sector.