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‘Tis the Season for Gifting


In the collaborative economy, there’s a subset called the gifting economy, a mode of exchange where things are not sold but given. In simplest form, it’s the arrangement for the exchange of goods or services without expecting anything in the return. It’s a concept that’s slowly catching on. In the US, Philadelphia-based web designer Adrian Hoppel made news when he stopped charging his clients and instead began to operate within the “gift economy.” This means payments are based on mutual respect and trust: Adrian builds quality websites for his clients and they in return pay him an amount they believe is fair. Trust, not money, became the medium of exchange. UK-based model Lily Cohen set up a non-profit called Impossible.com, a website and app that ¬†encourage people to do things for others for free. The site urges people to post wishes of things they need help with and in exchange, offer what they can give. The goal is to create a community that encourages giving and receiving. Gifting may not fix the problems of capitalism but it may help build a sense of community, where wealth and services are shared, and good deeds are passed from one person to the next.