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Is digital art the next big thing?


The advent of the digital technology had artists turning to their computers and drawing tablets to create art. The younger generation, specifically, are more receptive to digital art and are more likely to purchase and invest in pieces. And as the market for “fine” contemporary art becomes more and more expensive, digital art is becoming a more affordable alternative. The burgeoning market for digital art has sparked the growth of online marketplaces, some of which have received funding from investors. Depict, a San Francisco-based platform for digital art has raised $1.6M recently; and Artspace, a digital marketplace for fine art and designs from artists, raised $8.5M last year. Today, Curioos, a curated marketplace for digital art based in New York City, has grabbed $1.9 M from investors. Additionally, sites like Sedition and Art.sy are becoming more and more popular among art aficionados, further proof that technology is indeed changing the art world status quo.

You can read about the Curioos investment here.