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Crossword is now social


PuzzleSocial, the creator of the “Daily Celebrity Crossword,” a popular mobile games app with more than a million users in the U.S., has raised $3 million in a round led by KiwiTech. Unlike other mobile gaming startups that raise funds in order to create more hit apps, PuzzleSocial aims to invest and further grow its Daily Celebrity Crossword. According to the company, the Daily Celebrity Crossword app is currently the No. 1 grossing digital crossword app in the U.S. The game combines traditional crossword puzzle with social features that allow users to challenge other players to complete the daily puzzles. Content is also always fresh. The company has a team of more than 30 writers to make sure that there’s a new puzzle every single day. To keep their users engaged, the company makes certain that the content is always fun, easy to understand, and provides high quality pop culture entertainment. You can read about PuzzleSocial’s funding here.