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Predicting Success


This is a marketer’s dream. A software that can predict almost exactly the time and channel where a brand should focus its marketing efforts. Blab is a Seattle-based intelligence startup that optimises brand engagement by predicting what online consumers will be talking about and on what platforms in the next 72 hours. The secret is Blab’s patented technology that analyses 50,000 news sites, all relevant social media sites, including 60 million posts per day, to discover what people are talking about. Blab organises the data and predicts where the social media chatter may go in the next three days. The prediction helps marketers to strategically plan their promotions and ad campaigns ahead of time before conversations about certain topics go trending. Predicting trends has worked out well for Blab that it has raised $8.8 million today in a second round of funding. The new funding comes from China-based Blue Focus Communications Group, Shoreline Venture Management and Operative Capital.

You can read about the funding here.