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Apple Music vs. Spotify

Spotify, the current leader in music streaming services, is now under threat. Apple Music will be available later this month and even though the two services look evenly matched in terms of pricing and music library size, Apple clearly has the clout and spending power that will enable it to out-spend and outbid any competitor. For starters, Apple already has a few tricks up its sleeve: Apple will automatically install Apple Music when iPhone users upgrade to the new iOS 8.4 this month. Apple Music has its own global radio station called Beats 1 that will offer the hottest music, plus exclusive interviews and discussions about the latest trends in the music industry; and it has Connect, a social network feature that allows artists to share photos, videos and demo tracks with their fans. Spotify, on the other hand, has been busy building its defences and has raised a massive $526 million funding round that brings its valuation to $8.4 billion. With funds to protect its turf, the question on everyone’s mind is, will Spotify be able to retain its 20 million paid subscribers as well as its more than 50 million free subscribers? We will soon find out when Apple rolls out Apple Music at the end of the month.