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Fitting clothes is now high tech


Buying clothes and shoes online can be tricky. You’re not sure if the items will fit you well. Sizing concerns play a big part in discouraging consumers from buying apparel and footwear over the internet. In fact, according to Drapers Etail Report, only 10% of clothes and footwear purchases happen online while 70% of apparel bought online was returned after purchase due to sizing issues. Boston-based startup called TrueFit believes that they can do something about the problem. TrueFit offers breakthrough software technology that aims to help consumers find clothes and shoes that fit well at their favourite online retailer like Macy’s. Through its portal www.truefit.com, consumers can create a personalized sizing profile by identifying what types of clothes fit them better, providing conceptual body descriptions (without the need for measurements) and other basic information. TrueFit’s high tech software will analyse data from the consumer’s profile, purchasing behaviour and product preferences and provide a personalized fit and size recommendations each time the customer check outs a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes online. The end result is a very personalized shopping experience that allows consumers to shop for clothes and footwear that seem to be tailor-made for them.

Today, TrueFit has raised $15 million so that more shoppers will benefit from their technology. You can read about the funding here.