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Anonymous social networks springing up


The recent success of Whisper, Secret, Ask.fm, Yik-Yak and the original pioneers of anonymity Formspring have prompted Facebook to form a team to experiment with allowing users to setup anonymous profiles. Anonymity remains a conundrum for sites like Facebook and LinkedIn who rely on personal data to more effectively target their users with advertising. Recently, peer pressure-sensitive teens and twenty-somethings have increasingly looked towards semi-anonymous’ platforms like Instagram and Tumblr or the scarier Ask.fm.

Colin Fabig founder of Spring.me, a fast growing new semi-anonymous social network for “Making friends through Q&A”, born out of the ashes of Formspring, stated that they “want to be known as the friendlier social network and have taken extensive steps to eliminate the nonsense and anonymous trolling previously seen on Formspring and now seen on Yik-Yak, Ask.fm and YouTube”. In fact, they have enrolled a volunteer force of nearly 1,000 Spring.me “ambassadors” from their members, in a form of crowd moderation. “Volunteer ambassadors help with content filtering and welcome new users with smiles, resulting in a far, friendlier community” says Fabig. Spring.me announced recently that they’ve taken on $5M in further funding from GRP Corporation and are soon to be listed publicly. Is anonymity the next evolution in social networks?

Right Click Capital is an investor in Spring.me.