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The best thing that’s ever happened to forums?

Through forums and other community sites, the internet has made it easy for us to share our passions with other people. Today, there are countless online forums with users bonded by their common interests and hobbies. While these communities are commonly viewed on a traditional desktop browser, Boston-based startup Amino Apps aims to take the community experience where it hasn’t been before: mobile. The idea is to reinvent the traditional online forum with a smartphone-optimised experience where people interested in the same things can connect with each other. According to co-founder and CEO Ben Anderson, the company’s vision is to create a close-knit, mobile-based community for every interest in the world (sports team, TV show, movie franchise, sports team, video game) and give individual users a chance to build his/her own community based on his/her special interests. To date, Amino Apps has over 40 different mobile community apps and recently raised a $6.5m seed round so they can build more.