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Findo raises $3 million


The new artificial intelligence startup Findo has raised $3 million from Moscow-based software company Abbyy. Alongside the capital raise, the company introduced its brand new bot, Findo.io, an iOS platform to help people locate hard-to-find information online using natural language. According to the founders, Findo.io is the next-generation search tool that is smart enough to discover and analyse content of photos and even audio files. Unlike traditional search engines, Findo.io allows users to find information from cloud-based accounts like Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook and others. Findo is part of the emerging bot revolution, which has introduced us to the likes of Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Amy Ingram of X.ai, Google’s Allo, and Facebook’s AI.

eBay acquires ExpertMaker


In its bid to improve its online marketplace platform and enhance user experience, eBay has acquired ExpertMaker. ExpertMaker is a Sweden-based startup specialising in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help organise and analyse big data. ExpertMaker can help eBay declutter its site and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, among its 900 million listings. ExpertMaker’s artificial intelligence software platform can analyse eBay’s massive amount of noisy data and extract hidden value in the data. This structured data foundation will allow eBay to make its search engine more targeted and improve overall user experience. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

You can read about the acquisition here.

X.ai raises $23 million more for Amy, the virtual assistant

As voice-powered virtual assistants like Siri, Echo and Cortana continue to fascinate mobile users, X.ai, an artificial intelligence company in New York, has been working on a human-like virtual assistant that can arrange meetings between two parties. What makes X.ai interesting is it combines machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing in a bot that appears as a “person” named Amy Ingram. To use the service, users need to link their calendars and cc amy@x.ai in their email message. Amy will then take over, contact all participants via email and arrange the meeting. Similar to a human virtual assistant, Amy understands natural language and can have human-like email dialogues with users. X.ai has recently raised $23 million at a valuation of approximately $100 million.

Weekly Featured Company: Narrative Science

Founded Headquarters Sector Employees Revenue Total Investment Recent Investment
2010 Chicago, Illinois Software & Services 51-200  $32.4 M  $10 M

This robot can write

Big data meets AI, this probably best describes Narrative Science, a Chicago-based startup specialising in turning big data into an easy-to-understand narrative with help the artificial intelligence. What makes Narrative Science one-of-a-kind is its advanced natural language generation software called Quill. Quill can process mountains of big data, find hidden insights in the data, and turn this into a rich natural language narrative that is as easy to read as a newspaper article. What’s more, the written narrative is guaranteed to adhere to the truth as provided by the data. The company predicts that it could soon “eradicate the spreadsheet” and replace traditional data consultants. And at the rate the company is going, its prediction is slowly coming true. It has now more than 30 high-profile clients, including Forbes.com, Yahoo, and the Big Ten Network. It was also listed as one of CNBC’s top 50 disruptors of 2015.