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Weekly Update – February 15, 2018

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $2,997,016,946                             Total Deal Number – 188

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $476,460,000 Shanda Games Tencent Games Investment
2 $250,000,000 Xavient Telus International Software & Services Acquisition
3 $225,000,000 Wombat Security Technologies Proofpoint Software & Services Acquisition
4 $135,000,000 Wealthnavi Consortium Transactions Investment
5 $100,000,000 Swiggy Naspers, Meituan Transactions Investment
6 $100,000,000 Blued CDH Investments, UG Capital Investment Mobile & Apps Investment
7 $69,000,000 JapanTaxi Toyota Transactions Investment
8 $66,000,000 BestReviews Tronc Media Acquisition
9 $61,927,000 Recommerce Group Consortium Transactions Investment
10 $60,000,000 GOAT Consortium Transactions Investment
11 $54,000,000 Broadlink Citic Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
12 $50,000,000 Fair Consortium Transactions Investment
13 $50,000,000 Icertis Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $50,000,000 ZipRecruiter Lagniappe Labs Transactions Investment
15 $50,000,000 Cityscoot Consortium Transactions Investment
16 $49,189,844 Escher Hanover Active Equity Fund Software & Services Acquisition
17 $32,000,000 Highfive Consortium Software & Services Investment
18 $31,000,000 ACV Auctions Consortium Transactions Investment
19 $30,936,750 Ohpen Amerborgh Transactions Investment
20 $30,000,000 Coinsquare Canaccord Transactions Investment
21 $30,000,000 Zignal Labs Blum Capital Partners, North Atlantic Capital Marketing Investment
22 $30,000,000 Everipedia EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund, Distributed Network Advisors Fund Media Investment
23 $27,914,200 CurveGlobal Cboe, LSEG Transactions Investment
24 $25,000,000 Uno Home Loans Westpac Transactions Investment
25 $24,600,000 New Adventure Travel Comfort Transactions Acquisition
26 $22,000,000 Adaptik Corporation Sapiens Software & Services Acquisition
27 $20,600,000 Marketing Evolution Insight Venture Partners, Zetta Venture Partners Marketing Investment
28 $20,000,000 Quizlet Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $20,000,000 Codoon Advanced Power Electronics Corp., SBCVC Ecommerce Investment
30 $16,000,000 Grow Toba Capital Software & Services Investment
31 $16,000,000 Reonomy Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $13,700,000 Yoshi Consortium Ecommerce Investment
33 $13,000,000 Attentive Consortium Marketing Investment
34 $13,000,000 Mirror Consortium Transactions Investment
35 $12,385,400 Another Brain Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
36 $11,700,000 VREAL Consortium Games Investment
37 $11,700,000 Whoscall Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
38 $11,000,000 Human Interest Wing Venture Capital, Adam Nash Transactions Investment
39 $11,000,000 Lightmatter Matrix and Spark Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
40 $11,000,000 Homecare.com Consortium Transactions Investment
41 $11,000,000 Captain401 Consortium Software & Services Investment
42 $10,350,000 Mixmax Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $10,000,000 Badi Spark Capital Transactions Investment
44 $10,000,000 Autobooks Consortium Transactions Investment
45 $10,000,000 Subtree DDN Storage Software & Services Investment
46 $10,000,000 Harbor Consortium Transactions Investment
47 $9,500,000 FarEye Deutsche Post DHL Group Software & Services Investment
48 $8,500,000 Nyriad Consortium Software & Services Investment
49 $8,000,000 Honest Buildings Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $8,000,000 8th Wall Consortium Software & Services Investment
51 $7,500,000 Smart Sparrow ACT Software & Services Investment
52 $6,830,000 Rupeek Accel, Sequoia Transactions Investment
53 $6,600,000 Niche Allen & Company, Grit Capital Partners Media Investment
54 $6,134,950 Storetail Ventech, ISAI Marketing Investment
55 $5,900,000 ActivePipe NAB Ventures Marketing Investment
56 $5,200,000 Jandi Consortium Software & Services Investment
57 $5,200,000 Infocyte Consortium Software & Services Investment
58 $5,000,000 Beautiful.AI First Round Capital, Shasta Ventures Software & Services Investment
59 $5,000,000 Triller Carnegie Technologies Software & Services Investment
60 $5,000,000 Joveo Nexus Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
61 $5,000,000 Car Next Door Consortium Transactions Investment
62 $4,500,000 Aperio Consortium Software & Services Investment
63 $4,300,000 Pratilipi Consortium Software & Services Investment
64 $4,087,182 France Hostels Bpifrance, Extendam Transactions Investment
65 $4,000,000 Nazara Tech Turtle Entertainment Games Investment
66 $3,700,000 IntuiLab IRDI SORIDEC Gestion, M Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
67 $3,680,970 Siren Atlantic Bridge University Fund Software & Services Investment
68 $3,500,000 Trunomi Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
69 $3,500,000 DFLabs Evolution Equity Partners Software & Services Investment
70 $3,500,000 Etobee Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
71 $3,500,000 SAM Blumberg Capital Software & Services Investment
72 $3,400,000 GoFetch Technologies Undisclosed Transactions Investment
73 $3,096,350 Team Vitality Consortium Games Investment
74 $2,962,560 Fidesmo H&M Mobile & Apps Investment
75 $2,820,697 We Got POP Consortium Transactions Investment
76 $2,722,434 Penta Inception Venture Capital Transactions Investment
77 $2,500,000 Zebra Fuel Consortium Ecommerce Investment
78 $2,474,940 Contentbird Consortium Marketing Investment
79 $2,452,780 Cashforce Volta Ventures, Michel Akkermans Software & Services Investment
80 $2,337,000 Aviom India Housing Finance Insitor Impact Asia Fund Transactions Investment
81 $2,250,000 CultureIQ Consortium Software & Services Investment
82 $2,200,000 Slab Consortium Software & Services Investment
83 $2,135,542 FinAi National Centre for Research and Development in Poland Transactions Investment
84 $2,000,000 WeTravel Consortium Transactions Investment
85 $2,000,000 Loris.ai Consortium Software & Services Investment
86 $2,000,000 CollegeDekho Man Capital, Girnar Software Transactions Investment
87 $2,000,000 American Robotics Brain Robotics Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
88 $2,000,000 Placio Prestellar Ventures Transactions Investment
89 $1,962,224 Blok Lifeline Ventures, Bonnier Transactions Investment
90 $1,838,685 Studeal Consortium Software & Services Investment
91 $1,744,638 Spirable Consortium Software & Services Investment
92 $1,733,956 Hxperience Axeleo Capital Software & Services Investment
93 $1,512,077 PayVida Solutions Victory Square Transactions Investment
94 $1,500,000 Bolstra Consortium Software & Services Investment
95 $1,400,000 Backpacker Panda 37.37 North Capital Transactions Investment
96 $1,400,000 Ginco Global Brain Transactions Investment
97 $1,300,000 GoodSeeker Michael Ortner Software & Services Investment
98 $1,200,000 Sky.Garden Consortium Transactions Investment
99 $1,200,000 ClearBrain Consortium Marketing Investment
100 $1,000,000 ProcessOut Consortium Transactions Investment
101 $1,000,000 BurnAlong Consortium Transactions Investment
102 $1,000,000 Employee Wow Sean Tomlinson Software & Services Investment
103 $1,000,000 HeyHolidays Hampton Capital Transactions Investment
104 $864,000 Shotang Unitus Impact Livelihoods Fund, Exfinity Partners Transactions Investment
105 $825,000 Nooklyn Patoma Transactions Investment
106 $756,340 Vouch Insurance Nogle Capital Management, GREE Ventures Transactions Investment
107 $750,000 Kolase Global Basket Mulia Transactions Investment
108 $742,482 Mr. Noow Consortium Software & Services Investment
109 $631,800 Ownersroom Undisclosed Transactions Investment
110 $600,000 Emmersion Learning Zylun Global, Access to Education Ecommerce Investment
111 $555,000 The Food Corridor Undisclosed Transactions Investment
112 $552,146 This is Not a Sushi Bar Mega Holding Ecommerce Investment
113 $500,000 Tyremarket.com Michael Welch Ecommerce Investment
114 Undisclosed Robinhood Shawn Carter Transactions Investment
115 Undisclosed Tovala Tyson Foods. Ecommerce Investment
116 Undisclosed Attivo Networks Consortium Software & Services Investment
117 Undisclosed Propstack Consortium Transactions Investment
118 Undisclosed Grain Consortium Ecommerce Investment
119 Undisclosed Finomial Silver 8 Capital Software & Services Investment
120 Undisclosed GetTransfer.com S7 Group, Castel Capital Transactions Investment
121 Undisclosed SectorQube Unicorn India Ventures Software & Services Investment
122 Undisclosed Seesaw Jeff Weiner Media Investment
123 Undisclosed Ampere The Carlyle Group Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
124 Undisclosed FairCom next47 Software & Services Investment
125 Undisclosed iComplyico Conrad Whelan Transactions Investment
126 Undisclosed Federos Evolution Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
127 Undisclosed Cycuro Innosphere Software & Services Investment
128 Undisclosed Zamroo RDS Bawa Transactions Investment
129 Undisclosed SemiSoft Discovery Nusantara Capital Games Investment
130 Undisclosed Kopernio Innovate UK Software & Services Investment
131 Undisclosed Nuonic KPMG Australia Software & Services Investment
132 Undisclosed Glever.com Innotech Capitals Marketing Investment
133 Undisclosed GenRobotic Unicorn India Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
134 Undisclosed Sfam Ardian Transactions Investment
135 Undisclosed Property Brands Insight Venture Partners Transactions Investment
136 Undisclosed Wtoip Consortium Transactions Investment
137 Undisclosed Shypple Brabant Development Cooperation Software & Services Investment
138 Undisclosed Kufangwuyou Flyfot Ventures, K2VC Transactions Investment
139 Undisclosed GEC Academy Unity Ventures, Golden Education Transactions Investment
140 Undisclosed Sphyrna Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Co. Software & Services Investment
141 Undisclosed Townshend Group Castanea Ecommerce Investment
142 Undisclosed PMDaniu Ruzhe Venture Capital Software & Services Investment
143 Undisclosed 24SevenFinans Collector Bank Software & Services Investment
144 Undisclosed 3VR Identiv Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Snell Advanced Media Belden/Grass Valley Media Acquisition
146 Undisclosed TransferZero BitPesa Transactions Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Cutler PR Kite Hill PR Marketing Acquisition
148 Undisclosed dinCloud Premier BPO Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed LiquidHub Capgemini Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed Vitality Ad Lab PulsePoint Marketing Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Alfresco THL Software & Services Acquisition
152 Undisclosed Droners PrecisionHawk Transactions Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Rayvr Vobling Software & Services Acquisition
154 Undisclosed Integrity Payment Systems Payroc Transactions Acquisition
155 Undisclosed ENTG EY Croatia Software & Services Acquisition
156 Undisclosed AirVid PrecisionHawk Transactions Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Flight Club GOAT Transactions Acquisition
158 Undisclosed Mettle Consulting Reputation Institute Marketing Acquisition
159 Undisclosed Carnegie Affiliates Resource1 Transactions Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Clean Markets CMC Energy Services Marketing Acquisition
161 Undisclosed Codeship CloudBees Software & Services Acquisition
162 Undisclosed Dinein Genie Transactions Acquisition
163 Undisclosed Strength in Members Concord Direct Marketing Acquisition
164 Undisclosed Shelton Trucking Service PS Logistics Transactions Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Online Tech Schurz Communications Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
166 Undisclosed Fahlgren Mortine Eastport Holdings Marketing Acquisition
167 Undisclosed Welcome Systems Valsoft Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
168 Undisclosed Solinea Unitas Global Software & Services Acquisition
169 Undisclosed Koodain Solutions Etteplan Software & Services Acquisition
170 Undisclosed Infolinks Thrive Plus Marketing Acquisition
171 Undisclosed Futurehome Get Ecommerce Acquisition
172 Undisclosed Liquid M Capital Templum Transactions Acquisition
173 Undisclosed VIPRE Security J2 Global Software & Services Acquisition
174 Undisclosed KeyLemon ams Software & Services Acquisition
175 Undisclosed VidCon Viacom Media Acquisition
176 Undisclosed STRATIM KAR Software & Services Acquisition
177 Undisclosed Monkey HOLLA Mobile & Apps Acquisition
178 Undisclosed Spatialand Walmart Software & Services Acquisition
179 Undisclosed IvyMark Houzz Software & Services Acquisition
180 Undisclosed SkOUT Secure Intelligence RSE Ventures Software & Services Acquisition
181 Undisclosed Argyle Data Mavenir Systems Software & Services Acquisition
182 Undisclosed Datos IO Rubrik Software & Services Acquisition
183 Undisclosed Media Services Group Newscycle Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
184 Undisclosed SST Software Proagrica Software & Services Acquisition
185 Undisclosed Zulama EMC School Software & Services Acquisition
186 Undisclosed MoneyPlace Liberty Financial Transactions Acquisition
187 Undisclosed West Africa Data Centers PAIX Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition

More information

  1. Shanda Games Receives RMB3 Billion Strategic Investment from Tencent (FinSMEs)
  2. PE-backed Telus International closes $250 mln buy of Xavient (The PE Hub Network)
  3. Proofpoint To Buy Phishing Simulation And Training Provider Wombat Security Technologies for $225M (CRN)
  4. Japan’s leading robo-advisory startup WealthNavi gets $41M in funding and loans (THE BRIDGE)
  5. Naspers and Meituan invest $100 million in Indian delivery business, Swiggy (TechCrunch)
  6. China Digest: Gay dating app Blued, new energy vehicle firm SKIO secure funding (Dealstreet Asia)
  7. Toyota invests $69M in Japanese Uber rival backed by the taxi industry (TechCrunch)
  8. Tronc starts its new digital strategy with a majority stake in product review site BestReviews (TechCrunch)
  9. Capzanine and Creadev back refurbished smartphones seller Recommerce Group (The PE Hub Network)
  10. GOAT is merging with legendary sneaker retailer Flight Club and raising $60 million (TechCrunch)
  11. Chinese smart home startup Broadlink gets $54.4mn funding from Citic, Baidu (Business Chief Asia)
  12. Fair nabs funding of around $50M, acquires rental car delivery service Skurt (TechCrunch)
  13. Icertis raises $50M, looks to become the Salesforce of contract management (GeekWire)
  14. ZipRecruiter is raising money for the first time in almost four years (Recode)
  15. Cityscoot raises $50 million for its European electric scooter service (TechCrunch)
  16. Escher Agrees To GBP35.3 Million Buyout By Hanover Active Equity Fund (Morningstar)
  17. Highfive raises $32M Series C for its video conferencing platform (TechCrunch)
  18. ACV Auctions Raises $31M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  19. Ohpen Raises 25M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  21. Zignal Labs Raises $30M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  22. Wikipedia wannabe Everipedia raises $30M to fund blockchain move (siliconAngle)
  23. CurveGlobal secures £20 million from shareholding banks (Finextra)
  24. Uno Home Loans raises $25 million from Westpac and launches search for new CEO (Startup Daily)
  25. Comfort acquires UK transport operator for $24.6m (The Straits Times)
  26. Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Secures $30 Million in New Funding (Coindesk)
  27. Sapiens buys US co Adaptik for $22m (Globes)
  28. Marketing Evolution Announces $20.6 Million in Series B Funding (Businesswire)
  29. Quizlet raises $20 million for virtual flash cards (TechCrunch)
  30. China Digest: Farasis Energy raises $790m, Codoon secures $20m (Dealstreet Asia)
  31. Grow.com Raises $16 Million Series B to Help SMBs Win with Data (PR Newswire)
  32. Reonomy Raises $16M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  33. GM and ExxonMobil lead $13.7 million investment in on-demand car care startup Yoshi (VentureBeat)
  34. Attentive Raises $13M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  35. Mirror raises $13 million for virtual fitness classes (TechCrunch)
  36. French AI startup Another Brain raises €10 million in new funding round (Tech.eu)
  37. Virtual reality live-streaming startup Vreal raises $11.7M (TechCrunch)
  38. Taiwanese startup Gogolook, owner of caller ID app Whoscall, raises $11.7m in funding (Dealstreet Asia)
  39. Human Interest Raises $11M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  40. Lightmatter aims to reinvent AI-specific chips with photonic computing and $11M in funding (TechCrunch)
  41. Leading Caregiver Marketplace HomeCare.com Raises $11M to Accelerate Growth (PR Web)
  42. Captain401, now Human Interest, raises $11M to build a 401(k) for small businesses (TechCrunch)
  43. Mixmax raises $10.35M to improve email (TechCrunch)
  44. Badi bags $10M to build out its room rentals platform in Europe (TechCrunch)
  45. Autobooks Raises $10M in Series A1 Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  46. Subtree Raises $10M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  47. Harbor Raises $10M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  48. India: SAIF-backed logistics management firm FarEye raises $9.5m from DHL (Dealstreet Asia)
  49. Nyriad raises $8.5 million for GPU-based resilient storage arrays (VentureBeat)
  50. Honest Buildings Expands Series B Round to $21M with Additional Real Estate-Owner Investments (PR Newswire)
  51. Augmented reality developer tools startup 8th Wall raises $8 million (TechCrunch)
  52. ACT Bets Big on Analytics, Adaptive Learning With $7.5M Investment in Smart Sparrow (EdSurge)
  53. Online gold loan platform Rupeek gets $6.8 mn from Accel, Sequoia (VCCiRCLE)
  54. Niche Raises $6.6M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  55. Storetail Closes €5m in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  56. NAB Ventures invests in PropTech startup (Finextra)
  57. Toss Lab’s group-oriented messaging platform JANDI raises USD 5.2M to improve software (AllTech Asia)
  58. San Antonio’s Infocyte closes $5.2 million funding round (San Antonio Express News)
  59. Beautiful.AI Raises $5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  60. Triller Raises $5M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  61. Joveo Raises $5m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  62. Australian car sharing platform Car Next Door just raised $5 million (Business Insider)
  63. Aperio raises a $4.5M seed round to protect power plants from hackers (TechCrunch)
  64. Pratilipi raises $4.3mn in Series A funding (Nexus)
  65. France Hostels Raises €3.3M in Second Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  66. India: Germany’s Turtle Entertainment invests $4m in Nazara Tech for 1.75% stake (Dealstreet Asia)
  67. IntuiLab Raises $3.7 Million (Newscenter.io)
  68. Siren Closes €3M Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  69. CloudScale Capital Partners Completes Investment in Bermuda and London-Based Trunomi (4-traders)
  70. DFLabs Raises Approx. $3.5M Additional Financing (FinSMEs)
  71. Exclusive: Indonesia’s logistics startup Etobee raises $3.5m bridge funding (Dealstreet Asia)
  72. Israeli cybersecurity co SAM raises $3.5m (Globes)
  73. GoFetch Retrieves a $3.4 Million Funding Round (Techvibes)
  74. French esports organisation Team Vitality raise €2.5million investment (Mail Online)
  75. The H & M chief pays more million into Fidesmo (DiGITAL )
  76. Female-led UK FilmTech startup We Got POP raises €2.3 million and hires industry gravitas (EU Startups)
  77. Penta, the German digital-only bank account for startups and SMEs, raises €2.2M seed (TechCrunch)
  78. Zebra Fuel raises $2.5M to deliver fuel direct to your vehicle (TechCrunch)
  79. Contentbird Completes Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  80. Cashforce seals EUR2 million Series A funding for international roll out (Finextra)
  81. Aviom India Housing Finance secures Rs 15 Cr in Series A funding (Economic Times)
  82. CultureIQ Closes $2.25M Equity Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  83. Slab raises $2.2M to build tools for an internal employee information nexus (TechCrunch)
  84. Poland’s FinAi receives PLN 7.3 million in funding to build a new credit risk model (Finextra)
  85. WeTravel builds a payment platform for small travel businesses (TechCrunch)
  86. Loris.ai, a Crisis Text Line spin-out, raises $2 million to help companies have hard conversations (TechCrunch)
  87. Ed-tech startup CollegeDekho raises $2 mn from existing investors (VCCiRCLE)
  88. American Robotics Raises $2m to Bring Fully Autonomous Drones to Market (AgFund News)
  89. Student housing startup Placio raises pre-Series A round from Prestellar Ventures (VCCiRCLE)
  90. 5 times cheaper than real estate brokers – Finland is loving this startup’s clever way to sell apartments (Business Insider NORDIC)
  91. Studeal Raises € 1.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  92. Spirable Raises £1.25m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  93. Paris-based Hxperience raises €1.4 million to make buildings smarter (EU Startups)
  94. Victory Square Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire 31.35% of PayVida Solutions Inc. (Globe Newswire)
  95. Bolstra Secures $1.5M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  96. Backpacker Panda Raises $1.4M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  97. Japan’s Ginco raises $1.4M seed round from Global Brain, developing cypto wallet app (THE BRIDGE)
  98. GoodSeeker Secures Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  99. Kenya’s eCommerce Firm Sky.Garden raises $1.2 million to launch its next generation merchant platform (TechMoran)
  100. ClearBrain uses AI to help advertisers target the right users (TechCrunch)
  101. ProcessOut chooses the best online payment service for each transaction (TechCrunch)
  102. BurnAlong raises $1M to let more people work out online with familiar faces (Technical.ly)
  103. Employee Wow Raises $1M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  104. HeyHolidays Raises $1M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  105. Exclusive: Unitus leads funding round in B2B e-commerce platform Shotang (VCCiRCLE)
  107. Singapore: GREE Ventures backs $759k seed round of Vouch Insurtech (Dealstreet Asia)
  108. Indonesia Dealbook: Music platform Kolase raises $750k; Govt woos Australian investors (Dealstreet Asia)
  109. Abac leads funding round for Spanish startup Mr Noow (Unquote)
  110. OwnersRoom lower relationship tool to link startups to investors. Picked up 5 million kroner. (Shifter)
  111. Emmersion Learning Raises $600K in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  112. The Food Corridor Raises $555k to Bring Sharing Economy to Commercial Kitchens (The Spoon)
  113. This is Not a Sushi Bar Raises €450k in Funding (FinSMEs)
  114. British retail entrepreneur backs Bangalore startup Tyremarket.com (VCCiRCLE)
  115. Backing Robinhood, JAY-Z’s Roc Nation invests in would-be Rockefellers (TechCrunch)
  116. Tyson Foods invests in Tovala’s new oven and meal kit business (TechCrunch)
  117. Attivo Networks Receives Strategic Investment from Singtel Innov8 (FinSMEs)
  118. Real estate data analytics platform Propstack secures fresh funding (Entrackr)
  119. Singapore’s foodtech startup Grain raises pre-Series B funding from Majuven, others after clocking 330 per cent growth (e27)
  120. Finomial Receives Strategic Equity Investment from Silver 8 Capital (FinSMEs)
  121. GetTransfer.com Raises Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  122. Unicorn India Ventures backs three Kerala-based startups (VCCiRCLE)
  123. ‘Instagram for classwork’ Seesaw in 1/2 of US schools (TechCrunch)
  124. Former Intel president launches new chip company with backing from Carlyle Group (TechCrunch)
  125. Fair nabs funding of around $50M, acquires rental car delivery service Skurt (TechCrunch)
  127. Federos Secures Second Round of Funding (FinSMEs)
  128. Cycuro Closes Seed Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  129. Zamroo – Used goods marketplace raises Seed funding (Press Release Jet)
  130. Indonesian game studio SEMISOFT gets seed funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (e27)
  131. Kopernio Receives Funding from Innovate UK (FinSMEs)
  132. Data and analytics startup Nuonic raises strategic funding from KPMG Australia (Startup Daily)
  133. AI-assisted business writing company Glever.com pulls in seed funding (The PE Hub Network)
  134. Unicorn India Ventures backs three Kerala-based startups (VCCiRCLE)
  136. Property Brands Receives Investment from Insight Venture Partners (FinSMEs)
  137. China Digest: IDG backs WTOIP, Tencent invests in Camelia (Dealstreet Asia)
  138. Shypple raises funding form BOM (Startup Juncture)
  139. Kufangwuyou’s Series A Round (CB Insights)
  140. GEC Academy Nets Tens of Millions in Pre-Series-A (YiCai Global)
  141. DealShot: China’s National SMEs Fund Leads Series A Round In Intelligent Driving System Developer Sphyrna (China Money Network)
  142. Castanea takes minority stake in The Townshend Group (The PE Hub Network)
  143. Ruzhe Venture Capital (CB Insights)
  144. 24SevenFinans gets Swedish Collector Bank as a customer and investor in the company. (Nordic9)
  145. Identiv to Acquire Video Technology and Data Analytics Company 3VR, Strengthening Position in Premises Security (Globe Newswire)
  146. Belden/Grass Valley Acquires Snell Advanced Media (TVTechnology)
  147. Blockchain payments company BitPesa makes its first acquisition (Yahoo Finance)
  148. Kite Hill PR Acquires Leading Tech-Focused Communications Firm Cutler PR (Daily Telescope)
  149. Premier BPO Acquires dinCloud (The Channel Happy Hour)
  150. Capgemini to acquire ChrysCapital-backed LiquidHub (VCCiRCLE)
  151. PulsePoint™ Acquires Vitality Ad Lab to Expand Programmatic Health Advertising Footprint in Europe (Businesswire)
  152. THL to acquire Alfresco Software (The PE Hub Network)
  153. PrecisionHawk acquires Droners and AirVid to create a massive network of licensed drone pilots (VentureBeat)
  154. Vobling acquires its competitor, RayVR, strengthens its AR and VR capabilities. (Nordic9)
  155. Payroc buys Integrity Payment Systems (Finextra)
  156. EY Croatia acquires the tech company ENTG (ctrlshirt.co)
  157. PrecisionHawk acquires Droners and AirVid to create a massive network of licensed drone pilots (VentureBeat)
  158. GOAT is merging with legendary sneaker retailer Flight Club and raising $60 million (TechCrunch)
  159. Reputation Institute Acquires Mettle Consulting Ltd. to Launch Real-Time Reputation Tracking (Globe Newswire)
  160. Resource1 Acquires Carnegie Affiliates (PR Newswire)
  161. CMC Energy Services Acquires Clean Markets (PR Newswire)
  162. CloudBees acquires Codeship as devops consolidates (TechCrunch)
  163. Logistics startup Genie acquires food delivery platform Dinein (VCCiRCLE)
  164. Concord Direct Acquires Boulder-Based Digital Agency Strength in Members (Strength in Members)
  165. Birmingham trucking company acquires Florida company (PS Trans)
  166. Schurz Communications Inc. Acquires Leading Hybrid Cloud Provider Online Tech (Businesswire)
  167. Fahlgren Mortine acquired by Eastport Holdings (PR Week)
  168. Valsoft Continues Hospitality Expansion With Acquisition of Welcome Systems (GLOBE Newswire)
  169. UnitasGlobal acquires Solinea (Twit Longer)
  170. Etteplan reinforces its Android expertise – buys Koodain Solutions (Etteplan)
  171. Digital Advertising Startup Infolinks Acquired for Less than Equity Raised (CTech)
  172. Get acquires the smart home company Futurehome (Shifter)
  173. Templum to Acquire Broker-Dealer and ATS Operator Liquid M Capital (Businesswire)
  174. J2 Global Acquires Vipre In Bid To Advance Security In The Cloud (CRN)
  175. AMS about to acquire KeyLemon (startupticker.ch)
  176. Viacom acquires VidCon, a gathering of YouTube stars and fans (TechCrunch)
  177. Mobility services platform Stratim, formerly known as Zirx, sells to KAR (TechCrunch)
  178. Holla acquires Monkey to expand video chat for dating and friend discovery (VentureBeat)
  179. Walmart has acquired a virtual reality startup as part of its tech makeover (Recode)
  180. Houzz acquires IvyMark to expand into services for designers (TechCrunch)
  181. Stephen M. Ross’ RSE Ventures Acquires Oxford Solutions, Renamed Skout Secure Intelligence, Establishing Cyber Security Footprint (Businesswire)
  182. Mavenir Acquires Argyle Data to Boost Its Machine Learning Security Suite (Businesswire)
  183. Rubrik acquires Datos IO to expand into NoSQL database management support (TechCrunch)
  184. NEWSCYCLE Solutions expands global media presence with Media Services Group acquisition (Newscycle Solutions)
  185. Proagrica to Acquire SST Software (Farms.com)
  186. Language Learning Solutions Provider EMC School Expands Computer Literacy Offerings With Acquisition of Zulama (EconoTimes)
  187. Liberty acquires marketplace lender MoneyPlace (Liberty)
  188. PAIX completes West Afican Data Centres investment (IT News Africa)


Google acquires AIMatter


The market for artificial intelligence (AI) is booming. According to Narrative Science’s survey last year, AI is already being used by 38% of enterprises and is predicted to grow to 62% by 2018. In addition, Tractica estimates that AI-related revenue will reach $37 billion by 2025. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that companies are investing in AI. Last week, Google beefed up its AI portfolio by acquiring Belarus-based based startup AIMatter for an undisclosed amount. AIMatter is the creator of the Fabby app, a computer vision app that uses AI technology to instantly recognize and process facial characteristics the way humans do. Fabby uses filters to identify different parts of a selfie and aptly applies hairstyle, makeup, and backgrounds. Although Google did not disclose how it intends to use AIMatter’s technology, the acquisition underscores Google’s big shift from “mobile-first” to “AI-first.”

Disney buys $1.58 billion stake in BAMTech


The Walt Disney Company is ending its streaming and distribution partnership with Netflix in the hopes of starting its own digital video streaming service. Last week, Disney acquired majority ownership of BAMTech in a $1.58 billion deal. BAMTech is Major League Baseball’s interactive media and internet unit that provides video streaming for premium channels like HBO, NHL, PGA Tour and WWE. BAMTech claims to have around 7.5 million paid subscribers and this transaction values BAMTech at $3.75 billion. With more people migrating from cable TV to video streaming, this new partnership between Disney and BAMTech will help position Disney as a major player in the booming video streaming space and enable the company to be competitive amidst evolving consumer viewing habits. Furthermore, BAMTech will collaborate with ESPN to launch a “multi-sport” subscription streaming service for live regional, national and international sporting events.

Airbnb acquires Tilt


Tilt (formerly Crowdtilt), the digital payments startup that lets individuals to share bills and collect payments from a group, has been acquired by Airbnb for a little over $60 million—a price tag that’s significantly less than its reported valuation of $400 million back in 2015. According to reports, Airbnb acquired Tilt for its product, but not its business. Founded in 2012, Tilt’s free app became a hit among students looking to raise money with friends as well as for splitting the bill. However, the company’s decision to focus on growing its user base instead of revenue has caused it to lose money. The acquisition will give Tilt an exciting new lease on life and allow Airbnb to expand its expertise around group travel.