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Robots for moms?


Being a parent is hard work. There are bulky strollers you need to lug around whenever you go out with your baby, play yards which are heavy and difficult to set up and water temperature needs constant monitoring in your baby’s baths. These are the just some of the problems that 4moms, a Pittsburg-based robotics company, aims to solve through technology. 4moms produces the Origami, a high-tech, self-charging stroller that can unfold at a push of a button; the Breeze Playard which opens and closes in one easy step and the Infant Tub which has a built-in thermometer to make sure that you have the perfect water temperature at all times. There’s also the MamaRoo, a state-of-art baby rocker that can sway from side to side and gently bounce the way mothers do when rocking their babies. Is this the start of robots becoming an increasingly common aid in raising children?

4moms received $41 million in fresh funds today for continued product development. Read about the funding here.