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The perfect fit


Isn’t it nice when everything you wear fits perfectly? Shoes that conform to the shape of your feet and clothes that fit you like a glove. Custom-made products are luxuries that very few people can afford, which is why Volumental, a Swedish startup, is aiming to disrupt the space and make custom-made shoes and clothes the standard in daily wear. They just raised $3 million in seed funding to help usher in this new way of dressing. What’s interesting about Volumental is the company is now working on providing cloud-based software that enables accurate scanning of the human body using 3D cameras so manufacturers can customise products for consumers. At present, they are focusing on shoes and their software is available online to anyone who wants the perfect pair. All you have to do is film a clip of your feet and the software will turn this into a 3D model. The 3D model is then compared to the specs of commercially available shoes, and the company will send you a list of shoes that best match your feet. The process is a bit more involved than your traditional online shopping experience, but for those who are particular about how shoes fit, this could be the platform for you.

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