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Weekly Update – May 16, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $5,541,391,035                 Total Deal Number – 201

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $579,400,000 Yixin Capital Consortium Transactions Investment
2 $550,000,000 Sea Limited Consortium Software & Services Investment
3 $502,000,000 Improbable Consortium Software & Services Investment
4 $502,000,000 Improbable Consortium Software & Services Investment
5 $425,100,150 Delivery Hero Naspers Transactions Investment
6 $350,000,000 Dexcom Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
7 $231,000,000 Modernizing Medicine Warburg Pincus Software & Services Investment
8 $200,000,000 Lattice Data Apple Software & Services Acquisition
9 $130,000,000 Clover Health Consortium Transactions Investment
10 $125,000,000 MindMeld Cisco Software & Services Acquisition
11 $120,334,500 Kreditech Holding PayU Transactions Investment
12 $110,000,000 Grammarly Consortium Software & Services Investment
13 $103,304,000 Claranet Tikehau Capital Advisors Software & Services Investment
14 $100,000,000 Cabify Consortium Transactions Investment
15 $96,700,000 Microf Atalaya Capital Management, Brandbank Transactions Investment
16 $95,458,510 PCA Predict GBGroup Software & Services Acquisition
17 $90,000,000 Pocket Gems Tencent Holdings Games Investment
18 $75,000,000 Kobalt Consortium Transactions Investment
19 $65,000,000 Spring Inc Consortium Ecommerce Investment
20 $58,000,000 Royole Corporation Zhongtai Chuanghui Equity Investment Fund Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
21 $55,801,650 Xiaodian Consortium Transactions Investment
22 $54,000,000 Smule Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
23 $52,000,000 Gainsight Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $43,000,000 Canaan Creative Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $42,000,000 Broadway Technology Long Ridge Equity Partners Software & Services Investment
26 $42,000,000 Conjur, Inc. CyberArk Software & Services Acquisition
27 $40,000,000 StarLeaf Grafton Capital, Highland Europe Software & Services Investment
28 $37,000,000 Wealthsimple Power Financial Corporation Transactions Investment
29 $32,000,000 Podium Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $27,323,750 MariaDB European Investment Bank (EIB) Software & Services Investment
31 $27,000,000 Cockroach Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $27,000,000 Opcity Icon Ventures Transactions Investment
33 $24,000,000 REV Asia Berhad Media Prima Berhad Marketing Acquisition
34 $20,000,000 Inseego Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
35 $20,000,000 Tubi TV Consortium Media Investment
36 $17,000,000 XSKY Data Technology Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $15,000,000 Attivo Networks Consortium Software & Services Investment
38 $15,000,000 Signal Sciences Consortium Software & Services Investment
39 $15,000,000 Twiggle Korea Investment Partners, MizMaa Ventures Software & Services Investment
40 $15,000,000 Vera Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $12,700,000 Updox Consortium Software & Services Investment
42 $12,000,000 Capella Space Spark Capital Software & Services Investment
43 $12,000,000 Finxact LiveOak Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
44 $11,000,000 Sidecar Interactive Consortium Software & Services Investment
45 $10,988,500 Wrebit Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
46 $10,987,500 Seabubbles MAIF Avenir Transactions Investment
47 $10,000,000 BC Platforms Debiopharm Innovation Fund, Tesi Software & Services Investment
48 $10,000,000 Jinn STE Capital, Samaipata Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
49 $10,000,000 Latch Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
50 $10,000,000 Liqid Consortium Software & Services Investment
51 $10,000,000 OnTruck Consortium Software & Services Investment
52 $10,000,000 Remix Sequoia Capital Software & Services Investment
53 $9,000,000 SimpleReach Spring Mountain Capital Software & Services Investment
54 $9,000,000 Sun Basket Consortium Transactions Investment
55 $8,776,720 CBien Consortium Software & Services Investment
56 $8,500,000 Dropoff Consortium Transactions Investment
57 $8,500,000 SiFive Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
58 $8,500,000 SOCi Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $8,400,000 IoTium Consortium Software & Services Investment
60 $8,300,000 Artemis Health Maverick Capital Software & Services Investment
61 $8,000,000 Falcon Computing Solutions Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $8,000,000 iCetana Go Capital, Yuuwa Capital Software & Services Investment
63 $8,000,000 Interior Define Consortium Transactions Investment
64 $8,000,000 Perspectium TVC Capital Software & Services Investment
65 $8,000,000 Solovis Consortium Software & Services Investment
66 $7,700,000 InnoVen Capital Ecommerce Investment
67 $7,000,000 PeerNova Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
68 $6,700,000 Territory Consortium Transactions Investment
69 $6,000,000 Bunker Consortium Transactions Investment
70 $6,000,000 Owl Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
71 $5,800,000 TMiRob IDG Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
72 $5,500,000 LocalAgentFinder Wentworth Global Capital Partners Transactions Investment
73 $5,469,750 Bitbond Obotritia Capital Transactions Investment
74 $5,100,000 eRelevance Corporation Consortium Marketing Investment
75 $5,000,000 Ace Turtle C31Ventures, Vertex Ventures Software & Services Investment
76 $5,000,000 Ceres Imaging Romulus Capital Software & Services Investment
77 $5,000,000 Flex Logix Technologies Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
78 $5,000,000 Invenia Zetta Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
79 $5,000,000 LegalRaasta Impanix Capital Software & Services Investment
80 $5,000,000 Qordoba Rincon Venture Partners, Upfront Ventures Software & Services Investment
81 $4,600,000 Farmnote Consortium Software & Services Investment
82 $4,543,739 WeThinkCode BCX Transactions Investment
83 $4,500,000 Twine Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
84 $4,000,000 AppOnboard, Inc. London Venture Partners, Troy Capital Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
85 $4,000,000 EarlySalary Dewan Housing Finance, IDG Ventures India Transactions Investment
86 $4,000,000 Revolution Prep Kennet Partners Transactions Investment
87 $4,000,000 Takumi Undisclosed Marketing Investment
88 $3,850,000 InterNex Capital Undisclosed Transactions Investment
89 $3,500,000 Oden Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
90 $3,000,000 CureFit Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
91 $3,000,000 Guesty Consortium Software & Services Investment
92 $2,600,000 Hadean White Cloud Capital, Entrepreneur First Software & Services Investment
93 $2,500,000 Simple Habit Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
94 $2,500,000 Soofa Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
95 $2,400,000 Kantara Initiative Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
96 $2,200,000 Zive Consortium Software & Services Investment
97 $2,000,000 Axoni Consortium Software & Services Investment
98 $2,000,000 Bluewrist Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
99 $2,000,000 DokkanAfkar Riyad Taqnia Fund (RTF) Ecommerce Investment
100 $2,000,000 Polyverse Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
101 $2,000,000 Envelope City, Inc. Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
102 $1,800,000 Bonx Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
103 $1,800,000 Claire Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
104 $1,800,000 Consortium Software & Services Investment
105 $1,750,000 TRUEPIC Consortium Software & Services Investment
106 $1,645,875 replex Consortium Software & Services Investment
107 $1,600,000 Cover Technologies, Inc. General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures Software & Services Investment
108 $1,538,250 Ameria Undisclosed Marketing Investment
109 $1,500,000 Simavita Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
110 $1,400,000 Vidooly GVFL, Times Internet Software & Services Investment
111 $1,312,980 Cypheme Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
112 $1,250,000 DiversyFund Undisclosed Transactions Investment
113 $1,000,000 Votek Elder-Marini Group Software & Services Investment
114 $800,000 Donut Media Consortium Software & Services Investment
115 $700,000 Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
116 $661,811 InsureStreet Ltd. Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
117 $600,000 Accrualify Scott Lee, SWAN Venture Fund Software & Services Investment
118 $600,000 Fourth Ambit 1Crowd Software & Services Investment
119 $546,975 Care Sourcer Accelerated Digital Ventures, BGF Ventures Transactions Investment
120 $546,375 FibriCheck LRM investment fund, Volta Ventures Software & Services Investment
121 $500,000 Lawcadia Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
122 $500,000 HealthReveal Northwell Ventures Software & Services Investment
123 Undisclosed Abvent Ardian Software & Services Investment
124 Undisclosed ActiveCaptain Garmin Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Aecus The Hackett Group Software & Services Acquisition
126 Undisclosed Aequm Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
127 Undisclosed Algorithmic Ads WordStream Marketing Acquisition
128 Undisclosed Ancoa Software Cinnober Financial Technology Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed Argoserv srl Sandhills East Marketing Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Assystem Ardian Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Avalon Holographics Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Software & Services Investment
132 Undisclosed Aye Finance State Bank of India Transactions Investment
133 Undisclosed Beddit Apple Mobile & Apps Acquisition
134 Undisclosed BlogX Techmagnate Transactions Acquisition
135 Undisclosed Book My Diamond Chirag Nikunj Sheth Transactions Investment
136 Undisclosed Catavolt HEXAGON Software & Services Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Claimdog Credit Karma Transactions Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Codeta Trention AB Games Investment
139 Undisclosed Commonwealth Foreign Exchange Moneycorp Transactions Acquisition
140 Undisclosed CR Magazine 3BL Media Media Acquisition
141 Undisclosed CRC Information Systems Electronics for Imaging Software & Services Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Creator Republic uZoom Media Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Crush Mobile Northsight Capital Mobile & Apps Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Cupola Technology Happiest Minds Technolgoies Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed DATAlovers AG Consortium Software & Services Investment
146 Undisclosed DevCode Group Bambora Software & Services Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Digital Assurance F-Secure Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation Hanse Orga Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Dominion Web Solutions Eurazeo Marketing Acquisition
150 Undisclosed Drawbridge Networks OPĀQ Networks Software & Services Acquisition
151 Undisclosed etouches HGGC Software & Services Acquisition
152 Undisclosed EuroAvionics Hensoldt Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
153 Undisclosed FreeCharge Paytm Transactions Acquisition
154 Undisclosed G-Banker Consortium Transactions Investment
155 Undisclosed Guiides Vacations Transactions Acquisition
156 Undisclosed Halkin Asset Management F.A.B. Partners Transactions Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Hesai Consortium Software & Services Investment
158 Undisclosed Hickup Showpad Marketing Acquisition
159 Undisclosed Inke Shunya International Brand Consulting Mobile & Apps Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Jester Communications Ackmann & Dickenson Software & Services Acquisition
161 Undisclosed Jibe Consulting The Hackett Group Software & Services Acquisition
162 Undisclosed Kemvi Consortium Marketing Investment
163 Undisclosed Leeyo Software Zuora Software & Services Acquisition
164 Undisclosed Lighthouse Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
165 Undisclosed LION Digital Media AdSupply.Com Marketing Acquisition
166 Undisclosed Maple Deliveroo Transactions Acquisition
167 Undisclosed Marketplace Ignition Possible Marketing Acquisition
168 Undisclosed KPMG Transactions Acquisition
169 Undisclosed McGraw-Hill Ryerson Nelson Education Transactions Acquisition
170 Undisclosed Micros SA Adapt IT Software & Services Acquisition
171 Undisclosed Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services of Wisconsin Transactions Acquisition
172 Undisclosed Miva Bison Capital Asset Management Software & Services Investment
173 Undisclosed Money Mover Undisclosed Transactions Investment
174 Undisclosed One Central Point AdSupply.Com Marketing Acquisition
175 Undisclosed Owlchemy Labs Google Games Acquisition
176 Undisclosed Papier JamJar Investments, Felix Capital Ecommerce Investment
177 Undisclosed PayEx Swedbank Transactions Acquisition
178 Undisclosed PopPlaces Go-PopUp Transactions Acquisition
179 Undisclosed Power 106 Meruelo Media Media Acquisition
180 Undisclosed Pristine Upskill (formerly APX Labs) Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
181 Undisclosed RedLock Consortium Software & Services Investment
182 Undisclosed Saiyan Productions Imperium Media Software & Services Acquisition
183 Undisclosed SETIPE Lunch Actually Group Transactions Acquisition
184 Undisclosed ShareShed Vacations Transactions Acquisition
185 Undisclosed SilverRail Technologies Expedia Software & Services Acquisition
186 Undisclosed Spex J.S. Held Software & Services Acquisition
187 Undisclosed Spot and Pay SocialPlay USA Mobile & Apps Acquisition
188 Undisclosed Strut Digital Deloitte Software & Services Acquisition
189 Undisclosed On The Beach Holidays Ecommerce Acquisition
190 Undisclosed Sycle Cochlear Software & Services Acquisition
191 Undisclosed TapServices Value Exchange International Transactions Acquisition
192 Undisclosed The Halo Group Didit Search Marketing Marketing Acquisition
193 Undisclosed The Monkeys Accenture Marketing Acquisition
194 Undisclosed The Pearlman Group Stephens Group Transactions Acquisition
195 Undisclosed Tophatter, Inc. Consortium Transactions Investment
196 Undisclosed TRUEPIC Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
197 Undisclosed TurboAppeal Paradigm Tax Group Transactions Acquisition
198 Undisclosed Unigma Kaseya Software & Services Acquisition
199 Undisclosed Yokee Music Stingray Mobile & Apps Acquisition
200 Undisclosed Zenify NestAway Software & Services Acquisition
201 Undisclosed Zyston Undisclosed Software & Services Investment

More information

  1. Yixin Capital raises $579.4m from Tencent, others (Deal Street Asia)
  2. Garena Rebrands as Sea After Raising $550 Million in New Funding (Bloomberg)
  3. London-based AI and simulation start-up Improbable bags $502m in funding from SoftBank (Computing UK)
  4. London-based AI and simulation start-up Improbable bags $502m in funding from SoftBank (Computing)
  5. Naspers invests €387M in European food delivery business Delivery Hero (TechCrunch)
  6. DexCom prices $350m debt offering (Mass Device)
  7. Modernizing Medicine Announces $231 Million Equity Investment from Warburg Pincus (Business Wire)
  8. Apple acquires AI company Lattice Data, a specialist in unstructured ‘dark data’, for $200M (TechCrunch)
  9. Clover Health Raises $130 Million, Valuing It at $1.2 Billion (Bloomberg)
  10. Cisco acquires conversational AI startup MindMeld for $125 million (TechCrunch)
  11. Kreditech raises €110M from Naspers’ PayU in strategic financing partnership (TechCrunch)
  12. Grammarly, With $110 Million, Brings Artificial Intelligence to Writing (WSJ – ATD)
  13. Tikehau Capital to Invest £80 million in European Managed Hosting Group Claranet (Business Wire)
  14. Cabify nets $100M to take on Uber in Latin America, reportedly raising $400M more (TechCrunch)
  15. Microf raises $96.7 mln in debt and equity funding (PE HUB)
  16. GB Group agrees to a acquire PCA Predict for £73.85m (Digital Look)
  17. Tencent doubles down on game studio Pocket Gems with $90M investment (TechCrunch)
  18. Music royalty collector Kobalt nabs $75M led by Hearst Entertainment at $775M valuation (TechCrunch)
  19. Fidelity is betting $65 million that the Spring app can be a department store of the future (Recode)
  20. Chinese Rollable Display Firm Royole Raises $58M From Beijing Investment Firm (China Money Network)
  21. Tencent-backed power bank rental startup Xiaodian raises USD 51 M Series B in 2 months (All China Tech)
  22. Tencent tunes into Southeast Asia in $54m Smule funding (Tech In Asia)
  23. Gainsight Closes $52M Series E Funding Round (FinSMEs )
  24. Canaan Gets $43 Million to Compete Against Big Bitcoin Mining Names (
  25. Broadway Technology Closes $42M Minority Investment with Long Ridge Equity Partners (FinSMEs)
  26. CyberArk Snaps Up Conjur for $42M to Secure Software Development (Xconomy)
  27. StarLeaf takes $40M to keep growing its videoconferencing as a service business (TechCrunch)
  28. Wealthsimple Raises $37M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  29. Online review startup Podium has raised a fat new $32 million round from Accel and GV (TechCrunch)
  30. MariaDB Raises €25m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  31. Cockroach Labs announces $27M Series B and enterprise tier for its reliable database (TechCrunch)
  32. Austin Real Estate Tech Startup Opcity Snags $27M in Funding (Xconomy)
  33. Media Prima buys Rev Asia for $24M to create Malaysia’s largest digital media platform (TechCrunch)
  34. Inseego Closes $20 Million Financing Transaction (Business Wire)
  35. Free streaming service Tubi TV grabs $20 million in new funding (TechCrunch)
  36. Qiming leads $17m round for China data storage software developer (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  37. Attivo Networks Announces $15M Series B Financing Round (Venture Capital News)
  38. Signal Sciences Raises $15M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  39. Twiggle raises $15 million in new funding to make e-commerce search more intuitive (TechCrunch)
  40. HP-Ventures leads $15 mln round for Vera (PE HUB)
  41. Updox Raises $12.7M in series B Equity Funding (FinSMEs )
  42. Pint-Size Satellites Promise Spy-Quality Images—Cheap (Bloomberg)
  43. Finxact raises $12 mln (PE HUB)
  44. Harbert Growth, Ascent Venture, Osage Venture lead $11 mln funding in Sidecar (PE HUB)
  45. Bokföringsapp from Ulricehamn takes in 10 million (Digital )
  46. French SeaBubbles gets €10 million to develop their eco-friendly boats for urban transit (
  47. BC Platforms Closes USD $10 million Series B Financing (Startup Ticker)
  48. On-demand delivery startup Jinn locates $10M in further funding (TechCrunch)
  49. Enterprise smart lock player Latch snags another $10M (TechCrunch)
  50. Liqid Gets $10M For Bare Metal Datacenter Efforts (TechRockies)
  51. On-demand road freight startup Ontruck pulls in $10M Series A led by Atomico and Idinvest (TechCrunch)
  52. Sequoia leads $10 mln round for Remix (PE HUB)
  53. SimpleReach Raises $9 Million, Lands New CEO (Fortune)
  54. Unilever leads $9 million investment in meal kit startup Sun Basket (TechCrunch)
  55. CBien raises € 8 million from Maif (Ladn)
  56. Austin courier Dropoff raises millions to break into dozens of new markets (
  57. SiFive raises $8.5 million for licensable custom microprocessors (VentureBeat)
  58. SOCi Raises $8.5 Million To Deliver Social Media Management At Scale (PRNewswire)
  59. IoTium Raises $8.4 Million in Series A to Secure Network Infrastructure for the Industrial IoT (PRNewswire)
  60. With $8.3M funding round, Artemis Health uses data analytics to help employers craft benefits programs (Mobi Health)
  61. Falcon Computing Solutions Closes $8 Million Series B Round Led by Intel Capital (Tmcnet)
  62. Western Australian security monitoring startup iCentana raises $8 million for further international expansion (Startup Daily )
  63. Furniture startup Interior Define raises $8M (Built in Chicago)
  64. Perspectium Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  65. Solovis Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs )
  66. Indian unicorn ShopClues raises $7.7m in venture debt from InnoVen Capital (
  67. Fintech Startup PeerNova Raises $7 Million (
  68. Territory Raises $6.7M Series A Round Led by NRV (Business Wire)
  69. Insurtech Startup Bunker Raises $6M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  70. iRobot and HubSpot Alumni Launch Owl Labs with a $6M Series A (
  71. Medical robot developer TMiRob receives USD 5.8 million for Series A, & more (All China Tech)
  72. LocalAgentFinder raises $5.5 million ahead of potential IPO (Australian Financial Review)
  73. Blockchain based SME lending platform Bitbond receives €5 million debt commitment (EU Startups)
  74. ERelevance raises $5.1 mln in deal led by Rally Ventures (PE HUB)
  75. Omnichannel Platform Ace Turtle Secures $5 Mn From Vertex Ventures, C31 Ventures (Inc42)
  76. Ceres Imaging Lands $5 Million in Series A Funding to Help Growers Manage Crops and Optimize Yield (PRNewswire)
  77. Flex Logix Raises $5M In Series B ( )
  78. AI that Runs the Power Grid: Invenia Raises $5 Million (PRWeb Sitemap)
  79. Exclusive: Legal Raasta raises $5 mn in Series A round (VCCircle)
  80. Qordoba Raises $5M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs )
  81. Japan’s Farmnote Raises $4.6m for IoT Device and Data Analytics in Livestock Farming (AgFunder News)
  82. WeThinkCode gets a R60m injection from BCX (Stuff)
  83. Twine Data Secures $4.5M Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  84. AppOnBoard raises $4 million to create engaging demos for mobile apps (Venture Beat)
  85. Fintech platform EarlySalary raises $4M from IDG and DHFL (Bizztor)
  86. Revolution Prep raises $4 mln (PE HUB)
  87. Influencer marketing platform Takumi raises $4 million (
  88. InterNex Capital Raises $3.85 Million in Oversubscribed Offering (PRNewswire)
  89. Oden Technologies raises $3.5M from existing investors, led by EQT Ventures (Nordic9)
  90. CureFit secures $3M funding from Ratan Tata-backed fund & Silicon Valley angels (Times of India)
  91. Guesty raises $3M to be a Salesforce for property managers (TechCrunch)
  92. Hadean secures $2.6m to put a supercomputer into your laptop (TechCrunch)
  93. Y Combinator-backed mindfulness app Simple Habit raises $2.5 million (TechCrunch)
  94. “Smart City” Startup Soofa Nabs $2.5M, Led by Underscore and Pillar (Xconomy)
  95. Kantara Awarded $2.4 Million to Develop Digital Identity and Privacy Solutions Using Smartphones (Business Wire)
  96. Zive, a productivity startup taking on Office 365, raises $2.2M (Silicon Angle)
  97. Axoni Raises over $2m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  98. Istuary Idea Labs Invests $2 Million in Bluewrist and Leads Tech Firms on Trade Mission to China (Bctechnology)
  99. Saudi startup Dokkan Afkar closes $2M round (Wamda)
  100. Polyverse Corporation Closes New $2 Million Funding Round (PR Web)
  101. Zoning Analysis Startup Envelope Raises $2M from Real Estate Industry Insiders (
  102. Japan’s wearable walkie-talkie Bonx secures $1.8M for North American expansion (The Bridge )
  103. Claire raises $1.8 million to help retailers gauge sales with AI-powered chatbot (Fashinvest)
  104. Voice recognition platform nets $1.8 mln in seed round (PE HUB)
  105. Truepic Closes $1.75M Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  106. Replex Raises €1.5M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  107. Cover raises $1.6 million to make in-law units easy to add to any backyard (TechCrunch)
  108. Digital Marketer Ameria Nears 1.4M€ on Companisto Crowdfunding Campaign (Crowdfund Insider)
  109. Simavita secures $1.5m in funding (Market Wired)
  110. Video Intelligence Startup, Vidooly Raises Series A of $1.4M from GVFL and Times Internet (
  111. Cypheme raises € 1.2 million to curb counterfeiting (Le Figaro)
  112. $1.25M Raised in Record 3 Days Through DiversyFund Online Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform (Digital Journal)
  113. Votek and Loujee secures $1M investment (Wamda News (MENA))
  114. Driver Ryan Tuerck joins VC funds in $800k funding of Donut Media (PE HUB)
  115. Exclusive: Yepme raises $700K in bridge round, eyes $1.5 mn more (VC Circle)
  116. InsurTech startup InsureStreet gets £512,000 in Angel funding (Tech City News)
  117. B2B Payments Company Accrualify Raises Over $600K in First Funding (FinSMEs )
  118. Community building platform Fourth Ambit raises $600K from 1Crowd (VC Circle)
  119. EXCLUSIVE: Edinburgh-based Care Sourcer raises £500,000 Seed (Tech City News)
  120. Fibricheck gets half million (Computable)
  121. Lawcadia secures $500,000 and becomes Queensland Business Development Fund’s first legal startup investment (StartupSmart)
  122. HealthReveal Raises Additional $500K in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  123. Ardian acquires minority stake in Abvent Group (Snip)
  124. Garmin acquires developer of ActiveCaptain (
  125. The Hackett Group Acquires Aecus Limited, Award-Winning European Outsourcing & Robotic Process Automation Consultancy (Business Wire)
  126. Exclusive: Retail e-commerce platform Aequm bags $1 mn seed funding (VCCircle)
  127. WordStream Makes Its First Acquisition! (Wordstream)
  128. Cinnober acquires market surveillance specialist Ancoa Software (Cinnober)
  129. Sandhills East Acquires Italy’s Argoserv SRL (PRNewswire)
  130. Ardian to acquire 60 pct stake in global product solutions division of Assystem (PE HUB)
  131. NATI member Avalon Holographics receives 3M in funding from (Twitter)
  132. Aye Finance to Help Micro Entrepreneurs Create, Expand Businesses (PRNewswire)
  133. Apple acquires sleep tracking company Beddit, but its site will stay live (TechCrunch)
  134. Techmagnate acquires BlogX, the largest blog conference in India (Financial Express)
  135. Exclusive: B2B e-commerce startup Book My Diamond raises first funding round (VCCircle)
  136. Hexagon furthers its SMART X strategy with the acquisition of Catavolt (Catavolt)
  137. Credit Karma now helps users find unclaimed cash (TechCrunch)
  138. Invests Millions into Games and Marketing (
  139. Moneycorp to acquire US-based Commonwealth Foreign Exchange (Finextra – Innovation)
  140. 3BL Media Acquires CR Magazine and COMMIT!Forum (
  141. BRIEF-EFI acquires CRC information systems (Reuters)
  142. Video streaming marketplace uZoom acquires Creator Republic (GeekWire)
  143. Northsight Capital to Acquire Crush Mobile Apps (Stockhouse)
  144. Happiest Minds Acquires Cupola Technology (Bizztor)
  145. Creditreform invests in AI startup DATAlovers (Deutsche Startups)
  146. Bambora acquires Swedish technology for global e-commerce (
  147. F-Secure acquires Digital Assurance; to improve cyber security needs (Business Standard)
  148. Hanse Orga agrees Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation deal (Finextra)
  149. Eurazeo, Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, to Acquire Dominion Web Solutions (Business Wire)
  150. OPAQ acquires Drawbridge Networks to expand its Security-as-a-Service platform (Silicon Angle )
  151. May 9, 2017 – Leading Global Event Management Platform, etouches, is Acquired by HGGC (eTouches)
  152. Equistone sells EuroAvionics to HENSOLDT, a spin-off from Airbus Group (Equistone)
  153. Paytm signs term sheet to acquire rival Freecharge: reports (MediaNama )
  154. BOCI leads Series C for Chinese online gold trading platform (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  155. Adventure tech startups ShareShed and Guiides acquired by Leavetown (BetaKit)
  156. FAB Partners Acquires Majority Stake In Halkin Asset Management (Finalternatives)
  157. Pagoda leads Series A for China smart sensing player (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  158. Belgium’s Showpad acquires UK marketing tech startup Hickup (
  159. Shunya International acquiring controlling stake in Chinese video streaming platform Inke (
  160. Digital Firm Ackmann & Dickenson Acquires Jester Communications (PRNewswire All )
  161. The Hackett Group Acquires Oracle Cloud Applications Implementer Jibe Consulting (Business Wire)
  162. DeepGraph feeds enterprise sales teams with hyper-targeted warm leads (TechCrunch)
  163. Zuora to acquire Leeyo to help customers cope with upcoming accounting rules changes (TechCrunch)
  164. Lighthouse tells you what happens in your home when your not there (TechCrunch)
  165. AdSupply acquires Lion Digital Media, enabling advertisers to reach local markets (TheDrum)
  166. Maple, the NYC-based food delivery firm, has been acquired by Deliveroo (The Tech Portal)
  168. KPMG acquires Matchi, global fintech innovation and matchmaking platform (PRNewswire)
  169. NELSON Acquires McGraw-Hill Ryerson’s K-12 Business Becoming the Largest Canadian-Operated Publisher (Newswire Canada)
  171. Literacy Services & Milwaukee Achiever Merge to Strengthen Adult Education and Workforce Development Services (Literacy Services)
  172. Bison Capital invests in Miva (PE HUB)
  173. Money Mover Warns UK SMEs To Lock In FX Rates (Pymnts )
  174. AdSupply, Online Advertising Platform, Opens European Office (PRNewswire)
  175. Google acquires Owlchemy Labs VR game studio (TechCrunch)
  176. Stationer pushes the envelope for exports (The Times)
  177. Swedbank acquires PayEx (Banking Technology)
  178. Pop-up retail platforms Go-PopUp and PopPlaces announce merger (
  179. Emmis Announces Agreement to Sell LA’s Power 106 to Meruelo Group (PRNewswire)
  180. Augmented Reality Industry Leader Upskill Acquires Pristine (Upskill)
  181. RedLock emerges from stealth to protect customers from faulty cloud configurations (TechCrunch)
  182. Imperium Media Acquires Saiyan Productions (Medium)
  183. Indonesian dating site Setipe gets acquired by Lunch Actually, will focus on revenue and profitability (e27)
  184. Adventure tech startups ShareShed and Guiides acquired by Leavetown (BetaKit)
  185. Expedia Announces Agreement to Acquire Majority of SilverRail (SilverRail Technologies)
  186. J.S. Held Makes Majority Investment in Spex, Leading Insurance Technology Platform (JS/HELD)
  187. Social Play USA to Acquire Next-generation Remote Mobile Payment Technology (Cleveland19)
  188. Deloitte acquires Strut to add DevOps capability to its cloud consulting service (ZD Net)
  189. On the Beach acquires (Travolution)
  190. Cochlear to buy audiology software firm Sycle (ZD Net)
  191. Value Exchange International, Inc. Acquires TapServices, Inc. in Philippines as part of Strategic Growth Plan (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  192. Didit Acquires The Halo Group to Further Enhance Its Integrated Marketing, PR Services (PRNewswire)
  193. Accenture Acquires Creative and Design Agencies The Monkeys and Maud to Expand its Customer Experience Capabilities in Australia and New Zealand (Accenture)
  194. Antares Capital Supports The Stephens Group’s Acquisition of The Pearlman Group (Business Wire)
  195. This E-Commerce Startup Is Profitable and Raised New Cash (Fortune)
  196. Truepic fights photo fraud on apps like Tinder and Airbnb (TechCrunch)
  197. Paradigm Tax Group Acquires TurboAppeal (PRWeb Sitemap )
  198. Kaseya Acquires Unigma for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Cost Management (Channele2e)
  199. Stingray Acquires Yokee Music LTD (Stingray)
  200. NestAway buys rival Zenify to offer home rental solutions to families (Livemint)
  201. Zyston Completes Capital Raise, Expands Team & Launches Cybersecurity Leadership Development Program (Business Wire)

Weekly Update – May 9, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $4,323,071,872               Total Deal Number – 147

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $1,200,000,000 Go-Jek Tencent Holdings Transactions Investment
2 $675,000,000 Cambridge Global Payments FleetCor Technologies Transactions Acquisition
3 $610,000,000 Viptela Cisco Software & Services Acquisition
4 $462,000,000 Jive Software Aurea Software Software & Services Acquisition
5 $156,000,000 Huochebang Consortium Software & Services Investment
6 $134,000,000 Fuze Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
7 $104,000,000 Ola Falcon Edge Capital, RNT Capital Advisors Transactions Investment
8 $103,000,000 GetSmarter 2U Inc. Transactions Acquisition
9 $73,700,000 Head Infotech India Clairvest Group Software & Services Investment
10 $60,000,000 Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
11 $56,000,000 Signifyd Consortium Software & Services Investment
12 $54,000,000 ServiceChannel Accel Partners Software & Services Investment
13 $50,000,000 Orbital Insight Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $43,000,000 Canaan Jinjiang International, Tunlan Investment Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
15 $40,000,000 AltSchool Undisclosed Transactions Investment
16 $34,000,000 Transwarp Tencent Holdings Software & Services Investment
17 $29,000,000 Next Insurance Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $28,867,800 WME Group Melbourne IT Marketing Acquisition
19 $27,000,000 Esencia Technologies Inc. L&T Technology Services Ltd. Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
20 $27,000,000 Heap Consortium Software & Services Investment
21 $25,000,000 Crew Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
22 $25,000,000 DeepMap Andreessen Horowitz, GSR Ventures Software & Services Investment
23 $21,000,000 Cornershop Consortium Transactions Investment
24 $17,000,000 Fornova Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $15,543,780 MPP Global Albion Ventures LLP, Grafton Capital Marketing Investment
26 $15,500,000 One, Inc. Consortium Transactions Investment
27 $15,000,000 Pythian Group BDC Capital Corporation Software & Services Investment
28 $14,782,380 VST Enterprises Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
29 $14,500,000 Fumi Technology Consortium Transactions Investment
30 $13,868,920 Ultrahaptics Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $13,000,000 Airwallex Consortium Transactions Investment
32 $13,000,000 Nav Consortium Transactions Investment
33 $11,296,525 Naturabuy Undisclosed Transactions Investment
34 $10,000,000 Abundant Robotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
35 $10,000,000 BlueCart Consortium Transactions Investment
36 $10,000,000 Fortigo Accel Partners, Nandan Nilekani Transactions Investment
37 $10,000,000 Greats Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
38 $10,000,000 Renovo True Ventures, Verizon Communications Software & Services Investment
39 $10,000,000 SimpleLegal Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
40 $10,000,000 Zimmber Quikr Transactions Acquisition
41 $9,000,000 Decibel Insight Eight Roads Ventures, John Simon Software & Services Investment
42 $7,600,000 Bonsai Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $7,500,000 Taranis Consortium Software & Services Investment
44 $6,000,000 Loom Systems Consortium Software & Services Investment
45 $6,000,000 Wavedash Games Consortium Games Investment
46 $6,000,000 Yieldify Consortium Software & Services Investment
47 $5,000,000 Cars45 Frontier Cars Group Transactions Investment
48 $4,607,904 Lunar Way Undisclosed Transactions Investment
49 $4,200,000 Iconixx Software Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $3,629,220 Clippings Consortium Transactions Investment
51 $3,396,468 Acast Bonnier Growth Media, MOOR Mobile & Apps Investment
52 $3,000,000 Morty Consortium Transactions Investment
53 $3,000,000 TuringSense The Core Group, Fenox Venture Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
54 $3,000,000 Wiretap Rev1 Ventures Software & Services Investment
55 $2,900,000 DOmedia Undisclosed Transactions Investment
56 $2,500,000 Catalia Health Khosla Ventures, Abstract Ventures Software & Services Investment
57 $2,500,000 Swiftly Consortium Software & Services Investment
58 $2,200,000 Growlabs Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
59 $2,036,336 Urb-IT Undisclosed Transactions Investment
60 $2,000,000 EverlyWell Consortium Transactions Investment
61 $2,000,000 RateGravity Consortium Transactions Acquisition
62 $1,645,125 Adaptive Simulations Consortium Software & Services Investment
63 $1,500,000 Nvidia Software & Services Investment
64 $1,500,000 Twine Health Consortium Software & Services Investment
65 $1,096,880 Eagle Alpha Enterprise Ireland, Quay Investments Software & Services Investment
66 $1,000,000 Alpify ClubRACC Software & Services Investment
67 $1,000,000 Medicoo Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
68 $750,000 GoodsMart Algebra Ventures Transactions Investment
69 $732,634 Mindesk A11 Venture, Invitalia Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
70 $600,000 Mysa Killick Capital, Venture Newfoundland Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
71 $647,900 Booking Live Creative England, The Summit Group Software & Services Investment
72 $570,000 Advrty Daniel Daboczy, Pontus Dahlstrom Marketing Investment
73 $500,000 Schoolrunner The Colorado Impact Fund Software & Services Investment
74 Undisclosed 20-20 Technologies Golden Gate Capital Software & Services Acquisition
75 Undisclosed Abeeway Actility Software & Services Acquisition
76 Undisclosed AdvancePath Academics Graduation Alliance Transactions Acquisition
77 Undisclosed Agolo Consortium Software & Services Investment
78 Undisclosed Agylytyx PrecyseTech Software & Services Acquisition
79 Undisclosed AIM Consulting Group Addison Group Software & Services Acquisition
80 Undisclosed Mail.Ru Group Transactions Acquisition
81 Undisclosed Angie’s List IAC Transactions Acquisition
82 Undisclosed AnkerBox Transactions Acquisition
83 Undisclosed Apex Learning Education Growth Partners Software & Services Acquisition
84 Undisclosed Avatar Engineering Pivot International Acquisition
85 Undisclosed Baierl Automotive Lithia Motors Acquisition
86 Undisclosed BEBB India International Finance Corporation Transactions Investment
87 Undisclosed Consortium Software & Services Investment
88 Undisclosed Blue Finix Digital Co. DCORP Software & Services Acquisition
89 Undisclosed brand-comm Madison World Marketing Acquisition
90 Undisclosed Citelighter Sylvan Learning Systems Transactions Acquisition
91 Undisclosed Collinor Software godesys AG Software & Services Acquisition
92 Undisclosed CONET HIG Capital Software & Services Acquisition
93 Undisclosed Court Chatter LawNewz Media Acquisition
94 Undisclosed Crisp Mobile Quotient Technology Marketing Acquisition
95 Undisclosed Altos Ventures, Stonebridge Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
96 Undisclosed cut-e Aon plc Software & Services Acquisition
97 Undisclosed Davinsi Labs Proximus Group Software & Services Acquisition
98 Undisclosed Deco Software Airbnb Software & Services Acquisition
99 Undisclosed Deny Designs Leaf Group Ecommerce Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Dreamlife Technology Ibrands Software & Services Acquisition
101 Undisclosed DriversKart DRIVEU Transactions Acquisition
102 Undisclosed DVnor Kudelski Group Software & Services Acquisition
103 Undisclosed EASYTRUST USU Software AG Software & Services Acquisition
104 Undisclosed Expaticore Services Immedis Software & Services Acquisition
105 Undisclosed finetunes The Orchard Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Hole-in-One U.S.A. NFP Transactions Acquisition
107 Undisclosed imin Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
108 Undisclosed InnoGames Modern Times Group (MTG) Games Acquisition
109 Undisclosed IP Trade BT Group plc Software & Services Acquisition
110 Undisclosed Kepler-Rominfo cPrime Software & Services Acquisition
111 Undisclosed Kofax Thoma Bravo Software & Services Acquisition
112 Undisclosed LCS Gleaf FutureLand Transactions Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Lissly Notified Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed Matilda Jane Clothing Webster Capital Ecommerce Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Microphase Corporation Digital Power Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed Minodes Telefónica NEXT Software & Services Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Nodal Exchange European Energy Exchange AG Transactions Acquisition
118 Undisclosed Osurv Tan Capital Partners Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Zendesk Software & Services Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Pagero Summa Equity Software & Services Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Paradigm Technology Consulting ISS Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Perceptive Software Hyland Software Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Phonofile The Orchard Transactions Acquisition
124 Undisclosed PolicyStat iContracts Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Rafter Software & Services Acquisition
126 Undisclosed ReadSoft Kofax Software & Services Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Rock Paper Shotgun Gamer Network Media Acquisition
128 Undisclosed ROKITT Io-Tahoe Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed Rokk3r Labs Eight Dragons Transactions Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Ryan Communications Teneo Holdings Transactions Acquisition
131 Undisclosed SceneDoc Consortium Software & Services Investment
132 Undisclosed SELCOM ELETTRONICA Avenue Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Shopfloor Support Simparel Software & Services Acquisition
134 Undisclosed SmartBear Software Francisco Partners Software & Services Acquisition
135 Undisclosed Spoon University Scripps Networks Media Acquisition
136 Undisclosed SPP Handelsges TÜV AUSTRIA Software & Services Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Supernal Software Ncontracts Software & Services Acquisition
138 Undisclosed SYSTEMTECHNIK Volaris Group Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
139 Undisclosed The Collingwood Group Situs Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed The Manna Group Great Lakes Scrip Center Transactions Acquisition
141 Undisclosed The Paciello Group VFO Group Software & Services Acquisition
142 Undisclosed ThriveTracker Clickbooth Marketing Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Tomont Solutions KPMG Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed TrackDuck InVision Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Visunex Medical Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
146 Undisclosed WorldDealer Stream Companies Marketing Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Yummly Whirlpool Media Acquisition

More information

  1. Indonesia’s Uber rival Go-Jek raises $1.2 billion led by Tencent at a $3 billion valuation (TechCrunch)
  2. FleetCor To Buy Cambridge Global Payments For $675M (PYMNTS)
  3. Cisco scoops up yet another cloud company, acquiring SD-WAN startup Viptela for $610M (TechCrunch)
  4. Collaboration software company Jive to be acquired by Aurea for $462 million (TechCrunch)
  5. China’s ‘Uber for Trucks’ Raises $156 Million (Caixin Global)
  6. Fuze Completes Oversubscribed $134 Million Funding Round (Business Wire)
  7. Ola raises $104 mn more from Falcon Edge, Ratan Tata fund (VCCircle)
  8. 2U Acquires GetSmarter for $103 Million to Add Short-Course Offerings (EdSurge)
  9. Head InfoTech India Receives US$73.7M Investment (FinSMEs)
  10. Cheetah Mobile’s Inc raises $60 mln (PE HUB)
  11. Signifyd Secures $56M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  12. Accel leads $54 mln round for ServiceCannel (PE HUB)
  13. Orbital Insight closes $50M Series C led by Sequoia (TechCrunch )
  14. Jin Jiang International Joins $43M Round In Chinese AI Chip Maker Canaan (China Money Network)
  15. Silicon Valley billionaires are sick of normal schools — so they’ve created this one (Business Insider)
  16. China Dealbook: Tencent leads $34m round in Transwarp; Jin Jiang invests in Canaan (Deal Street Asia)
  17. Next Insurance raises $29 million for online platform that targets small businesses with tailored plans (Venture Beat)
  18. Melbourne IT to wholly acquire WME Group for AU$39m (ZD Net)
  19. L&T Tech to acquire Silicon Valley-based Esencia for $27 mn (VC Circle)
  20. Heap raises $27 million to automate user interaction analytics (Venture Beat)
  21. With $25 Million From Sequoia, Greylock, Crew Wants To Be The Slack For Truly Mobile Workers (Forbes)
  22. Silicon Valley’s DeepMap Aims to Make Better Maps for Self-Driving Cars (The Drive)
  23. Grocery delivery startup Cornershop raises $21 million from Accel and Creandum (
  24. Fornova Raises $17m in Series B Round from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), Waypoint Capital and JAL Ventures to Accelerate Adoption of its Intelligence-Based Technology for Hotels (PRNewswire)
  25. Monetisation platform MPP Global lands £12m in Series B funding (Startups)
  26. Insurance Cloud Company One, Inc. Completes $15.5 Million Financing Led by American Family Ventures and Centana Growth Partners (One Inc. )
  27. Pythian closes $15 million mezzanine financing from BDC Capital (Sys.con Media)
  28. VST Enterprises secures £11.4m of funding (Prolific North)
  29. Xiaomi-backed fintech company Fumi Technology secures USD 14.5 M for Series A, & more (Bitcoin agile)
  30. Ultrahaptics completes £17.9m funding round (Insider Media)
  31. Airwallex Raises US$13M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  32. Nav raises $13 million to help small businesses with credit scores (TechCrunch)
  33. NextStage invests €10.3m in online marketplace NaturaBuy (Realdeals)
  34. Abundant Robotics Raises $10m Series A for Apple Picking Robot Led by GV (AgFunder News)
  35. BlueCart Raises over $10M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  36. Logistics start-up Fortigo raises $10 million in Series A funding (Mint (IN) – Industry)
  37. GREATS Has Received $10 Million USD of Funding for Expansion (HypeBeast)
  38. Renovo Lands $10M Investment (Vc News Daily)
  39. The Funded: Rounds raised for apple-picking robots, small business credit profiles, mapping (Silicon Valley Business Journal)
  40. Quikr acquires on demand services player Zimmber for $10M (Economic Times)
  41. Decibel Insight scores $9M Series A for ‘digital experience analytics’ tech (TechCrunch)
  42. Bonsai raises $7.6 million to help companies build their own AI (Venture Beat)
  43. Taranis Closes $7.5 Million Series A Led by Top Investors Finistere and Vertex Ventures (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  44. Loom Systems, a Leading Provider of AI-Powered Log Analysis Software Platform, Raises $6M in a Round Led by JVP (Business Wire)
  45. Wavedash raises $6 million for its platform fighting game (TechCrunch)
  46. London MarTech firm Yieldify gets $6m (Tech City News)
  47. Nigeria’s Cars45 closes $5M round to digitize Africa’s used autos markets (TechCrunch)
  48. Danish banking app Lunar Way raises €4.2M (TechCrunch)
  49. Iconixx Software Closes $4.2 Million Equity Financing (Business Wire)
  50. We’ve raised £2.8 million to revolutionise the interior design industry (Clippings)
  51. Acast tar in 30 miljoner kronor – från Bonnier och riskkapitalbolaget Moor (Breakit)
  52. With $3M in funding, Morty is launching a marketplace of mortgage lenders (TechCrunch )
  53. TuringSense Closes $3.0M Pre-Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  54. Wiretap Raises $3m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  55. DoMedia raises another $2.9M for its online marketplace for out-of-home ads (Columbus Business First)
  56. Catalia Health Raises $2.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  57. Swiftly Raises $2.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  58. Growlabs nabs $2.2M to automate outbound sales (TechCrunch)
  59. Large owner slaughters valuation at Urb-it for IPO (Breakit)
  60. Austin Startups, EverlyWell and Bitfusion, Nab New Rounds of Funding (Xconomy)
  61. Exclusive: RateGravity Raises $2M to Help You Save Thousands on Your Mortgage (Bostinno)
  62. Stockholm-based Adaptive Simulations secures €1.5 million to democratize the virtual simulations market (EU Startups)
  63. Raises $1.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  64. Twine Health raising $1.5M and CEO shares lessons learned as it ends work with ACOs for now (Med City News)
  65. Kilduff’s Eagle Alpha flies as it raises more than €1m (The Independent)
  66. RACC and La Caixa invest one million in Alpify (LA VANGUARDIA)
  67. Medicoo receives $1M in funding for a virtual medical center. (Nordic)
  68. Egypt’s GoodsMart online grocery raises $750,000 series A investment to bring its smart grocery service to more doorsteps in Cairo (zawya)
  69. 670 K € funding round for Mindesk, the Apulia startup which has developed the first immersive 3D CAD modelling interface in the virtual reality (invitaliaventures)
  70. Empowered Homes Lands $600K (Entrevestor)
  71. Booking software platform Booking Live bags £500,000 (Startups )
  72. VR Ad Tech Company Raises $570,000 In Seed Funding (The Virtual Report)
  73. Teaching software company raises $500K; turns toward public schools (Business Den)
  74. 2020 to be Acquired by Golden Gate Capital (PR Newswire)
  75. Actility acquires Abeeway, creating a world-leading portfolio of location technologies (Actility)
  76. Graduation Alliance Announces Acquisition of AdvancePath Academics (Business Wire)
  77. Microsoft invests in Agolo, a startup that’s fighting information overload with automated summarizations (Venture Beat)
  78. PrecyseTech Executes Agreement to Acquire Agylytyx Enhanced InPalm(SM) SaaS Applications With New Visualization, Predictive Analytics, and Financial Analytics Solutions (PR Newswire)
  79. Addison Group Partners With AIM Consulting, Expanding Technology Services Offering (Business Wire)
  80. Mail.Ru Group Acquires (
  81. Angie’s List to be acquired by HomeAdvisor parent company (USA Today)
  82. Online retailer Jumei buys controlling stake in power bank rental startup Ankerbox (Technode (China))
  83. Education Growth Partners acquires Apex Learning (PE HUB)
  84. Pivot International acquires Avatar Engineering continuing global growth trajectory and expanding manufacturing expertise, capabilities and resources (ePR News)
  85. Oregon-based Lithia Motors to acquire Baierl Automotive (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
  86. IFC to invest $10 mn in B2B firm Power2SME (VC Circle)
  87. Austin Startups, EverlyWell and Bitfusion, Nab New Rounds of Funding (Xconomy)
  88. Thailand: DCORP to pick 30% in online broadcasting app developer (Deal Street Asia)
  89. Madison World acquires Brand-comm (LiveMint)
  90. Citelighter acquired by Sylvan Learning (Balitmore Sun)
  91. Business software firm Collinor acquired by godesys for undisclosed figure (
  92. H.I.G. Capital Acquires CONET Technologies AG (Business Wire)
  93. LawNewz Network Expands, Acquiring Trial Livestreaming Website and Forum (Media ITE)
  94. Quotient Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Crisp Mobile (Business Wire)
  95. Online fashion store aggregator Zigzag secures Series B funding (Venture Square)
  96. Aon Acquires Leading Provider of Talent Measurement and Psychometric Assessment (Market Wired)
  97. Proximus acquires Davinsi Labs and strengthens its position on the growing cyber security market (
  98. Airbnb acquired its React Native partner Deco Software, Deco IDE goes open source (TechCrunch)
  99. Leaf Group Acquires Home Décor Brand Deny Designs (Business Wire)
  100. Ibrands Merger underway with Dreamlife Technology: The First Ever Artificially Intelligent Holographic Beings Company (PR Newswire)
  101. On-Demand Driver Service Firm DriveU Acquires Chennai based DriversKart (Indian Web 2)
  102. Kudelski buys Norway’s DVNor (Broadband TV News)
  103. EASYTRUST, the French specialist for data center inventory & Oracle license management (USU)
  104. Immedis announces acquisition of US international payroll company Expaticore – April, 2017 (Expaticore)
  105. The Orchard expands European reach with double acquisition (Music Week)
  106. NFP Acquires Hole-in-One (Business Wire)
  107. imin welcomes our newest supporters! (Imin)
  108. MTG Ups Stake in Online Games Developer InnoGames (WorldScreen)
  109. BT Completes Acquisition Of IP Trade (PRNewswire)
  110. cPrime Acquires Kepler, Creator of Popular Atlassian JIRA Scripting Plugin (PR Web)
  111. Thoma Bravo to Acquire Lexmark’s Enterprise Software Business (Kofax)
  112. FutureLand (FUTL) Enters into an Agreement to Acquire 40% Stake in LCS-GLeaf LLC, a Company Which Specializes in TeleMedicine and the Issuance and Distribution of lifestyle Prepaid Debit Cards (Marketwired)
  113. Notified swallows Lisslys competing media coverage (
  114. CID Capital sells Matilda Jane to Webster Capital (PE HUB)
  115. Digital Power Corporation Signs Definitive Agreement to Purchase Control of Microphase Corporation (Globe Newswire)
  116. Exit for Project A: Telefónica NEXT Acquires MarketingTech Startup MiNODES (
  117. EEX acquires 100% ownership of US Nodal Exchange (
  118. Osurv Acquired by Tan Capital Partners (Business Wire)
  119. Zendesk acquires to help companies proactively approach customers (Venture Beat)
  120. Summa Equity acquires Pagero Online (realdeals)
  121. ISS Solutions, a Geisinger Business Announced Today Their Acquisition of Paradigm Technology Consulting, LLC (PTC) of Allentown, NJ (PR Web)
  122. Thoma Bravo to Acquire Lexmark’s Enterprise Software Business (Yahoo)
  123. The Orchard Acquires Two Top European Music Distributors and Merlin CEO Charles Caldas Isn’t Happy (Hypebot)
  124. iContracts Acquires PolicyStat, LLC (
  125. Announces Expanded Course Material Solutions with Purchase of Rafter Assets, Including Rafter360 (Benzinga)
  126. Thoma Bravo to Acquire Lexmark’s Enterprise Software Business (Yahoo)
  128. Centrica’s Io-Tahoe LLC subsidiary acquires Rokitt Astra technology, strengthens innovation pipeline and data science expertise (Connected World)
  129. Eight Dragons Acquires Stake In Rokk3r Labs (Bitcoinagile)
  130. Teneo Acquires Ryan Communication (
  131. SceneDoc Closes New Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  132. Avenue Capital et al. buy Selcom Elettronica (Unquote)
  133. Simparel Acquires Real-time Shop Floor Control Partner (
  134. Francisco Partners Acquires Majority Stake in SmartBear (FinSMEs)
  135. Scripps Networks Interactive acquires Spoon University (Scripps Networks Interactive)
  136. TÜV AUSTRIA holds a majority interest in Systemhaus SPP (TÜV)
  137. Ncontracts Acquires Supernal Software, Further Extending its Leadership Position as the Risk Management Solution of Choice for Financial Institutions (PRNewswire)
  138. Volaris Group Expands Footprint in People Transportation Vertical with Acquisition of Systemtechnik GmbH (Volaris)
  140. Great Lakes Scrip Center acquires Illinois scrip company (MiBiz)
  141. The Paciello Group Joins VFO (PR Newswire)
  142. Clickbooth Acquires Affiliate Tracking Dashboard ThriveTracker (Business Wire)
  143. KPMG in Canada acquires ToMont Solutions (Newswire)
  144. InVision Acquires TrackDuck – Deepens Integration With Atlassian Suite To Help Teams Deliver Better Digital Products (PR Newswire)
  145. Visunex Medical Systems Raises $20M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  146. Stream Companies Acquires WorldDealer (PRWeb)
  147. Whirlpool Corporation Announces Planned Acquisition of Yummly (PRNewswire)

Weekly Update – May 2, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $7,921,860,614                 Total Deal Number – 151

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $5,500,000,000 Didi Chuxing Consortium Transactions Investment
2 $250,000,000 OYO Rooms Consortium Transactions Investment
3 $200,000,000 Juno Gett Transactions Acquisition
4 $190,000,000 Everfi Consortium Software & Services Investment
5 $143,000,000 Seasun Tencent Holdings Games Investment
6 $140,000,000 Zeta Global Franklin Square Capital Partners Marketing Investment
7 $120,000,000 Snow Software Ontario Pension Board, Sumeru Equity Partners Software & Services Investment
8 $115,000,000 TICKET MONSTER Simone Investment Managers, Anchor Equity Partners Transactions Investment
9 $110,000,000 Goodpatch Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, SBI Investment Software & Services Investment
10 $110,000,000 Robinhood Consortium Transactions Investment
11 $100,000,000 Domo BlackRock Software & Services Investment
12 $100,000,000 Automatic Sirius XM Radio, Inc. Mobile & Apps Acquisition
13 $70,000,000 Ivalua KKR & Co. (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.) Software & Services Investment
14 $60,000,000 Babylon Health Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
15 $53,000,000 3D Robotics Consortium Sofware & Services Investment
16 $40,000,000 Prescient Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
17 $40,000,000 SSB Bart Group JMI Equity Software & Services Investment
18 $33,000,000 LoveCrafts Consortium Media Investment
19 $30,000,000 Traditional Medicinals The Builders Fund Ecommerce Investment
20 $30,000,000 UiPath Consortium Software & Services Investment
21 $30,000,000 OverOps Lightspeed Venture Partners,Menlo Ventures Software & Services Investment
22 $29,000,000 Science 37 Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $27,000,000 Domino Data Lab Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $18,022,200 Pulse Cashflow Finance Hadrian’s Wall Secured Investments Limited Transactions Investment
25 $18,000,000 SENSORO Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
26 $17,500,000 Hibob Consortium Software & Services Investment
27 $17,000,000 Twistlock Consortium Software & Services Investment
28 $15,700,000 Token Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $14,738,422 Riskmethods Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $14,500,000 Qianbaomu IMCIC Transactions Investment
31 $14,000,000 RapidSOS Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $14,000,000 Shadow Creator Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
33 $14,000,000 Yuedongquan Nokia Growth Partners, Xiaomi Mobile & Apps Investment
34 $13,096,080 Xee Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
35 $11,000,000 Doc Halo Bain Capital Ventures, Refinery Ventures Software & Services Investment
36 $11,000,000 Flytxt DAH Beteiligungs GmbH Software & Services Investment
37 $10,346,400 REG Disruptive Capital Finance Software & Services Investment
38 $10,000,000 Avalanche Studios Nordisk Film Games Investment
39 $10,000,000 Huddly Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
40 $10,000,000 Quovo F-Prime Capital Partners, Napier Park Global Capital Software & Services Investment
41 $9,373,570 Oxbotica Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
42 $9,011,100 Farmdrop Consortium Transactions Investment
43 $8,500,000 MarcoPolo Learning Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
44 $7,725,000 ProspectSoft Maven Capital Partners Software & Services Acquisition
45 $7,500,000 Spiffy Karl Murphy, Scot Wingo Transactions Investment
46 $7,400,000 Deep Sentinel Consortium Software & Services Investment
47 $7,000,000 Sense360 Consortium Software & Services Investment
48 $6,550,410 Lemoncat Undisclosed Transactions Investment
49 $6,400,000 FAASOS Consortium Transactions Investment
50 $6,000,000 802 Secure Daylight Investors Software & Services Investment
51 $6,000,000 Oddup Consortium Software & Services Investment
52 $5,000,000 Mech Mocha Consortium Games Investment
53 $4,600,000 MPIRICA Health Analytics OurCrowd First Software & Services Investment
54 $4,500,000 Blow Ltd. Unilever Ventures Transactions Investment
55 $4,359,800 360imprimir Omnes Capital, Pathena Ecommerce Investment
56 $4,000,000 Propel Consortium Software & Services Investment
57 $3,738,288 Pockit Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $3,624,554 Baoquan Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $3,600,000 Scootsy Khattar Holdings, Agnus Capital Software & Services Investment
60 $3,500,000 Jump Technologies Black Granite Capital Software & Services Investment
61 $3,396,240 Bloglovin Undisclosed Media Investment
62 $3,275,205 Nextory ACACIA ASSET MANAGEMENT AB, Industrifonden Media Investment
63 $3,200,000 Toppr WGG International, Nitin Gupta Mobile & Apps Investment
64 $3,100,000 BridgeEdU LuminaFoundation Transactions Investment
65 $3,000,000 Holachef SIDBI Venture Capital, Kalaari Capital Transactions Investment
66 $3,000,000 TapClicks SaaS Capital Marketing Investment
67 $3,000,000 MyKronoz Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
68 $2,750,000 CarPal Consortium Transactions Investment
69 $2,700,000 POPxo Consortium Media Investment
70 $2,500,000 Arbe Robotics iAngels Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
71 $2,500,000 Entomo Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
72 $2,000,000 Deck Commerce Arsenal Capital Management Software & Services Investment
73 $1,616,625 Exonar Wilton Group, Amadeus Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
74 $1,500,000 CarHopper Undisclosed Transactions Investment
75 $1,500,000 The Money Finder Build Ventures, Innovacorp Transactions Investment
76 $1,500,000 iNurture BlackSoil Transactions Investment
77 $1,292,175 Your Welcome Flux Group, Simon Emeny Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
78 $1,202,810 Mobenzi Edge Growth, Vumela Fund Software & Services Investment
79 $1,100,000 Work Today Consortium Transactions Investment
80 $1,100,000 MicroMech Undisclosed Transactions Investment
81 $1,091,735 iCasting Consortium Transactions Investment
82 $1,000,000 Cladwell Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
83 $1,000,000 Epidemic Sound Kichi Invest Media Investment
84 $1,000,000 StalkBuyLove Trifecta Capital Ecommerce Investment
85 $750,000 Sepalika Accel Partners Media Investment
86 $500,000 UrbanStat Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
87 Undisclosed 17 Media Le Sports Media Acquisition
88 Undisclosed Appendium Delta Capita Software & Services Acquisition
89 Undisclosed ASG Technologies Group Elliott Management Corp. Software & Services Investment
90 Undisclosed Birst Infor Software & Services Acquisition
91 Undisclosed Blackfox Momentous Entertainment Group Marketing Acquisition
92 Undisclosed BLIP Systems Gentrack Group Limited Software & Services Acquisition
93 Undisclosed Bunk1 Togetherwork Software & Services Acquisition
94 Undisclosed CA Plus Gentrack Group Software & Services Acquisition
95 Undisclosed Candere Kalyan Jewellers Ecommerce Acquisition
96 Undisclosed Chessable Undisclosed Transactions Investment
97 Undisclosed ClickUp Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
98 Undisclosed Clockwise.MD DocuTAP Software & Services Acquisition
99 Undisclosed Crispin Corporation Sony Electronics Media Acquisition
100 Undisclosed CTS, Inc. CGI Software & Services Acquisition
101 Undisclosed Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
102 Undisclosed DeepLocal Undisclosed Transactions Acquisition
103 Undisclosed Delete 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Transactions Acquisition
104 Undisclosed Engine Yard Crossover Software & Services Acquisition
105 Undisclosed ENOVAX PUC Founder (MSC) Bhd. Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Entry Ninja Computicket Transactions Acquisition
107 Undisclosed eShiksa Cross Border Angel, Mahavir Pratap Sharma Software & Services Investment
108 Undisclosed Evidation Health Consortium Software & Services Investment
109 Undisclosed Exinda GFI Software Software & Services Acquisition
110 Undisclosed Forecast Health Lumeris Software & Services Acquisition
111 Undisclosed GameInfluencer Consortium Marketing Investment
112 Undisclosed Gojimo Telegraph Media Group Mobile & Apps Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Guavus Liberty Global Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed HaCon Ingenieurges Siemens AG Software & Services Acquisition
115 Undisclosed HomeVestors Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Transactions Acquisition
116 Undisclosed iDevices Hubbell Incorporated Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Indica Value Creation Capital Software & Services Investment
118 Undisclosed Inkbay Tommy Jacobson Transactions Investment
119 Undisclosed Integritie Rosslyn Analytics Software & Services Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Lemonade Allianz Transactions Investment
121 Undisclosed Lightbulb Crew Undisclosed Games Investment
122 Undisclosed Luck Genome GamePoint Games Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Undisclosed Media Investment
124 Undisclosed Mediachain Spotify Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed NimbleUser Community Brands Software & Services Acquisition
126 Undisclosed Ofo Ant Financial Transactions Investment
127 Undisclosed OmniEarth Dylan Taylor Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed OutsideIQ Exiger Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed Paymetric Vantiv Transactions Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Pixlr 123RF Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed PrismHR Summit Partners Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Butterfly Ventures Software & Services Investment
133 Undisclosed RightAnswers Upland Software Software & Services Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Rinocloud Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
135 Undisclosed RiskMatch Vertafore Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed Sajan Amplexor Marketing Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Secure Thingz Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Source ETF Invesco Transactions Acquisition
139 Undisclosed Sprooki Invigor Group Marketing Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Stream Hatchet Millennial Esports Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed sumarum Zalaris Software & Services Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Tangoe Marlin Equity Partners Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed TeleSign BICS Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed VanityCube VLCC Healthcare Ltd. Transactions Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Ve Interactive Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
146 Undisclosed Vertex Solutions Group TCC Software Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Vital Records Control Windjammer Capital Investors Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed Volerro Fision Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed WorkMarket Accenture, Foundry Group Transactions Investment
150 Undisclosed YikYak Square Media Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Youcanevent Blue Startups Transactions Investment

More information

  1. China’s ride-hailing giant Didi raises $5.5 billion, valuing it at $50 billion (CNBC)
  2. Oyo rooms secures $250 mn from SoftBank, others (VCCircle)
  3. On-demand ride service Gett confirms acquisition of Juno for $200M (TechCrunch)
  4. Everfi raises $190 million to teach life skills and touchy subjects online (TechCrunch)
  5. Tencent Makes USD143 Million Strategic Investment In Seasun (China Tech News)
  6. Zeta Global Raises $140 Million For Its Marketing Cloud (Forbes)
  7. Snow Software and Vitruvian Partners Announce $120 Million Strategic Investment from Sumeru Equity Partners and Ontario Pension Board (Business Wire)
  8. Korea’s Ticket Monster nabs $115M at a $1.4B valuation to ramp up in grocery (TechCrunch)
  9. The total amount of 400 million yen! Goodpatch was invested by SBI and Mitsui Sumitomo Capital was injected (Inside)
  10. Trading startup Robinhood raises $110 million in new funding round (Reuters)
  11. Domo Closes $100M in Series D2 Extension Financing With a $2.3B Valuation (Market Wired )
  12. SiriusXM acquires connected car company Automatic for over $100M (TechCrunch)
  13. Ivalua Raises $70M from KKR (Business Wire)
  14. Babylon Health raises further $60M to continue building out AI doctor app (TechCrunch)
  15. Investors are betting 3DR can find life after Solo as a drone data platform (TechCrunch)
  16. Prescient Raises $40M in Series D Funding (FinSMEs)
  17. SSB BART Group Receives $40 Million Strategic Growth Investment from JMI Equity (PR Newswire)
  18. LoveCrafts, a social network and marketplace for makers, raises $33M (TechCrunch)
  19. Builders Fund invests in Traditional Medicinals, closes on $30 mln (PE HUB)
  20. UiPath raises $30 million to help enterprises automate repetitive tasks with software robots (Venture Beat)
  21. OverOps scores $30 million led by Lightspeed Ventures (TechCrunch)
  22. Science37 aims to democratize clinical research with a fresh $29 million in growth funding (TechCrunch)
  23. Domino Data Lab raises $27m in round led by hedge fund customer Coatue (ZDNet)
  24. Pulse Cashflow Completes £14M Financing Deal (FinSMEs)
  25. Leading IoT Tech Firm SENSORO Raises $18M in Series B (Yahoo)
  26. HR and employee benefits platform Hibob raises $17.5M led by U.S.-based Battery Ventures (TechCrunch)
  27. Twistlock Closes $17M Funding Round for Container Security (SDX Central)
  28. Token raises $15.7 million as PSD2 approaches (Finextra)
  29. Afternoon Coffee: Riskmethods Receives €13.5 million in Series B, Lighthizer Inches Closer to Trade Rep Position (Spend Matters)
  30. Fintech platform Qianbaomu receives strategic investment of USD 14.5 M (Bitcoin Agile)
  31. RapidSOS Closes $14M Series A Funding Round to Transform Safety & Security (PR Newswire)
  32. Fortune Capital Leads $14M Round In Chinese VR Headset Maker Shadow Creator (China Money Network)
  33. Nokia, Xiaomi Join $14M Round In Chinese Fitness Mobile App Yuedongquan (China money network)
  34. French connected car startup Xee raises €12 million (
  35. Doc Halo secures $11 million in funding (Modern Healthcare)
  36. Flytxt Raises US $11 Million to Scale-up Product Adoption (PRNewswire)
  37. Disruptive Capital invests £8m in REG (Realdeals)
  38. Mad Max developer Avalanche scores $10 million from Nordic film giant (VentureBeat)
  39. Huddly raises $10M to “reinvent the camera” with a computer-vision platform for video meetings (TechCrunch)
  40. Quovo, an API manager for fintech applications, raises $10 million (TechCrunch)
  41. Oxford’s AI firm Oxbotica gets £8.6m to lead driverless car consortium (Tech City News)
  42. Online grocery platform Farmdrop raises £7M Series A led by Atomico (TechCrunch)
  43. MarcoPolo Learning raises $8.5 million and cuts deal with Boat Rocker Media (Venture Beat)
  44. Maven leads the GBP6m MBO of ProspectSoft (Private Equity)
  45. Durham mobile car-wash startup raises $7.5 million (The News&Observer)
  46. Deep Sentinel raises $7.4M to bring deep learning to home security (TechCrunch)
  47. Sense360 raises $7 million to track customers in fast food restaurants (TechCrunch)
  48. Lemoncat Closes €6M Second Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  49. Faasos raises USD 6.4 Mn Funding in extended Series C round (KnowStartup)
  50. 802 Secure Raises $6M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  51. Hong Kong: Oddup closes $6m Series A led by India’s Times Group (Dealstreetasia)
  52. Mech Mocha raises $5 million in Series A from Accel Partners & other investors (Bizztor)
  53. Mpirica Health Raises $4.6M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  54. Blow Ltd. raises $4.5 million to expand on demand beauty service (Fash Invest)
  55. B2B marketplace 360imprimir raises €4 million in new round (
  56. Propel raises $4M to make the social safety net more tech savvy and user friendly (TechCrunch)
  57. Banking app Pockit picks up further £2.9M as it readies new remittance service (TechCrunch)
  58. Baoquan close 25 million yuan angel round funding (bitcoin agile)
  59. On demand delivery platform Scootsy raise $3.6 m (ET tech)
  60. Jump Technologies Closes $3.5M Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  61. Bloglovin borrow 30 million – firing on share issue (Digital)
  62. Swedish e-book startup Nextory brings in €3 million (
  63. Exclusive: Toppr raises $3.2 mn in bridge round (VCCircle)
  64. Wes Moore’s BridgeEdU raises $3.1 million (Boston Tech Flash)
  65. Food-tech startup Holachef gets $3 mn from SIDBI VC, Kalaari (VCCircle)
  66. TapClicks Secures $3 Million for 2017 Growth from SaaS Capital (Saas Capital)
  67. MyKronoz ZeTime: World’s Most Funded Hybrid Smartwatch Raised over $3M on Kickstarter, Running until April 27th (Business Wire)
  68. Logistics startup CarPal rakes in $2.75Mn to help firms operate their own fleet of drivers (The Tech Portal)
  69. Women-focused media startup POPxo raises $2.7 mn from GREE Ventures, others (TechCircle)
  70. Car radar sensor co Arbe Robotics raises $2.5m (Globes)
  71. Entomo raises $2.5M to put its enterprise channel management software on the map (Geekwire)
  72. Deck Commerce Secures $2 Million in Funding to Drive Growth (PRWeb)
  73. Data science firm Exonar raises £1.25m to expand across Europe (Tech City News)
  74. Bespoke Luxury Car Rental Platform, CarHopper, Raises $1.5 M in Seed Round to Service Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami. (EIN News)
  76. Education solutions firm iNurture raises $1.5 mn from BlackSoil (VCCircle)
  77. YourWelcome Raises £1M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  78. SA startup Mobenzi receives R16m investment from Edge Growth (VentureBurn)
  79. Work Today raises $1.1 million to connect blue collar workers with jobs (VentureBeat)
  80. Calgary startup raises $1.1 million in funding (Metro)
  81. Dutch startup iCasting raises €1 million for its talent marketplace (
  82. Cincinnati startup raises $1 million (Cincinnati Business Journal )
  83. Music startup Epidemic Sound raises $1 million from Kichi Invest (
  84. Indian online fashion brand StalkBuyLove raises $1m from Trifecta Capital (Deal Street Asia)
  85. Sepalika raises $750,000 from Accel (The Hindu Business Line)
  86. UrbanStat, who wants to open to USA, has invested 500 thousand dollars (Webrazzi.)
  87. Paktor is merging with the startup it bought to create a social entertainment company (Tech In Asia)
  88. Delta Capita acquires Appendium (Finextra)
  89. ASG Technologies Group, Inc. Receives Strategic Investment from Elliott Management (Yahoo)
  90. Infor buys business analytics vendor Birst (ZDNet)
  91. Momentous Entertainment Group to Acquire Mobile Ad Network BLACKFOX (Marketwired)
  92. BRIEF-Gentrack Group says it has acquired Blip Systems A/S and agreed to acquire Ca Plus Ltd (Reuters)
  93. Togetherwork Acquires Bunk1: Fourth Camp Management Software Company for Togetherwork (PR Web)
  95. Kalyan Jewellers to acquire jewellery e-tailer Candere (VC Circle)
  96. UK chess education start up makes the right move (RealWire)
  97. Click Up Optimizing Team for Front End Angular 2 Development (PRWeb Sitemap)
  98. DocuTAP Announces Acquisition of Clockwise.MD (Yahoo Finance)
  100. Major Birmingham tech firm acquired by Canadian IT giant (Birmingham Business Journal)
  101. Dave wants to save you from expensive overdraft fees (TechCrunch)
  102. Pittsburgh marketing shop Deeplocal acquired by WPP Digital (Pittsburg Post Gazette)
  103. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? acquires San Francisco startup Delete (BIV)
  104. Engine Yard Acquired by Crossover (Engine Yard)
  105. PUC Founder acquires Singapore-based Enovax (The Edge Markets)
  106. Computicket snaps up Entry Ninja (TechCentral)
  107. Exclusive: Cross Border Angels invests in ed-tech startup eShiksa (Bitcoinagile)
  108. Evidation Health Secures Financing from Sanofi-Genzyme BioVentures to Fuel Commercial Growth (Evidation)
  109. GFI Software Acquires Exinda and Brings More Powerful Network Management Products to the GFI Family (NewsOn6)
  110. Lumeris acquires Forecast Health; accelerates impact for providers, payers & patients (Lumeris)
  111. GameInfluencer raises funding for influencer marketing platform (Venture Beat)
  112. Telegraph Media Group acquires UK exam preparation app Gojimo (TechCrunch)
  113. Liberty Global Makes Strategic Investment in Guavus (Guavus)
  114. Siemens to acquire HaCon (acq5)
  115. Levine Leichtman Capital Partners and Management Acquire HomeVestors of America, Inc. (LLCP)
  117. Indica receives funding from Value Creation Capital to expand data control (Startup Juncture Denmark)
  118. Per Brandt tattoo service Inkbay raises capital (Digital)
  119. Rosslyn acquires Integritie for unstructured data analysis (Tech Market View)
  120. Lemonade Receives Strategic Investment from Allianz (FinSMEs)
  121. Lightbulb Crew brings in capital and launches Games of Glory – again (Digital)
  122. GamePoint buys Israeli co Luck Genome (Globes)
  123. UNICOM Engineering Expands Into Washington, DC (Market Wired)
  124. Spotify acquires blockchain startup Mediachain to solve music’s attribution problem (TechCrunch)
  125. TapClicks Acquires Raven Tools in Move to Become the Industry Standard Reporting Platform for Marketers (PR Newswire)
  126. Alibaba’s Ant Financial invests in Chinese bike-sharing startup unicorn Ofo (TechCrunch)
  127. EagleView® Accelerates Machine Learning Development with Acquisition of OmniEarth (PR Web)
  129. Vantiv Announces Agreement to Acquire Paymetric (paymetric)
  130. 123RF Acquires Autodesk Pixlr to Boost the World’s Creative Ecosystem (PRNewswire)
  131. PrismHR Announces Investment from Summit Partners to Power Ongoing Growth (Summit Partners)
  132. raises fresh round of funding for its mobile positioning platform (
  133. RightAnswers Acquired by Upland Software (LinkedIn)
  134. Rinocloud in hiring mode after securing funding (Business Post)
  135. Vertafore Further Enhances Technology Platform with Acquisition of RiskMatch, a Data Analytics Innovator (Vertafore)
  136. Sajan, Inc. (SAJA) to be Acquired by AMPLEXOR International for $5.83/Share (Street Insider)
  137. BRIEF-IAR Systems acquires equity stake in Secure Thingz (Reuters)
  138. Invesco buys ETF provider Source from Warburg Pincus (pionline)
  139. Shopping mall app Sprooki to be acquired (AFR)
  140. Millennial Esports Corp. to Acquire Stream Hatchet (Yahoo)
  141. Zalaris ASA acquires sumarum AG – a leading HR outsourcing and consulting company in Germany (My News Desk)
  142. Marlin enters into definitive agreement to acquire Tangoe, Inc. (Marlin Equity)
  143. BICS Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire TeleSign Corporation (Bics)
  144. VLCC acquires VC-backed beauty services platform Vanity Cube (VC Circle)
  145. Tech unicorn Ve Interactive’s management has rescued the company from administration (Business Insider)
  146. TCC Software Solutions Acquires Vertex Solutions Group and Triple Impact (Yahoo)
  147. Windjammer acquires VRC (PE HUB)
  148. FISION Acquires Volerro, a Leader in Cloud-based Enterprise Content Collaboration (Business Wire)
  149. Accenture Invests in and Partners with WorkMarket to Help Enterprises Address the Future of Work — Now (Spend Matters)
  150. Square Said to Acquire Team From Struggling Social App Yik Yak (Bloomberg)
  151. Blue Startups invests in Youcanevent (i9 Magazine)

Weekly Update – April 26, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $5,051,444,418             Total Deal Number – 144

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $3,350,000,000 PetSmart Ecommerce Acquisition
2 $400,000,000 Microvast Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
3 $180,000,000 Qualtrics Accel Partners, Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
4 $109,008,457 NetEase Cloud Music Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
5 $85,000,000 Quora Consortium Media Investment
6 $75,000,000 Actility Consortium Software & Services Investment
7 $60,000,000 Branch Metrics Consortium Marketing Investment
8 $60,000,000 SenseTime Sailing Capital Software & Services Investment
9 $57,000,000 SeatGeek Consortium Transactions Investment
10 $56,000,000 TopTix SeatGeek Software & Services Acquisition
11 $45,000,000 Getaround Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
12 $43,000,000 DRIVIN KAR Auction Services Transactions Acquisition
13 $40,000,000 Reltio Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $36,000,000 Gladly Software Consortium Software & Services Investment
15 $30,000,000 MakeSpace Consortium Transactions Investment
16 $26,400,000 Xero TCV Software & Services Investment
17 $25,000,000 ZappRx Surojit Chatterjee Software & Services Investment
18 $20,000,000 CyberGRX Consortium Software & Services Investment
19 $16,800,000 BIMA AXIATA Digital Transactions Investment
20 $16,500,000 Dome9 Security SoftBank Software & Services Investment
21 $16,000,000 IceKredit China Creation Ventures, Lingfeng Capital Transactions Investment
22 $16,000,000 SafeGraph Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $14,000,000 Sapho Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $13,900,000 Pluto VR Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $13,700,000 Avegant Hangzhou Liaison Interactive Information Technology Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
26 $12,000,000 V5 Systems Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
27 $12,000,000 Yeecall Addor Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
28 $11,000,000 Narrative Science Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $11,000,000 Zinc Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $9,000,000 Legends of Learning Baltimore Angels Games Investment
31 $9,000,000 Mux Accel Partners Marketing Investment
32 $8,950,480 Farmdrop Consortium Transactions Investment
33 $8,144,624 Unu Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
34 $8,000,000 Akoonu Shasta Ventures Marketing Investment
35 $6,400,000 FretLink Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $6,250,000 Solv Consortium Transactions Investment
37 $5,894,460 Qover Anthemis Group Transactions Investment
38 $5,500,000 Ninjacart Consortium Marketing Investment
39 $5,500,000 AppDetex Consortium Software & Services Investment
40 $5,000,000 Beamery Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $5,000,000 Jaanuu Consortium Ecommerce Investment
42 $4,900,000 Elmodis Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $4,501,875 Enervalis Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
44 $4,500,000 LeanDNA Next Coast Ventures Software & Services Investment
45 $4,500,000 Vector Space Consortium Software & Services Investment
46 $4,335,400 Pitchy Bros Prod Consortium Software & Services Investment
47 $4,000,000 VICIS Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
48 $3,800,000 Lumen Learning Alliance of Angels Transactions Investment
49 $3,500,000 Boundless Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $3,300,000 Barnebys Consortium Transactions Investment
51 $3,215,160 ZIVVER HENQ Invest Software & Services Investment
52 $3,100,000 Halo Smart Labs Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
53 $3,000,000 Boomtime Verge Fund, Saba Investments Marketing Investment
54 $3,000,000 MJ Freeway Roger McNamee, Tao Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
55 $3,000,000 Humaniq Undisclosed Transactions Investment
56 $2,700,000 Bedly Founder Collective, Accomplice Transactions Investment
57 $2,685,144 Core Collective Undisclosed Transactions Investment
58 $2,600,000 Touristly Air Asia Transactions Acquisition
59 $2,572,500 Blacknut Undisclosed Games Investment
60 $2,500,000 Gravity Supply Chain Solutions (HK) Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
61 $2,500,000 Shine Betaworks, Eniac Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
62 $2,300,000 Inventure Oy, The Venture Reality Fund Software & Services Investment
63 $2,250,000 MortgageHippo CMFG VENTURES Software & Services Investment
64 $2,000,000 DadeSystems Ocean Azul Partners Transactions Investment
65 $2,000,000 INNEFU IndiaNivesh Software & Services Investment
66 $2,000,000 Invertex OurCrowd First Software & Services Investment
67 $2,000,000 OXX Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
68 $2,000,000 PowerPost Arsenal Capital Partners Marketing Investment
69 $1,800,000 GeoCV Runa Capital, Emery Capital Software & Services Investment
70 $1,800,000 MeetMindful Bridge Builders Collaborative Mobile & Apps Investment
71 $1,700,000 U-Parking Gobi Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
72 $1,625,775 DreamCheaper TruVenturo GmbH, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures Transactions Investment
73 $1,624,155 nello Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
74 $1,533,954 HowNow Fuel Ventures Transactions Investment
75 $1,517,390 Rubicoin The Motley Fool, Enterprise Ireland Mobile & Apps Investment
76 $1,500,000 Credihealth Consortium Transactions Investment
77 $1,500,000 Innovapptive Hyderabad Angels Software & Services Investment
78 $1,500,000 Qwilr Consortium Software & Services Investment
79 $1,500,000 Turbo Tenant, LLC Crescendo Capital Partners, FrontRange Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
80 $1,409,005 Wellmo Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
81 $1,400,000 Undisclosed Transactions Investment
82 $1,200,000 ABSENTIA Exfinity Venture Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
83 $1,200,000 CM First Group Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
84 $1,200,000 DEXMA Inveready Technology Investment Group Software & Services Investment
85 $1,200,000 RotoQL Jason Robins, Boston Seed Capital Software & Services Investment
86 $1,200,000 Saleswhale Consortium Transactions Investment
87 $1,100,000 Better Initialized Capital, Designer Fund Transactions Investment
88 $1,100,000 Gridics Consortium Software & Services Investment
89 $1,100,000 Swingvy Big Basin Capital, Walden International Software & Services Investment
90 $1,000,000 VideoKen Surojit Chatterjee Media Investment
91 $780,000 Milanote Simon Martin Mobile & Apps Investment
92 $750,312 Cybersprint Consortium Software & Services Investment
93 $750,000 Sensara Lalitesh Katragadda, Ganayantrika Systems Mobile & Apps Investment
94 $600,000 Whodat Ideaspring Capital Software & Services Investment
95 $566,867 RaceONE Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
96 $543,000 RAW Pressery Jacqueline Fernandez Transactions Investment
97 $535,860 Rateboard Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
98 $500,000 Arbitrum Consortium Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed Investoo Group Transactions Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Alert Labs Intact Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
101 Undisclosed Fatboy Vendis Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
102 Undisclosed American Traffic Solutions Platinum Equity Software & Services Acquisition
103 Undisclosed BigRep Klöckner & Co. Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
104 Undisclosed Covercake Spindle Marketing Acquisition
105 Undisclosed Elite Daily Bustle Digital Group Media Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Ellisphere AnaCap Software & Services Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Experiment Engine Optimizely Software & Services Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Factom Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
109 Undisclosed Firebird General Catalyst, Accomplice Mobile & Apps Investment
110 Undisclosed Forestry Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
111 Undisclosed Freebird Accomplice, General Catalyst Software & Services Investment
112 Undisclosed Health 2.0 HIMSS Media Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Hellobike Chengwei Capital, GGV Capital Transactions Investment
114 Undisclosed helloPay Ant Financial Transactions Acquisition
115 Undisclosed HomeTrak Software ClearCare Software & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed InLogg Myntra Transactions Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Intentional Software Microsoft Software & Services Acquisition
118 Undisclosed JETPDV Viasoft Informatica Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Kunstmaan Accenture Marketing Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Long Island Press Schneps Communications Media Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Mainstream Software CBRE Group Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Market Track Vista Equity Partners Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Moat Oracle Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
124 Undisclosed More Health CITIC Capital Holdings Transactions Investment
125 Undisclosed NetSPI Sunstone Partners Software & Services Investment
126 Undisclosed Ongo National Bank of Canada Transactions Investment
127 Undisclosed Portal Finance Magma Partners Transactions Investment
128 Undisclosed RippleNami Consortium Software & Services Investment
129 Undisclosed Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions ConvergeOne Software & Services Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Shopial Magento Marketing Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Skytree Infosys Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Spanning Cloud Apps Insight Venture Partners Mobile & Apps Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Suyo Omidyar Network Transactions Investment
134 Undisclosed SVG Media Dentsu Aegis Network Media Acquisition
135 Undisclosed SweetIQ Analytics Gannett Co Inc Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed This Place Ltd. Infoteria Corporation Marketing Acquisition
137 Undisclosed ToutApp Marketo Mobile & Apps Acquisition
138 Undisclosed TradeWarrior Oranj Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed TVC Solutions American Innovations Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Utiligroup Energy Services Group Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed VideoDays Divimove Media Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Wercker Oracle Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Workplace Answers Everfi Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed ZOZI Peek Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. PetSmart is acquiring for $3.35 billion in the largest e-commerce acquisition ever (Recode)
  2. CITIC Securities Leads $400M Round In EV Battery Maker Microvast (China money network)
  3. Qualtrics Tech ‘Unicorn’ Raises $180M And Valued At $2.5 Billion (FileHippo)
  4. NetEase Cloud Music Completes A Round Financing of RMB 750 Million, Sending It into the “Unicorn Club” with an Estimated Value of RMB 8 Billion (PRNewswire All)
  5. Q&A app Quora valued around $1.8 billion in $85 million fundraise (TechCrunch)
  6. Eurobites: IoT Startup Actility Raises $75M (Light Reading )
  7. Deep-linking startup Branch raised $60 million from Andy Rubin’s Playground Ventures (TechCrunch)
  8. China Digest: SenseTime raises $60m; China Creation Ventures backs IceKredit; U-Parking fundraise (DealStreetAsia)
  9. SeatGeek raises $57 million, acquires Israeli ticketing software company TopTix for $56 million (TechCrunch)
  10. Ticketing Startup SeatGeek Acquires Software Company TopTix for $56 Million (Fortune)
  11. Getaround raises $45M from Toyota and others to build more partnerships (TechCrunch )
  12. Chicago used-car data startup Drivin takes a $43 million exit (Chicago Tribue)
  13. Enterprise data management platform Reltio raises $40 million (Venture Beat)
  14. Gladly, incubated at Greylock, nabs $36 million in Series C funding (TechCrunch )
  15. MakeSpace raises $30 million to store your belongings (TechCrunch)
  16. A venture capital firm that backed Facebook and Airbnb just bought a $26.4 million stake in Xero (Business Insider)
  17. ZappRX gets $25 million from Chinese VC’s to expand into the U.S. drug prescription market (TechCrunch)
  18. Cyber Risk Auditor Raises $20M Amid ‘Viral’ Customer Growth (Fortune)
  19. Axiata Digital invests US$16.8 mil into Swedish insurtech, BIMA (Digital News Asia (SE Asia))
  20. SoftBank leads $16.5 million investment into cloud infrastructure security startup Dome9 (VentureBeat)
  21. China Creation Ventures Leads $16M Round In SME Credit Firm IceKredit (China Money Network)
  22. SafeGraph Raises $16 Million Series A (Medium )
  23. Sapho gets $14M more to make legacy software more useful with ‘micro apps’ (TechCrunch)
  24. Pluto VR raises $13.9M to build out virtual reality communication platform (GeekWire)
  25. Mixed reality company Avegant closes $13.7 million investment (haptic al)
  26. V5 Systems Closes Series A2 Round of $12 Million, Bringing Total Funding to over $20 Million (PRNewswire)
  27. Addor Capital leads $12m round for China’s Yeecall (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  28. Narrative Science Raises $11M in Series D Funding (FinSMES)
  29. Zinc Raises $11 Million Led by GE Ventures to Transform Deskless Communication (Market Wired)
  30. Legends of Learning raises $9 million for expansion (Balitmore Sun)
  31. Mux Raises $9m in Series A Funding from Accel to Give Companies Insights into Video Performance (Business Wire)
  32. Online grocery platform Farmdrop raises £7M Series A led by Atomico (TechCrunch )
  33. Unu Raises €7.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  34. Akoonu Announces $8M Funding, New Executives and Launch of Akoonu for Sales™ (PRWeb )
  35. FretLink raises $6.4 million to make trucks run like clockwork (TechCrunch)
  36. Solv Closes $6.25M Series A (VC News Daily)
  37. Belgium’s Qover raises €5.5 million in Series A funding ( )
  38. Ninjacart raises $5.5 mn led by Accel, Nilekani’s trust (VC Circle)
  39. AppDetex Raises $5.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  40. £15m in UK tech investment, a $26.99bn acquisition, Uber ban and more in The Week in Tech (Tech City News)
  41. Medical apparel brand Jaanuu snags $5 mln (PE HUB)
  42. Elmodis raises a $4.9M round to find the soul of a new machine (TechCrunch)
  43. Enervalis Raises €4.2m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  44. LeanDNA Closes $4.5M Series A Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  45. Tucson aerospace startup raises $4.5 million, hiring up to 100 employees (Business Journals)
  46. French video software company Pitchy raises €4 million (
  47. Vicis raises another $4M as it prepares to equip teams with high-tech football helmet (GeekWire)
  48. Higher education startup snags $3.8M from investors, including Seattle’s Alliance of Angels (Business Journals)
  49. Startup led by ex-Amazon manager and Obama tech policy guru raises $3.5M to navigate the ‘opaque, intimidating, and high-stakes’ immigration process (Geekwire)
  50. Barnebys Closes $3.3M Financing (FinSMEs)
  51. Amsterdam-based ZIVVER secures €3 million to email, chat and share very large files in a secure environment (EU Startups)
  52. Severe weather detector startup raises $3.1 million (WRAL Techwire)
  53. ABQ marketing firm raises $3 million in venture funds (Abqjournal)
  54. MJ Freeway Closes $3M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  55. Humaniq Secures $3m in Initial Coin Offering (FinSMEs)
  56. Bedly raises $2.7 million to make renting an apartment a little less horrible (TechCrunch)
  57. Success: Core Collective Completes Seedrs Funding Round With Nearly £2.1 Million Raised (Crowdfund Insider)
  58. AirAsia acquires travel planning startup Touristly for US$2.6M; will allow guests to book travel activities (e27)
  59. French Blacknut raises €2.4 million for its “Netflix for video games” (
  60. HK-based Gravity Supply Chain raises $2.5m (
  61. Betaworks-backed Shine raises $2.5 million to boost morale via text messaging (Venture Beat)
  62. Virtual Reality Software Innovator, Vizor, Raises $2.3 Million and Announces Launch of Private Beta at F8 Conference (Business Wire)
  63. MortgageHippo secures $2.25M to bring more mortgages online (Built In Chicago)
  64. Financial technology startup locks in $2M investment (South Florida Business Journal)
  65. Artificial Intelligence Startup Innefu Labs Raises $2 Mn Series A From IndiaNivesh (Inc42)
  66. Invertex Raises $2M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  67. Startup raises $2M in funding ()
  68. Arsenal invests $2 million in PowerPost (Business Journals)
  69. GeoCV Raises $1.8 Million for its 3D Capture Technology (24-7 Press Releases)
  70. Denver-based dating app attracts like-minded investors, raises $1.8 million (Denver Post)
  71. U-Parking raises US$1.7M Series A led by Gobi Ventures, aims to help China finds parking space (e27 News)
  72. DreamCheaper raises €1.5 million to boost hotel rebooking platform (Tnooz)
  73. Munich-based nello raises €1.5 million to simplify urban life (EU Startups )
  74. London-based EdTech startup HowNow lands £1.2m (Tech City News)
  75. Irish fintech start-up Rubicoin raises a further €1.4m (Irish Times)
  76. Credihealth raises $1.5M in pre-Series A round from Tolaram Group and Mountain Pine Capital (YourStory News)
  77. Innovapptive Secures $1.5 Million In Funding Round led by Hyderabad Angels (PR Newswire)
  78. Qwilr, which turns boring business documents into attractive websites, raises $1.5M (TechCrunch)
  79. TurboTenant Raises $1.5 Million to Expand Landlord Software Features and Accelerate Growth (PRWeb)
  80. Finnish health tech startup Wellmo raises €1.3 million (
  81. Raises $1.4M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  82. India: Absentia VR raises $1.2m from Exfinity Venture (Deal Street Asia)
  83. Software Modernization Provider CM First Secures $1.2M Investment (PRWeb Sitemap)
  84. Energy saving software for SMEs (La Vanguardia)
  85. RotoQL raises $1.2 million to level the field in daily fantasy sports (Venture Beat)
  86. Singapore’s Saleswhale, which uses AI to automate sales emails, raises $1.2M (TechCrunch)
  87. Better raises $1.1M for service to help individuals correct and secure health insurance claims (Med City News)
  88. Gridics Closes $1.1 Million Seed Round (
  89. Swingvy raises $1.1M to give HR staff in Southeast Asia a break from paperwork (TechCrunch)
  90. Video Learning Platform VideoKen Raises $1M Funding in the Seed Round (Indian Web 2)
  91. Milanote bags $780k seed to tool up its ‘Evernote for creatives’ (TechCrunch)
  92. Cybersprint Accelerates its International Growth with New Investment of €700.000,- (The Hague Security Delta)
  93. Tech Startup Sensara Gets $750K from ex-Google India Head Lalitesh Katraggada (iAM Wire )
  94. Whodat Tech raises $600,000 from Ideaspring Capital (Live Mint)
  95. RaceONE Raises SEK5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  96. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Invests $543K In Juice Startup Raw Pressery (Inc42)
  97. Rateboard brings in €500,000 in seed funding (TNooz)
  98. Text, image and video moderation service Arbitrum picks up $500K from founders (TechCrunch )
  99. Investoo Group Acquires Broker Comparison Site (PR Newswire)
  100. Alert Labs receives Intact Ventures’ first investment in Canada (BetaKit)
  101. Fatboy Receives Investment from Vendis Capital (FinSMEs)
  102. Platinum Equity to acquire American Traffic Solutions (PE HUB)
  103. 3D Printing Startup BigRep Receives Investment from Klöckner & Co. (FinSMEs)
  104. Spindle Enters into Purchase Agreement for CoverCake (Market Wired )
  105. Bustle acquires Elite Daily (TechCrunch)
  106. AnaCap acquires French business intelligence provider Ellisphere (Tribuna Economica)
  107. Optimizely acquires Experiment Engine to offer more collaboration tools for big companies (TechCrunch)
  108. Factom, Blockchain-Based Records Startup, Adds to Series A Funding (Xconomy)
  109. Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Snares Funding from General Catalyst and Accomplice (Skift)
  111. Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Snares Funding from General Catalyst and Accomplice (Skift)
  112. HIMSS acquires Health 2.0 conferences (
  113. Chengwei Capital Leads Series B Round In Chinese Bike Sharing Start-up Hellobike (China Money Network)
  114. Lazada’s helloPay acquired by Ant Financial for Alipay expansion (IBS Intelligence)
  115. ClearCare Announces Acquisition of HomeTrak (PRNewswire)
  116. Myntra acqui-hires logistics startup InLogg (VCCircle )
  117. Microsoft acquires Intentional Software and brings old friend back into fold (TechCrunch)
  118. Viasoft Informatica Ltda., acquired JetPDV (
  119. Accenture Acquires Kunstmaan to Boost its Customer Experience Services in Belgium (Business Wire)
  120. Queens-based publisher acquires LI Press (
  121. CBRE Group, Inc. Acquires Mainstream Software (Business Wire)
  122. Vista to buy Market Track from Aurora (PE HUB)
  123. Oracle acquires ad measurement company Moat (TechCrunch)
  124. MORE Health to submit radiation therapy planning consult tool for FDA review (Med City News)
  125. NetSPI Receives Investment from Sunstone Partners (FinSMEs)
  126. Ongo Receives Strategic Investment from National Bank of Canada (FinSMEs)
  127. Colombian Fintech Startup Portal Finance Secures Investment from Magma Partners (FinSMEs)
  128. RippleNami Closes Seed Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  129. Clearlake-backed ConvergeOne to buy RGTS (PE HUB)
  130. Shopial acquired by Magento (GKH)
  131. India’s Infosys snags former Georgia Tech artificial intelligence talent (Atlanta Business Journal)
  132. Spanning Acquired by Insight Venture Partners; Dell EMC Remains a Spanning Strategic Partner (Business Wire)
  133. Suyo Receives Investment from Omidyar Network (FinSMEs)
  134. Outbrain appoints SVG Media as India sales partner (ET Tech)
  135. Gannett Acquires Location and Reputation Management Software Company SweetIQ Analytics Corp. (Gannett)
  136. BRIEF-Infoteria buys UK-based design firm This Place (Reuters)
  137. Marketo acquires sales engagement tool ToutApp (Marketing Land)
  138. Oranj buys majority share in rebalancing software firm Trade Warrior (Invesment News)
  139. American Innovations Acquires TVC Solutions; Cloud and Mobile Solutions Will Make Compliance Data More Accessible (Yahoo Finance)
  140. Energy Services Group acquires Utiligroup (The Energyst)
  141. Divimove to Acquire the VideoDays (FinSMEs)
  142. Developer tools startup Wercker has been acquired by Oracle (TechCrunch)
  143. VC-backed EverFi acquires Workplace Answers (PE HUB)
  144. Troubled travel startup Zozi gets acquired by Peek (TechCrunch)