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Uber-inspired Lalamove pushes forward with $100 million Series C investment


Following its $30 million Series B round, Lalamove sealed another $100 million last week with a valuation of almost $1 billion and Unicorn status. The Hongkong-based logistics startup, which sprang from an Uber-like concept back in 2013, seems to not be leaving any page unturned. While focusing on small to medium sized businesses, Lalamove has leveraged its mobile app technology with service order matching, real time delivery tracking, and a customers sharing system to achieve fast, simplified, and reliable fulfillment. Currently, it covers 100 cities in China and Southeast Asia, with 15 million registered users and 2 million drivers. Now, Lalamove looks to expand its reach in Hanoi, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. It’s also keen at doubling the headcount, improving average delivery time, and adding features that promise greater customer engagement. With sharp focus, lean operations, and efficient systems, Lalamove has a chance to establish itself as the leader in Southeast Asia’s logistics industry, which accounts for 15% of the region’s economy.

Weekly Update – October 19, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $2,567,721,861              Total Deal Number – 159

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $820,000,000 Radial bpost Sottware & Services Acquisition
2 $300,000,000 Tujia.Com Consortium Transactions Investment
3 $164,000,000 Mapbox Consortium Software & Services Investment
4 $100,000,000 JP Morgan, Temasek Transactions Investment
5 $100,000,000 Lalamove Consortium Transactions Investment
6 $93,000,000 Petuum Softbank, Advantech Capital Software & Services Investment
7 $78,200,000 Tongdun Technology Consortium Software & Services Investment
8 $77,000,000 PolicyBazaar Consortium Transactions Investment
9 $75,000,000 The Honest Company Fidelity Management and Research Company Ecommerce Investment
10 $42,000,000 eShares Consortium Software & Services Investment
11 $40,000,000 Andela Consortium Transactions Investment
12 $30,000,000 Knowbox Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
13 $27,500,000 SecurityScorecard Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $25,836,800 Spotcap Undisclosed Transactions Investment
15 $25,701,060 Airtasker Consortium Transactions Investment
16 $25,000,000 Sysdig Accel Partners Software & Services Investment
17 $25,000,000 Baxter Planning Polaris Partners Software & Services Investment
18 $24,922,800 Open-Xchange Iris Capital, eCapital Software & Services Investment
19 $21,000,000 Attivo Networks Consortium Hardware & Iinfrastructure Investment
20 $21,000,000 Brilliant Consortium Hardware & Iinfrastructure Investment
21 $20,000,000 GitLab GV Software & Services Investment
22 $18,500,000 CoverWallet Consortium Transactions Investment
23 $18,500,000 Verve Consortium Marketing Investment
24 $17,000,000 Wytec International Undisclosed Hardware & Infreastructure Investment
25 $14,574,720 Juqent Guangdong Zhengye Technology Software & Services Acquisition
26 $14,500,000 Deliveree Consortium Transactions Investment
27 $14,500,000 HappyOrNot Northzone, AirTree Software & Services Investment
28 $14,199,480 Compeon Consortium Transactions Investment
29 $14,000,000 Kobalt Section 32, Bill Maris Software & Services Investment
30 $13,000,000 Honest Buildings Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $12,750,000 OmnyWay Consortium Transactions Investment
32 $11,000,000 Bigscreen True Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz Software & Services Investment
33 $11,000,000 Ascendify Consortium Transactions Investment
34 $9,300,000 ShiftLeft Bain Capital Ventures, Mayfield Software & Services Investment
35 $8,700,000 ROSS Intelligence Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $8,000,000 True Link Financial Consortium Transactions Investment
37 $8,000,000 LumApps Idinvest Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
38 $8,000,000 Simply NUC US Capital Hardware & Infreastructure Investment
39 $8,000,000 AlertMedia Consortium Software & Services Investment
40 $7,000,000 Pex Consortium Marketing Investment
41 $7,000,000 MioTech Consortium Software & Services Investment
42 $7,000,000 onQ Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
43 $6,600,000 ICX Media Consortium Marketing Investment
44 $6,600,000 OGQ Naver Mobile & Apps Investment
45 $6,500,000 Neverware Google Software & Services Investment
46 $6,500,000 Visor Consortium Ecommerce Investment
47 $6,000,000 Ometria Consortium Marketing Investment
48 $6,000,000 Penthera Partners Liberty Global Ventures Software & Services Investment
49 $6,000,000 DriveLock Nordwind Capital Software & Services Investment
50 $6,000,000 ePesos Consortium Transactions Investment
51 $5,800,000 TableSafe Undisclosed Hardware & Iinfrastructure Investment
52 $5,500,000 Drop Consortium Marketing Investment
53 $5,000,000 Flont Consortium Transactions Investment
54 $5,000,000 Mynd Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
55 $5,000,000 CloudZero Underscore VC, Matrix Partners Software & Services Investment
56 $5,000,000 TruSignal Consortium Marketing Investment
57 $5,000,000 Standard Cognition Consortium Software & Services Investment
58 $4,900,000 Zype Consortium Marketing Investment
59 $4,600,000 EazyDiner Consortium Transactions Investment
60 $4,500,000 Homebot Consortium Transactions Investment
61 $4,200,000 Withlocals INKEF Capital, Digital Equity Transactions Investment
62 $4,110,400 Coverfy Consortium Transactions Investment
63 $4,000,000 Supersolid Index Ventures Games Investment
64 $3,902,000 Uno Westpac Transactions Investment
65 $3,600,000 Visual Vocal Consortium Software & Services Investment
66 $3,500,000 Catch Co. Listen Ventures, Guild Capital Ecommerce Investment
67 $3,400,000 Meesho Consortium Transactions Investment
68 $3,254,048 Sensolus Consortium Hardware & Infreastructure Investment
69 $3,250,000 Groupize Consortium Transactions Investment
70 $3,000,000 Beauty Bakerie Consortium Ecommerce Investment
71 $3,000,000 Vyng Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
72 $3,000,000 Allume True Ventures Transactions Investment
73 $2,800,000 Rentberry Consortium Transactions Investment
74 $2,750,000 ScribbleChat Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
75 $2,700,000 Spacer Undisclosed Transactions Investment
76 $2,642,000 Laundryheap Simon Smith, QVentures Ecommerce Investment
77 $2,600,000 250ok Arthur Ventures Marketing Investment
78 $2,450,000 LeasLink Pragma Factoring Transactions Investment
79 $2,366,580 Linked Finance Frontline Ventures Transactions Investment
80 $2,366,580 Consortium Transactions Investment
81 $2,219,580 Publit Stefan Bengtsson Software & Services Investment
82 $2,000,000 SidelineSwap Consortium Transactions Investment
83 $2,000,000 Grid Raster Consortium Software & Services Investment
84 $1,998,250 Swept iNovia Capital, Afore Capital Software & Services Investment
85 $1,800,000 Gavl Harris Capital Transactions Investment
86 $1,644,160 Crosser Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
87 $1,600,000 NumberAI Draper Fisher Jurvetson Software & Services Investment
88 $1,500,000 SeetaTech Ants Capital, Linear Venture Software & Services Investment
89 $1,400,000 ParallelDots Multipoing Capital Marketing Investment
90 $1,200,000 Oliver Cabell Michael Chambers Ecommerce Investment
91 $1,200,000 Incident Response Technologies Innosphere Fund Software & Services Investment
92 $1,100,000 Payment Rails Consortium Transactions Investment
93 $1,000,000 Unity Influence Undisclosed Marketing Investment
94 $949,440 5Analytics Consortium Software & Services Investment
95 $890,000 HitoHana Global Brain, Anri Ecommerce Investment
96 $839,000 BigBasket Trifecta Venture Debt Fund Ecommerce Investment
97 $750,000 Oplifi Rainmaker Ventures Marketing Investment
98 $554,963 Competitoor Consortium Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed HomeToGo Consortium Transactions Investment
100 Undisclosed Jamf Vista Equity Partners Software & Services Investment
101 Undisclosed HipFlat Aucfan Transactions Investment
102 Undisclosed Triposo Musement Transactions Acquisition
103 Undisclosed VY Esports Consortium Marketing Investment
104 Undisclosed Let’s Service Aequs Group Transactions Investment
105 Undisclosed GeoFields Emerson Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Hannahs Allegro Ecommerce Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Juice Interactive OKRP Marketing Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Precision IT Thrive Software & Services Acquisition
109 Undisclosed AnchorOps FastPay Transactions Acquisition
110 Undisclosed Tenmast Software MRI Software Software & Services Acquisition
111 Undisclosed OneRooftop Cloudbeds Software & Services Acquisition
112 Undisclosed RNB Ecommerce Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Inspired Thinking Group Equistone Marketing Acquisition
114 Undisclosed Number One Shoes Allegro Ecommerce Acquisition
115 Undisclosed WorkFlex NICE Sottware & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed Nominum Akamai Software & Services Acquisition
117 Undisclosed HR360 Zywave Software & Services Acquisition
118 Undisclosed 60dB Google Mobile & Apps Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Emma Insight Venture Partners Marketing Acquisition
120 Undisclosed NGA UK Bain Capital Software & Services Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Addictive Mobility Pelmorex Media Marketing Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Neurensic Trading Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Rocket Code BV Accel Marketing Acquisition
124 Undisclosed eBureau TransUnion Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Smoothwall Tenzing Software & Services Acquisition
126 Undisclosed SSI Research Now Marketing Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Codiant Software Technologies YASH Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed BCC Software Thompson Street Capital Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed Servy Resy Marketing Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Intertoys Alteri Ecommerce Acquisition
131 Undisclosed CandidateZip RChilli Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed HireBar RIVS Software & Services Acquisition
133 Undisclosed DigitalTown Transactions Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Foodie Call Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
135 Undisclosed Voogd & Voogd Five Arrows Principal Investment Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed 2 Dollar Delivery Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Room Service In Paradise Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
138 Undisclosed den Elixirr Marketing Acquisition
139 Undisclosed Delicious Deliveries Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
140 Undisclosed FoodNow Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
141 Undisclosed Restaurants Express Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
142 Undisclosed ReadyCart Grapevine Marketing Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Logicalis SMC DXC Technology Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Takeout Taxi Maryland Bite Squad Transactions Acquisition
145 Undisclosed BuzzSumo Brandwatch Marketing Acquisition
146 Undisclosed HandUp South Oakland Shelter Transactions Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Capshare Solium Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed The Door Backstage Capital Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Reapit Accel-KKR Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed Relay Media Google Software & Services Acquisition
151 Undisclosed DRB Systems New Mountain Capital Software & Services Acquisition
152 Undisclosed Launchpilots Robin8 Transactions Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Parkhound Spacer Transactions Acquisition
154 Undisclosed IBSFINtech Shailesh Haribhaki Software & Services Investment
155 Undisclosed Miyoo Games National SME Development Fund Games Investment
156 Undisclosed HIVE-IO Consortium Software & Services Investment
157 Undisclosed Motovis Lanting Capital, Keytone Ventures Software & Services Investment
158 Undisclosed Ekkono Solutions Walerud Ventures Software & Services Investment
159 Undisclosed Bofink Lena Apler Mobile & Apps Investment

More information

  1. bpost acquires Radial, formerly eBay enterprise, for $820M (TechCrunch)
  2. China’s Airbnb Platform Tujia.Com Raises $300M Series E Round At $1.5B Valuation (China Money Network)
  3. Mapbox raises $164M to help developers use location data for AR and connected cars (siliconANGLE)
  4. JPMorgan, Temasek lead $100 million investment in payments company (Reuters)
  5. Last-mile logistics startup Lalamove bags $100m series C, rolls into 100 Asian cities (Tech in Asia)
  6. Petuum secures $93M Series B to push AI into the mainstream (TechCrunch)
  7. Tongdun Technology Becomes Unicorn Startup After Bagging USD72.8 Million in C-Round Funding (YiCai GLOBAL)
  8. India: Policybazaar raises $75m from existing, new investors at $500m valuation (DealStreetAsia)
  9. The Honest Company raises $75M down round (built in los angeles)
  10. eShares raises $42 million to manage equity compensation and investments (TechCrunch)
  11. Andela Raises $40M To Connect Africa’s Engineering Talent With Global Technology Companies (Business Insider)
  12. DealShot: BAI Leads $30M Series B+ Round In Chinese K12 Online Education Firm Knowbox (China Money Network)
  13. This NYC Startup Just Raised $27.5M to Measure Security Risk (AlleyWatch)
  14. Online lender Spotcap raises €22 million in debt and equity (
  15. Airtasker raises $33 million to hit the UK as Seven West and Exto up stakes (Australian Financial Review)
  16. Sysdig raises $25 million in Series C funding to expand the Container Intelligence Platform (Sysdig)
  17. After turning down VC for decades, here’s why Baxter Planning just raised $25M (512tech)
  18. German open source software firm Open-Xchange raises €21 million (
  19. Attivo Networks raises $21 million to thwart cyberattacks using the art of deception (Venture Beat)
  20. Brilliant Raises $21 Million Series A To Bring Smart Home Automation To Everyone (PR Newswire)
  21. GitLab raises $20M Series C round led by GV (TechCrunch)
  22. CoverWallet Secures $18.5 Million Series B Investment Led by Foundation Capital to Expand Small Business Insurance Platform (Business Wire)
  23. Verve scores $18.5M to reward you for selling tickets to friends (TechCrunch)
  24. SA internet service company raises $17M for expansion (San Antonio Business Journal)
  25. BRIEF-Guangdong Zhengye Technology to buy 80 pct stake in information tech firm for 96 mln yuan (Reuters)
  26. Gobi Partners leads $14.5m round in logistics platform Deliveree (DealStreetAsia)
  27. Finland’s HappyOrNot raises $14.5 million for its smiley face feedback data (
  28. B2B commercial financing startup Compeon closes EUR12 million Series B investment round (Finextra)
  29. Music rights collection startup Kobalt adds another $14M at $789M valuation, Bill Maris joins board (TechCrunch)
  30. Honest Buildings raises $13M from Brookfield, Rudin, others in Series B round (The Real Deal)
  31. Omnyway raises $12.75M to connect advertising and mobile commerce (TechCrunch)
  32. Bigscreen nabs $11M in funding as it looks to build the perfect virtual movie-watching app (TechCrunch)
  33. Canaan leads $11 mln funding in talent acquisition platform Ascendify (The PE Hub Network)
  34. Cloud security startup ShiftLeft inks $9.3 mln Series A (The PE Hub Network)
  35. ROSS Intelligence lands $8.7M Series A to speed up legal research with AI (TechCrunch)
  36. True Link Financial scores $8 mln Series A (The PE Hub Network)
  37. French intranet solution LumApps raises $8 million to internationalise (
  38. US Capital Advises on $8MM Equity Raise for Intel Partner Simply NUC, Inc. (PR Web)
  39. AlertMedia Raises $8 Million in Series B Funding to Support Demand for Mass Communication Technology (Business Wire)
  40. Pex Secures $7M in Series Seed Financing (PEX)
  41. MioTech Raises $7M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  42. Atlanta video technology firm onQ raises $7 million (Atlanta Business Chronicle)
  43. ICX Media, a Video Data Intelligence Platform Company, Raises $6.6 Million (Business Wire)
  44. Naver to invest 7.5 billion won in OGQ, a backdrop application company (Bloter)
  45. Google invests in Neverware, a startup that’s turning dead PCs into Chromebooks (TheVerge)
  46. OV’s Lead in Visor’s $6.5M Seed ( Ventures)
  47. AI-powered customer marketing platform Ometria raises $6M Series A (TechCrunch)
  48. Penthera Partners Completes $6M Equity Financing (FinSMEs)
  49. Nordwind Capital leads $6m capital raise into cyber security business DriveLock (Real Deals)
  50. Santander InnoVentures leads $6m funding round for Mexico’s ePesos (Finextra)
  51. TableSafe Raises $5.8 Million (
  53. “Jewelry as a Service” Startup Completes $5 Million Capital Raise (Business Wire)
  54. Mynd Secures Additional 5 Million in Funding Led by Lightspeed Ventures (PR Newswire)
  55. CloudZero Raises $5 Million Series A Round, Led by Matrix Partners and Underscore VC (PR Web)
  56. TruSignal Snags $5 Million In Funding To Double Down On Lookalike Modeling (AdExchanger)
  57. Standard Cognition Raises $5M led by CRV to Accelerate Pilot of Checkout-Free AI Shopping (Marketwired)
  58. Zype Announces $4.9M in Series A (VC News Daily)
  59. EazyDiner Raises $4.6M In Series B funding (Future Startup)
  60. Homebot raises $4.5M, plans to double team and expand nationally by year’s end (Built in Colorado)
  61. Travel experiences marketplace Withlocals picks up $4.2M in Series A funding (TechCrunch)
  62. Insurance tech app Coverfy raises €3.5 million in fresh funding (
  63. Supersolid raises $4 million as it preps to launch Home Street mobile game (Venture Beat)
  64. Westpac investing $26.5m in mortgage fintech (The Adviser)
  65. Visual Vocal raises $3.6M for virtual reality enterprise collaboration platform (GeekWire)
  66. Catch Co. reels in $3.5M Series A (Built in Chicago)
  67. Social commerce startup Meesho gets $3.4M Series A to build a reseller network in India (TechCrunch)
  68. Industrial IoT startup Sensolus raises €2.75 million to grow beyond European borders (EU Startups)
  69. Groupize Adds $3.25 Million to Series A Financing Round Led by Thayer Ventures (PR Newswire)
  70. Unilever Joins Lazard Executive in Beauty Bakerie Investment (Bloomberg)
  71. Vyng Secures $3 Million in Seed Funding (Business Wire)
  72. Allume raises $3 million for its on-demand personal shopping service (Venture Beat)
  73. A startup with Ukrainian roots raises $2.8 million to reign on US online long-term rental market (Ukraine Digital News)
  74. ScribbleChat Raises $2.75M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  75. Australian startup Spacer just raised $2.7 million then acquired a rival (Yahoo Finance)
  76. Laundryheap, a London-based laundry startup bootstrapped for three years, raises £2M (TechCrunch)
  77. 250ok Secures $2.6M Series A to Transform Email Analytics (Business Wire)
  78. LeasLink Raises Nearly $2.45M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  79. Linked Finance raises €2m for expansion plans (RTE)
  80. French fintech startup raises €2 million (
  81. H & M-arvinge invests millions on startup who want to digitize the book industry (Breakit)
  82. SidelineSwap Raises $2M in Seed Extension Funding (FinSMEs)
  83. VR/AR start-up raises $2 million in seed funding (The Hindu Business Line)
  85. Ex-AFL player’s real estate tech startup raises $1.8 million in Series A funding round (Anthill)
  86. Crosser Technologies AB secures €1.4 million in seed funding (Crosser Technologies)
  87. NumberAI raises $1.6M to make business landline numbers smarter (TechCrunch)
  88. China Funding Flow: Tech startups get attention from Investors (Entrackr)
  89. AI And Deep Learning Firm ParallelDots Secures $1.4 Mn Funding From Multipoint Capital (Inc42)
  90. Company raises $1.2M just for kicks (New York Post)
  91. Incident Response Technologies closes $1.2M seed round led by Innosphere Fund (InnovatioNews)
  93. Bringing influencer marketing to small businesses, Unity Influence raises $1 million (TechCrunch)
  94. 5Analytics Raises €800K in Funding (FinSMEs)
  95. Japanese houseplants e-commerce site HitoHana raises $890K for service expansion (The Bridge)
  96. BigBasket Raises $839K In Funding From Trifecta Venture Debt Fund (Inc42)
  97. Singapore-based programmatic media startup Oplifi raises US$750K from Rainmaker Ventures (e27)
  98. Competitoor Raises €469k in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  99. HomeToGo Secures Investment in Series C Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  100. Jamf Bought Out By Vista Equity Partners (TECHdotMN)
  101. Thai property portal Hipflat gets investment from Japanese price comparison firm (Tech in Asia)
  102. Travel Tech, Musement Acquires Triposo (FinSMEs)
  103. VY Esports garners seed funding (The PE Hub Network)
  104. India Dealbook: Let’s Service raises funding; Shell starts accelerator programme (DealStreetAsia)
  105. Emerson Acquires GeoFields, Inc. (Business Wire)
  106. Allegro buys New Zealand’s Number One Shoes, Hannahs (The Australian Fiancial Review)
  107. OKRP Acquires Digital Agency Juice Interactive (AgencySpy)
  108. Thrive Expands Presence to New York with Precision IT (PR Newswire)
  109. FastPay acquires media payments company AnchorOps (TechCrunch)
  110. MRI Software Acquires Tenmast Software, a Leading Provider of Public Housing and Private Affordable Housing Management Software (PR Newswire)
  111. Cloudbeds Acquires OneRooftop and Steps Up Their Vacation Rental Offerings (Globe Newswire)
  112. RNB acquires the e-commerce player (Cision)
  113. Equistone buys majority stake in Inspired Thinking Group from BDC (The PE Hub Network)
  114. Allegro buys New Zealand’s Number One Shoes, Hannahs (The Australian Fiancial Review)
  115. NICE Acquires WorkFlex to Build out its Workforce Engagement Suite (SMART Customer Service)
  116. Akamai acquires Nominum to beef up security wares, aims to court telecom carriers (ZDNet)
  117. Zywave Acquires HR360, Expanding its Suite of HR and Compliance Solutions for Insurance Brokers (Globe Newswire)
  118. Google just bought a podcast app cofounded by former Netflix executives (Business Insider)
  119. Nashville tech company Emma sold to investment group (Tennessean)
  120. Bain Capital acquires payroll software business NGA UK (Real Deals)
  121. Pelmorex Acquires Addictive Mobility (Canada Newswire)
  122. Trading Technologies’ Acquisition of Neurensic Couples World-class Trade Execution Platform with Cutting-edge AI Surveillance (Business Wire)
  123. BVAccel Bolsters Ecommerce Partner Position With Acquisition Of Rocket Code, Naming Jonathan Poma Its New Chief Executive (PR Newswire)
  124. TransUnion Reinforces Versatile Data and Analytics Capabilities with Acquisition of eBureau (Globe Newswire)
  126. Research Now and SSI Announce Merger Agreement (PR Newswire)
  127. YASH Acquires Codiant Software Technologies (Business Wire India)
  128. Versa sells BCC Software to Thompson Street Capital (The PE Hub Network)
  129. Resy Acquires Servy (RESY)
  130. Retail specialist Alteri acquires northern European toyshop chain Intertoys (Real Deals)
  131. Parsing Provider Rchilli Acquires CandidateZip (PR Web)
  132. Interview Technology Leader RIVS Acquires HireBar (PR Web)
  133. DigitalTown Announces Acquisition of Congo Ltd. Assets (Globe Newswire)
  134. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  135. Taylor Wessing advises Five Arrows Principal Investment on acquisition of Dutch insurance services business Voogd & Voogd (TaylorWessing United Kingdom)
  136. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  137. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  138. Elixirr Acquires Digital Agency den, to Launch Elixirr Creative (PR Newswire)
  139. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  140. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  141. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  142. Grapevine Acquires Social Commerce Platform ReadyCart to Provide Additional Monetization Options to Social Media Influencers (PR Newswire)
  143. DXC Technology Acquires Logicalis SMC, Expanding its Position as a Leading ServiceNow Integrator (Business Wire)
  144. Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country (Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal)
  145. Social media monitor Brandwatch acquires content marketing platform BuzzSumo (TechCrunch)
  146. HandUp, the startup that helps homeless people, has been acquired (TechCrunch)
  147. Cap table apps team up as Solium acquires Capshare (TechCrunch)
  148. Backstage Capital acquires The Door to continue funding underrepresented founders (TechCrunch)
  149. Accel-KKR buys Reapit (The PE Hub Network)
  150. Google acquires Relay Media to convert ordinary web pages to AMP pages (TechCrunch)
  151. New Mountain Capital Completes Investment in DRB Systems (Business Wire)
  152. Robin8 acquires HK-based influencer platform Launchpilots (Campaign Asia)
  153. Australian startup Spacer just raised $2.7 million then acquired a rival (Yahoo Finance)
  154. India Treasury Startup Lands Seed Funding (
  155. DealShot: Hillhouse Leads $45M Round In Chinese Fitness Start-up Lefit (China Money Network)
  156. Hive-IO Completes Series B Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  157. Chinese Autonomous Driving Tech Firm Motovis, A Mobileye Wanna-Be, Raises Series A Round (FinSMEs)
  158. Tech Profiles Jane and Caroline Walerud’s investment company Walerud Ventures invests in the company Ekkono Solutions. (Breakit)
  159. Lena Apler defies his investment ban – goes into mortgage lending (Breakit)

Weekly Update – October 12, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $4,994,056,581              Total Deal Number – 156

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $2,000,000,000 Ola Consortium Transactions Investment
2 $1,000,000,000 CompuCom Office Depot Software & Services Acquisition
3 $275,000,000 Cyence Guidewire Software & Services Acquisition
4 $155,000,000 Earnest Navient Transactions Acquisition
5 $147,100,000 eKart Flipkart Transactions Investment
6 $125,000,000 TradeRev KAR Auction Services Transactions Acquisition
7 $111,000,000 Secret Escapes Consortium Transactions Investment
8 $105,000,000 Mrl Posnet Worldline Transactions Acquisition
9 $95,000,000 Infinidat Goldman Sachs, TPG Growth Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
10 $62,206,630 Tinubu Square Long Arc Capital, Bpifrance Sotware & Services Investment
11 $60,000,000 MessageBird Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
12 $60,000,000 Body Labs Amazon Software & Services Acquisition
13 $52,938,000 SalaryFinance Legal & General, Blenheim Chalcot Transactions Investment
14 $38,700,000 PhonePe Flipkart Transactions Investment
15 $35,000,000 Bluecore Consortium Marketing Investment
16 $35,000,000 Roofstock Consortium Transactions Investment
17 $30,000,000 FogHorn Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
18 $28,000,000 Transbeam GTT Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
19 $26,300,000 Stellar Labs Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
20 $25,000,000 AtScale Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
21 $21,836,925 Featurespace Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
22 $20,900,000 MAS Financial Consortium Transactions Investment
23 $20,000,000 Forensic Logic Mainsail Partners Sotware & Services Investment
24 $20,000,000 Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
25 $20,000,000 OpsRamp Sapphire Ventures Sotware & Services Investment
26 $20,000,000 QuanticMind Consortium Marketing Investment
27 $20,000,000 TPG Growth, William McGlashan Media Investment
28 $20,000,000 Sourcegraph Redpoint Ventures, Goldcrest Capital Sotware & Services Investment
29 $17,000,000 UrbanSitter Consortium Transactions Investment
30 $15,000,000 Energage Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
31 $15,000,000 Gobble Consortium Ecommerce Investment
32 $13,000,000 Numetric Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
33 $12,500,000 TripActions Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
34 $12,250,000 Ensurem A-CAP Transactions Investment
35 $12,000,000 Kryon Aquiline Technology Growth, Vertex Ventures Sotware & Services Investment
36 $11,600,000 Slice Labs Consortium Transactions Investment
37 $11,500,000 Cloud4Wi Opus Capital, United Ventures Marketing Investment
38 $10,750,800 LiteBox MTS Software & Services Acquisition
39 $10,000,000 21Buttons Consortium Transactions Investment
40 $10,000,000 Drivezy Consortium Transactions Investment
41 $10,000,000 Consortium Transactions Investment
42 $10,000,000 Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
43 $9,264,150 BrickVest Berlin Hyp Transactions Investment
44 $9,200,000 Zefo Consortium Transactions Investment
45 $8,863,920 Bee MTI, BPE Partners Transactions Acquisition
46 $8,222,690 Foederis Isatis Capital Sotware & Services Investment
47 $8,000,000 HYPR Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
48 $8,000,000 Vestwell Consortium Transactions Investment
49 $8,000,000 Article One Partners RWS Transactions Acquisition
50 $7,029,060 InvoiceFinance Peak Capital Ecommerce Investment
51 $7,000,000 Unleashed Software Movac Sotware & Services Investment
52 $6,600,000 LaFabric Consortium Ecommerce Investment
53 $6,500,000 Skydisc Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
54 $6,000,000 Airside Mobile Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
55 $6,000,000 YourStory Consortium Media Investment
56 $5,690,835 Vendman Systems Vianet Software & Services Acquisition
57 $5,500,000 DocsApp Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $5,291,640 Comprea Lola Market Transactions Acquisition
59 $4,500,000 Boll & Branch Silas Capital E-commerce Investment
60 $4,300,000 Pie Insurance Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
61 $4,150,000 iMoney Consortium Transactions Investment
62 $4,000,000 Clearsurance Davis Capital Partners, Michael Crowe Transactions Investment
63 $4,000,000 Home61 Consortium Transactions Investment
64 $4,000,000 Pensa March Capital Partners Sotware & Services Investment
65 $3,000,000 Koru First Round Capital Sotware & Services Investment
66 $3,000,000 Spiro Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
67 $2,800,000 Farmstead Consortium Ecommerce Investment
68 $2,700,000 Wootag Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
69 $2,500,000 Fuel50 Rincon Venture Partners, Bonfire Ventures Sotware & Services Investment
70 $2,459,200 Froda Svea Ekonomi Ecommerce Investment
71 $2,400,000 Butterfly Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
72 $2,347,420 AssoConnect Isai Sotware & Services Investment
73 $2,347,420 Skepp Undisclosed Transactions Investment
74 $2,117,520 Canopy Direct Line Group Transactions Investment
75 $2,000,000 Cozitrip Follow the Seed Transactions Investment
76 $2,000,000 Radar Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
77 $2,000,000 SlicePay Consortium Transactions Investment
78 $1,640,114 Findoc Fuel Ventures Transactions Investment
79 $1,600,000 NearGroup Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
80 $1,595,000 MassiveU Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
81 $1,500,000 Reachify Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
82 $1,450,000 LifeRaft Mike Durland Sotware & Services Investment
83 $1,352,560 Savelend Undisclosed Transactions Investment
84 $1,300,000 Aircloak Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
85 $1,292,137 IVèS IMPACT partners Software & Services Acquisition
86 $1,232,800 Billogram Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
87 $1,229,600 Yepstr Undisclosed Transactions Investment
88 $1,000,000 Court Buddy Consortium Transactions Investment
89 $1,000,000 Curiscope Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
90 $1,000,000 DROPIT Enterprise Angels Mobile & Apps Investment
91 $1,000,000 Lbb Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
92 $889,000 Nulab East Ventures Sotware & Services Investment
93 $864,500 Comprado Undisclosed Transactions Investment
94 $794,070 Encompass Scottish Investment Bank, Scottish Development International Sotware & Services Investment
95 $710,000 MagicPrice Consortium Sotware & Services Investment
96 $653,255 Simplestream Clydesdale, Yorkshire Bank Media Investment
97 $587,335 Epic Foods Petri Heino Ecommerce Investment
98 Undisclosed Chqbook Consortium Transactions Investment
99 Undisclosed Datalot Lightyear Capital Transactions Investment
100 Undisclosed Drivemate DTAC, 500 Tuk Tuks Transactions Investment
101 Undisclosed Energy Exemplar Riverside Sotware & Services Investment
102 Undisclosed Entersekt Endeavor Sotware & Services Investment
103 Undisclosed In Mind Cloud Undisclosed Sotware & Services Investment
104 Undisclosed Kredivo NSI Ventures, Jungle Ventures Transactions Investment
105 Undisclosed Martis Consulting, Ewa Bałdyga Transactions Investment
106 Undisclosed ScoreData Corporation Undisclosed Marketing Investment
107 Undisclosed Rewards Network TowerBrook Capital Partners Marketing Acquisition
108 Undisclosed REALas ANZ Sotware & Services Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Composite Software Tibco Sotware & Services Acquisition
110 Undisclosed OneAccess Ekinops Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
111 Undisclosed StaffMasters Hire Dynamics Transactions Acquisition
112 Undisclosed PaidSuite REPAY Transactions Acquisition
113 Undisclosed FedBid Compusearch Transactions Acquisition
114 Undisclosed DecoPac Snow Phipps Group Ecommerce Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Apricon Addnode Group Software & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed Associated Data Services Asure Software Software & Services Acquisition
117 Undisclosed SkySlope Fidelity National Financial Software & Services Acquisition
118 Undisclosed Forsythe Technology Sirius Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Appwapp AtmanCo Software & Services Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Agents National Title Insurance Company Incenter Transactions Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Investoo Group Transactions Acquisition
122 Undisclosed e-Quantum DemandBridge Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Qube Global MRI Software Software & Services Acquisition
124 Undisclosed Commologic Stox Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed vCentric Technologies itelligence Software & Services Acquisition
126 Undisclosed Waltrump Technology USA Real Estate Holding Co. Software & Services Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Luciad HEXAGON Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed i.Predictus Marketsmith Marketing Acquisition
129 Undisclosed OpenDSP SRAX Marketing Acquisition
130 Undisclosed FIREHOUSE Software ESO Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Unstock Slidely Transactions Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Parcel Walmart Ecommerce Acquisition
133 Undisclosed FourM AdAsia Holdings Marketing Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Summit Financial Disclosure Broadridge Software & Services Acquisition
135 Undisclosed KRR Apogee Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed Peliton Aureon Software & Services Acquisition
137 Undisclosed JONES Media Marketing Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Advorto Kallidus Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed Spring2 Technologies Eide Bailly Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Ernest Moneyfarm Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed LuckyVitamin TSG Consumer Partners, Sam Wolf Ecommerce Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Global Cash Card ADP Transactions Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Wealthify Aviva Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Jelly Button Playtika Games Acquisition
145 Undisclosed The Grommet Ace Hardware Transactions Acquisition
146 Undisclosed QSight IT KPN Software & Services Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Yoolink Jamespot Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed AltspaceVR Microsoft Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Dynamo Software Francisco Partners Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed Digital Telepathy ServiceNow Marketing Acquisition
151 Undisclosed AppRiver Marlin Equity Partners Software & Services Acquisition
152 Undisclosed Netoptions Lundalogik Marketing Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Admincontrol Visma Software & Services Acquisition
154 Undisclosed BehaviorMatrix Technology Element Data Marketing Acquisition
155 Undisclosed Blue Tree Systems Orbcomm Software & Services Acquisition
156 Undisclosed Virtus Data Centres STT GDC Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition

More information

  1. Report: Ola raises $2B to take the good fight to Uber in India (siliconANGLE)
  2. Office Depot to buy CompuCom for $1 billion, lowers guidance (MarketWatch)
  3. P/C Insurer Software Provider Guidewire to Acquire Data Science Firm Cyence (Insurance Journal)
  4. Earnest, An Online Student Lender, Bought By Navient For $155 Million (Forbes)
  5. Flipkart injects $147 mn into logistics arm eKart (VCCiRCLE)
  6. Canada’s TradeRev bought by U.S.-based KAR Auction Services (Automotive News Canada)
  7. Secret Escapes raises $111 million to grow its luxury holiday marketplace through acquisitions (VentureBeat)
  8. European Payments Player Worldline To Acquire Indian Payment Service Provider Mrl Posnet For $104.5 Mn (Inc42)
  9. Infinidat Raises $95M Series C Led by Goldman Sachs at $1.6B Valuation (Americaninno)
  10. Fintech Tinubu Square Secures EUR53m Investment From Long Arc Capital & Bpifrance (bitcoin agile)
  11. MessageBird, a European cloud comms platform that competes with Twilio, raises $60M Series A (TechCrunch)
  12. Amazon has acquired 3D body model startup, Body Labs, for $50M-$70M (TechCrunch)
  13. SalaryFinance Raises £40m Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  14. Exclusive: PhonePe receives $38.7 mn infusion from parent Flipkart (VCCiRCLE)
  15. Bluecore marketing automation platform raises $35 million in Series C (TechCrunch)
  16. Roofstock Closes $35M Series C Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  17. FogHorn raises $30 million to provide IoT edge computing analytics (VentureBeat)
  18. GTT Acquires Transbeam (Business Wire)
  19. Stellar Labs Raises $26.3 Million Series A Funding (Business Wire)
  20. Investors place $25M on AtScale to get the big picture of big data (TechCrunch)
  21. Featurespace raises £16.5 million to drive international growth (Featurespace)
  22. PE-backed MAS Financial raises $20.9 mn from anchor investors (VCCiRCLE)
  23. Forensic Logic Lands $20M Growth Investment from Mainsail Partners (PR Web)
  24. picks up $20 million to be the Slack of video (TechCrunch)
  25. Sapphire Ventures injects $20 million into OpsRamp’s IT management solution (VentureBeat)
  26. QuanticMind Secures $20M in Funding to Launch a New Era of Marketing Powered by Data Science and Machine Learning (Business Wire)
  27. Secures $20 Million in Funding from TPG Growth to Build Online Community for Foodservice Workers (Business Insider)
  28. Sourcegraph raises $20M to bring more live collaboration to coding (TechCrunch)
  29. On-Demand Childcare Service UrbanSitter Raises $17M Series C, With Investors Including Women Customers (Forbes)
  30. Energage Receives $15 Million in Funding to Cement Position as Market Leading Employee Engagement Platform (Energage)
  31. Meal kit startup Gobble has raised $15 million in Series B financing from Khosla (TechCrunch)
  32. Numetric Raises Nearly $13M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  33. TripActions Raises $27M To Transform The $1.3T Business Travel Industry (Forbes)
  34. Insurtech Startup Ensurem Secures Strategic $12.25 Million Investment from A-CAP (
  35. Robotics process automation startup Kryon pulls in $12M Series B investment (TechCrunch)
  36. Slice Raises $11.6M Series A to Scale its Digital Insurance Platform (Business Wire)
  37. Cloud4Wi closed a 11.5M round with Opus Capital and United Ventures (Start Up Italia)
  38. Mobile TeleSystems PJSC: MTS Acquires Online Cash Register Start-up LiteBox (Yahoo Finance)
  39. 21Buttons, a social-commerce app dedicated to fashion, closes $10M Series A (TechCrunch)
  40. Drivezy raises funding of $10 mn from Das Capital, Axan Ventures, CrowdWorks and IT-Farm (YourStory)
  41. Founder Ambareen Musa On Raising US$10 Million In Series B Funding (Entrepreneur)
  42. Raises $10M Series B Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  43. BrickVest secures £7 million funding and tie-up with German bank (Finextra)
  44. Zefo, an online store for secondhand goods, gets $9.2M Series B led by Sequoia India (TechCrunch)
  45. MTI acquires 60% of Bee (Enterprise)
  46. French SaaS HR company Fœderis raises €7 million from Isatis Capital (
  47. HYPR raises $8 million to prevent another Equifax hack (TechCrunch)
  48. Vestwell Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  49. RWS acquires Article One Partners for $8m (Interactive Investors)
  50. Dutch fintech company InvoiceFinance raises €6 million in funding (
  51. SaaS developer Unleashed Software secures $7M investment (Resellernews)
  52. Japan’s LaFabric, shirt and suit tailor startup, gets $6.6M to enrich original product lineup (The Bridge)
  53. Japan’s Skydisc raises $6.5M to bring one-stop AI and IoT solution to various industries (The Bridge)
  54. Exclusive: Airside Mobile has made the customs process quicker — and now it has raised $6 million to expand (The Business Journals)
  55. YourStory raises $6 million from Kalaari Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, others (livemint)
  56. Vianet Buys Retailing Software Firm Vendman Systems For GBP4 Million (Morningstar)
  57. DocsApp looks to cure fund woes with Rs 36 crore from Bessemer (Economic Times)
  58. Lola Market compra Comprea (Loogic)
  59. Meet the $50 million bedding startup that wants to raise as little venture capital as possible (Recode)
  60. Insurtech Pie Insurance Eyes Slice of Workers’ Comp Market with $4.3M Funding and Pricing Tool (Insurance Journal)
  61. ASX-listed iSelect invests $4.15m in Malaysia’s iMoney for majority stake (DealstreetAsia)
  62. Clearsurance Raises $4M For Crowdsourced Insurance Platform (Coverager)
  63. Founders Fund backs Home61, a real estate platform for the middle class (TechCrunch)
  64. Pensa Raises $4m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  65. Koru raises $3M for predictive hiring platform that helps companies identify ideal candidates (GeekWire)
  66. Spiro raises $3M to build CRM tools for businesses that don’t like CRM (TechCrunch)
  67. AI-Powered Online Farmers Market Farmstead Raises $2.8 million Seed Round (AgFunder News)
  68. Singapore startup Wootag raises US$2.7M to help businesses build interactive videos (e27)
  69. Fuel50 Raises $2.5M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  70. Froda takes in SEK 20M to expand its loan platform in Finland. (Nordic)
  71. Butterfly nabs $2.4M seed round to improve managers with targeted tips (TechCrunch)
  72. AssoConnect raises € 2 million to facilitate the management of an association (Maddyness)
  73. Office space search platform Skepp raises €2 million (
  74. Canopy Raises £1.6m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  75. Cozitrip Raises $2M To Chase Chinese Inbound Travel Market (Which-50)
  76. Millions of devices, new partnerships, and a $2 million seed round led by Accel (Radar)
  77. Exclusive: Student micro-financing startup SlicePay raises Series A round (VCCiRCLE)
  78. Findoc raises € 1.4 million to convince English physicians (Les Echos Entrepreneurs)
  79. NearGroup chatbot startup lands $1.6m Seed round led by OpenOcean (TechCrunch)
  80. Edtech Startup MassiveU Secures $1.6 Million (
  81. Reachify nets $1.5 mln in Forerunner Ventures-led round (The PE Hub Network)
  82. LifeRaft closes $1.45 mln Series A round led by Mike Durland (The PE Hub Network)
  83. Savelend takes in 11 million – wants to expand abroad (DiGITAL)
  84. Privacy Technology Leader Aircloak Closes Seed Investment and Receives Approval for GDPR-level Anonymity from French Data Protection Authority (
  85. IVèS, a pioneer of softwares for the deaf and hard of hearing, partners with IMPACT partners to change scale! (Impact Partenaires)
  86. Billogram invoice picking up SEK 10 million in front of a Germany launch. (Breakit)
  87. Yepstr plays a role-play of young people’s career start – gets in 10 million kronor (Breakit)
  88. Miami startup co-founder becomes 14th African-American woman to raise $1 million (Miami Herald)
  89. LocalGlobe backs augmented and virtual reality content startup Curiscope (TechCrunch)
  90. Tauranga start-up receives $1m in angel investment (NZ Herald)
  91. With Plans To Go Global, Lbb Raises $1 Mn From Blume Ventures, Idg Ventures And Ian (Inc42)
  92. East Ventures makes $889k seed investment in Japan’s Nulab (DealstreetAsia)
  93. Comprado wants to create a new price hunt – just for all physical stores (Breakit)
  94. From Sydney to Glasgow: new investments help Encompass to accelerate expansion (Scottish Development International)
  95. Japan’s Sora raises $710K to help hotels set competitive but profitable prices using AI (The Bridge)
  96. TV streaming service Simplestream secures £500k (
  97. Finnish online kitchen attracted half a million of additional funding – growth company sells bags of family meal tasty home feeding (Talouselama)
  98. Gurgaon-based Chqbook Raises Funding Led By Youwecan Backed Startup Buddy (IndianWeb2)
  99. Lightyear Capital funds Datalot (The PE Hub Network)
  100. Thai startup wants to make peer-to-peer car rental a reality, raises funding (Tech in Asia)
  101. Riverside Invests in Australian Simulation Software Company (Riverside)
  102. SA fintech company Entersekt secures Endeavor funding (Disrupt Africa)
  103. In Mind Cloud announces successful later stage series A financing round to fuel global market expansion (In Mind Cloud)
  104. Kredivo confirms new funding from Jungle Ventures and early Go-Jek backer NSI (Tech in Asia)
  105. Polish Insurtech Company Raises Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  106. ScoreData Corporation Announces Completion of Series Seed Financing (PR Web)
  107. Rewards Network Acquired by TowerBrook Capital Partners (Business Wire)
  108. ANZ acquires startup REALas (Computerworld)
  109. Cisco sells data virtualization unit to Tibco (The Register)
  110. Ekinops Completes the Acquisition of OneAccess (Business Wire)
  111. PE-backed Hire Dynamics buys StaffMasters (The PE Hub Network)
  112. Realtime Electronic Payments (REPAY) Completes Acquisition of PaidSuite (Business Wire)
  113. Compusearch Acquires FedBid, Bringing Together Two Industry Leaders in Federal Purchasing, Spend Management (PR Newswire)
  114. Snow Phipps Group Acquires Leading Bakery Solutions Provider DecoPac (PR Newswire)
  115. Addnode Group acquires Apricon which develops effective solutions for collaboration in construction projects (Addnode Group)
  116. Asure Software Expands its Presence in the Southeast with Acquisition of Associated Data Services (Globe Newswire)
  117. Fidelity National Financial acquires majority interest in SkySlope (HOUSINGWIRE)
  118. Sirius Announces Intent to Acquire Forsythe Technology (Globe Newswire)
  119. AtmanCo Completes the Acquisition of VuduMobile and Signed a Letter of Intent to Acquire Appwapp (MarketWired)
  120. Incenter to Acquire Agents National Title Insurance Company (Business Wire)
  121. Investoo Group Acquires in Bid to Revolutionise Portfolio Management Industry (PR Newswire)
  122. DemandBridge and e-Quantum, Inc. to Combine to Create a Leader in the Marketing Automation Software Industry (PR Newswire)
  123. MRI Software Acquires Qube Global Software, a Leading UK-based Provider of Property and Facilities Management Solutions (MRI Software)
  124. Stox acquires Commologic to become first regulated ICO prediction platform (VentureBeat)
  125. itelligence Acquires Premium SAP Services Provider vCentric Technologies in India (PR Newswire)
  126. USA Real Estate Holding Co (OTC: USTC) Signs LOI to Acquire Waltrump Technology (Yahoo Finance)
  127. Hexagon Acquires Luciad, a Leading Provider of 5D Visualisation and Analysis Solutions (PR Newswire)
  128. Marketsmith Buys Back i.Predictus (Digital Journal)
  129. SRAX Acquires OpenDSP’s Demand-Side Platform (PR Newswire)
  130. ESO Solutions acquires Conduent Incorporated’s FIREHOUSE Software (PR Newswire)
  131. Visual Content Platform Slidely Acquires Unstock, Solidifying Position as Video Creation Powerhouse for Businesses (PR Newswire)
  132. Walmart acquires NYC delivery startup Parcel as Amazon battle heats up (VentureBeat)
  133. AdAsia Holdings acquires Japanese publisher trading desk, FourM (AdAsia Holdings)
  134. Broadridge buys Summit Financial Disclosure (Finextra)
  135. Equistone-backed Apogee acquires KRR (The PE Hub Network)
  136. Iowa HR firm buys Denver company (Denver Business Journal)
  137. JONES Media Acquires Machine Learning Innovator (PR Newswire)
  138. Kallidus acquires recruitment software provider Advorto (Recruitment International)
  139. Spring2 Technologies Joins Eide Bailly, grows award-winning NetSuite practice (EideBailly)
  140. Digital wealth manager Moneyfarm acquires tech behind fintech chatbot Ernest (TechCrunch)
  141. TSG Consumer Partners and LuckyVitamin Founder Sam Wolf Acquire Company from GNC (Business Wire)
  142. ADP Announces Acquisition of Global Cash Card, Strengthening Payroll Offering with Enhanced Digital Accounts and Financial Planning Tools (ADP)
  143. Aviva is taking a majority stake in robo investment startup Wealthify (TechCrunch)
  144. Playtika Acquires Tel Aviv-based Casual Game Developer Jelly Button (Pocketfullofapps)
  145. Ace Hardware Acquires Majority Stake In E-Commerce Startup, The Grommet (Business Wire)
  146. KPN acquires Dutch cybersecurity company QSight IT (
  147. Social Networks: Jamespot acquires Yoolink (Archimag)
  148. Microsoft acquires social virtual reality app AltspaceVR (TechCrunch)
  149. Francisco Partners takes majority stake in Dynamo Software (The PE Hub Network)
  150. ServiceNow just bought a design firm because even enterprise apps have to look pretty (TechCrunch)
  151. Marlin completes the acquisition of AppRiver (Marlin Equity Partners)
  152. The sales support company Lundalogik extends the Gothenburg launch Netoptions (Breakit)
  153. Visma buys Admincontrol: Entrepreneurs and employees have earned 270 million in two years (Shifter)
  154. Element Data Acquires BehaviorMatrix Technology And Patent To Quantify Human Emotion And Behavior (PR Newswire)
  155. Orbcomm acquires Blue Tree Systems (FreightWaves)
  156. STT GDC acquires Virtus Data Centres (Datacenter Dynamics)

Amazon’s acquisition of 3D-imaging firm Body Labs takes the ecommerce race further


Last week, Amazon acquired tech startup Body Labs at an estimated sales price of $50 million to $70 million. The New York-based company, which can generate 3D body model using single image, hails its technology from human-aware AI called SOMA. With its AI-driven software, Body Labs fits well into Amazon’s businesses. The 3D imaging system fits perfectly with apparel in bringing out customized offerings, better size recos, and reduced product returns. When matched with Amazon’s Echo Look, an AI-powered device for capturing style selfies, the 3D body modeling can enhance consumers’ online shopping towards a more personalized experience. As ecommerce outlook remains positive with global online sales seen to balloon to $4.5 trillion by 2021, more consolidating and expansionary moves similar to Amazon’s recent acquisitions may be expected in the offing. Last week also saw other major ecommerce players actively acquiring tech companies, such as Walmart’s acquisition of Parcel, and Flipkart buying eKart and PhonePe.