Weekly Update – November 9, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $3,961,280,578              Total Deal Number – 179

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $565,000,000 Black Duck Software Synopsys Software & Services Acquisition
2 $460,000,000 Face++ Consortium Software & Services Investment
3 $335,000,000 Souche Consortium Transactions Investment
4 $280,000,000 TransferWise Consortium Transactions Investment
5 $233,074,000 A2Mac1 Five Arrows Principal Investments Software & Services Acquisition
6 $180,000,000 Guazi Consortium Transactions Investment
7 $180,000,000 Chehaoduo Consortium Transactions Investment
8 $120,000,000 Xiaozhu.com Consortium Transactions Investment
9 $115,000,000 Remitly Consortium Transactions Investment
10 $100,000,000 InVision Consortium Software & Services Investment
11 $90,000,000 ROOT Data Center Goldman Sachs Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
12 $80,000,000 Tiantianpaiche China Industrial Bank, HanFor Transactions Investment
13 $75,000,000 GetYourGuide Consortium Transactions Investment
14 $60,000,000 Ayla Networks Run Liang Tai Fund, Sunsea Telecommunications Co. Software & Services Investment
15 $57,000,000 Xingbianli Consortium Ecommerce Investment
16 $55,000,000 Qingqing Jiajiao Consortium Transactions Investment
17 $55,000,000 Changingedu Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $50,000,000 Faceu Undisclosed Media Investment
19 $45,000,000 Data Transfer Solutions SNC Lavalin Software & Services Acquisition
20 $41,000,000 Wonder Workshop Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
21 $40,000,000 GlobeTouch Consortium Software & Services Investment
22 $35,000,000 Globality Consortium Transactions Investment
23 $30,000,000 Instart Logic ST Telemedia Software & Services Investment
24 $30,000,000 Markforged Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
25 $30,000,000 Cheche365.com Consortium Transactions Investment
26 $30,000,000 SmartStudy.com Cash Capital Transactions Investment
27 $28,000,000 Kano Computing Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
28 $25,000,000 Recorded Future Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
29 $23,000,000 BigPanda Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $20,600,000 Zhuiyi Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
31 $20,000,000 Glint Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $20,000,000 Onica Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
33 $20,000,000 Shippo Consortium Transactions Investment
34 $19,000,000 Pomelo Consortium Ecommerce Investment
35 $18,000,000 Optimus Ride Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
36 $16,000,000 infibond Undisclosed Media Investment
37 $16,000,000 Phasor Solutions Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
38 $15,000,000 Acadsoc Shenzhen Capital Group, IDG Capital Ecommerce Investment
39 $15,000,000 FClassroom DHVC, XVC Software & Services Investment
40 $15,000,000 YunQuNa China Merchants Capital Investment Co. Transactions Investment
41 $14,250,000 BondIT Fosun Software & Services Investment
42 $14,000,000 Netmeds Tanncam, Sistema Asia Fund Ecommerce Investment
43 $13,000,000 AppZen Redpoint Ventures, Resolute Ventures Software & Services Investment
44 $12,000,000 LifeSmart Walden, Daohe Fund Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
45 $12,000,000 Creative Artists Agency Consortium Marketing Investment
46 $10,840,000 Chengdu Qingyang Electronic Material Co. Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co. Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
47 $10,000,000 Quip Consortium Ecommerce Investment
48 $10,000,000 mPrest Vector Software & Services Investment
49 $9,700,000 MAG Interactive Swedbank Robur’s Microcap fund Games Investment
50 $9,000,000 Arbe Robotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
51 $8,600,000 Rallyteam Consortium Transactions Investment
52 $8,500,000 Reaction Commerce Consortium Software & Services Investment
53 $8,020,000 Bigbasket Consortium Ecommerce Investment
54 $8,000,000 Innoviz Samsung Catalyst, Softbank Ventures Korea Software & Services Investment
55 $8,000,000 YugaByte Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jeff Rothschild Software & Services Investment
56 $7,808,300 Quinntessential Marketing Consulting ELMO Software & Services Acquisition
57 $7,758,620 LAWTrust Ansys Software & Services Acquisition
58 $7,000,000 Wahed Consortium Transactions Investment
59 $7,000,000 Hims Consortium Ecommerce Investment
60 $6,000,000 Sumotext IMImobile Software & Services Acquisition
61 $5,813,300 CrossEngage Consortium Marketing Investment
62 $5,743,012 Snatch Consortium Games Investment
63 $5,297,320 Hello Soda NVM Private Equity Software & Services Investment
64 $5,164,887 Rockford IT SysGroup Software & Services Acquisition
65 $5,000,000 Direct Pay Online Group Apis Transactions Investment
66 $5,000,000 Trilio Data .406 Ventures Software & Services Investment
67 $5,000,000 Solink Consortium Software & Services Investment
68 $4,750,000 Passionflix Consortium Media Investment
69 $4,500,000 EdGE Networks Kalaari Capital, VenturEast Software & Services Investment
70 $4,480,000 Remember Naver Software & Services Investment
71 $4,100,000 Lunar Wireless Consortium Ecommerce Investment
72 $3,904,150 Correct Communications Cirrus Networks Software & Services Acquisition
73 $3,700,000 One Model Consortium Software & Services Investment
74 $3,038,300 CommuterClub Consortium Transactions Investment
75 $3,000,000 Reali Consortium Transactions Investment
76 $3,000,000 Atom Power Next 47, ABB Technology Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
77 $3,000,000 Collab Altos Ventures Marketing Investment
78 $2,600,000 Aionco Consortium Transactions Investment
79 $2,500,000 Ceres Imaging Romulus Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
80 $2,481,952 Netlift Consortium Transactions Investment
81 $2,326,830 Askuity Undisclosed Marketing Investment
82 $2,300,000 Waycare Consortium Software & Services Investment
83 $2,250,000 Finch Undisclosed Transactions Investment
84 $2,170,000 CFX Markets Consortium Transactions Investment
85 $2,000,000 Bridgit StandUp Ventures, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund Software & Services Investment
86 $2,000,000 Gold Farm Mahindra & Mahindra, Infuse Ventures Transactions Investment
87 $2,000,000 Realtime Robotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
88 $2,000,000 LALA World Undisclosed Transactions Investment
89 $2,000,000 AlgoMerchant East Ventures Transactions Investment
90 $2,000,000 Mediafront Qualcomm-Company K Mobile Ecosystem Fund, Company K Partners Digital Contents Korea Fund Media Investment
91 $1,900,000 FinPay Riverside Medical Group Transactions Investment
92 $1,600,000 ArtistWorks Montage Capital Transactions Investment
93 $1,500,000 PandaTree Michael Dearing, Randy Ching Transactions Investment
94 $1,400,000 Cinematique Pumori Group Software & Services Investment
95 $1,400,000 Naked Hollard, Yellowwoods Transactions Investment
96 $1,321,000 Cygnetise Calibrate Management Software & Services Investment
97 $1,300,000 ImpactVision Consortium Software & Services Investment
98 $1,166,180 Stratumn BNP Paribas Cardif’s C. Entrepreneurs fund Transactions Investment
99 $1,162,660 United Wardrobe Peak Capital Transactions Investment
100 $1,100,000 Cheetay Undisclosed Transactions Investment
101 $1,078,745 OpenIOLabs Cronin Group Software & Services Acquisition
102 $1,000,000 Hevo Data IDG Ventures India Software & Services Investment
103 $1,000,000 Cleveland Kraut Clover Capital Partners Ecommerce Investment
104 $1,000,000 Vagupu Undisclosed Transactions Investment
105 $893,325 Hygglo Consortium Transactions Investment
106 $825,000 Blok24 Consortium Transactions Investment
107 $814,164 Ahum Consortium Transactions Investment
108 $800,000 Wazi Vision GreenTec Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
109 $770,880 netprice Aucfan Ecommerce Acquisition
110 $662,165 Sunlight Consortium Software & Services Investment
111 $613,458 ContentCal James Murray Marketing Investment
112 $581,330 Amber Jan Scholt Transactions Investment
113 $581,000 BoatBureau Sabadell Venture Capital, Nero Ventures. Transactions Investment
114 $540,000 InternsME MBRIF Transactions Investment
115 Undisclosed soCash Vertex Ventures Transactions Investment
116 Undisclosed Trip.com Ctrip Transactions Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Acquisio Web.com Marketing Acquisition
118 Undisclosed Hoteliga International Ailleron Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Freight Match Zoom2u Transactions Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Creative Lodging Solutions FleetCor Transactions Acquisition
121 Undisclosed MCR Systems Jonas Software Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed WUN Systems Yardi Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Cygna Energy Services Jensen Hughes Software & Services Acquisition
124 Undisclosed RiverPoint Solutions Group Allant Group Marketing Acquisition
125 Undisclosed NuvoEx Logistics Shadowfax Ecommerce Acquisition
126 Undisclosed MLC Solutions Velocity Group Software & Services Acquisition
127 Undisclosed SmartCentric ai Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed Xavient Information Systems Telus International Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed iqu Systems Teleste Software & Services Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Aspect ION Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Feo Media MAG Interactive Games Acquisition
132 Undisclosed GX2 Superloop Software & Services Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Geopointe The Ascent Group Software & Services Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Debitor-Inkasso IK Software & Services Acquisition
135 Undisclosed Modestspark SS&C Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed VeloCloud VMware Software & Services Acquisition
137 Undisclosed ITRenew ZMC Software & Services Acquisition
138 Undisclosed CityInformation DigitalTown Mobile & Apps Acquisition
139 Undisclosed GPSi Holdings Ingersoll Rand Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Sprout Content Gorilla Group marketing Acquisition
141 Undisclosed 9Lenses Astreya Software & Services Acquisition
142 Undisclosed IDBS Danaher Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Just Computing Acora Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed SchoolMint Hero K12, BV Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Metamarkets Snap Marketing Acquisition
146 Undisclosed Style Coalition Launchmetrics Transactions Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Moku Collective DEG Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed Premier Logic ALTEN Calsoft Labs Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Vivocha Covisian Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed Xcentric Right Networks Software & Services Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Neighbourly Fairfax Transactions Acquisition
152 Undisclosed Scout Finance Money.Net Mobile & Apps Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Trigono Caseking Ecommerce Acquisition
154 Undisclosed WebLink MemberClicks Inc Software & Services Acquisition
155 Undisclosed Closely UpCurve Marketing Acquisition
156 Undisclosed NexLevel IT SDI Presence Software & Services Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Adra Software Trintech Software & Services Acquisition
158 Undisclosed Evertoon Niantic Inc. Mobile & Apps Acquisition
159 Undisclosed Cytel New Mountain Software & Services Investment
160 Undisclosed Bankify Reech Corporations Group Mobile & Apps Investment
161 Undisclosed Freshboxx Jayant Humbarwadi, Ravi Linganuri Ecommerce Investment
162 Undisclosed Dotmatics SEP Software & Services Investment
163 Undisclosed Inspirally Thor Fridriksson, Vilhjalmur Þorsteinsson Media Investment
164 Undisclosed Malaeb Consortium Transactions Investment
165 Undisclosed idongde.com Chunxiao Capital Media Investment
166 Undisclosed Mirai Translate Honyaku Software & Services Investment
167 Undisclosed Pendanaan Legend Capital Transactions Investment
168 Undisclosed AadhaarAPI.com Consortium Software & Services Investment
169 Undisclosed Mom-sitter Born2Global Transactions Investment
170 Undisclosed GIZTIX AddVentures by SCG Transactions Investment
171 Undisclosed introDus Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
172 Undisclosed Zhaoliangji Cyanhill Capital, Plum Ventures Transactions Investment
173 Undisclosed Halaplay Kae Capital, Nazara Games Games Investment
174 Undisclosed Love Tennis Zero2ipo Ventures, Chenshan Capital Media Investment
175 Undisclosed Vendekin Technologies Kiran Karnawat Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
176 Undisclosed AmaZix Sharpe Capital Transactions Investment
177 Undisclosed fusionZONE Automotive Primus Capital Marketing Investment
178 Undisclosed Dashl Invest in Here Transactions Investment
179 Undisclosed Swiftr Bonnier News, Wellstreet Transactions Investment

More information

  1. Fifteen-year-old Black Duck Software gets its exit, selling to Synopsys for $565 million (TechCrunch)
  2. Chinese Facial Recognition Firm Face++ Raises $460M In Series C Round (China Money Network)
  3. Alibaba Leads US$335M Series E Round In Chinese Used Car Transaction Platform Souche (China Money Network)
  4. Hot UK FinTech firm TransferWise closes $280m round (UKTN)
  5. Five Arrows Principal Investments backs A2Mac1 (unquote”)
  6. China’s biggest online used-car dealer Guazi branches out into new car sales too (South China Morning Post)
  7. China car trading platform Chehaoduo raises $180m from Sequoia, H Capital, others (Dealstreet Asia)
  8. Yunfeng Leads $120M Round In Chinese Home Sharing Firm Xiaozhu.com (China Money Network)
  9. Remitly is raising up to $115M led by Naspers’ PayU to double down on remittances (TechCrunch)
  10. InVision picks up $100 million Series E (TechCrunch)
  11. ROOT Data Center secures $90 mln from Goldman Sachs (The PE Hub Network)
  12. DealShot: China Industrial Bank Leads $80M In Chinese Used Car Online Auction Platform Tiantianpaiche (China Money Network)
  13. Battery Ventures leads $75M Series D in travel activities platform GetYourGuide (TechCrunch)
  14. China’s Sunsea Co-Leads $60M Round In US IoT Firm Ayla Networks (China Money Network)
  15. Sequoia Leads $57M Round In Chinese Checkout-Free Store Xingbianli (China Money Network)
  16. Tutor Matching Service Qingqing Jiajiao Raises USD 55 Mln Series D (Marbridge CONSULTING)
  17. China Digest: Faceu gets $50m; ClearVue invests in Changingedu; THG backs Ingcare (Dealstreet Asia)
  18. China Digest: Faceu gets $50m; ClearVue invests in Changingedu; THG backs Ingcare (Dealstreet Asia)
  19. SNC-Lavalin acquires Data Transfer Solutions Inc. (PR Newswire)
  20. Wonder Workshop raises $41M for its chatty robots that help kids learn to code (TechCrunch)
  21. Commitments from New Investors and Additional Investment from Existing Ones Propel Globetouch Towards a $40 Million Series C (Business Wire)
  22. Globality raises $35 million for its marketplace to connect small companies with big business (TechCrunch)
  23. ‘Digital experience’ company Instart Logic raises $30M for global expansion (TechCrunch)
  24. Markforged raises $30 million for industrial 3D printing (Venture Beat)
  25. DealShot: Shunwei Capital Joins $30M Series B Round In Chinese Auto Insurance Search Engine Cheche365.com (China Money Network)
  26. DealShot: Cash Capital Leads $30M Series B+ Round In Chinese Online Education Platform SmartStudy.com (China Money Network)
  27. Kano raises $28M as its kid-friendly computer kits hit 4,500 stores (TechCrunch)
  28. Recorded Future Raises $25M in Series E Funding (FinSMEs)
  29. BigPanda Expands Series B Funding to $49 Million (Business Wire)
  30. Sinovation Leads $20.6M Round In Chinese Chatbot Developer Zhuiyi (China Money Network)
  31. Glint raises another $20M to help companies figure out how their employees really feel (TechCrunch)
  32. Onica Raises $20M For Cloud Migration, IT Services Efforts (SOCALTECH)
  33. Shippo quietly raised $20 million last spring (TechCrunch)
  34. China’s JD.com leads $19M investment in Southeast Asian online fashion brand Pomelo (TechCrunch)
  35. Optimus Ride Lands $18M (VC NEWS Daily)
  36. Startup Raises $16 Million As Offshoot Prepares For ICO (Presswire)
  37. Satellite flat-panel antenna designer Phasor raises $16 million, confirms 2018 commercial debut (Space Intel REPORT)
  38. China Digest: New Tranx raises $7.5m; Acadsoc gets $15m Series B+ (Dealstreet Asia)
  39. DHVC Leads $15M Series B Round in Chinese AI-Driven Education Firm FClassroom (China Money Network)
  40. China Funding Flow: Fintech startups are shining stars (Entrackr)
  41. BondIT Receives US$14.25M Investment from Fosun (FinSMEs)
  42. Online pharmacy Netmeds raises $14 m from Tanncam, Sistema Asia Fund (THE HINDU BusinessLine)
  43. Expense report analysis startup AppZen raises $13M to build a smarter back office (TechCrunch)
  44. DealShot: Walden Leads $12M Round In Chinese Smart Home Appliance Firm LifeSmart (China Money Network)
  45. Creative Artists Agency Launches Creative Labs, Raises $12.5m in Financing (FinSMEs)
  46. Chinese Component Maker Yangjie Electronic Splashes USD11 Million on 60% Stake in Its Chip Supplier (YiCai GLOBAL)
  47. Quip raises $10 million for electric toothbrushes (TechCrunch)
  48. New Zealand’s Vector Invests in Command and Control Company mPrest (CTech by Calcalist)
  49. MAG Interactive secures $9.7 million investment to close FEO Media acquistion (PocketGamer.biz)
  50. Arbe Robotics raises $9M to build high-resolution radars for autonomous cars (TechCrunch)
  51. Rallyteam raises $8.6 million to keep employees at companies (TechCrunch)
  52. Reaction Commerce raises $8.5 million for a new soup-to-nuts e-commerce software (TechCrunch)
  53. Online Grocery Startup Bigbasket Raises $8.02 Mn Funding To Take On Rival Grofers (INC42)
  54. Car sensor co Innoviz expands financing round to $73m (Globes)
  55. YugaByte Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  56. ASX-listed HR software vendor makes $10 million double acquisition (CRN)
  57. SA’s Ansys Plans to Buy Developer and Provider of Cybersecurity Solution (TechFinancials)
  58. Wahed pulls in $7 mln seed (The PE Hub Network)
  59. Hims Closes $7 Million (NewsCenter.io)
  60. IMImobile Buys Sumotext As It Expects To Beat Market Expectations (Morningstar)
  61. Marketing tech company CrossEngage scores funding (The PE Hub Network)
  62. Augmented reality game Snatch raises £4.4 million in seed funding (Tech.eu)
  63. NVM Private Equity provides development capital investment for Hello Soda (NVM)
  64. SysGroup Acquires Rival Rockford IT For GBP3.9 Million Cash (Morningstar)
  65. Direct Pay Online Group raises $5M from Apis to launch in Nigeria, Ghana & DRC (TechMoran)
  66. Trilio Data Announces $5M Series A Funding (VC NEWS Daily)
  67. Kanata-based video security firm Solink lands $5M in VC financing (OTTAWA Business Journal)
  68. Tosca Musk raises $4.75M for Passionflix, a streaming service that’s all about romance (TechCrunch)
  69. EdGE Networks raises $4.5M funding led by Kalaari Capital (Economic Times)
  70. Remember lands 5 billion won investment from Naver (VENTURE SQUARE)
  71. Lunar Wireless Raises $4.1M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  72. Cirrus Networks acquiring Canberra based IT services provider (Proactive Investors Australia)
  73. One Model Secures $3.7M in Series Seed Investment (OneModel)
  74. CommuterClub Raises £2.3M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  75. Flat fee, tech-focused real estate firm Reali raises $4m to fund expansion (HousingWire)
  76. Atom Power Secures Additional Funding For Solid State Circuit Breaker Commercialization (StreetInsider.com)
  77. Collab Raises $3M Series A (VC NEWS Daily)
  78. Aionco picks up 3 billion won in venture capital for global beauty products service (VENTURE SQUARE)
  79. Ceres Imaging scores $2.5M to bring machine learning-powered insights to farmers (TechCrunch)
  80. Transportation app Netlift raises additional $3.2 mln in VC (The PE Hub Network)
  81. Askuity closes $3 million CAD bridge round to add AI to its platform (BetaKit)
  82. Waycare Raises $2.3 Million to Provide AI Driven Transportation Management Solutions for Smart Cities (PR Web)
  83. Financial management startup Finch raises $2.25 million in “Silicon Valley-sized” seed funding round (SmartCompany)
  84. CFX Markets raises 2.170M in funding from Chicago VCs to grow its secondary market for alternative assets (PR Web)
  85. Kitchener’s Bridgit Raises $2 Million for Construction Software (Techvibes)
  86. Farm Equipment Aggregator, Gold Farm, Secures $2 Mn Seed Funding From Mahindra And Infuse Ventures (INC42)
  87. Realtime Robotics Raises $2M in Seed Funding (Robotics Business Review)
  88. LALA World, the startup that helps migrant workers send money for lower cost, raises US$2M in Series A (e27)
  89. AlgoMerchant raises US$2M+, launches a robot trading platform to redefine the way we invest (e27)
  90. Mediafront raises USD 2M to launch digital theme park business (AllTech Asia)
  91. FinPay just raised a $1.9M seed round (Technical.ly)
  92. ArtistWorks.com Announces Series A First Closing and Growth Debt Financing Closing (Newswire)
  93. PandaTree Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  94. Shoppable video startup Cinematique has a new CEO and $1.4M in new funding (TechCrunch)
  95. SA insurtech startup Naked raises $1.4m (DISRUPT Africa)
  96. Cygnetise raises £1m funding to launch UK’s corporate blockchain platform (Bdaily)
  97. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: ImpactVision Raises $1.3m Seed Round to Determine Food Quality with Hyperspectral Images (AgFUNDER NEWS)
  98. Blockchain company Stratumn adds further €1 million to its Series A round (Tech.eu)
  99. Second-hand fashion marketplace United Wardrobe raises €1 million (Tech.eu)
  100. Logistics startup Cheetay has raised $1.1 Million in Series A1 round (Techjuice)
  101. Cronin Group Acquires OpenIOLabs In 47 Million All-Share Deal (ALLISS) (Morningstar)
  102. Hevo Data gets $1M in seed funding to streamline data integration (TechCrunch)
  103. Cleveland Kraut preps expansion after securing $1 million in financing (Crain’s Cleveland Business)
  104. Exclusive: Ed-tech startup Vagupu raises $1 mn seed funding (VCCiRCLE)
  105. Their shareware for gadgets takes millions of heavy investors (DiGITAL)
  106. From $16K in the bank to a new life: Startup’s ‘wild ride’ is a riveting tale of near failure and survival (GeekWire)
  107. Schibsted enters the renowned therapy service Ahum (DiGITAL)
  108. Wazi Vision Secures $800,000, Joins Safarini Translator and Divine Masters as Ugandan Startups Funded by GreenTec Capital (Startup Digest Africa)
  109. BRIEF-Aucfan to acquire netprice for 88 mln yen (Reuters)
  110. Sunlight raises £500K seed for its employee learning and development platform (TechCrunch)
  111. Social media managing platform ContentCal raises £470,000 (UKTN)
  112. Amber plans to expand to other cities after successful funding (High Tech Campus)
  113. Boat rental site BoatBureau raises €500,000 (AIM Group)
  114. Here’s the UAE startup that secured US$ 540,000 in Funding from MBRIF! (Startup MGZN)
  115. Fintech startup soCash raises Series A investment from Vertex Ventures (Dealstreet Asia)
  116. CTrip Group snaps up travel search startup Trip.com (TechCrunch)
  117. Web.com Announces Acquisition of Acquisio, A Leader in Online Marketing Artificial Intelligence (Globe Newswire)
  118. Ailleron is authorized by the supervisory board to purchase 51% of the shares in Hoteliga International (Money.pl)
  119. Courier start-up Zoom2U’s acquisition delivers a freight option (The Australian)
  120. FLEETCOR Acquires Creative Lodging Solutions, a Complementary Lodging Network Provider to Businesses (Business Wire)
  121. Jonas Software, acquired MCR Systems Limited (MandASoft)
  122. Yardi Acquires WUN Systems, LLC (BusinessWire)
  123. JENSEN HUGHES Acquires Cygna Energy Services (Business Wire)
  124. Allant Group Acquires RiverPoint Solutions Group, a Leading Provider of Campaign Management Solutions (PR Newswire)
  125. Shadowfax acquires assets of Peppertap owner NuvoEx logistics (Economic Times)
  126. Velocity Group Acquires Majority Stake n MLC Solutions (IT News Africa)
  127. ai buys SmartCentric (Finextra)
  128. TELUS International to acquire Xavient Information Systems (PR Newswire)
  129. Teleste has acquired iqu Systems GmbH, the German provider of intelligent passenger information systems (Globe Newswire)
  130. ION Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Aspect (PR Web)
  131. MAG Interactive secures $9.7 million investment to close FEO Media acquistion (PocketGamer.biz)
  132. Superloop boosts wireless business with GX2 acquisition (Computerworld)
  133. The Ascent Group Adds Geopointe to Its Portfolio of Sales Performance Management Solutions (Business Wire)
  134. IK acquires German debt collector Debitor Inkasso (Real Deals)
  135. SS&C Acquires Modestspark (SS&C)
  136. VMware acquires VeloCloud as it moves deeper into networking (TechCrunch)
  137. ZMC buys ITRenew (The PE Hub Network)
  138. DigitalTown acquires CityInformation and its 11,600 mobile app handles (OnlineDomain.com)
  139. Ingersoll Rand to Acquire Leading Provider of Cloud-Based Telematics Solutions, GPSi Holdings, LLC (Business Wire)
  140. Gorilla Group Acquires SPROUT Content To Enhance The Agency’s Customer Experience Management Practice (Business Wire)
  141. Astreya Enters Into Agreement To Acquire 9Lenses (PR Newswire)
  142. IDBS and Danaher accelerate innovation in drug development (IDBS)
  143. Acora Acquires Just Computing Ltd, Expanding Its Customer Base and Managed Services Portfolio (Business Wire)
  144. Hero K12 and BV Acquire SchoolMint in Continued Expansion of EdTech Platform (Business Wire)
  145. Sources: Snap has acquired Metamarkets for less than $100M to step up its ad tech play (Business Wire)
  146. Launchmetrics Acquires Style Coalition (Business of Fashion)
  147. DEG Strengthens Ecommerce Practice with Acquisition of Moku Collective (PR Newswire)
  148. ALTEN Calsoft Labs (An ALTEN Group Company) Acquires Premier Logic, a Digital Transformation Company (PR Newswire)
  149. Covisian invests in digital interaction platforms and acquires Vivocha (Covisian)
  150. Right Networks Broadens its Portfolio with Acquisition of Xcentric (Business Wire)
  151. Fairfax NZ acquires Neighbourly website (newsroom)
  152. Money.net Near Deal to Purchase Scout Finance (The Wall Street Journal)
  153. Equistone-backed Caseking buys Trigono (The PE Hub Network)
  154. MemberClicks Acquires WebLink, an Association Management Software Company (PR Newswire)
  155. UpCurve Announces Acquisition of Closely (Business Wire)
  156. SDI Presence Reinforces West Coast Local IT Expertise With Acquisition Of California Consultancy NexLevel IT (PR Newswire)
  157. Trintech Acquires Adra Software (Nasdaq)
  158. Niantic acqui-hires Evertoon to add a social network to Pokémon Go and other apps (TechCrunch)
  159. New Mountain backs Cytel (The PE Hub Network)
  160. Finnish finance sharing app Bankify scores seed funding (Finextra)
  161. Hubli-based fresh produce startup Freshboxx raises angel funding (VCCiRCLE)
  162. SEP funds Dotmatics (The PE Hub Network)
  163. Inspirally raises undisclosed angel round (NORTHSTACK)
  164. Bahrain-Based Football Community App Malaeb Raises Seed Funding (Entrepreneur)
  165. DealShot: Walden Leads $12M Round In Chinese Smart Home Appliance Firm LifeSmart (China Money Network)
  166. SEP funds Dotmatics (The PE Hub Network)
  167. DealShot: Walden Leads $12M Round In Chinese Smart Home Appliance Firm LifeSmart (China Money Network)
  168. AadhaarAPI.com raises angel funding from CIO Angel Network (VCCiRCLE)
  169. Babysitting platform Mom-sitter gains investment from Born2Global (Venture Square )
  170. Thai logistics startup GIZTIX raises Series A funding round (e27)
  171. New Business Angels invest in IntroDus (Øresund Startups)
  172. DealShot: Shunwei Capital Joins $30M Series B Round In Chinese Auto Insurance Search Engine Cheche365.com (China Money Network)
  173. Daily fantasy sport platform Halaplay raises funds from Kae Capital, Nazara Games (YourStory)
  174. DealShot: Shunwei Capital Joins $30M Series B Round In Chinese Auto Insurance Search Engine Cheche365.com (China Money Network)
  175. Vendekin Technologies Secures Undisclosed Pre Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  176. Sharpe Capital announces part acquisition of crypto-consultancy firm AmaZix (CryptoNinjas)
  177. fusionZONE Automotive Announces Major Growth Investment by Primus Capital (Business Wire)
  178. Läckberg’s company invests in their digital beauty services (DiGITAL)
  179. A membership for every gym – now Bonnier is investing in their app Swiftr (BREAKIT)
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