Amazon’s acquisition of 3D-imaging firm Body Labs takes the ecommerce race further


Last week, Amazon acquired tech startup Body Labs at an estimated sales price of $50 million to $70 million. The New York-based company, which can generate 3D body model using single image, hails its technology from human-aware AI called SOMA. With its AI-driven software, Body Labs fits well into Amazon’s businesses. The 3D imaging system fits perfectly with apparel in bringing out customized offerings, better size recos, and reduced product returns. When matched with Amazon’s Echo Look, an AI-powered device for capturing style selfies, the 3D body modeling can enhance consumers’ online shopping towards a more personalized experience. As ecommerce outlook remains positive with global online sales seen to balloon to $4.5 trillion by 2021, more consolidating and expansionary moves similar to Amazon’s recent acquisitions may be expected in the offing. Last week also saw other major ecommerce players actively acquiring tech companies, such as Walmart’s acquisition of Parcel, and Flipkart buying eKart and PhonePe.

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