Weekly Update – September 27, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $3,073,452,603                    Total Deal Number – 165

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $385,000,000 Deliveroo Consortium Transactions Investment
2 $350,000,000 Gigya SAP Software & Services Acquisition
3 $270,000,000 System1 Court Square Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
4 $230,000,000 MissFresh Genesis Capital Ventures, Tiger Global Management Ecommerce Investment
5 $200,000,000 SecureAuth K1 Investment Management, Toba Capital Software & Services Investment
6 $180,000,000 InfoZen ManTech Software & Services Acquisition
7 $152,000,000 QianbaoCard Banyan Capital Transactions Investment
8 $70,000,000 LOVOO The Meet Group Transactions Acquisition
9 $60,000,000 Patreon Consortium Transactions Investment
10 $60,000,000 Raise Marketplace Consortium Transactions Investment
11 $54,000,000 Vexata Consortium Software & Services Investment
12 $47,800,000 Younited Credit Consortium Transactions Investment
13 $46,000,000 10xbanking Ping An, Oliver Wyman Transactions Investment
14 $45,000,000 Cygilant Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
15 $45,000,000 Threat Stack Consortium Software & Services Investment
16 $40,000,000 The Zebra Accel Partners Transactions Investment
17 $36,000,000 Power2SME Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $35,000,000 mParticle Consortium Software & Services Investment
19 $31,000,000 TigerGraph Consortium Software & Services Investment
20 $30,000,000 Telcoin Batara Eto Transactions Investment
21 $29,000,000 Securonix Volition Capital, Eight Roads Ventures Software & Services Investment
22 $27,000,000 Bastille Networks Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $26,000,000 Digital Shadows Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
24 $25,000,000 Aqua Security Software Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $23,000,000 Zhizhangyi Consortium Transactions Investment
26 $21,000,000 SnapCap LendingTree Transactions Acquisition
27 $20,000,000 MealPal Menlo Ventures Transactions Investment
28 $20,000,000 Minio Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
29 $20,000,000 Smartly.io Highland Europe Marketing Investment
30 $20,000,000 Victor BP Ventures Transactions Investment
31 $19,500,000 98point6 Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
32 $19,500,000 Acast Microcap, Swedbank Robur’s Ny Teknik Media Investment
33 $19,500,000 Arcimoto Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
34 $18,000,000 Humatics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
35 $16,700,000 Fenfenzhong National SMEs Development Fund, THG Ventures Transactions Investment
36 $15,000,000 InCorta Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $15,000,000 Yi+ Bank of Beijing, Haitong Securities Marketing Investment
38 $14,000,000 Yunzhangfang.com Hillhouse Capital Group Mobile & Apps Investment
39 $14,000,000 ComparaOnline International Finance Corporation, Bamboo Capital Partners Transactions Investment
40 $14,000,000 TalkIQ Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $13,000,000 Cloudleaf Consortium Software & Services Investment
42 $13,000,000 Panoply.io Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
43 $12,000,000 sp0n Sequoia Capital, Slow Ventures Software & Services Investment
44 $11,500,000 Ambyint Consortium Software & Services Investment
45 $11,500,000 Clearcover Lightbank Transactions Investment
46 $10,100,000 ThinkCERCA Consortium Transactions Investment
47 $10,000,000 8fit Creandum, Eight Roads Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
48 $10,000,000 Automaton Games Cambridge Venture Partners, Improbable Games Investment
49 $10,000,000 DSP Concepts Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
50 $10,000,000 Funnel Balderton Capital, Industrifonden, Zobito Software & Services Investment
51 $10,000,000 Le Collectionist Consortium Transactions Investment
52 $10,000,000 Matroid Intel Capital, NEA Software & Services Investment
53 $10,000,000 USHR Consortium Software & Services Investment
54 $9,000,000 BitX Undisclosed Transactions Investment
55 $9,000,000 ClearMetal Consortium Software & Services Investment
56 $9,000,000 Luno Consortium Transactions Investment
57 $8,352,640 Volo Commerce NVM Private Equity Software & Services Investment
58 $8,000,000 Pymetrics Consortium Transactions Investment
59 $7,600,000 Fotor GF Securities Software & Services Investment
60 $7,000,000 EiQ Networks Arrowroot Capital Software & Services Investment
61 $6,400,000 Webgility Pilot Growth Equity Software & Services Investment
62 $6,200,000 Zenfolio Art.com Transactions Acquisition
63 $6,000,000 Capsule8 Bessemer Venture Partners, ClearSky Software & Services Investment
64 $6,000,000 Synup Vertex Ventures, Prime Venture Partners Marketing Investment
65 $5,965,450 Dog Buddy UK Sweet Capital Ltd. Transactions Investment
66 $5,965,450 Early Birds Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
67 $5,500,000 TrustRadius LiveOak Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund Software & Services Investment
68 $5,000,000 Cogitativo HCSC dba Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Software & Services Investment
69 $5,000,000 Context Travel Undisclosed Transactions Investment
70 $4,233,636 Haopu Technology Consortium Transactions Investment
71 $4,100,000 AlphaFlow Consortium Software & Services Investment
72 $4,000,000 Optalysys Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
73 $3,850,426 MyDoc Consortium Transactions Investment
74 $3,500,000 Flock (helloflock.com) The Hartford Software & Services Investment
75 $3,200,000 FINNOMENA Consortium Media Investment
76 $3,000,000 ClearBlade Consortium Software & Services Investment
77 $2,500,000 Dart Music HAAWK, Inc. Transactions Acquisition
78 $2,500,000 Kuepa Consortium Transactions Investment
79 $2,500,000 Loftium Consortium Transactions Investment
80 $2,253,485 Coredinate Consortium Software & Services Investment
81 $2,020,800 Q-Bot Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
82 $2,000,000 Croomo Undisclosed Transactions Investment
83 $1,900,000 LogicGate Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
84 $1,789,725 Alsid Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
85 $1,789,725 Billin Consortium Software & Services Investment
86 $1,500,000 Packback University Ventures, ICG Ventures Transactions Investment
87 $1,300,000 Biba Ventures Leonite Capital, Greg Zeschuk Games Investment
88 $1,300,000 Play Biba Leonite Capital, Greg Zeschuk Games Investment
89 $1,200,000 Melodics 500 Startups, Tuhua Fund Investment
90 $1,193,150 Vade Secure Isai Software & Services Investment
91 $1,000,000 inBay Technologies Ramphastos Investments N.V., Tongda One Partners Software & Services Investment
92 $1,000,000 Mamaearth Fireside Ventures Ecommerce Investment
93 $1,000,000 Mira Consortium Software & Services Investment
94 $1,000,000 oDoc Ajit Gunewardene, Phoenix Ventures Transactions Investment
95 $954,396 PANZERDOG OY Mail.Ru Games Ventures Games Investment
96 $850,000 Typeset Haresh Chawla Transactions Investment
97 $750,000 SweetSense Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
98 $650,000 POSRocket Consortium Software & Services Investment
99 $533,720 Comptek Solutions Inventure Oy Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
100 Undisclosed acuteIQ Plug and Play Software & Services Investment
101 Undisclosed Adfactor RTL Nederland Marketing Acquisition
102 Undisclosed Akira Right Health Mobile & Apps Acquisition
103 Undisclosed Alice Consortium Transactions Investment
104 Undisclosed Appboy Undisclosed Marketing Investment
105 Undisclosed AppyParking Aviva Ventures, Breed Reply Mobile & Apps Investment
106 Undisclosed Beims Software Business ZUUSE Software & Services Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Bill.com JP Morgan Transactions Investment
108 Undisclosed Braze Meritech Capital Partners Marketing Investment
109 Undisclosed Burrow UK Passion Capital Transactions Investment
110 Undisclosed Carlotz TRP Capital Partners Transactions Investment
111 Undisclosed CBSbutler Staffing 360 Solutions Transactions Acquisition
112 Undisclosed Design Science Maths for More Software & Services Acquisition
113 Undisclosed DIMENSIONALMECHANICS Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
114 Undisclosed Distelli Puppet Software & Services Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Drinkly Seed Haus Transactions Investment
116 Undisclosed Ellevest Consortium Transactions Investment
117 Undisclosed eSchoolData IO Education Transactions Acquisition
118 Undisclosed EVALS Praetorian Digital Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Ever Consortium Transactions Investment
120 Undisclosed Evident ID Consortium Software & Services Investment
121 Undisclosed FoodLogiQ Renewal Funds Software & Services Investment
122 Undisclosed Galaxy.AI Plug and Play Software & Services Investment
123 Undisclosed GamingMonk Entertainment advantEdge Partners Games Investment
124 Undisclosed GoCardless Consortium Transactions Investment
125 Undisclosed Gogoro Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
126 Undisclosed Green Point WebHelp Transactions Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Groundspeed Analytics Plug and Play Software & Services Investment
128 Undisclosed Homergize LG Chandrasekhar Transactions Investment
129 Undisclosed i-on interactive ScribbleLive Software & Services Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Inside Bay Street GREENBANK Media Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Integrated Data Storage ePlus Inc Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Laser App Software iPipeline Software & Services Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Magicseaweed SurfStitch Media Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Menguin Generation Tux Ecommerce Acquisition
135 Undisclosed Mercury Security HID Global Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed Metaform Open Innovation Software & Services Investment
137 Undisclosed Moon Active Undisclosed Games Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Motion AI HubSpot Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed Neato Robotics Vorwerk Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
140 Undisclosed OrientDB CallidusCloud / Callidus Software Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed PBF Solutions Raisin UK Transactions Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Phrame.com Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
143 Undisclosed Pierry Software Wunderman Marketing Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Plated Albertsons LLC Transactions Acquisition
145 Undisclosed PODYUM Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
146 Undisclosed Pointy Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
147 Undisclosed RackAlley Hivelocity Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed Real Asset Management MRI Software Software Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Resolute Innovation Consortium Transactions Investment
150 Undisclosed Shortlist Consortium Software & Services Investment
151 Undisclosed Spectrio Bertram Capital Management Marketing Investment
152 Undisclosed Stringify Comcast Software & Services Acquisition
153 Undisclosed TenFour NewSpring Capital Software & Services Investment
154 Undisclosed The Briefers Sortlist Marketing Acquisition
155 Undisclosed The Narrative Group Citizen Relations Marketing Acquisition
156 Undisclosed Tourmaline Labs ClearVision Equity Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
157 Undisclosed TransIP Group EQT Mid Software & Services Acquisition
158 Undisclosed Travel Noire Blavity Media Acquisition
159 Undisclosed Vivabox Solutions Lion Equity Partners Transactions Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Warp 8 Vertical Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
161 Undisclosed Wego Middle East Venture Partners Transactions Investment
162 Undisclosed WellteQ Peak Asset Managemen Transactions Investment
163 Undisclosed WorkBook Software Deltek Software & Services Acquisition
164 Undisclosed Xelleration Speridian Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Zooomr Brand Labs Transactions Investment

More information

  1. Deliveroo raises $385M in new funding, now valued at ‘over $2 Billion’ (TechCrunch)
  2. SAP buys customer identity management firm Gigya for $350M (TechCrunch)
  3. System1 Announces $270 Million Financing Led by Court Square Capital Partners (PR Newswire)
  4. Montreal’s MissFresh raises $230M in Series C funding (Fundingportal)
  5. SecureAuth Raises Over $200M to Confront the New Reality of Cybersecurity: Identity is Key (Globe Newswire)
  6. ManTech International snaps up InfoZen in $180M ‘perfect storm’ (Business Journals)
  7. Banyan joins $152m round for China’s QianbaoCard (AVCJ)
  8. German dating app Lovoo is acquired for $70M by The Meet Group (TechCrunch)
  9. Subscription art crowdfunder Patreon confirms $60M fundraise (TechCrunch)
  10. Raise gets $60 million for gift card marketplace (TechCrunch)
  11. Vexata Launches with $54M in Venture Funding to Bring World’s First Active Data Infrastructure to Market (PR Newswire)
  12. Younited Credit raises $47.8 million for its crowdlending platform (TechCrunch)
  13. 10x, founded by the ex-CEO of Barclays, raises $46M to take on ancient banking infrastructure (TechCrunch)
  14. Cloud Security Firm Threat Stack Grabs $45M, Plans to Double Staff (Xconomy)
  15. Threat Stack snares $45 million investment as spotlight shines brightly on security (TechCrunch)
  16. The Zebra Raises $40 Million, Taps New CEO To Expand Beyond Car Insurance (Forbes)
  17. Power2SME Raises $36 Million Funding from Existing Investors (Tech Story)
  18. mParticle Raises $35 Million Series C to Accelerate Growth of its Customer Data Platform (PRWeb)
  19. TigerGraph nabs $31 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  20. East Ventures announces new $30M fund to continue investing in Indonesia (TechCrunch)
  21. Cyber Security Firm Securonix Raises $29 Mn From Volition Capital, Eight Roads Ventures (Inc42)
  22. Bastille Confirms $27M in Series B Funding Round (Business Wire )
  24. Aqua Security Raises $25 Million to Drive Expansion of Its Container Security Platform (PR Newswire)
  25. Fosun RZ Leads $23M Round In Chinese Mobile Security Firm Zhizhangyi (China Money Network)
  26. Charleston startup SnapCap acquired by LendingTree in deal worth up to $21 million (The Post and Courier )
  27. MealPal raises $20 million to expand its subscription lunch service to dinner and new markets (Venture Beat)
  28. Minio Secures $20M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  29. Facebook Marketing Partner Smartly.io Closes $20 Million Investment in Secondary Funding Round (MarTechSeries)
  30. BP Ventures, BP’s investment arm, leads $20M in private jet charter marketplace Victor (TechCrunch)
  31. 98point6 Raises $19.5M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  32. Acast raises $19.5 million to grow its podcasting platform in the U.S. and enter new markets (Venture Beat)
  33. Arcimoto Completes $19.5 Million Regulation A+ IPO, Approved for Listing on the Nasdaq Global Market (Business Wire)
  34. Humatics Corp snaps up $18 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  35. Online Restaurant Procurement Platform Fenfenzhong Raises US$16.7 Million (China Money Network)
  36. Real-time data analytics startup Incorta raises $15M Series B led by Kleiner Perkins (TechCrunch)
  37. Chinese Artificial Intelligence Start-Up Yi+ Raises $15M Series B Round (China Money Network)
  38. Hillhouse Leads $14M Round In Chinese Finance And Tax Management System Developer Yunzhangfang (China Money Network)
  39. Chilean startup ComparaOnline raises $14 million for its financial education tools for Latin America (TechCrunch )
  40. TalkIQ raises $14 million Series A to give enterprises AI insights into voice communication (TechCrunch)
  41. Cloudleaf Secures $13 Million Series A Funding from Leading Investors for its Enterprise IoT Solutions (Business Wire )
  42. Panoply Funding Climbs to $13 Million (Business Wire)
  43. Consumer Safety Startup Sp0n Brings In $12 Million (Newscenter.io)
  44. Artificial Intelligence Startup Ambyint Announces $11.5 Million Series A Investment to Boost Oil & Gas Production Optimization (PRWeb)
  45. Clearcover Raises $11.5 Million in Funding (Global Newswire )
  46. ThinkCERCA Secures $10.1 Million in Series B Round to Strengthen Students’ Critical Thinking and Literacy Skills (PR Newswire)
  47. Personalized workout, nutrition app 8fit gets $10M in first funding round (MobiHealthNews)
  48. Automaton raises $10 million for survival game where 1,000 players fight in 12 square kilometers (Venture Beat)
  49. DSP Concepts Raises $10M Series A Round to Bring Innovative Audio Technology to All Industries (Business Wire)
  50. Funnel raises $10M led by Balderton Capital to help companies analyse online marketing spend (TechCrunch )
  51. Le Collectionist raises $10M to expand luxury travel platform and offices globally (TechCrunch)
  52. Matroid picks up $10M Series A to automate video stream monitoring (TechCrunch)
  53. Emerald, EnerTech invest in $10 mln Series A round of Ushr (PE HUB)
  54. Luno raises $9M to bring its bitcoin wallet, exchange and services to Europe (TechCrunch)
  55. ClearMetal gets $9M from Prelude Ventures and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors for its logistics platform (TechCrunch)
  56. $9 Million: Bitcoin Startup Luno Completes Series B Funding (Coindesk)
  57. E-commerce tech business Volo Commerce raises £6.2m (Startups )
  58. Pymetrics Receives $8M Series A Financing (VC News Daily)
  59. Fotor Raises $7,600,000 Series B for Its Photo Editing and Design Platform (Business Wire)
  60. EiQ Networks, Now Called Cygilant, Nabs $7 Million in Funding (eSecurity planet)
  61. Webgility Announces $6.4M Series A Funding Led by Pilot Growth Equity (PR Newswire)
  62. Art.com buys photo and video hosting service Zenfolio for at least $6.2m in stock (TNW)
  63. Capsule8 Raises $6M Series A Round (VC News Daily)
  64. Marketing startup Synup gets $6M Series A to help brands manage their online reputation (TechCrunch)
  65. DogBuddy, the European dog sitting marketplace, scores €5M Series A (TechCrunch)
  66. Paris marketing tech startup Early Birds raises €5 million ()
  67. TrustRadius Raises $5.5M For Product Development (Demand Gen Report)
  68. Cogitativo Raises $5M in Series A Financing (FinSMEs)
  69. Tour Operator Context Nets $5 Million in Funding for Its Daunting Task of Scaling (Skift)
  70. Haopu Raises ¥28M in Pre-A Funding to Build Permissonless Blockchain- Grid (8BTC)
  71. AlphaFlow Raises $4.1 Million in Seed Round Funding Backed by Resolute Ventures and Point72 Ventures (PR Newswire)
  72. Optalysys, Ltd. Raises $4 Million Seed Round to Break Bottlenecks in Genomic Research and Big Data Analysis (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  73. Singapore enterprise healthcare startup MyDoc raises $5.2m (TechInAsia)
  74. HRIS startup Flock Raises $3.5 Million, Hiring in San Francisco (HR TECH TALENT)
  75. Krungsri Finnovate leads $3.2m Series A in Thai fintech startup Finnomena (DealStreetAsia)
  76. ClearBlade® Closes 3.0M in Series A Funding, Led by Align Capital, to Bring Secure IoT Solutions to the Enterprise (PR Newswire)
  78. Kuepa Closes $2.5 Million Equity Investment from Potencia Ventures and Zoma Capital (Business Wire)
  79. DFJ leads $2.5 mln round for Loftium (PE HUB)
  80. SaaS startup Coredinate raises €1.9 million to boost product development (Tech.eu )
  81. Q-Bot secures £1.5m of investment to accelerate growth and support the rollout of robotic insulation service (ClearlySo)
  82. Ten-year-old edtech company Croomo raises $2 million as it finds its stride (Financial Review)
  83. New Money: LogicGate Raises $1.9M to Help Businesses Automate Risk and Compliance (Chicago Inno)
  84. # CYBERSECURITY Alsid raises 1.5 million euros to expand its teams (Maddyness)
  85. Spanish invoicing software startup Billin raises €1.5 million (Tech.eu)
  86. With a New Focus on Artificial Intelligence, Mark Cuban-Backed Packback Raises $1.5M (Chicago Inno)
  87. Biba Announces $1.3M in Pre-Series A Funding Led by Leonite Capital LLC to Accelerate Global Expansion (Market Wired)
  88. Biba Announces $1.3M in Pre-Series A Funding Led by Leonite Capital LLC to Accelerate Global Expansion (Market Wired )
  89. NZ tech start-up Melodics finds the beat, raises US$1.2 million (Idealog)
  90. Vade Secure Raises €10M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  91. Cybersecurity startup inBay Technologies lands $1 mln in VC (PE HUB)
  92. Fireside Ventures Leads $1M Funding Round in Babycare Startup Mamaearth (BW Disrupt)
  93. Mira AR headset startup grabs $1M in new funding led by Greylock (TechCrunch)
  94. Tech in Asia start-up secures USD 1million seed funding (Opportunity SriLanka)
  95. Finnish-Russian game startup Panzerdog Raises €800K from Russia’s Mail.Ru Games Ventures (MRGV)
  96. [YS Exclusive] “Google Docs for research communication” Typeset raises $850K from Haresh Chawla (YourStory)
  97. Portland company lands $750,000 federal grant to expand water monitoring in Africa (OregonLive)
  98. Jordan’s POSRocket raises $650K from Jabbar Internet Group, Arzan VC, and Propeller Inc. (Wamda News (MENA))
  99. Comptek Solutions Raises €450.000 to Disrupt the Semiconductor Industry (Arctic Startup)
  100. Barclays inks contracts with six fintech startups (EconoTimes)
  101. RTL acquires 60% stake in Adfactor (TelecomPaper)
  104. Appboy Announces Plans To Rename Company to Braze, Cited as a Leader by Independent Research Firm (PR Newswire)
  105. UK startup raises millions for driverless parking system (Telegraph)
  107. JPMorgan Chase Taps FinTech For B2B Payments Integration (Pymnts)
  108. Appboy Announces Plans To Rename Company to Braze, Cited as a Leader by Independent Research Firm (PR Newswire)
  109. Online mortgage checker gives personalised results (FT Adviser)
  110. CarLotz Partners with TRP Capital Partners to Fund National Expansion (CarLotz)
  112. Maths for More Acquires Design Science (Ten Links)
  113. NeoPulse AI Studio on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace (Business Insider )
  114. Puppet acquires Distelli to bolster cloud computing automation platform (Qeek Wire)
  115. Seed Haus backs Drinkly’s growth plan (Daily Business)
  116. Sallie Krawcheck’s Ellevest just landed a big new round of Series C funding (TechCrunch)
  117. IO Education Acquires eSchoolData, Expanding Northeast Presence (PR Newswire)
  118. Praetorian Digital Acquires EVALS to Expand Training Management Capabilities in Public Safety and Beyond (Yahoo Finance )
  119. Photo app Ever removed its spammy SMS feature after Apple banned it (TechCrunch )
  120. Evident Raises Series A Round On The Promise Of Companies Using Your Data Without ‘Having It’ (Forbes)
  121. FoodLogiQ Secures Lead Investor for Series B Financing (Business Wire)
  122. The popular dice game is getting a digital spin! (Gamasutra)
  123. eSports Gaming Company GamingMonk Raises Funding from AdvantEdge (Indian Web 2)
  124. These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week (Tech.eu )
  125. Temasek invests in electric scooter maker Gogoro (Business Times)
  126. Webhelp Becomes Key Player in Regtech BPO with the Acquisition of GreenPoint (PR Newswire)
  127. Groundspeed Analytics ()
  128. Exclusive: Building materials marketplace Homergize gets pre-Series A funding (VCCircle)
  129. ScribbleLive acquires ion interactive (PR Newswire)
  131. ePlus Acquires IDS, a Midwest Data Center Technology Integrator and Cloud Services Provider (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  132. iPipeline Acquires Laser App Software (Business Wire)
  133. SurfStitch buys websites Magicseaweed, Stab Magazine (Sydney Morning Herald)
  134. Generation Tux Acquires Online Menswear Rental Startup Menguin (Business Wire)
  135. HID Global to Acquire Mercury Security, Expanding its Leadership in Access Control (HID)
  136. Metaform Announces Seed Round Investment (Business Wire)
  137. FastForward Innovations completes sale of Moon Active stake (DigitalLook)
  138. HubSpot acquires chatbot builder Motion AI (TechCrunch)
  139. Neato Robotics Acquired by Vorwerk, Continuing Focus on Growth, Innovation and Market Expansion (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  140. CallidusCloud Acquires Leading Multi-Model Database Technology (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  141. Raisin Acquires PBF Solutions for Move to UK Deposit Market (Bank Innovation)
  142. Phrame Raises Funding from Blymyer Engineers (FinSMEs)
  143. Wunderman Acquires Control of Salesforce Specialist Firm Pierry (MediaPost)
  144. Albertsons Acquires Plated As The Meal Market Recalibrates (Forbes)
  145. Dideriksen confirms her promise with second Worlds podium (Cycling News)
  146. Pointy, a startup that lets local retailers easily put stock online with a simple gadget, raises $6M (TechCrunch)
  147. Hivelocity Acquires Los Angeles Solutions Provider, RackAlley (Hivelocity)
  148. MRI Software buys UK firm Real Asset Management (Cranes Cleveland)
  149. Steve Case’s Revolution backs Resolute Innovation to connect companies with R&D (TechCrunch)
  150. University Ventures, others back HR tech startup Shortlist (Vccircle)
  151. Bertram Capital buys Riverside’s stake in Spectrio (PE HUB)
  152. Stringify is Now Part of Comcast (Stringify)
  153. NewSpring invests in TenFour (PE HUB)
  154. Sortlist makes its first acquisition in Spain (L’echo)
  155. Citizen Relations Acquires The Narrative Group (Business Wire)
  156. Tourmaline Labs Raises Funding, Names New CEO (SocalTech)
  157. EQT Mid Market to invest in TransIP (EQT)
  158. Blavity acquires Travel Noire, a travel and discovery platform for black millennials (TechCrunch)
  159. Lion Equity buys Vivabox (Business Wire)
  160. MSP Acquisition: Vertical Solutions Buys Warp 8 For Western Growth (Channele2e)
  161. Wego brings in another new investor (Tnooz)
  162. Exclusive: HR-tech startup WellteQ raises seed funding, to explore early listing (DealStreetAsia)
  163. Deltek Acquires WorkBook to Accelerate Its Momentum in the Creative Industry (PR Newswire)
  164. Speridian Technologies Completes Merger With Gold Certified Microsoft Managed Partner, Xelleration (Business Insider)
  165. Zooomr Raises New Funding Round (FinSMEs)
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