Weekly Update – September 14, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) –  $6,026,905,829               Total Deal Number – 201

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $1,000,000,000 Fanatics SoftBank Ecommerce Investment
2 $720,000,000 Institutional Shareholder Services Genstar Capital Software & Services Acquisition
3 $705,000,000 eVestment NASDAQ Software & Services Acquisition
4 $475,000,000 Newgistics Pitney Bowes Software & Services Acquisition
5 $280,000,000 BigBasket Consortium Ecommerce Investment
6 $250,000,000 OYO Consortium Transactions Investment
7 $250,000,000 Via Transporation Daimler Transactions Investment
8 $200,000,000 T-System Fidelity National Financial Software & Services Acquisition
9 $186,258,100 Money.co.uk Zoopla Transactions Acquisition
10 $159,388,530 Alticom Cellnex Telecom Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
11 $130,000,000 LeddarTech Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
12 $92,000,000 Turo Consortium Transactions Investment
13 $90,000,000 Lilium Aviation Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
14 $88,000,000 ForgeRock Consortium Software & Services Investment
15 $65,000,000 Elastifile Consortium Software & Services Investment
16 $65,000,000 Innoviz Technologies Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
17 $59,000,000 Absorb Software Silversmith Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
18 $56,000,000 MapR Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
19 $55,000,000 Gather Technologies Vista Equity Partners Software & Services Investment
20 $53,000,000 ROOBO Seven Seas Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
21 $50,000,000 Bitmain Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
22 $50,000,000 Yi23 Consortium Transactions Investment
23 $45,000,000 Updater Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
24 $40,000,000 Aras Silver Lake Kraftwerk, GE Ventures Software & Services Investment
25 $35,000,000 FiveAI Consortium Software & Services Investment
26 $35,000,000 Pineapple Payments PSG Equity Transactions Investment
27 $34,590,790 eg solutions Verint Systems Software & Services Acquisition
28 $32,500,000 Airobotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
29 $29,000,000 SinoVision Technologies Qiming Venture Partners, HgCapital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
30 $28,000,000 Dataiku Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $26,606,400 Cubic Motion NorthEdge Capital Software & Services Investment
32 $24,610,920 Habito Consortium Transactions Investment
33 $22,500,000 Zipwhip Consortium Software & Services Investment
34 $22,000,000 Favor Consortium Transactions Investment
35 $21,000,000 Guild Education Consortium Transactions Investment
36 $20,000,000 NS1 Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $18,250,000 Orion Labs Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
38 $18,000,000 ThreatBook Hillhouse Capital Group Software & Services Investment
39 $17,969,475 Meero Consortium Transactions Investment
40 $17,000,000 Weave Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $16,000,000 Fair BMW i Ventures Transactions Investment
42 $16,000,000 Matahari Mall Matahari Department Stores Ecommerce Investment
43 $15,000,000 ForeverCar Consortium Transactions Investment
44 $15,000,000 Kr Space IDG Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
45 $15,000,000 Tech Bureau Infoteria Corporation, JAFCO Japan Transactions Investment
46 $15,000,000 Xingbianli Consortium Transactions Investment
47 $15,000,000 XMOS Consortium Software & Services Investment
48 $14,375,580 Vekia Consortium Software & Services Investment
49 $14,000,000 Yi+ Haitong Securities, Bank of Beijing Marketing Investment
50 $13,000,000 LookBookHQ Inc. Edison Partners, Hyde Park Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
51 $13,000,000 PROWLER.IO Consortium Software & Services Investment
52 $12,000,000 Apica Consortium Software & Services Investment
53 $11,000,000 Antidote.me Consortium Transactions Investment
54 $10,740,000 Lendingkart Consortium Transactions Investment
55 $10,000,000 GoFro H.I.S., MakeMyTrip.com Transactions Investment
56 $10,000,000 Power2SME International Finance Corporation Software & Services Investment
57 $9,600,000 Fetch Rewards Loeb Enterprises Mobile & Apps Investment
58 $9,300,000 Guru Consortium Transactions Investment
59 $9,300,000 Paytm Payments Bank Vijay Shekhar Sharma Transactions Investment
60 $9,200,000 WAmazing Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
61 $9,000,000 TraceMe Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
62 $8,000,000 Montage Consortium Software & Services Investment
63 $8,000,000 GreenJobInterview Montage Software & Services Acquisition
64 $7,981,920 Ski Solutions Mobeus Equity Partners Transactions Investment
65 $7,700,000 Shunwei Fosun RZ Capital Software & Services Investment
66 $7,500,000 Runtime Consortium Software & Services Investment
67 $7,000,000 Metawave Corporation Consortium Software & Services Investment
68 $6,109,621 Aifloo EQT Ventures, Henrik Landgren Software & Services Investment
69 $6,000,000 DivvyCloud RTP Ventures Software & Services Investment
70 $6,000,000 EverTrue Bain Capital Ventures, University Ventures Transactions Investment
71 $6,000,000 SMARTASSISTANT Beringea Software & Services Investment
72 $5,321,280 Seedrs Woodford Investment Management Transactions Investment
73 $5,070,000 SpotRight Undisclosed Marketing Investment
74 $5,000,000 CreditVidya Matrix Partners, Kalaari Capital Transactions Investment
75 $5,000,000 Deep Brain Consortium Software & Services Investment
76 $5,000,000 Gimlet Media WPP Media Investment
77 $5,000,000 inDriver LETA Capital Transactions Investment
78 $5,000,000 Snowflake Computing Capital One Software & Services Investment
79 $4,500,000 SWIIM System Costa Asset Management Software & Services Investment
80 $4,396,654 Starcounter Industrifonden Software & Services Investment
81 $4,000,000 Axonius Consortium Software & Services Investment
82 $4,000,000 Brighte Mike Cannon-Brookes, Grok Ventures Transactions Investment
83 $4,000,000 Wizer State of Mind Ventures, Nielsen Innovate Software & Services Investment
84 $3,600,000 Petal Consortium Transactions Investment
85 $3,500,000 SIGA Awz Ventures Software & Services Investment
86 $3,200,000 Streamroot Consortium Software & Services Investment
87 $3,200,000 Guilded Consortium Games Investment
88 $3,000,000 Maestro IO Consortium Marketing Investment
89 $2,800,000 Classcraft Consortium Games Investment
90 $2,515,726 mything KaPa Ventures Marketing Investment
91 $2,500,000 ChurnZero Consortium Software & Services Investment
92 $2,500,000 Datacubes MK Capital, Seyen Capital Software & Services Investment
93 $2,400,000 AlayaCare Fonds Innovexport Software & Services Investment
94 $2,300,000 doc.ai Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
95 $2,250,000 FINAEO Consortium Transactions Investment
96 $2,200,000 Moteefe Consortium Transactions Investment
97 $2,100,000 Fast Travel Games Consortium Games Investment
98 $2,039,525 Ateam Ventures Altos Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
99 $2,000,000 Betterview Consortium Transactions Investment
100 $2,000,000 Event Pop InVent, Beacon Venture Capital Transactions Investment
101 $2,000,000 Valossa Consortium Software & Services Investment
102 $1,940,000 Rhino Consortium Transactions Investment
103 $1,750,000 Taunt Foundry Group, Vulcan Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
104 $1,700,000 ZenCity Canaan Partners Israel Software & Services Investment
105 $1,600,000 GetAccept Y Combinator, Amino Capital Transactions Investment
106 $1,500,000 Datasigns Technologies Consortium Transactions Investment
107 $1,500,000 Keepe Consortium Transactions Investment
108 $1,500,000 UHOO Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
109 $1,463,352 Arthur Alexander Tkachenko Transactions Investment
110 $1,444,615 Kitab Sawti Consortium Media Investment
111 $1,330,320 GeckoLabs Andrew Weisz, Tom Singh Software & Services Investment
112 $1,200,000 Balance Software Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
113 $1,200,000 SUVACO Mobile Internet Capital Transactions Investment
114 $1,000,000 Picturewealth Undisclosed Transactions Investment
115 $971,819 iProcure Safaricom Spark Venture Fund Transactions Investment
116 $900,000 MailClark KREAXI Software & Services Investment
117 $844,565 Neosurance Undisclosed Transactions Investment
118 $775,000 Journey Sales Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
119 $764,934 Factmata Consortium Software & Services Investment
120 $700,000 SentiSum Consortium Software & Services Investment
121 $600,000 NEST Education Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Anand Mahindra Transactions Investment
122 $563,416 Accordium Consortium Software & Services Investment
123 $532,050 Aurumplanet K- Bridge Investment, Spring Camp Marketing Investment
124 $500,000 PolicyStreet KK Fund Transactions Investment
125 $500,000 Spinbackup AVentures Capital Software & Services Investment
126 $251,237 Trilo Interactive Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
127 Undisclosed Acutronic Robotics Sony Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
128 Undisclosed AirTM IGNIA Transactions Investment
129 Undisclosed Ambient.ai Consortium Software & Services Investment
130 Undisclosed AnyMeeting Intermedia Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Apidaze VoIP Innovations Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed ArcticStartup Gary Vaynerchuk Media Investment
133 Undisclosed BazingaLabs.com Mazkara Internet Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Beijing Milaiwu Network Technology Shunya International Mobile & Apps Acquisition
135 Undisclosed BGMENU Lakom.bg Transactions Acquisition
136 Undisclosed Bindez VIMIC Limited Media Investment
137 Undisclosed BPCM ModusBPCM Marketing Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Charm Health Citadel Group Ltd Transactions Acquisition
139 Undisclosed Chew BandLab Media Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Clay Park VR AiSolve Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed Cloud Lending Inc. ABN AMRO Fund Software & Services Investment
142 Undisclosed Cloud Technology Partners HPE Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed CLS Performance Solutions Limited GP Strategies Transactions Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Community Buying Group Think Realty Transactions Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Data Genomix Zanite Ventures, Edward Crawford Software & Services Investment
146 Undisclosed Datawave HCL Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Delphic Digital Hero Digital Marketing Acquisition
148 Undisclosed DropCar WPCS International Mobile & Apps Acquisition
149 Undisclosed DSicovery Counsel on Call Holdings Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed EatWith VizEat Transactions Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Enterworks Black Dragon Capital Software & Services Investment
152 Undisclosed ETL Factoryp HCL Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Eyerim 3TS Capital Partners, Neulogy Ventures Ecommerce Investment
154 Undisclosed Fast Forward Labs Cloudera Software & Services Acquisition
155 Undisclosed Gentle Monster L Catterton Asia, Groupe Arnault Ecommerce Investment
156 Undisclosed Geospatial Insight VenturesOne Software & Services Investment
157 Undisclosed GoConcierge ALICE Software & Services Acquisition
158 Undisclosed Hapti.co Wargaming Games Acquisition
159 Undisclosed Insert Pendo Software & Services Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Integrate.ai Real Ventures, Georgian Partners Software & Services Investment
161 Undisclosed Intelligent Document Solutions Doxim Transactions Acquisition
162 Undisclosed Iotopia Solutions Spiria Digital Software & Services Acquisition
163 Undisclosed Kapanu Ivoclar Vivadent Software & Services Acquisition
164 Undisclosed Kilimanjaro Consulting Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Koemei Crealogix Software & Services Acquisition
166 Undisclosed Landmark Transcription M*Modal Transactions Acquisition
167 Undisclosed Leia Inc. Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
168 Undisclosed Loci.io Undisclosed Transactions Investment
169 Undisclosed logmatic.io Datadog Software & Services Acquisition
170 Undisclosed Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc HomeServices of America Transactions Acquisition
171 Undisclosed Masquerade SNOBSWAP Software & Services Acquisition
172 Undisclosed Matter Accenture Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
173 Undisclosed Netwise Technology PrismHR Software & Services Acquisition
174 Undisclosed NeuString Yaana Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
175 Undisclosed New York Daily News Tronc Media Acquisition
176 Undisclosed NMI Francisco Partners Transactions Acquisition
177 Undisclosed Novi Labs Cottonwood Venture Partners, Bill Wood Software & Services Investment
178 Undisclosed nuTravel Certify Software & Services Acquisition
179 Undisclosed Payment Highway OP Financial Group Transactions Acquisition
180 Undisclosed Pluto Ventive, LLC Transactions Acquisition
181 Undisclosed Pre1 Software Bauer Software Group, Inc Software & Services Acquisition
182 Undisclosed Preferred Mail Advertising Mspark Marketing Acquisition
183 Undisclosed Pressly Vision Critical Software & Services Acquisition
184 Undisclosed Prima Solutions The Carlyle Group Software & Services Acquisition
185 Undisclosed Rack Attack Banyan Capital Partners Ecommerce Acquisition
186 Undisclosed Referanza Undisclosed Marketing Investment
187 Undisclosed RegTek Solutions Deutsche Börse, Illuminate Financial Software & Services Investment
188 Undisclosed Schneider Electric Software AVEVA Software & Services Acquisition
189 Undisclosed SEVENIT GmbH Consortium Software & Services Investment
190 Undisclosed Shubhloans Consortium Transactions Investment
191 Undisclosed Sintrex Integration Services Alviva Holdings Ltd Software & Services Acquisition
192 Undisclosed Survox Enghouse Systems Software & Services Acquisition
193 Undisclosed Syft Creandum Mobile & Apps Investment
194 Undisclosed TailsLife V Balakrishnan Transactions Investment
195 Undisclosed TandemSeven Genpact Software & Services Acquisition
196 Undisclosed Teachers On Call Kelly Services Transactions Acquisition
197 Undisclosed The Bee Corp Consortium Software & Services Investment
198 Undisclosed Tifosy Undisclosed Transactions Investment
199 Undisclosed Upmem Consortium Investment
200 Undisclosed WING Souq.com Software & Services Acquisition
201 Undisclosed YouTrain GP Strategies Training Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. Given an assist, sports e-commerce giant Fanatics closes that $1 billion round led by SoftBank (TechCrunch)
  2. Genstar Capital to buy proxy advisory firm ISS for $720 million (Reuters)
  3. Nasdaq to pay $705 million to acquire eVestment (MarketWatch)
  4. Pitney Bowes Acquires Newgistics Inc. for $475 Million (multichannelmerchant)
  5. Bigbasket Raising Whopping $280 Mn in Series E Round Led By Paytm Mall and Alibaba (Indian Web 2)
  6. Budget hotel network pioneer OYO raises $250M led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund (TechCrunch)
  7. Via raises $250M led by Daimler to bring its carpooling technology to Europe (TechCrunch)
  8. T-System Agrees to Be Acquired for $200 Million, Fueling Further Innovation and Growth in Healthcare Technology (FT Markets)
  9. Zoopla buys the financial services of Money.co.uk in deal worth up to £140m ( Express)
  10. Cellnex Telecom Acquires Tower Operator Alticom for €133 million (The Fast Mode)
  11. LeddarTech raises $130 mln to advance sensors for self-driving cars (PE HUB)
  12. Turo raises $92M and acquires Daimler’s Croove car-sharing business (TechCrunch)
  13. Flying car start-up Lillium raises $90m after successful test flight (Independent)
  14. ForgeRock raises $88m for personal identity growth (Financial Times)
  15. File software-flinger Elastifile stretches funding further to $65m (The Register)
  16. LiDAR maker Innoviz raises $65M from Delphi, Magna and more (TechCrunch)
  17. Absorb Software snags $59 mln in Silversmith-led financing (PE HUB)
  18. Big Data Startup MapR Raises $56M, Keeps Eyeing An IPO (Forbes)
  19. Event management software startup Gather gets a reported $55 million private equity investment (Business Journals)
  20. AI Solution Developer Roobo Wraps up USD53 Million B-Round Financing, Seeks Strategic Upgrade (Yicai Global)
  21. Mining Giant Bitmain Reportedly Raising $50 Million Funding Round (Coindesk)
  22. Alibaba Innovation Ventures, Softbank, Sequoia Lead $50M Round In Garment Rental Firm Yi23 (China Money Network)
  23. Updater raises $45M, plans to acquire 2 companies (inman)
  24. Aras takes in $40 mln (PE HUB)
  25. UK’s FiveAI gets $35M to build a taxi service powered by its own self-driving car platform (TechCrunch)
  26. Pittsburgh fintech startup secures $35M investment from private equity firm (Business Journals)
  27. EG Solutions set to be taken over by US data analytics giant Verint in £26mln deal (Proactive Investors )
  28. BlueRun Ventures China Leads $32.5M Round In Drone Maker Airobotics (China money network)
  29. Qiming Joins $29M Round In Chinese CT Scanner Developer SinoVision (China Money Network)
  30. Dataiku to enhance data tools with $28 million investment led by Battery Ventures (TechCrunch)
  31. Cubic Motion gets £20m boost for film and VR expansion (Financial Times)
  32. Habito, an app that helps you find the right mortgage, raises £18.5M Series B led by Atomico (TechCrunch)
  33. Zipwhip raises $22.5M to expand its text messaging platform for businesses (TechCrunch)
  34. Favor, the on-demand service focused on Texas, picks up $22 million Series B (TechCrunch)
  35. Guild Raises $21M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  36. China: US technology startup NS1 raises $20m led by GGV Capital (DealStreetAsia)
  37. Orion Labs completes $18.25M in Funding to Expand its Next Generation Voice Platform for Real-time Business (Nasdaq)
  38. Hillhouse Capital Leads $18M Series B Round In Security Threat Intelligence Platform ThreatBook (China Money Network)
  39. The start-up raises € 15 million from GFC Rocket Internet, Alven Capital, White Star, as well as Bernard Arnault, Xavier Niel and Fabrice Grinda. (PressReader)
  40. Weave Communications raises $17 mln (PE HUB)
  41. Fair Raises $16M, Launches Online Car Shopping, Financing App (SoCal – Tech)
  42. MatahariMall raises US$16M from offline Lippo Group cousin: DSA (e27)
  43. ForeverCar raises $15M to make car repairs less painful (Built In Chicago)
  44. IDG Capital Leads US$15 Million Round In Co-Working Start-Up Kr Space (China Money Network)
  45. JAFCO Invests $15M in Blockchain Firm Tech Bureau (Block Tribune)
  46. Xing Bian Li, China’s Leading New Retail Concept Company Raises 15 million USD Angel Investment Led by Top VC Fund Lightspeed China Partners (PRNewswire)
  47. Infineon backs XMOS with $15m investment (Electronics Weekly)
  48. Vekia Raises € 12m from Serena Capital, BPIFrance, Pléiade Venture, CapHorn and ZTP (Business Wire)
  49. Chinese Machine Vision Firm Yi+ Raises $14M Round (China Money Network)
  50. LookBookHQ raises $13 million Series B led by New Jersey-based Edison Partners (BetaKit)
  51. Prowler.io nabs $13M for its new approach to decision making in AI (TechCrunch)
  52. Oxx Leads $12m USD Funding Round in Apica (PR newswire )
  53. CORRECTING and REPLACING Antidote Raises $11M in Funding Round Led by Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (Business Wire)
  54. Lendingkart raises $10.74 mn in bridge round, eyes more funding (VC Circle)
  55. Holiday marketplace GoFro gets $10 million to continue its journey (Economic Times)
  56. Power2SME raises $10 million from the private investment arm of World Bank (YourStory)
  57. Fetch Rewards Raises $9.6M, Expands Grocery Shopping App (Xconomy)
  58. Guru Lands $9.3M in Latest Funding Round (Philadelphia magazine)
  59. Paytm Payments Bank Raises $9.3 Mn From Existing Shareholders; Set To Launch Paytm Debit Card (Inc42)
  60. WAmazing, offering free SIM cards for foreign visitors to Japan, secures $9.2 million (The Bridge )
  61. TraceMe Raises $9M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  62. Montage acquires Greenjobinterview and Closes $8 Million Funding Round (Montage)
  63. Montage raises $8 million, acquires GreenJobInterview (BizTimes)
  64. Travel business Ski Solutions skates off with more than £6m from Mobeus Equity Partners (City A.M.)
  65. Fosun Leads $7.7M Round In Indoor Positioning Service Provider Shuwei (ChinaPulse)
  66. Runtime Closes $7.5 Million from NEA, Foundation Capital, DHVC (Global Newswire)
  67. Metawave Closes $7 Million Initial Seed Funding to Accelerate Development of Automotive Radar (Global Newswire)
  68. Aifloo, a Swedish startup that sells a ‘smart wristband’ to help care for the elderly, raises €5.1M (TechCrunch)
  69. DivvyCloud seals $6 mln (PE HUB)
  70. Fintech Startup EverTrue Raises $6 Million (Newscenter.io)
  71. Smartassistant Secures $6M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  72. Neil Woodford invests another £4m into crowdfunding startup Seedrs (City A.M. )
  73. Spotright $5.07 million Financing. Todd Greer Released Sep 6 SEC form (BZWeekly)
  74. Mumbai-based CreditVidya raises $5M in series-B funding led by Matrix Partners (Your Story)
  75. GSR, Gobi Join $5M Series A Round In Chinese AI Start-up DeepBrain (China Money Network)
  76. Podcast network Gimlet Media has raised another $5 million — this time from ad giant WPP (Recode)
  77. Straight outta Siberia — inDriver raises $5M for its flat-rate ride-hailing app (TechCrunch)
  78. CapitalOne invests $5M in Snowflake Computing after trying its new data warehouse for Wall Street (Geekwire)
  79. Agtech Startup SWIIM System Closes $4.5 Million (Newscenter.io)
  80. They want to build the world’s fastest database – takes in 35 million (Twitter)
  81. Singapore: Vertex Ventures joins $4m seed round in Israeli startup Axonius (Deal Street Asia)
  82. Mike Cannon-Brookes leads $4m round in home energy fintech start-up Brighte (AFR)
  83. Consumer Research Company Wizer Raises $4 Million to End the Era of Dispersed Data (MarTech Series)
  84. Fintech Startup Petal Closes $3.6 Million (Newscenter.io)
  85. Israeli cyber security co SIGA raises $3.5m (Globes)
  86. Streamroot raises $3.2 million for its peer-to-peer video delivery technology (TechCrunch)
  87. Esports Team Management Company Raises $3.2 Million Seed Round (Forbes)
  88. Maestro Raises $3M Series A to Expand in Esports and Pioneer Engagement and Analytics Platform for Enterprise Live Streamers (Business Wire)
  89. Classcraft Raises $2.8M to Turn Classrooms Into a Role-Playing Game (EdSurge)
  90. 3D printing platform mything secures €2.1 million in pre-launch funding from KaPa Ventures (3ders)
  91. ChurnZero Raises $2.5 Million Round of Financing (PR Web)
  92. Insurance-tech startup raises $2.5 million (Crain’s Chicago Business)
  93. AlayaCare secures additional $2.4 mln from Fonds Innovexport (PE HUB)
  94. doc.ai Raises $2.3M in Pre-ICO for Blockchain-Enabled NLP for Quantified Biology (HIT Consultant)
  95. Finaeo raises $2.25 million to automate administrative processes for financial advisors (BetaKit)
  96. UK social commerce platform Moteefe snaps up $2.2 mln seed (PE HUB)
  97. Fast Travel Games raises $2.1 million (gamesindustry)
  98. A Team Ventures raises 2.3 billion won for 3D printing service Shapengine (Venture Square World)
  99. Betterview just raised $2 million to analyze drone footage for insurers (TechCrunch)
  100. Thailand’s Event Pop raises $2M to expand its ticketing service in Southeast Asia (Techcrunch)
  101. Valossa™ Announces $2 Million Round From Leading European Media Investors (Globe Newswire)
  102. Rhino Raises $1.94 Million Seed Round to Launch the First Smart Alternative to Security Deposits for Renters and Landlords (Business Wire)
  103. Social Competition Platform Taunt Raises $1.75 million (Esports Observer)
  104. ZenCity raises $1.7m to help cities assist residents (Globes)
  105. GetAccept raises $1.6M to help companies close sales leads faster (TechCrunch)
  106. Datasigns Technology gets $1.5 million for its online lending platform Shubh Loans (Economic Times)
  107. Rental home repair marketplace Keepe raises $1.5M to expand to more cities (Geekwire)
  108. Pinoy-Founded Air Quality Monitoring Startup Eyes $1.5M in Seed Funding (Entrepreneur)
  109. London PropTech firm Arthur raises £1.1m Series A (UKTN)
  110. Sven Hagströmer invests millions on the app for Arabic audio books (Digital)
  111. Gecko Labs secures £1m from the likes of New Look’s Tom Singh and Andrew Weisz (Growth Business)
  112. Blockchain startup Balance raises $1.2 million through crowdfunding rather than ICO (Tech.eu)
  113. Home design marketplace Suvaco raises $1.2 million (The Bridge (Japan))
  114. How Perth startup PictureWealth raised $1.2 million, landed the “world’s most disruptive” chief innovation officer, and had $500 million in tracked assets while in beta mode (Smart Company)
  115. Safaricom Spark Fund Invests Kshs 100 million in Agri-Tech Start-up iProcure (Kenyan collective)
  116. MailClark raises $900k in Second Round from Kreaxi and IT-Translation Investment (Kreaxi)
  117. Insurtech Startup Neosurance Raises €705K in Seed Funding (FinsSMEs)
  118. Journey Sales raised $775K to bring a touch of Slack to B2B sales (Technically)
  119. Factmata Raises £575K in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  120. London AI startup SentiSum raises $700,000 Seed (UKTN)
  121. Edtech Startup NEST Education Gains $600K Funding From Michael And Susan Dell Foundation, Anand Mahindra (Inc42)
  122. Trustpilot top people start new with million investment in the back (TechSavvy Media)
  123. Highlighting service Liner collects 600m won in funding (Venture square)
  124. PolicyStreet pockets $500k to get more Malaysians insured (Tech In Asia)
  125. $500 000 investments for Spinbackup to Deliver Cloud Data Protection Technology (Spinbackup)
  126. Trilo Interactive wants to take the hints for the future (Breakit)
  127. Sony backs Acutronic Robotics’ hardware robot operating system (TechCrunch)
  128. AirTM successfully completes its equity funding round (FX-MM)
  129. Ambient.ai is building an AI-powered video analysis system (VentureBeat)
  130. Intermedia Enhances Rapidly Growing UCaaS Offering with Asset Acquisition of Web Conferencing Pioneer, AnyMeeting (Intermedia)
  131. VoIP Innovations Announces their Acquisition of Apidaze (PRWeb)
  132. Gary Vaynerchuk invests in Finnish company ArcticStartup – “I’m open to new opportunities in the Nordics” (Nordic Business Insider)
  133. Mazkara Internet Acquires Mumbai Based BazingaLabs; Increases Focus on Product Innovation (Indian Web 2)
  134. Marketing agency Shunya International buys half of Chinese live-streaming app Inke (South China Morning Post)
  135. Bulgarian food delivery firm BGmenu merges with Lakom.bg peer (SeeNews)
  136. Vulpes Investment backs Myanmar search tech firm Bindez (Deal Street Asia)
  137. Modus and BPCM merge agencies (FashionUnited)
  138. Citadel Group aquires OneVentures portfolio company Charm Health (One Ventures)
  139. BandLab Technologies acquires Chew.tv, a video streaming service for DJs (TechCrunch)
  140. AiSolve Acquires Clay Park VR, Installs Founder as Head of North American Operations (Road to VR)
  141. ABN AMRO invests in Cloud Lending Solutions (PE HUB)
  142. HPE scoops up Cloud Technology Partners to boost hybrid cloud consulting (Techcrunch)
  143. GP Strategies Acquires CLS Performance Solutions (PR Newswire)
  144. Think Realty Acquires Community Buying Group (benzinga)
  145. Data Genomix Announces Series A Funding (PR Newswire)
  146. HCL Technologies to acquire UK based ETL Factory (Business Standard)
  147. Customer Experience (CX) Company Hero Digital Acquires Delphic Digital, Expanding CX Consulting Services Nationally (PR Newswire)
  148. WPCS and DropCar Announce Definitive Merger Agreement (Market Wired)
  149. PE-backed Counsel On Call buys DSi (PE HUB)
  150. European ‘social eating platform’ VizEat acquires U.S.-based EatWith (TechCrunch)
  151. EnterWorks Raises New Funding (NewsCenter.io)
  152. HCL Technologies spends 7 mn to acquire UK’s ETL Factory, a data automation platform co (datawave.io)
  153. eyerim Raises Series A Funding from 3TS Capital Partners (3TS Capital)
  154. Cloudera acquires AI research firm Fast Forward Labs (TechCrunch )
  155. L Catterton Asia leads investor base to invest in Gentle Monster (PE HUB)
  156. Geospatial Insight raises funding for its global expansion (Finextra)
  157. ALICE Announces Acquisition of GoConcierge (PR Newswire)
  158. Wargaming Mobile acquires Copenhagen-based casual mobile game developer Hapti.co (PocketGamer)
  159. Pendo acquires Insert to add mobile apps to its user analytics and engagement platform (TechCrunch)
  160. Integrate.ai announces advisory board and strategic investment round (Canadian News Wire)
  161. PE-backed Doxim buys IDS.com (PE HUB)
  162. Leading Canadian custom software developer Spiria continues rapid growth with the addition of a new US-based team (Business Insider )
  163. AR Acquisition By Ivoclar Vivadent May Improve Dentistry (Android Headlines)
  164. NZ’s Enprise grabs major stake in MYOB’s largest Australian reseller, Kilimanjaro (Recode)
  165. Crealogix acquires Koemei’s AI technology for data and video analytics (Finextra)
  166. Suender M&A Advises Landmark in its Sale to M*Modal (Business Insider )
  167. Red Digital Cinema and Leia Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Disruptive Lightfield Holographic Smartphone to the Consumer Market (Business Wire)
  168. Loci Announces InnVenn Token Pre-Sale is SAFT Compliant (CoinDesk)
  169. Datadog acquires Logmatic.io to add log management to its cloud monitoring platform (TechCrunch )
  170. HomeServices of America Acquires The Long & Foster Companies (Long & Foster )
  171. SnobSwap looks to expand online consignment platform with acquisition (Technical.ly)
  172. Accenture Interactive gets physical with Matter product design acquisition (More About Advertising)
  173. PrismHR Acquires NetWise Technology, the Creators of ClientSpace (Prismhr)
  174. Yaana Solutions Acquires Business Intelligence and Analytics Industry Leader NeuString (PRNewswire )
  175. Tronc buys New York Daily News (CNBC)
  176. Francisco Partners invests in NMI (PE HUB)
  177. Novi Labs Closes Financing Round to Meet Growing Demand for its Leading Oil & Gas Machine Learning Software (PRWeb )
  178. Certify Acquires Corporate Online Booking Tool from nuTravel Technology Solutions to Round Out Travel and Expense Platform (Global Newswire )
  179. OP to strengthen its mobile payment offering for companies by acquiring Payment Highway Oy’s business operations (OP Financial )
  180. Ventive Acquires Pluto (Business Wire)
  181. Generational Equity Advises Pre1 Software in Sale to Bauer Software Group (PR newswire )
  182. Huntington direct mail advertiser bought by industry giant (Charleston Gazette-Mail)
  183. Venture-backed Vision Critical buys venture-backed Pressly (PE HUB)
  184. Carlyle to buy Prima Solutions (PE HUB)
  185. Banyan Capital Partners buys specialty retailer Rack Attack (PE HUB)
  186. Almi Invest invests in Referanza together with Kichi Invest and Bo Mattsson (My News Desk)
  187. Deutsche Börse and Illuminate Financial invest in RegTek.Solutions (HedgeWeek)
  188. Britain’s Aveva to tie-up with Schneider Electric in software deal (CNBC)
  189. First investment of the new venture capital fund of the country perfect (Techtag)
  190. Lending app Shubh Loans raises pre-Series A round from SRI Capital, others (VCCircle)
  191. Alviva announces two acquisitions (Tech central)
  192. Enghouse Systems Limited Acquires Survox (GlobeNewswire)
  193. Early Spotify investor Creandum joins David Haye in backing UK startup Syft (City A.M.)
  194. Pet Care App TailsLife Secure Funds From V Balakrishnan (Indian Web 2)
  195. Genpact Limited (G) Reports Acquisition of TandemSeven (StreetInsider)
  196. Kelly Services acquires Teachers on Call (Crain’s Detroit )
  197. Bee Corp. Closes on Series A Funding for Hive-Monitoring Software (Xconomy)
  198. EXCLUSIVE: Portsmouth, Fulham tap into Tifosy’s fan-funding revolution (Tribal Football)
  199. UPMEM Announces the First Processing In-Memory Chip Accelerating Big Data Applications (Design & Reuse)
  200. Amazon’s Souq acquires Wing.ae to expand Prime-style same and next-day delivery (TechCrunch)
  201. GP Strategies Acquires YouTrain (PRNewswire)
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