Weekly Update – August 2, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $7,885,469,289                  Total Deal Number – 334

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $2,000,000,000 Grab Didi Chuxing, SoftBank Transactions Investment
2 $1,759,560,000 Bambora Ingenico Group Transactions Acquisition
3 $456,000,000 PlusServer BC Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
4 $350,000,000 DotC Dalian Zeus Entertainment Software & Services Investment
5 $223,000,000 Vets First Choice Undisclosed Transactions Investment
6 $159,000,000 Nauto Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
7 $141,000,000 Robopolis iRobot Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
8 $115,000,000 Desktop Metal Consortium Transactions Investment
9 $114,000,000 Brain Corporation SoftBank, Qualcomm Ventures Software & Services Investment
10 $100,000,000 Liulishuo Consortium Software & Services Investment
11 $80,000,000 Iqianbang ShenZhen Grand Electronics Transactions Investment
12 $75,000,000 WalkMe Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
13 $73,000,000 Wukong Car Rental YMCI Group Transactions Investment
14 $70,000,000 Betterment Consortium Transactions Investment
15 $60,000,000 Acrolinx GENUI Partners Marketing Acquisition
16 $57,000,000 Borrowell Consortium Transactions Investment
17 $53,000,000 Epet.com IDG Capital Partners Ecommerce Investment
18 $50,000,000 Vicarious Khosla Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
19 $50,000,000 Receipt Bank Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
20 $50,000,000 Komand Rapid7 Software & Services Acquisition
21 $50,000,000 Artsy Consortium Transactions Investment
22 $50,000,000 NewStore Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
23 $47,000,000 SimilarWeb Consortium Marketing Investment
24 $47,000,000 PebblePost Silicon Valley Bank, Horizon Technology Finance Marketing Investment
25 $46,000,000 Momenta.ai Consortium Software & Services Investment
26 $45,419,400 FinLeap Consortium Transactions Investment
27 $44,000,000 Yimidida Consortium Transactions Investment
28 $43,000,000 FreshBooks Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $38,500,000 nToggle Rubicon Project Software & Services Acquisition
30 $35,000,000 CallSign Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $35,000,000 beqom Goldman Sachs Software & Services Investment
32 $33,000,000 iguazio Consortium Software & Services Investment
33 $31,000,000 Awake Security Consortium Software & Services Investment
34 $30,000,000 SpotHero Consortium Transactions Investment
35 $30,000,000 Lever Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $30,000,000 Big Switch Networks Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
37 $30,000,000 QianCheng technology U51.com, Tiantu Capital Transactions Investment
38 $29,000,000 Hairongyi Qingdao Ronghai Investment Fund Transactions Investment
39 $29,000,000 Xiaoming Bike NewMargin Ventures Transactions Investment
40 $25,000,000 Rimilia Eight Roads Ventures, Kennet Partners Software & Services Investment
41 $25,000,000 Ironhack JME Venture Capital Transactions Investment
42 $25,000,000 Fox Rent A Car, Inc. Consortium Transactions Investment
43 $25,000,000 Capital.Com VP Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
44 $25,000,000 Fabhotels Goldman Sachs, Accel Partners Transactions Investment
45 $25,000,000 Duolingo Drive Capital Transactions Investment
46 $25,000,000 August Home, Inc. Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
47 $23,000,000 PerimeterX Consortium Software & Services Investment
48 $23,000,000 Leesa Better Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
49 $23,000,000 Alation Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $22,500,000 Sentient Science Georgian Partners Software & Services Investment
51 $21,000,000 Pillar Project Undisclosed Transactions Investment
52 $21,000,000 Nyotron Consortium Software & Services Investment
53 $20,000,000 MindoLife SAR GROUP Software & Services Investment
54 $20,000,000 Kahoot! Northzone, Creandum, Microsoft Ventures Software & Services Investment
55 $20,000,000 Particle Spark Capital Transactions Investment
56 $20,000,000 IonQ, Inc New Enterprise Associates, GV Software & Services Investment
57 $20,000,000 CellSavers Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $17,200,000 Karmic Labs Consortium Transactions Investment
59 $17,000,000 Niuniuqiche Kaitai Capital Transactions Investment
60 $16,000,000 WaveOptics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
61 $16,000,000 Privitar Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $15,800,000 Insight Engines Consortium Software & Services Investment
63 $15,500,000 Rebagg Consortium Transactions Investment
64 $15,000,000 Embark Consortium Software & Services Investment
65 $15,000,000 Impartner Emergence Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
66 $15,000,000 Prospera Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
67 $15,000,000 6 River Systems Norwest Venture Partners – NVP, Eclipse Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
68 $15,000,000 1mg Consortium Transactions Investment
69 $14,100,000 Gravie Consortium Transactions Investment
70 $14,000,000 HanSight CASH Capital, IDG Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
71 $14,000,000 StackRox Sequoia Capital Software & Services Investment
72 $13,000,000 LendKey Technologies, Inc. Consortium Transactions Investment
73 $12,500,000 Grovo Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
74 $12,000,000 Commerce Signals Stage 1 Ventures Software & Services Investment
75 $11,500,000 SkySafe Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
76 $11,000,000 Claret Medical Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
77 $11,000,000 Linkury Algomizer Transactions Acquisition
78 $10,800,000 Node Consortium Software & Services Investment
79 $10,800,000 Maven Clinic Consortium Transactions Investment
80 $10,500,000 Circulation Consortium Transactions Investment
81 $10,000,000 Workato Consortium Software & Services Investment
82 $10,000,000 LiveStories Consortium Software & Services Investment
83 $10,000,000 RentoMojo Consortium Transactions Investment
84 $10,000,000 Corvi LED Light Hero Enterprise Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
85 $9,585,300 9 Spokes Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
86 $9,200,000 Corelight Consortium Software & Services Investment
87 $9,000,000 Dynamic Yield Consortium Software & Services Investment
88 $9,000,000 Nuheara Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
89 $8,600,000 Perkbox Draper Esprit Transactions Investment
90 $8,544,942 Alltricks Consortium Ecommerce Investment
91 $8,000,000 SnapTravel Consortium Transactions Investment
92 $8,000,000 Physiq Consortium Software & Services Investment
93 $8,000,000 Integrate Consortium Marketing Investment
94 $8,000,000 Bright.md B Capital Group, Seven Peaks Ventures Software & Services Investment
95 $8,000,000 Bricata Edison Partners Software & Services Investment
96 $8,000,000 Syte – Visual Conception Consortium Software & Services Investment
97 $7,500,000 Reach Robotics Consortium Software & Services Investment
98 $7,500,000 LeanIX Consortium Software & Services Investment
99 $7,200,000 Dote Lightspeed Venture Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
100 $7,200,000 Dote Shopping Lightspeed Venture Partners Ecommerce Investment
101 $7,188,975 A Cloud Guru Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
102 $7,000,000 Imagry Takwin Foundation, Samsung Ventures Software & Services Investment
103 $7,000,000 Plexchat Undisclosed Media Investment
104 $7,000,000 Cubyn Consortium Transactions Investment
105 $7,000,000 Clara Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
106 $6,900,000 FilterEasy Consortium Transactions Investment
107 $6,500,000 Flybits Consortium Software & Services Investment
108 $6,000,000 Virtualstock Notion Capital Transactions Investment
109 $6,000,000 Somatix Digitalis Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
110 $6,000,000 DataRails Consortium Software & Services Investment
111 $5,400,000 The Athletic Undisclosed Media Investment
112 $5,200,000 Aiqudo Atlantic Bridge Mobile & Apps Investment
113 $5,000,000 ObEN Consortium Software & Services Investment
114 $5,000,000 Aire Sunstone Capital, White Star Capital Transactions Investment
115 $5,000,000 Form3 Financial Cloud Angel CoFund, Barclays PLC Transactions Investment
116 $4,800,000 GearLaunch Hunt Technology Ventures Transactions Investment
117 $4,800,000 BentoBox Consortium Software & Services Investment
118 $4,559,012 Contego Fraud Solutions Maven Capital Partners, NVM Private Equity Software & Services Investment
119 $4,500,000 Millennial Esports Corp. Undisclosed Games Investment
120 $4,000,000 Punchbowl Party City Software & Services Investment
121 $3,700,000 IllumiCare Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
122 $3,500,000 Chefmarket.ru Mitsui & Co Transactions Investment
123 $3,300,000 GlamCorner AirTree Ventures Transactions Investment
124 $3,260,000 QuintessenceLabs Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
125 $3,000,000 EquityZen Consortium Transactions Investment
126 $3,000,000 FoldiMate Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
127 $3,000,000 Constellation Digital Partners Teachers Credit Union Transactions Investment
128 $2,800,000 hearX Group Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
129 $2,800,000 Playkey Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) Games Investment
130 $2,700,000 LoftSmart Consortium Transactions Investment
131 $2,700,000 Grabr Consortium Transactions Investment
132 $2,700,000 CEVO Gfinity Games Acquisition
133 $2,700,000 James Consortium Software & Services Investment
134 $2,647,800 Cleo Consortium Software & Services Investment
135 $2,600,000 Tomorrow Consortium Transactions Investment
136 $2,500,000 NovoRoll Silicon Valley Bank Marketing Investment
137 $2,500,000 APiO Undisclosed Transactions Investment
138 $2,500,000 Peer5 Consortium Software & Services Investment
139 $2,500,000 Stream.io Inc Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
140 $2,500,000 Ada Support Bessemer Venture Partners, Version One Ventures Software & Services Investment
141 $2,250,000 Brauz Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
142 $2,083,776 Learnerbly Consortium Transactions Investment
143 $2,000,000 ScaleFT Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
144 $2,000,000 Previse Limited Consortium Transactions Investment
145 $2,000,000 lvl5 Max Altman, Paul Buchheit Software & Services Investment
146 $2,000,000 NextSCM Solutions Sequoia Capital Software & Services Investment
147 $2,000,000 Highmark Interactive Undisclosed Games Investment
148 $2,000,000 Signal Vine New Markets Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
149 $2,000,000 Cool Cousin Elevator Fund Transactions Investment
150 $2,000,000 BrandTotal Glilot Capital Partners, KDC Media Fund Marketing Investment
151 $2,000,000 Increff Consortium Software & Services Investment
152 $1,800,000 Urbanbase Inc. Consortium Transactions Investment
153 $1,800,000 Heureka Software Consortium Software & Services Investment
154 $1,800,000 ActionStreamer CincyTech, Vine Street Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
155 $1,750,000 Cargo Consortium Transactions Investment
156 $1,500,000 Megacool Consortium Software & Services Investment
157 $1,500,000 Carbice Corporation TechSquare Labs, GRA Venture Fund, LLC Software & Services Investment
158 $1,500,000 Mira Labs Sequoia Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
159 $1,380,000 Contextere Lockheed Martin Ventures Software & Services Investment
160 $1,309,995 SeedLegals Consortium Software & Services Investment
161 $1,302,575 Butternut Box Passion Capital Transactions Investment
162 $1,301,179 Brolly Consortium Transactions Investment
163 $1,300,000 Automox Consortium Software & Services Investment
164 $1,200,000 Noticeboard Consortium Software & Services Investment
165 $1,200,000 930 Technologies Private Limited Undisclosed Marketing Investment
166 $1,182,890 Linked Finance Undisclosed Transactions Investment
167 $1,170,540 Vizda Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
168 $1,000,000 Kirsh Helmets Square Peg Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
169 $1,000,000 FinTech Studios KEC Ventures Transactions Investment
170 $1,000,000 Hoperator Undisclosed Transactions Investment
171 $1,000,000 FunCaptcha Consortium Software & Services Investment
172 $1,000,000 AppsVillage Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
173 $877,905 Wazp Undisclosed Transactions Investment
174 $850,000 Slidebean Consortium Software & Services Investment
175 $815,000 Bitcoin.com.au Alium Capital, Dominet Venture Partners Transactions Investment
176 $750,000 AlayaCare FedDev Software & Services Investment
177 $730,000 KickUp Red House Education Software & Services Investment
178 $700,000 Trupay Undisclosed Transactions Investment
179 $600,000 PlayAblo Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
180 $550,000 The Mentor Method Undisclosed Transactions Investment
181 $500,000 Naveego Casey Cowell, Boomerang-Catapult Mobile & Apps Investment
182 $500,000 Homebase JE Dunn Construction, Sunflower Development Group Software & Services Investment
183 $500,000 GarageFarm.net Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
184 Undisclosed boomtrain Zeta Global Marketing Acquisition
185 Undisclosed Davost Intelligence YF Capital (Yunfeng Capital) Transactions Investment
186 Undisclosed Worthy Financial, Inc Undisclosed Transactions Investment
187 Undisclosed Digital River World Payment Worldline Transactions Acquisition
188 Undisclosed Rocket Fuel Sizmek Marketing Acquisition
189 Undisclosed AssetTrackr WABCO Software & Services Acquisition
190 Undisclosed Leap Motion Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
191 Undisclosed Marqeta Consortium Transactions Investment
192 Undisclosed Chatter Commerce Viber Mobile & Apps Acquisition
193 Undisclosed Bestowed UrthBox Transactions Acquisition
194 Undisclosed iParse Urban FT Software & Services Acquisition
195 Undisclosed Avenica University Ventures Transactions Acquisition
196 Undisclosed DealVector Tradeweb Markets Software & Services Investment
197 Undisclosed Extrême-Sensio Grey Group Marketing Acquisition
198 Undisclosed Toast Consortium Software & Services Investment
199 Undisclosed TickSmith Illuminate Financial Software & Services Investment
200 Undisclosed Data Clairvoyance Infogix Software & Services Acquisition
201 Undisclosed Everex One Holley Group Transactions Investment
202 Undisclosed Praesidiad The Carlyle Group Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
203 Undisclosed MAYA Design The Boston Consulting Group Transactions Acquisition
204 Undisclosed Datapoint Europe Sabio Software & Services Acquisition
205 Undisclosed BYJU’S Tencent Holdings Transactions Investment
206 Undisclosed East Bay Express Telegraph Media Group Media Acquisition
207 Undisclosed Impact Health Consortium Software & Services Investment
208 Undisclosed AdInnovation Taptica Mobile Acquisition
209 Undisclosed Talixo Consortium Transactions Investment
210 Undisclosed Beijing Ubox Technology & Trade Co. New Hua Du Supercenter Co. Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
211 Undisclosed Payable Stripe Software & Services Acquisition
212 Undisclosed OnlineFussballManager Stillfront Group Games Acquisition
213 Undisclosed Aethon ST Engineering Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
214 Undisclosed Social-Karma Synthesio Marketing Acquisition
215 Undisclosed ADP Consultores SNP AG Software & Services Acquisition
216 Undisclosed SM Mobile Communications SK Telecom Mobile & Apps Acquisition
217 Undisclosed Patchman Site Lock Software & Services Acquisition
218 Undisclosed Edify Learning Silverback Learning Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
219 Undisclosed RepIQ Consortium Software & Services Investment
220 Undisclosed Self Lender Undisclosed Transactions Investment
221 Undisclosed Keg Logistics Seaport Capital Transactions Acquisition
222 Undisclosed Finizens Undisclosed Transactions Investment
223 Undisclosed Needles Ridge Road Software & Services Acquisition
224 Undisclosed Graphiq Amazon Software & Services Acquisition
225 Undisclosed ReFLEX CES Orthogone Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
226 Undisclosed Alere – Triage Assets Quidel Software & Services Acquisition
227 Undisclosed Techli Publicize Media Acquisition
228 Undisclosed Cranbury International ProBility Media Marketing Acquisition
229 Undisclosed FindMeCure Consortium Transactions Investment
230 Undisclosed Pixel Inspiration Bunzl Marketing Acquisition
231 Undisclosed Klarna Permira Transactions Investment
232 Undisclosed Perch Security Fishtech Labs Software & Services Investment
233 Undisclosed LEAF Commercial Capital People’s United Financial Transactions Acquisition
234 Undisclosed Ctuit Software Compeat Software & Services Acquisition
235 Undisclosed Data Ltd. Inc Comark Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
236 Undisclosed PatronManager Providence Equity Marketing Acquisition
237 Undisclosed Performance Data Park Place Technologies Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
238 Undisclosed Julo Consortium Transactions Investment
239 Undisclosed Zemanta Outbrain Marketing Acquisition
240 Undisclosed LeddarTech OSRAM Software & Services Investment
241 Undisclosed Guidance Software OpenText Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
242 Undisclosed ONE Championship Consortium Media Investment
243 Undisclosed Bang Australia Nextgen Marketing Acquisition
244 Undisclosed Sparta Systems New Mountain Capital Software & Services Acquisition
245 Undisclosed DeVero Netsmart Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
246 Undisclosed Source4Teachers Education Solutions Services Transactions Acquisition
247 Undisclosed Sybenetix NASDAQ Software & Services Acquisition
248 Undisclosed Market Probe Asia Pacific MRSS India Marketing Acquisition
249 Undisclosed MobileRQ Kochava Transactions Acquisition
250 Undisclosed Arrayent Prodea Software & Services Acquisition
251 Undisclosed Talkshow Industries, Inc. Medium Mobile & Apps Acquisition
252 Undisclosed Symbiont.io Medici Ventures Software & Services Investment
253 Undisclosed Brighterion MasterCard Software & Services Acquisition
254 Undisclosed Costa Farms Markel Corporation Transactions Acquisition
255 Undisclosed JRummy Apps Maple Media Software & Services Acquisition
256 Undisclosed Meixin Global Consortium Transactions Investment
257 Undisclosed TLS.NET Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Software & Services Acquisition
258 Undisclosed WebMD Internet Brands Media Acquisition
259 Undisclosed Hypernova Interactive Kae Capital Games Investment
260 Undisclosed LEXI Co. Ltd JSR Corp Software & Services Acquisition
261 Undisclosed MOBIGEN Jiran Security Mobile & Apps Acquisition
262 Undisclosed Primagest Orix Software & Services Acquisition
263 Undisclosed CloudRecover J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
264 Undisclosed MyPhoneFax.com J2 Global, Inc. Transactions Acquisition
265 Undisclosed WeCloud J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
266 Undisclosed Everysing iRiver Ltd Mobile & Apps Acquisition
267 Undisclosed Intacct The Sage Group plc Software & Services Acquisition
268 Undisclosed Cooltech Holding Corp. InfoSonics Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
269 Undisclosed AquaFold Idera Software & Services Acquisition
270 Undisclosed Kemvi HubSpot Software & Services Acquisition
271 Undisclosed GLM.Co.,Ltd. O Luxe Holdings Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
272 Undisclosed Stadium Sports Animation Heart+Hammer Software & Services Acquisition
273 Undisclosed Mobiduu Solutions Green Packet Berhad Transactions Acquisition
274 Undisclosed Graphcore Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
275 Undisclosed Alphamantis Technologies Garmin Software & Services Acquisition
276 Undisclosed JoeHukum Freshworks Transactions Acquisition
277 Undisclosed BaAM Productions Freeman Marketing Acquisition
278 Undisclosed Sandvine Francisco Partners Software & Services Acquisition
279 Undisclosed Mobilethink Spirent Communications Mobile & Apps Acquisition
280 Undisclosed FirstFuel Software Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
281 Undisclosed Monsoon CreditTech Consortium Transactions Investment
282 Undisclosed FDAnews WIRB-Copernicus Group Publishing Acquisition
283 Undisclosed SecondCry.com Elanic Transactions Acquisition
284 Undisclosed Flashfood Undisclosed Transactions Investment
285 Undisclosed FanAI Inc. Consortium Transactions Investment
286 Undisclosed Source3 Facebook Software & Services Acquisition
287 Undisclosed aircto Francesco Cara Transactions Investment
288 Undisclosed Monkeybox Consortium Transactions Investment
289 Undisclosed Ambee (1st Consult Technologies) Uber, Amaya Capital Partners Transactions Investment
290 Undisclosed Greenlots Energy Impact Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
291 Undisclosed Zeetta Networks Consortium Software & Services Investment
292 Undisclosed Headstart S.à r.l. Estera Transactions Acquisition
293 Undisclosed EPOCH Velocity Transactions Investment
294 Undisclosed EatOut.co.ke Africa Media Ventures Fund (AMVF) Transactions Investment
295 Undisclosed Discoverme.eu Gustav Transactions Acquisition
296 Undisclosed etventure Ernst & Young Transactions Acquisition
297 Undisclosed Ibotta Consortium Transactions Investment
298 Undisclosed Sokrati Dentsu Aegis Network Marketing Acquisition
299 Undisclosed DECOSTA Global Malar Group Marketing Acquisition
300 Undisclosed Decooda TechSophy Software & Services Investment
301 Undisclosed Deltenna Cubic Corporation Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
302 Undisclosed SpiderCloud Wireless Corning Incorporated Software & Services Acquisition
303 Undisclosed Tigerspike Concentrix Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
304 Undisclosed Annese & Associates ConvergeOne Software & Services Acquisition
305 Undisclosed Civica Partners Group Software & Services Acquisition
306 Undisclosed Carval Computing Civica Software & Services Acquisition
307 Undisclosed markr Undisclosed Marketing Investment
308 Undisclosed Codebashing Checkmarx Transactions Acquisition
309 Undisclosed ZeroChaos The Carlyle Group Software & Services Investment
310 Undisclosed Conduent CapRelo Transactions Acquisition
311 Undisclosed Sernova Financial Calypso Technology Transactions Investment
312 Undisclosed Cadence Consortium Software & Services Investment
313 Undisclosed SuperAwesome Limited Hoxton Ventures, Mayfair Capital Media Investment
314 Undisclosed System Magazine Buro 24/7 Media Acquisition
315 Undisclosed Spyder Trap Bright Health Marketing Acquisition
316 Undisclosed Indata Iot Labs Indata Software & Services Acquisition
317 Undisclosed Sakuragate Aeria Games Acquisition
318 Undisclosed Blue Inductive Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures, High-Tech Gruenderfonds Software & Services Investment
319 Undisclosed Convoy Consortium Transactions Investment
320 Undisclosed Smart Host Beyond Pricing Software & Services Acquisition
321 Undisclosed AED-SICAD Battery Ventures Software & Services Acquisition
322 Undisclosed Piriform Avast Software & Services Acquisition
323 Undisclosed Ideapod Undisclosed Media Investment
324 Undisclosed Bank Mutual Corp Associated Bank Transactions Acquisition
325 Undisclosed Artivatic.ai Spark10 Accelerator Software & Services Investment
326 Undisclosed TXT Retail Aptos Software & Services Acquisition
327 Undisclosed Annapurna Microfinace Consortium Transactions Investment
328 Undisclosed MostCore Amax International Holdings Limited Games Acquisition
329 Undisclosed Fdxtended Airangel WiFi Software & Services Acquisition
330 Undisclosed Secure Bill Pay ABILITY Network Transactions Acquisition
331 Undisclosed Abacus Group WestView Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
332 Undisclosed Daily Racing Form Z Capital Group Media Acquisition
333 Undisclosed Swvl Careem Transactions Investment
334 Undisclosed School Improvement Network Frontline Education Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. Didi and SoftBank are investing $2 billion in ride-hail company Grab (Recode)
  2. Ingenico buys Bambora in €1.5 billion deal (MarketWatch)
  3. GoDaddy sells PlusServer for $456M, kills off its AWS-style cloud services (TechCrunch)
  4. China: QianCheng Tech closes $30m series B; DotC United raises $350m (Deal Street Asia)
  5. Vets First Choice secures $223 million investment (Reuters)
  6. Nauto raises $159M to fuel expansion of its autonomous driving data platform (TechCrunch)
  7. iRobot to acquire its biggest European distributor for $141M (TechCrunch )
  8. Desktop Metal Is Now a Unicorn After $115M Series D (Bostinno)
  9. Brain Corp Announces $114 Million in Series C Funding Round Led by the SoftBank Vision Fund (Business Wire)
  10. Liulishuo raises approximately $100M in Series C funding to extend its lead in building smart AI English teachers (PRNewswire)
  11. Chinese Person-To-Business Funding Firm Iqianbang.com Raises US$80M Round (China Money Network)
  12. WalkMe raises $75M at a ‘$935M’ valuation for its on-screen guidance tech (TechCrunch )
  13. YMCI Leads $73M Round In Chinese Car Rental Platform Wukong Zuche (China Money Network)
  14. Betterment raises $70 million in new funding (Fstech)
  15. Acrolinx: Majority acquisition and growth financing by GENUI of $ 60 million to expand global business expansion (Aktiencheck)
  16. Borrowell Raises $57 Million in New Funding (Tech Vibes)
  17. China Digest: IDG leads $53m funding in Epet.com; Kaitai backs Niuniuqiche (Deal Street Asia)
  18. Vicarious gets another $50 million to expand its research team and build smarter robots (TechCrunch)
  19. Receipt Bank raises $50 million to help bookkepers automate data extraction from invoices (Venture Beat )
  20. Rapid7 pays up to $50M for Cambridge startup led by Threat Stack co-founder (Business Journals)
  21. Online art marketplace Artsy raises $50M at $275M valuation to double down on auctions (TechCrunch)
  22. NewStore raises $50 million for mobile commerce (TechCrunch)
  23. SimilarWeb raises $47M at valuation approaching $800M to take on Nielsen in digital market intel (TechCrunch)
  24. PebblePost raises $47M as it uses online data to fuel direct mail marketing (TechCrunch)
  25. Momenta raises $46M Series B for its self-driving car software (TechCrunch)
  26. German Fintech FinLeap Captures €39 Million Through Funding Round Led By SBI Group, NIBC, & Hannover Re (Crowdfund Insider)
  27. CDH Investments Leads $44M Round In Chinese Logistics Firm Yimidida (China Money Network)
  28. After relaunching its accounting platform, FreshBooks has raised another $43 million (TechCrunch)
  29. Rubicon Project acquires nToggle for $38.5M (Seeking Alpha)
  30. Callsign pulls in $35M Series A for its adaptive authentication platform (TechCrunch)
  31. beqom Raises $35m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  32. Iguazio nabs $33M to bring big data edge analytics to IoT, finance and other enterprises (TechCrunch)
  33. Exclusive: Cyber Startup Awake Security Debuts with $31 Million in Funding (Fortune)
  34. With $30M in new funding, SpotHero is preparing for autonomous parking (Built In Chicago)
  35. This ex-Googler just got another $30 million to help companies with the ‘art and science’ of hiring exactly who they want (Business Insider)
  36. CRN Exclusive: Big Switch Networks Raises $30 Million To Scale And Expand Channel (CRN)
  37. China: QianCheng Tech closes $30m series B; DotC United raises $350m (Deal Street Asia)
  38. China Digest: Hairongyi.com gets $29m from Ronghai; Xiaoming Bike gets Series B (Deal Street Asia)
  39. China Digest: Hairongyi.com gets $29m from Ronghai; Xiaoming Bike gets Series B (bitcoinagile.com)
  40. Rimilia Raises $25M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  41. Jobandtalent Secures $25M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs )
  42. Fox Rent A Car Raises $25m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  43. Forex Industry Week Review: Capital.com raises $25M, new FX brand launched, Romania arrests, and lots more… (Leaprate)
  44. FabHotels secures $25 million Series B funding led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners (Economic Times)
  45. Duolingo raises $25M at a $700M valuation (TechCrunch )
  46. August Home raises another $25 million as it expands service partnerships for its smart locks (TechCrunch )
  47. PerimeterX Secures $23M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  48. Leesa Sleep Closes $23M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  49. Alation raises $23 million for its data cataloging software (VentureBeat)
  50. Sentient Science Raises $22.5m in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  51. Pillar Token sale raises $21 million for personal data locker (Finextra)
  52. Nyotron Raises $21M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  53. Tiny Israeli Startup Wins $20m Indian Deal (Haaretz)
  54. Kahoot! learning game platform closes $20 million series A round (Games Industry)
  55. IoT Startup Particle Attracts $20M Series B from Qualcomm, Spark Capital (SDX Central)
  56. IonQ Raises $20M Series B Round Led By NEA, GV To Advance Quantum Computing For Commercial Applications (PR Newswire)
  57. CellSavers raises $20m from Red Dot, Sequoia, Carmel (Globes)
  58. Karmic Brings In $17.2 Million (Newsecenter.io)
  59. Kaitai Capital Leads $17M Round In Chinese New Car E-Commerce Platform Niuniuqiche (China Money Network)
  60. WaveOptics, maker of waveguide-based optics for AR, nabs $16M (TechCrunch)
  61. Privitar raises $16M to help ensure privacy in big data analytics (TechCrunch)
  62. Insight Engines Raises $15.8 Million in Series A to Make Big Data Easily Queryable by Everyone (Market Wired)
  63. Chanel? Hermès? Rebagg raises $15.5 million for second-hand luxury handbags (VentureBeat)
  64. Self-driving truck startup Embark raises $15M, partners with Peterbilt (TechCrunch)
  65. Impartner Raises $15M in Funding from Emergence Capital (Utah Business)
  66. Digital farming startup Prospera collects $15 mln Series B (PE HUB)
  67. 6 River Systems Raises $15 Million to Meet Growing Customer Demand for its Robotic Collaborative Fulfillment System (Market Wired)
  68. 1mg Raises Additional $15M in Series C Funding Led by HBM Healthcare Investments (BW Disrupt)
  69. Press Release: Gravie Raises $14.1 Million in Series C Funding (Gravie)
  70. IDG Co-Leads $14M Round In Chinese Smart Security Software Developer HanSight (China Money Network)
  71. Cyber startup StackRox raises $14 million in round led by Sequoia (Reuters)
  72. LendKey Raises $13M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  73. Grovo Learning $12.50 million Financing. Christopher Acquaviva Filed Jul 21 SEC form (Weekly Hub)
  74. Commerce Signals Raises $12 Million in Funding Round Led by Stage 1 Ventures (Business Wire)
  75. Anti-drone radio wave startup SkySafe secures $11.5M from Andreessen (TechCrunch)
  76. Claret Medical raises $11m (Mass Device)
  77. Algomizer to Acquire Linkury for $ 11M (PRNewswire )
  78. Node raises $10.8 million to find you better sales leads (TechCrunch)
  79. Digital women’s clinic Maven raises $10.8 million (Mobi Health News)
  80. Circulation raises $10.5 mln (PE HUB)
  81. Workflow automation startup Workato announces $10m Series A (TechCrunch)
  82. LiveStories nabs $10M to organise, analyse and visualise fragmented civic data (TechCrunch)
  83. India’s Rentomojo raises $10M from Bain Capital and Lending Club founder (TechCrunch)
  84. Hero Enterprise Invests $10M in Consumer Lighting Firm Corvi LED Light (Indian Web 2 )
  85. 9 Spokes successfully raises AU$12 million in oversubscribed placement (ASX)
  86. Corelight closes $9.2M Series A to help enterprises battle ransomware (TechCrunch)
  87. Marketing personalization startup Dynamic Yield adds $9M to its Series C, bringing it to $31M (TechCrunch)
  88. Australia’s only public wearable tech startup, Nuheara, just raised $9 million (Business Insider Australia)
  89. Employee engagement platform Perkbox gets $8.6m from Draper Esprit (Tech City News)
  90. The small French Amazon bike changes gear (Les Echos – News)
  91. SnapTravel Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  92. PhysIQ raises $8M for AI-powered health monitoring platform (Built In Chicago)
  93. Jeremy Bloom’s Integrate raises $8 million for marketing software (TechCrunch )
  94. Bright.md raises $8M for AI-powered remote healthcare service with ‘virtual physician assistant’ (GeekWire)
  95. Bricata Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  96. AI fashion shopping co Syte.ai raises $8m (Globes)
  97. Reach Robotics closes $7.5M Series A for its augmented reality bots (TechCrunch)
  98. LeanIX: $7.5 million for US expansion (Gruender)
  99. Dote raises $7.2 million for its mobile shopping app (TechCrunch)
  100. Dote (iOS) raises $7.2M Series A (launch ticker)
  101. Aussie brothers raise $9m for training startup A Cloud Guru after less than two years (AFR)
  102. Samsung is participating in an investment of $ 7 million in Imagine from Haifa (GeekTime)
  103. Plexchat raises $7 million to provide mobile chat platform for gamers (VentureBeat)
  104. Paris-based logistics startup Cubyn secures $7 million Series A funding to expand across Europe (EU Startups)
  105. Clara Labs nabs $7 mln Series A in BSV-led round (PE HUB )
  106. FilterEasy Raises $6.9 Million in Series B Funding Led by Arsenal Venture Partners to accelerate the automated delivery of HVAC Air Filters (PR Newswire)
  108. Digital supply chain company Virtualstock raises $6 million from Notion Capital (Tech.eu )
  109. Digital health big data co Somatix raises $6m (Nasdaq)
  110. DataRails Raises $6M to Make Excel Smarter (PR Newswire)
  111. The Athletic, that local sports startup with no advertising, raises $5.4 million and scoops up Sports Illustrated’s former top editor (NiemanLab)
  112. Aiqudo Raises $5.2M in Series A Funding; Acquires Sophia (FinSMEs)
  113. ObEN raises $5M from Tencent to create AI celebrities for AR (TechCrunch)
  114. London fintech startup Aire secures $5 million in Series A funding (Tech.eu)
  115. Form3 Financial Cloud Secures $5 Million Funding Led By Barclays (Finance Magnate)
  116. GearLaunch Raises $4.8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  117. BentoBox, the website builder for restauranteurs, cooks up $4.8M Series A (TechCrunch)
  118. Contego Fraud Solutions Secures £3.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  119. Millennial Esports Corp. Closes $4.5 Million Financing (Market Wired)
  120. Party City invests $4 million in Punchbowl, which now powers its digital invites platform (TechCrunch)
  121. IllumiCare closes on $3.7 million in Series B funding (AL)
  122. Japan’s Mitsui invests $3.5m in Russia’s food-tech startup Chefmarket.ru (Deal Street Asia)
  123. Aussie Fashion Rental Site GlamCorner Raises $3.3 Million (WWD)
  124. QuintessenceLabs $3.26 Million Investment from Australian Department of Defence for Quantum Key Distribution Research (Market Wired )
  125. The secondary marketplace EquityZen just landed $3 million in funding (TechCrunch)
  126. FoldiMate Startup Closes $3m Seed Round (PR Newswire)
  127. Constellation secures $3 million investment from Teachers Credit Union (Cuinsight)
  128. SA e-health startup hearX Group raises $2.8m funding (Disrupt Africa)
  129. Playkey raises $2.8M to fund its US expansion (TechCrunch)
  130. Student Rental Marketplace LoftSmart Secures $2.7 Million (Newscenter.io)
  131. SF-based Grabr grabs $2.7M to scale its traveler-driven shopping community (TechCrunch)
  132. Gfinity pushes into US by acquiring eSports tech firm CEVO for $2.7 million (PocketGamer )
  133. Credit Risk Startup James Closes $2.7M Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  134. Cleo, a chatbot that wants to replace your banking apps, raises £2M led by LocalGlobe (TechCrunch )
  135. Family financial and legal planning app Tomorrow picks up $2.6 mln seed (PE HUB)
  136. Video Ad Platform NovoRoll Raises $2.5M In Growth Capital To Go Global (AdExhanger)
  137. SLC-Based APiO Announces $2.5M Seed Round (Silicon Slopes)
  138. Peer5 Grabs $2.5 Seed Funding (VC News Daily)
  139. Boulder-based web company raises more than $2.5 million (BizWest)
  140. Ada Support Emerges From Stealth with $2.5 Million from Bessemer Venture Partners (Tech Vibes)
  141. Melbourne startup Brauz closes $2.25 million seed funding round (Startup Daily)
  142. Rajeeb Dey’s new career platform Learnerbly secures £1.6M led by Frontline Ventures (TechCrunch)
  143. ScaleFT Closes $2M Seed Funding, Launches Zero Trust Solution for Cloud Security (Dark Readng)
  144. Previse secures $2 million seed funding for AI-based instant B2B payments service for SMEs (Finextra)
  145. Lvl5 Secures $2m in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  146. Increff raises $2M funding led by Sequoia Capital (Economic Times)
  148. Higher Education Text Messaging Platform Signal Vine Secures $2M (Business Wire)
  149. Cool Cousin’s social app for travellers raises $2M round, led by Elevator Fund (TechCrunch)
  150. BrandTotal Raises $2M Seed Round (PRNewswire)
  151. Bengaluru Based Increff Secures $2 Mn Funding From Sequoia Capital (Indian Web 2)
  152. Korean startup Urbanbase gets $1.8M to turn apartment floor plans into virtual reality (TechCrunch)
  153. Heureka Software Secures $1.8 Million (Newscenter.io)
  154. ActionStreamer Secures $1.8M To Bring POV Video To Sports Broadcasts (Sport Techie)
  155. Cargo wants to put a vending machine in every Uber (TechCrunch)
  156. Megacool raises $1.5 million to solve user acquisition with GIFs (VentureBeat)
  157. Advanced Materials Startup Carbice Secures $1.5 Million (Newcenter.io)
  158. $99 Headset Could Be Augmented Reality’s First True Chance at a Mass Market (Technology Review)
  160. EXCLUSIVE: SeedLegals secures £1m to cut the time and cost of startup fundraising by 80% (Tech City News )
  161. Butternut Box raises £1M for its algorithm-driven natural dog food startup (TechCrunch)
  162. Insurtech startup Brolly raises €1.1 million to disrupt the antiquated $5 trillion insurance market (EU Startups)
  163. Automox Raises $1.3M in Financing (FinSMEs)
  164. Enterprise communication platform Noticeboard bags $1.2 mn from Stellaris, others (VCCircle)
  165. Enterprise communication platform Noticeboard bags $1.2 mn from Stellaris, others (VCCircle)
  166. Businesses raise over €1m through Linked Finance (Munster Express)
  167. Tromsø entrepreneur received million investment: Allows you to travel Norway without leaving the office (Shifter)
  168. Schenectady motorcycle helmet startup raises $1 million (Times Union)
  169. FinTech Studios Secures $1 Million Seed Investment from KEC Ventures (Crowdfund Insider)
  170. Chat platform for hospitality industry raises $1 million (Business Journals )
  171. Australian security startup FunCaptcha raises $1m in a pre-Series A Investment round (PRNewswire )
  172. Apps creation co AppsVillage raises $1m (Globes)
  173. Wazp makes the most of Ikea buzz (BusinessPost)
  174. Slidebean picks up $850K and launches a new version of its presentation-building tool (TechCrunch)
  175. Bitcoin.com.au raises $815k in Series A round (EconoTimes)
  177. KickUp raised $730,000 to launch a new suite of edtech products (Technical.ly)
  178. Fintech startup Trupay raises $700K from Kae Capital, others (VCCircle)
  179. Edtech startup PlayAblo raises $600K (VCCircle)
  180. Struggling with workplace diversity? This startup is raising money to help (Washington Business Journal)
  181. Naveego Secures $500K Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  182. JE Dunn leads $500K round in smart apartment startup Homebase (Startland)
  183. GarageFarm.NET Ltd invests half a million dollars into cloud rendering (PRESS RELEASE ROCKET)
  184. Zeta Global acquires Boomtrain to bolster its machine learning tech (TechCrunch)
  185. Yunfeng Capital Leads New Funding Round In Chinese Tourism Solution Provider Davost Intelligence (China Money Network)
  186. Worthy Closes Seed Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  187. Worldline to acquire Digital River World Payments (Finextra – Innovation)
  188. What you need to know in advertising today (Business Insider Australia)
  189. WABCO Reports Q2 2017 Results; Continues to Strongly Outperform Global Commercial Vehicle Market; Raises Guidance for 2017 (Nasdaq)
  190. VR’s paths diverge: A question of scale (Game Industry Business)
  191. Visa makes strategic investment in card processing startup Marqeta (TechCrunch )
  192. Viber acquires Chatter Commerce, the startup behind its shopping keyboard (TechCrunch)
  193. UrthBox Acquires Food Subscription Service Bestowed (PRNewswire)
  194. Urban FT Acquires iParse To Bridge The Mobile Banking Gap (Pymnts)
  195. University Ventures acquires GradStaff, which rebrands as Avenica (PE HUB)
  196. Tradeweb Markets Makes Strategic Investment in DealVector (PR Newswire)
  197. TOP NEWS: WPP’s Grey Buys Majority Stake In France’s Extreme-Sensio (TD Direct Investing)
  198. Toast, supplier of restaurant software, lands big financing round (Boston Globe)
  199. TickSmith secures strategic investment from Illuminate Financial (Private Equity Wire)
  200. Thoma Bravo’s Infogix buys Data Clairvoyance (PE HUB)
  201. This Ethereum and Cryptocurrency Backed Micro-loan and Micro-credit Company is Disrupting Banking (Inc)
  202. The Carlyle Group enters into exclusive negotiations to acquire Præsidiad from CVC Fund VI (The Carlyle Group)
  203. The Boston Consulting Group Acquires Digital Design and Innovation Lab MAYA Design (MAYA)
  204. The acquisition of Datapoint Europe puts Sabio in the 70 Million (Computing)
  205. Tencent backs Indian education startup BYJU’s at a valuation of $800 million (TechCrunch )
  206. Telegraph Media Acquires the East Bay Express (East bay express)
  207. Techstars Venture Capital Fund Invests in Impact Health Series A Round (Techstars)
  208. Taptica Acquires Japanese Mobile Ad Company Adinnovation (Market Wired)
  209. Talixo Raises High 7-Digit Euro in Funding (FinSMEs)
  210. Supermarket Chain New Hua Du Acquires China’s Top Vending Machine Company (Caixin Global)
  211. Stripe acquires Payable to help on-demand businesses manage 1099 tax reporting (TechCrunch )
  212. Stillfront acquires German sports management game OFM and enters publishing agreement on Football Empire (Avanza)
  213. ST Engineering Acquires Aethon and Its Market-Leading Autonomous Mobile Robot Technology. (Business Wire)
  214. Social media analytics company Synthesio acquires Social Karma (TechCrunch )
  215. SNP AG Presses On With Internationalization and Takes Over South American ADEPCON Group (International Business Net )
  216. SK Telecom, SM Join Hands to Strengthen Content Business (Business Korea)
  217. SiteLock Extends Web Security Leadership with Acquisition of Patchman (Sitelock)
  218. Silverback Learning Solutions Acquires EdifyAssess (PRWeb)
  219. Shawn Carpenter’s RepIQ announces funding, official launch (Built In Chicago)
  220. Self Lender Raises More Cash to Help Consumers Build Credit (Xconomy)
  221. Seaport Capital buys Keg Logistics (PE HUB)
  222. Robot Finizens launches first savings plan for children (Eleconomista)
  223. Ridge Road Announces the Merger of TrialWorks and Needles (PR Newswire)
  224. Report: Amazon secretly acquired a Santa Barbara search startup to bolster Alexa (GeekWire)
  225. ReFLEX CES Partners with Orthogone Technologies to Provide Integrated Ethernet MAC/PCS IP Core Solutions on FPGA COTS Boards (PR Newswire)
  226. Quidel Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Alere Triage (Business Wire)
  227. Publicize PR Acquires Techli, Aims to Further Legacy as Top Publication on Midwest Innovation (Sociable)
  228. ProBility Media Corp., will acquire Cranbury International (Mandasoft)
  229. Planable, accepted at Techstars London and investment from the accelerator (Startup)
  230. Pixel Inspiration acquired by Bunzl (Prolific North)
  231. Permira joins payments rush by buying into Sweden’s Klarna (Reuters)
  232. Perch Security Receives Strategic Investment from Fishtech Group (FinSMEs)
  233. People’s United Bank acquires LEAF Commercial Capital (Vermontbiz)
  234. PE-backed Compeat to buy restaurant management software provider Ctuit (PE HUB)
  235. PE-backed Comark buys DLI (PE HUB)
  236. Patron Technology Announces Strategic Majority Investment by Providence Equity (Business Wire)
  237. Park Place Technologies Acquires Singapore-Based Performance Data (Telegraph India)
  238. P2P app Julo raises seed funding from Skystar Capital, others (Convergence VC)
  239. Outbrain Acquires Native Programmatic DSP Zemanta (MediaPost)
  240. Osram acquires 25.1 pct stake in venture-backed LeddarTech (PE HUB)
  241. OpenText to pick up Guidance Software (PitchBook Blog)
  242. One Championship raises series C Investment led by Sequoia India And Mission Holdings (International Business News)
  243. NEXTGEN acquires digital agency Bang Australia (Mumbrella)
  244. New Mountain Capital to Partner with Sparta Systems (PRNewswire)
  245. Netsmart Continues Post-Acute Expansion with DeVero Acquisition (Business Wire )
  246. Nautic Portfolio Company Source4Teachers Merges With ESS (PRNewswire)
  247. Nasdaq To Acquire Sybenetix (Nasdaq)
  248. MRSS acquires 100% stake in Market Probe Asia Pacific (Myinis)
  249. MobileRQ Acquired By Kochava (nwinnovation)
  250. Mobile Apps, Software, Cloud Data Services, Virtualization (Arrayent)
  251. Medium snaps up Talkshow and its public chat app (Engadget )
  252. Medici Ventures Announces Strategic Investment in Symbiont (Nasdaq)
  253. Mastercard Acquires Brighterion To Further Expand AI Capabilities (PYMNTS)
  255. Maple Media Acquires ROM Toolbox Pro Developer (Android Headlines)
  256. Korea Investment Partners Leads Funding Round In Cross-Border Fintech Firm Meixin Global (China Money Network)
  257. Konica Minolta Enters Telephony Market with Acquisition of TLS.NET (Global Newswire)
  258. KKR said to be in talks to buy WebMD (TechCrunch )
  259. Kae Capital Backs Online Gaming Startup Hypernova Interactive (Inc42)
  260. JSR to Acquire Lexi, Expand 3D Printing and Material Business (Japan Rubber Weekly)
  261. Jiran Security acquires SSR and mobigen (CNET)
  262. Japan: J-Star exits investments in Primagest to Orix (Deal Street Asia)
  263. j2 Global Completes Four Acquisitions in Q2 2017 (investor.j2global.com)
  264. j2 Global Completes Four Acquisitions in Q2 2017 (j2 Global)
  265. j2 Global Completes Four Acquisitions in Q2 2017 (j2 Global)
  266. iRiver Limited, will acquire Everysing (mna.im)
  267. INSIGHTS Sage Buys Intacct (E-Commerce Times)
  268. InfoSonics to acquire Cooltech (Tech Investor News)
  269. IDERA Acquires AquaFold to Expand Database Tools Business (Business Wire)
  270. HubSpot acquires AI startup Kemvi to arm salespeople with automated research (VentureBeat)
  271. Hong Kong Investment Company Acquires Japanese Electric Car Maker (ChinaTechNews)
  273. Green Packet acquires mobile payments solution provider Mobiduu (theedgemarkets.com)
  274. Graphcore’s AI chips now backed by Atomico, DeepMind’s Hassabis (TechCrunch)
  275. Garmin Acquires Alphamantis Technologies (SGB Media)
  276. Freshdesk owner Freshworks acquires Joe Hukum as it plans a move into chatbots (TechCrunch)
  277. Freeman Expands Into Sports And Entertainment Market With Acquisition Of BaAM (PRNewswire)
  278. Francisco Partners beats out Vector Capital for Sandvine (PitchBook Blog)
  279. Former Spirent GM buys Mobilethink and Tweakker from former company (GTB)
  280. FirstFuel Closes Q2 with Major New Utility Customers as it Expands Share of Global Utility Market (Business Wire)
  281. Fintech startup Monsoon CrediTech raises funds (Entrackr)
  282. FDAnews Joins WIRB-Copernicus Group (10 KTEN)
  283. Fashion Portal Elanic Acqui-Hires Recommerce Platform SecondCry (Inc42 )
  284. Farm Boy, Flash Food team up to create new app (Global News)
  285. FanAI Closes Venture Capital Funding (FinSMEs)
  286. Facebook acquires Source3 to get content creators paid (TechCrunch )
  287. Exclusive: Former Nokia exec backs AI-powered recruitment platform AirCTO (VCCircle)
  288. Exclusive: Food-tech startup MonkeyBox raises fresh funding from Blume, others (VCCircle)
  289. Exclusive: Ambulance aggregator Ambee raises seed funding from Uber, others (VCCircle)
  290. EV charging company Greenlots receives funding from utility group (UtilityDive)
  292. Estera extends global reach into Luxembourg with acquisition of Headstart (Estera)
  293. Epoch Partners Announces Strategic Investment From Reuters Venture Capital (PRNewswire )
  294. EatOut acquires EatinKigali, DoneDeals.Ug & thePearlGuide to expand in East Africa (Tech Moran)
  295. Discoverme is now Gustav (Gustav)
  296. Digitalkompetenz EY will Digitalberatung Etventure kaufen (Gruenderszene)
  297. Denver-based Ibotta in good company with new backing from major investment firm (Denver Post)
  298. Dentsu Aegis Network to acquire digital marketing agency Sokrati (VCCircle )
  299. DECOSTA Marketing to Join Malar Group Ushering in a New Global Communications Agency (Business Wire )
  301. Cubic Completes Acquisition of Deltenna Limited (Business Wire)
  302. Corning Acquires SpiderCloud Wireless (Nasdaq)
  303. Concentrix Expands Digital Services With Acquisition Of Tigerspike (PRNewswire)
  304. Clearlake-backed ConvergeOne buys Annese (PE HUB)
  305. Civica, acquired Carval Computing Ltd. (Mandasoft)
  306. Civica acquires HR software specialist Carval (Civica)
  307. Chicago Locals Love Their Startup Ecosystem (Tech Cocktail )
  308. Checkmarx Acquires Codebashing to Redefine Secure Coding Education (Checkmarx)
  309. Carlyle to invest in ZeroChaos (PE HUB)
  310. CapRelo Acquires Conduent’s Relocation & Assignment Services Business (HRO Today)
  311. Calypso acquires stake in Sernova Financial (Finextra)
  312. Cadence receives funding from 500 Startups, moves to San Francisco (Business Journals)
  313. By Mark Kleinman, City Editor (Sky News)
  314. Buro 24/7, acquired System Magazine (mna.im )
  315. Bright Health buys Minneapolis digital-marketing agency Spyder Trap – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal (Dailymarketinghub.Com)
  316. BRIEF-Indata acquires 25 pct stake in Indata IoT Labs (Reuters)
  317. BRIEF-Aeria to acquire Sakuragate via stock swap (Reuters)
  318. Blue Inductive Raises Undisclosed Funding (FinSMEs)
  319. Bill Gates Invests in Trucking Startup Convoy (Investopedia)
  320. Beyond Pricing acquires Smart Host (Tnooz)
  321. Battery Ventures Acquires German Geographic Information System Provider AED-SICAD (Unique.Finance)
  322. Avast Buys Piriform, the Company Behind CCleaner and Recuva (Bleeping Computer)
  323. Australian Innovation: Ideapod For Idea Sharing (Huffington Post)
  324. Associated Bank will buy Bank Mutual (Wisconsin State Journal)
  325. Artivatic.ai Raises Another Angel Round from Spark10 Accelerator (BW Disrupt)
  326. Aptos to Acquire TXT Retail, the Leading Global Provider of End-to-End Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solutions (IT News Online)
  327. Annapurna Microfinance raises fresh funds from Bamboo Capital, others (VCCircle)
  328. Amax International Holdings Limited, will acquire MostCore Limited (mna.im)
  329. Airangel acquires Captive.net and FDXTENDED in bid to boost channel growth (Airangel)
  330. ABILITY Network Acquires Secure Bill Pay (Ability Network)
  331. Abacus Group receives minority investment from WestView (Finextra )
  332. Z Capital buys horse racing publisher SIG (PE HUB)
  333. MidEast ride-hailing firm Careem buys stake in Egyptian transport start-up (Reuters)
  334. iRiver Limited, will acquire Everysing (Mandasoft)
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