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Internet Dealbook Q2 Report 2017


Weekly Update – July 21, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) –  $4,536,499,283               Total Deal Number – 410

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $700,000,000 ofo Consortium Transactions Investment
2 $410,000,000 SenseTime Consortium Software & Services Investment
3 $254,729,880 nDreams Mercia Technologies Games Investment
4 $125,000,000 STARZ PLAY Undisclosed Media Investment
5 $118,000,000 Dashu Finance PAG, Primavera Capital Group Transactions Investment
6 $100,000,000 CleanMax Solar Warburg Pincus Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
7 $100,000,000 Baturu Information Technology Warburg Pincus Transactions Investment
8 $90,000,000 Picup Technologies Undisclosed Transactions Investment
9 $88,000,000 Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur Undisclosed Transactions Investment
10 $76,000,000 Vroom Consortium Transactions Investment
11 $75,000,000 Darktrace Consortium Software & Services Investment
12 $74,000,000 Zhaogang Consortium Transactions Investment
13 $72,400,000 Cultura Colectiva Dalus Capital Media Investment
14 $66,000,000 Revolut Consortium Transactions Investment
15 $65,000,000 Consortium Transactions Investment
16 $64,000,000 Segment Consortium Marketing Investment
17 $63,000,000 Bitly Spectrum Equity Software & Services Investment
18 $60,000,000 Geek+ Warburg Pincus, Volcanics Venture Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
19 $50,000,000 Brandless Consortium Ecommerce Investment
20 $50,000,000 Chengjia Apartment Huazhu Hotels Group, IDG Capital Partners Transactions Investment
21 $50,000,000 CompareAsiaGroup Consortium Transactions Investment
22 $50,000,000 Hacarus Japan Finance Corporation, Future Venture Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
23 $50,000,000 Carzone CICC Alpha, Co-Stone Capital Transactions Investment
24 $48,000,000 MOVE Guides Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $42,000,000 Transfix Consortium Transactions Investment
26 $40,000,000 Assent Compliance Consortium Software & Services Investment
27 $40,000,000 Cubic Telecom Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
28 $40,000,000 Stash Consortium Transactions Investment
29 $40,000,000 ZeroFOX Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $36,000,000 DataGravity HyTrust Software & Services Acquisition
31 $36,000,000 HyTrust Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $34,000,000 iBabs Euronext Software & Services Acquisition
33 $34,000,000 HealthEdge Medica Software & Services Investment
34 $32,000,000 Deep Instinct Consortium Software & Services Investment
35 $30,000,000 Wrapp Nordea Transactions Investment
36 $30,000,000 Lianshang Consortium Transactions Investment
37 $30,000,000 Hudl Consortium Software & Services Investment
38 $28,500,000 Lastline Consortium Software & Services Investment
39 $28,000,000 Flashpoint Consortium Software & Services Investment
40 $26,000,000 FunFair Technologies Consortium Games Investment
41 $26,000,000 Push Doctor Consortium Transactions Investment
42 $25,000,000 Astroscale ANA Holdings, OSG Corporation Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
43 $25,000,000 Pendo Consortium Software & Services Investment
44 $23,500,000 Inpria Corporation Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
45 $23,037,000 Starflow Consortium Marketing Investment
46 $22,000,000 Shanghai Slamtec Consortium Software & Services Investment
47 $22,000,000 Slamtec Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
48 $21,000,000 UrbanClap Consortium Transactions Investment
49 $20,000,000 Amazon Pay (India) Amazon Transactions Investment
50 $20,000,000 Consortium Software & Services Investment
51 $20,000,000 Droom Technology Private Limited Consortium Transactions Investment
52 $18,300,000 Solera Health Consortium Transactions Investment
53 $18,000,000 Innoviti Consortium Transactions Investment
54 $18,000,000 Voices Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital Transactions Investment
55 $17,277,750 Nosto European Investment Bank (EIB) Transactions Investment
56 $17,000,000 AutoLotto Consortium Transactions Investment
57 $17,000,000 Framebridge Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $17,000,000 Ohpen Amerborgh Software & Services Investment
59 $16,500,000 Bevi Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
60 $15,900,000 PayFit Consortium Transactions Investment
61 $15,000,000 Bespin Global Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $15,000,000 Ephesoft Mercato Partners Software & Services Investment
63 $15,000,000 Lightbend Consortium Software & Services Investment
64 $15,000,000 Wellframe Consortium Transactions Investment
65 $14,802,753 Daydaycook Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Adrian Cheng Media Investment
66 $14,700,000 Bingobox Consortium Transactions Investment
67 $14,500,000 Floadia Corporation Consortium Software & Services Investment
68 $14,000,000 Intuition Robotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
69 $14,000,000 Tide Consortium Software & Services Investment
70 $13,605,442 Biovotion Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
71 $13,051,450 Metail TAL Apparel Software & Services Investment
72 $13,000,000 Instarem Consortium Transactions Investment
73 $12,215,000 Santiment Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
74 $12,000,000 Care/of Consortium Transactions Investment
75 $12,000,000 Engage3 Consortium Software & Services Investment
76 $10,500,000 Buoyant Consortium Software & Services Investment
77 $10,441,160 Curve Banco Santander Transactions Investment
78 $10,000,000 Continuum Analytics Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
79 $10,000,000 Hutch Zillow Mobile & Apps Investment
80 $10,000,000 Sunrate China Growth Capital Transactions Investment
81 $10,000,000 Yamibuy Consortium Ecommerce Investment
82 $10,000,000 Squirro Orange Growth Capital (OGC), Salesforce Ventures Software & Services Investment
83 $9,787,452 Comtravo Creandum, Project A Ventures Transactions Investment
84 $9,513,045 Worldsensing Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
85 $9,100,000 OnboardIQ Consortium Transactions Investment
86 $9,000,000 Plum Khosla Ventures, Las Olas Venture Capital (LOVC) Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
87 $8,500,000 BeMyGuest Consortium Transactions Investment
88 $8,500,000 Jumbotail Kalaari Capital, Nexus Venture Partner Transactions Investment
89 $8,000,000 Applitools Consortium Software & Services Investment
90 $8,000,000 Cover Social Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
91 $7,900,000 Entefy Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
92 $7,500,000 OwnBackup Consortium Software & Services Investment
93 $7,400,000 Zanroo Shift Ventures Software & Services Investment
94 $7,200,000 Aptrinsic Opus Capital, Storm Ventures Marketing Investment
95 $7,162,650 Easy Payment Gateway Alejandro Betancourt, Andreas Mihalovits Transactions Investment
96 $7,000,000 Stratifyd Consortium Software & Services Investment
97 $7,000,000 Velan Studios Velan Ventures Games Investment
98 $6,991,515 Otovo Akershus Energi, OBOS Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
99 $6,908,790 Foxintelligence Consortium Software & Services Investment
100 $6,500,000 Healthify Consortium Software & Services Investment
101 $6,500,000 Open Listings Consortium Transactions Investment
102 $6,500,000 Qloo Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
103 $6,000,000 Nexalogy Datametrex Software & Services Acquisition
104 $6,000,000 Stidner Svea Ekonomi Software & Services Investment
105 $5,700,000 Side Consortium Transactions Investment
106 $5,400,000 Saucey Consortium Ecommerce Investment
107 $5,200,000 Insticator Consortium Marketing Investment
108 $5,183,325 Dimension10 Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
109 $5,157,675 Conjoule Innogy Innovation Hub, TEPCO Transactions Investment
110 $5,000,000 Amovens Macif Transactions Investment
111 $5,000,000 Myocardial Solutions Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
112 $5,000,000 RiskLens Consortium Software & Services Investment
113 $5,000,000 Site 1001 TIFEC Software & Services Investment
114 $5,000,000 Sphre Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
115 $4,700,000 TeleStax LiveOak Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
116 $4,605,860 Yoopies Philippe Pinault, Stéphane Romanyszyn Transactions Investment
117 $4,558,050 Poq Barclays PLC Software & Services Investment
118 $4,558,050 Quill Smedvig Capital, Panoramic Growth Equity Marketing Investment
119 $4,500,000 iBeat Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
120 $4,500,000 inXile Entertainment Gumi Ventures Games Investment
121 $4,500,000 DBmaestro Consortium Software & Services Investment
122 $4,500,000 UVeye Consortium Software & Services Investment
123 $4,000,000 DataCamp Arthur Ventures Software & Services Investment
124 $4,000,000 OneDome Edward Rumble, David Giampaolo Software & Services Investment
125 $3,906,900 enModus Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
126 $3,569,805 Bokio Consortium Software & Services Investment
127 $3,500,000 Astronomer Consortium Software & Services Investment
128 $3,500,000 Chronometriq Bridgescale Partners Transactions Investment
129 $3,500,000 Element Data Archibald Cox, Flying Fish Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
130 $3,500,000 CASEonIT Inveready Technology Investment Group Software Services Investment
131 $3,454,395 Consortium Transactions Investment
132 $3,438,450 POSpulse Paul Kraut, High-Tech Gruenderfonds Software & Services Investment
133 $3,425,000 Bluechiip Limited Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
134 $3,209,220 Kima Ventures, Daphni Software & Services Investment
135 $3,100,000 Miso Robotics Acacia Research Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
136 $3,000,000 Knowledgemotion NVM Private Equity Media Investment
137 $3,000,000 Smart Auto Systems Mitsui & Co Transactions Investment
138 $3,000,000 Sparrho Consortium Media Investment
139 $3,000,000 Assignar Our Innovation Fund Software & Services Investment
140 $2,865,375 HostnFly Kima Ventures, Partech Ventures Software & Services Investment
141 $2,700,000 Datatron Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
142 $2,600,000 Entrupy DG Lab Fund, Daiwa Securities Group Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
143 $2,500,000 AIMS Innovation Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
144 $2,500,000 Higher Ground Labs Undisclosed Transactions Investment
145 $2,500,000 Haste Consortium Software & Services Investment
146 $2,400,000 BloomAPI Consortium Software & Services Investment
147 $2,344,140 Catapult Consortium Transactions Investment
148 $2,250,000 Aerial Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
149 $2,250,000 Fabogo Dunamis Ventures Transactions Investment
150 $2,000,000 Cashlez Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI), Gan Kapital Transactions Investment
151 $2,000,000 Metamoto Consortium Software & Services Investment
152 $2,000,000 Turnkey Lender Vertex Ventures Software & Services Investment
153 $2,000,000 Circle Media Labs Sky Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
154 $2,000,000 EFTsure Our Innovation Fund Software & Services Investment
155 $2,000,000 Fastbrick Robotics Caterpillar Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
156 $2,000,000 JetClosing Trilogy Equity Partners Transactions Investment
157 $2,000,000 Previse Consortium Transactions Investment
158 $1,900,000 ReadyDock Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
159 $1,800,000 FairClaims Consortium Transactions Investment
160 $1,800,000 PeopleGrove Consortium Transactions Investment
161 $1,692,990 Powervault Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
162 $1,600,000 Repsly Consortium Software & Services Investment
163 $1,600,000 Zently Montage Ventures Transactions Investment
164 $1,500,000 LunchBadger Pelion Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
165 $1,500,000 Matcherino Consortium Transactions Investment
166 $1,500,000 Sendence Consortium Software & Services Investment
167 $1,500,000 Bibblio 01 Ventures Marketing Investment
168 $1,500,000 Hive Project Undisclosed Transactions Investment
169 $1,497,645 Zzish Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
170 $1,432,530 Locums Nest IDO Investments, Albion Capital Group Transactions Investment
171 $1,432,530 Motivii Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
172 $1,432,530 Lavanda Consortium Transactions Investment
173 $1,400,000 SavingStar Consortium Transactions Investment
174 $1,381,758 Whipper Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
175 $1,250,000 Macrovue Consortium Transactions Investment
176 $1,250,000 Sharkbite Games Consortium Games Investment
177 $1,151,850 itravel Digital Tech Fund Transactions Investment
178 $1,151,850 Nektria Digital Tech Fund Software & Services Investment
179 $1,151,465 Foodout Group Chernovetskyi Investment Group Transactions Investment
180 $1,140,000 Force Field VR Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
181 $1,100,000 AdQuick Consortium Transactions Investment
182 $1,084,912 Bynk LMK Ventures, Schibsted Growth Transactions Investment
183 $1,000,000 Ably Forward Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
184 $1,000,000 Encrypgen Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
185 $1,000,000 Goodnest Consortium Transactions Investment
186 $1,000,000 Rewired Solutions Consortium Transactions Investment
187 $1,000,000 Billionloans Reliance Capital Transactions Investment
188 $1,000,000 Bluesmart Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
189 $1,000,000 Clip App India Quotient, Shunwei Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
190 $1,000,000 HouseLens Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
191 $1,000,000 Pacemaker Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
192 $1,000,000 PopBookings Missouri Technology Corporation, iSelect Software & Services Investment
193 $1,000,000 ShareRoot Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
194 $1,000,000 Survicate ARIA Fund Software & Services Investment
195 $1,000,000 Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd Transactions Investment
196 $1,000,000 UrbanYou Arun Nair, Equity Venture Partners Transactions Investment
197 $921,480 Small Teaser Consortium Transactions Investment
198 $911,610 yourfeed Rakesh Bhasin Marketing Investment
199 $806,001 Tracktor Kerala Ventures, BTP Capital Investissement Transactions Investment
200 $800,000 Provenance Consortium Software & Services Investment
201 $710,000 Esquify Consortium Software & Services Investment
202 $600,000 Dropcountr Consortium Transactions Investment
203 $500,000 Second Closet Micheal Hyatt, Richard Hyatt Transactions Investment
204 $500,000 Flinks Undisclosed Transactions Investment
205 Undisclosed Huodongxing Consortium Transactions Investment
206 Undisclosed Cintric UberMedia Software & Services Acquisition
207 Undisclosed Computational Engineering International Ansys Software & Services Acquisition
208 Undisclosed Covalent Data Wellspring Software & Services Acquisition
209 Undisclosed Endeavor Commerce Vendavo Software & Services Acquisition
210 Undisclosed Jade Software Skipton Building Society Software & Services Acquisition
211 Undisclosed Login Profile Systems & Software Software & Services Acquisition
212 Undisclosed OnX Enterprise Solutions Cincinnati Bell Software & Services Acquisition
213 Undisclosed ROTRONIC Analytical Industries Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
214 Undisclosed Skycure Symantec Software & Services Acquisition
215 Undisclosed SynGro MARU Group Software & Services Acquisition
216 Undisclosed AudienceView Ticketing Media Acquisition
217 Undisclosed OvationTix AudienceView Ticketing Transactions Acquisition
218 Undisclosed U.S. Sensor Littelfuse Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
219 Undisclosed Western Security Systems Mountain Acquisition Company Software & Services Acquisition
220 Undisclosed Zayfti Spira Data Software & Services Acquisition
221 Undisclosed Zetta Arcserve Software & Services Acquisition
222 Undisclosed Arcatron Mobility Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
223 Undisclosed Becker’s Hospital Review Pamlico Capital Media Investment
224 Undisclosed Bookingjini Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
225 Undisclosed Caroobi Consortium Transactions Investment
226 Undisclosed ChiroTouch Waud Capital Partners Software Services Investment
227 Undisclosed Clear Ballot Group Consortium Software & Services Investment
228 Undisclosed ClearServe Undisclosed Transactions Investment
229 Undisclosed Design Cafe Consortium Transactions Investment
230 Undisclosed Drayson Technologies Group Woodford Investment Management Software & Services Investment
231 Undisclosed Foom Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
232 Undisclosed SignUpGenius PSG Transactions Acquisition
233 Undisclosed Game Digital Sports Direct International Games Investment
234 Undisclosed Grab SoftBank, Didi Chuxing Transactions Investment
235 Undisclosed Gridspace Consortium Software & Services Investment
236 Undisclosed Digital River World Payment Worldline Transactions Acquisition
237 Undisclosed Ressy Eatigo Transactions Acquisition
238 Undisclosed Neff H&E Equipment Services Transactions Acquisition
239 Undisclosed Profitek SA Industrial Communications ANSYS Software & Services Acquisition
240 Undisclosed MullenLowe Salt Mullen Lowe Group Marketing Acquisition
241 Undisclosed Lume Games Next Games Games Acquisition
242 Undisclosed DGM59 LINE Corporation Marketing Acquisition
243 Undisclosed Songkick Warner Music Group Transactions Acquisition
244 Undisclosed Swipe Labs Uber Mobile & Apps Acquisition
245 Undisclosed BokaRum Transactions Acquisition
246 Undisclosed Campus SIMs Ultra Mobile Mobile & Apps Acquisition
247 Undisclosed Corsair Components EagleTree Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
248 Undisclosed Global AlertLink Resolver Software & Services Acquisition
249 Undisclosed Infor – micro verticals Avaap Software & Services Acquisition
250 Undisclosed InterNations GmbH XING Transactions Acquisition
251 Undisclosed Object Trading Vela Trading Technologies Transactions Acquisition
252 Undisclosed Observable Networks Cisco Software & Services Acquisition
253 Undisclosed PathSource AcademixDirect Software & Services Acquisition
254 Undisclosed StackIQ Teradata Software & Services Acquisition
255 Undisclosed SwipeClock Inverness Graham Investments Software & Services Acquisition
256 Undisclosed thjnk WPP Marketing Acquisition
257 Undisclosed TradersCrux Salem Media Group Transactions Acquisition
258 Undisclosed Waterfall International Upland Software Marketing Acquisition
259 Undisclosed 47Lining REAN Cloud Software & Services Acquisition
260 Undisclosed Accounting Pilot & Bridge Project American Institute of CPAs Transactions Acquisition
261 Undisclosed Aethon Inmar Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
262 Undisclosed Dexter & Chaney Viewpoint Software & Services Acquisition
263 Undisclosed Digital Media Centre (DMC) TVT Media Acquisition
264 Undisclosed DMTI Spatial Digital Map Products Software & Services Acquisition
265 Undisclosed EuroSet Megafon Mobile & Apps Acquisition
266 Undisclosed FDI Compass Conway Data, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
267 Undisclosed Female Funders Highline BETA Transactions Acquisition
268 Undisclosed Global Information Source InfoMart Transactions Acquisition
269 Undisclosed Halli Labs Google Software & Services Acquisition
270 Undisclosed HKETC First Asia Holdings Transactions Acquisition
271 Undisclosed Hudman Solutions Advanced Inc Software & Services Acquisition
272 Undisclosed Isle of Wight County Press Newsquest Media Acquisition
273 Undisclosed Jhana Franklin Covey Co Software & Services Acquisition
274 Undisclosed Poll Star Oakview Group Media Acquisition
275 Undisclosed Quark Parallax Capital Software & Services Acquisition
276 Undisclosed Relayware Zift Solutions, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
277 Undisclosed SpaceView Atheer Software & Services Acquisition
278 Undisclosed Spread Visiativ Marketing Acquisition
279 Undisclosed Tartan Group Beattie Tartan Marketing Acquisition
280 Undisclosed The ILS Group The SRG-ILS Group Marketing Acquisition
281 Undisclosed The Robot Report WTWH Media LLC Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
282 Undisclosed Ventacor Tacton Systems Software & Services Acquisition
283 Undisclosed Wealth Design Services Mercer Advisors Transactions Acquisition
284 Undisclosed Zuver DRIVEU Transactions Acquisition
285 Undisclosed Guilded Y Combinator Games Investment
286 Undisclosed Eastern Bell Venture Capital, Woofoo Capital Transactions Investment
287 Undisclosed iCapital Network BlackRock, UBS Financial Services Transactions Investment
288 Undisclosed Kitcast SMRK VC Fund Software & Services Investment
289 Undisclosed Markpro CPA Global Software & Services Investment
290 Undisclosed Money Education Leeds Equity Partners Transactions Investment
291 Undisclosed NBT Solutions Consortium Software & Services Investment
292 Undisclosed Nok Nok Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
293 Undisclosed nPhase Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
294 Undisclosed PayStand LEAP Global Partners Transactions Investment
295 Undisclosed Pixoneye Banco Santander Software & Services Investment
296 Undisclosed RecordGram New World Angels Mobile & Apps Investment
297 Undisclosed Smartvid io Consortium Transactions Investment
298 Undisclosed Stellapps Consortium Software & Services Investment
299 Undisclosed Tailify Awin Marketing Investment
300 Undisclosed TalkJS BOM Capital Software & Services Investment
301 Undisclosed Tezos Undisclosed Transactions Investment
302 Undisclosed TicWatches Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
303 Undisclosed Tinitell Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
304 Undisclosed Trumid Financial Deutsche Börse Transactions Investment
305 Undisclosed VDeliver Consortium Transactions Investment
306 Undisclosed Acuntia VINCI Energies Software & Services Acquisition
307 Undisclosed AddPro Adelis Equity Partners Marketing Acquisition
308 Undisclosed AeroMobil InfraPartners Management Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
309 Undisclosed AÉRYNE Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
310 Undisclosed Aquila Insight Merkle Software & Services Acquisition
311 Undisclosed Archway Technology Partners SEI Investments Software & Services Acquisition
312 Undisclosed Arjo Systems HID Global Software & Services Acquisition
313 Undisclosed Arrium GFG Alliance Software & Services Acquisition
314 Undisclosed AxiomSL TCV Software & Services Investment
315 Undisclosed Beadles Group Group 1 Automotive Transactions Acquisition
316 Undisclosed Catena Media Media Acquisition
317 Undisclosed bintec elmeg Security Secunet Security Networks Software & Sevices Acquisition
318 Undisclosed Blue Chip GCI Com Transactions Acquisition
319 Undisclosed Buckaroo BlackFin Capital Partners Transactions Acquisition
320 Undisclosed burrp! BookMyShow Transactions Acquisition
321 Undisclosed Buyseasons Rubie’s Costume Company Transactions Acquisition
322 Undisclosed Capstone Supply ABC Supply Software & Services Acquisition
323 Undisclosed Consortium Transactions Investment
324 Undisclosed CerebrEX Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, UMC Capital Transactions Investment
325 Undisclosed Chip & PIN Solutions Valitor Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
326 Undisclosed Cloudified Limited Falanx Group Ltd Software & Sevices Acquisition
327 Undisclosed Comencia DigitalTown Transactions Acquisition
328 Undisclosed Comply365 Luminate Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
329 Undisclosed Cyber Sciences Patoka Capital LLC Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
330 Undisclosed Deep Imaging Technologies Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
331 Undisclosed Divvit Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
332 Undisclosed Docdata Payments CM Telecom Transactions Acquisition
333 Undisclosed Echo Payment Systems Rebel Venture Fund Transactions Investment
334 Undisclosed Foodout Group Transactions Acquisition
335 Undisclosed Elma Instruments Indutrade Media Acquisition
336 Undisclosed Enforcive Vision Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
337 Undisclosed Enoro Hansen Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
338 Undisclosed Entanet CityFibre Software & Services Acquisition
339 Undisclosed Excelsys Technologies Advanced Energy Industries Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
340 Undisclosed Experior QualiTest Group Software & Services Acquisition
341 Undisclosed Yoopies Transactions Acquisition
342 Undisclosed Fine Tec Exclusive Group Software & Services Acquisition
343 Undisclosed Fireglass Symantec Software & Services Acquisition
344 Undisclosed HALTERREGO WE CONNECT group Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
345 Undisclosed Hamilton Bright Advantage Smollan Marketing Acquisition
346 Undisclosed Health & Parenting Koninklijke Philips Mobile & Apps Acquisition
347 Undisclosed Herd MSL Publicis Groupe Marketing Acquisition
348 Undisclosed Hill Top Security Big Wind Capital Inc Software & Services Acquisition
349 Undisclosed Httpool IMS Marketing Acquisition
350 Undisclosed Humany Telia Software & Services Acquisition
351 Undisclosed InfoTrellis Mastech Digital Software & Services Acquisition
352 Undisclosed Jukirco PT Wallezz Finansial Teknologi Transactions Acquisition
353 Undisclosed JumpStart Games NetDragon Games Acquisition
354 Undisclosed Kangarootime Consortium Software & Services Investment
355 Undisclosed KEYMILE ABB Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
356 Undisclosed KITT.AI Baidu Software & Services Acquisition
357 Undisclosed Ksquare Infolob Solutions Inc Software & Services Acquisition
358 Undisclosed Kwang Woo Information & Communication Fortune Global Transactions Acquisition
359 Undisclosed LEFCON ITPS Software & Services Acquisition
360 Undisclosed Loco2 Transactions Acquisition
361 Undisclosed Marias Technology Haines Family Transactions Acquisition
362 Undisclosed Mi9 Retail General Atlantic Software & Services Investment
363 Undisclosed Mighty Bear Games Global Founders Capital Games Investment
364 Undisclosed Minjar Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
365 Undisclosed Mobihall Mobile & Apps Acquisition
366 Undisclosed Mobilesgate Mobile & Apps Acquisition
367 Undisclosed MortgageGym Henry Ritchotte Transactions Investment
368 Undisclosed MunchOn Odin Holdings LLC Transactions Investment
369 Undisclosed MV-Nordic A/S Vitec Software Group AB Transactions Acquisition
370 Undisclosed Tibco software Software & Services Acquisition
371 Undisclosed NCI HIG Capital Software & Services Acquisition
372 Undisclosed Nektan Marketing Solutions Nektan USA Marketing Acquisition
373 Undisclosed Network Ten Undisclosed Media Investment
374 Undisclosed NMi Gaming Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Software & Services Acquisition
375 Undisclosed Noble Communications Gatesman Marketing Acquisition
376 Undisclosed Nostrum Group Equiniti Transactions Acquisition
377 Undisclosed NubeliU Logicalis Software & Services Acquisition
378 Undisclosed Odava MassRoots Software & Services Acquisition
379 Undisclosed Optosecurity Vanderlande Software & Services Acquisition
380 Undisclosed Pandascore Consortium Games Investment
381 Undisclosed Paysbuy Omise Transactions Acquisition
382 Undisclosed PC-1 Connect Managed Services Software & Services Acquisition
383 Undisclosed PCA FRANCE WE CONNECT group Transactions Acquisition
384 Undisclosed PointPredictive Mosaik Partners Transactions Investment
385 Undisclosed QubeChain, LLC. Consortium Software & Services Investment
386 Undisclosed Quick Call Navigant Technologies Private Ltd Transactions Acquisition
387 Undisclosed RES Software Ivanti Software & Services Acquisition
388 Undisclosed Ruangguru UOB Venture Management Transactions Investment
389 Undisclosed Sandvine Sand Grove Capital Management Software & Services Investment
390 Undisclosed Sarbacane Software Ardian Software & Services Investment
391 Undisclosed SC Biz News BridgeTower Media Media Acquisition
392 Undisclosed SigNet Technologies Convergint Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
393 Undisclosed SLPA HIG Capital Software & Services Acquisition
394 Undisclosed SO What Global Havas Group Marketing Acquisition
395 Undisclosed Syncsort Centerbridge Partners LP Software & Services Acquisition
396 Undisclosed TCEG Huntsworth Marketing Acquisition
397 Undisclosed TechJini Solutions Pvt Ltd Datamatics Mobile & Apps Acquisition
398 Undisclosed Third Bridge Group IK Investment Partners Software & Services Investment
399 Undisclosed TNG Inc Point B Inc Marketing Acquisition
400 Undisclosed Tonsser Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
401 Undisclosed Tribridge DXC Technology Software & Services Acquisition
402 Undisclosed BYJU’S Transactions Acquisition
403 Undisclosed Ulobby CAPNOVA Software & Services Investment
404 Undisclosed Upserve Consortium Software & Services Investment
405 Undisclosed Upwardly Sreeram Iyer, Suvo Sarkar Transactions Investment
406 Undisclosed Vision Solutions Centerbridge Partners LP Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
407 Undisclosed VOD Swift Networks Group Ltd. Media Acquisition
408 Undisclosed Volume Technologies Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
409 Undisclosed Worldpay Vantiv Transactions Acquisition
410 Undisclosed Undisclosed Transactions Investment

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  35. Nordea invests 30 million in Wrapp (Digital)
  36. China Renaissance Co-Leads $30M Round In Fabric Trading Platform Lianshang (China Money Network)
  37. Middle Bit: Iowa DNR eliminates jobs, dissolves forestry bureau; Nebraska sports company Hudl raises $30 million (
  38. Thomvest leads $28.5 mln Series C financing of Lastline (PE HUB)
  39. Flashpoint Announces $28 Million Series C Led by Georgian Partners (
  40. Funfair Token Presale Raises $26 Million In 4 Hours (PRNewswire)
  41. Push Doctor, an app that lets you video call a doctor, raises $26.1M Series B (TechCrunch)
  42. Space debris removal startup Astroscale raises $25 million (
  43. Pendo closes $25M Series C from Meritech to scale its customer understanding platform (TechCrunch)
  44. EUV Photoresist Pioneer Inpria Raises $23.5 Million in Series B Funding Led by Samsung Ventures (Business Wire)
  45. Platform for influencers to take in 20 million for launch (Digital)
  46. Chinese Academy Of Sciences Unit Leads $22M Round In Robot Sensor Firm Slamtec (China Money Network)
  47. China Digest: Eastern Bell VC leads series B in Zhenkunhang; Slamtec raises $22m (Deal Street Asia)
  48. UrbanClap secures US$21M to connect you with local services providers in India; IPO on the anvil (e27 News )
  49. Amazon Pay gets $20 mn from parent, rolls out third-party payment services (VCCircle)
  50. Israeli SaaS AI co raises $20m ( )
  51. Droom gets $20M in Series C funding from Integrated Asset Management and Digital Garage Ventures (
  52. With $18.3M in new funding, Solera Health looks beyond diabetes prevention (Mobil Health News)
  53. Innoviti receives $18m for Series B funding round (Fintech Roundup)
  55. Finnish ecommerce startup Nosto receives €15 million loan from the European Investment Bank (
  56. Fintech Startup AutoLotto Raises $17 Million (Newscenter,io)
  57. Framebridge adds $17M in funding as it takes custom framing mainstream (TechCrunch)
  58. Ohpen Garners $17 Million Investment (Finovate)
  59. Bevi Raises $16.5M in Series B Funding (
  60. PayFit raises $15.9 million to manage European payrolls (TechCrunch)
  61. Bespin Global Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding Led by Legend Capital (Business Wire )
  62. Ephesoft earns $15m investment from Mercato Partners (BankingTech)
  63. IBM Participates in Strategic Investment in Lightbend (Nasdaq)
  64. F-Prime Capital leads Wellframe’s $15M round to expand mobile patient engagement, care management platform (Mobi Health News)
  65. DayDayCook raises 100 million yuan in Series B funding (South China Morning Post)
  66. BingoBox’s AI-powered convenience store raises $14.7M in funding (
  67. Floadia Closes US$14.5M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  68. Intuition Robotics raises another $14 million, this time from Toyota Research Institute (TechCrunch)
  69. UK’s Tide raises $14M to challenge big banks with a mobile-first service for SMBs (TechCrunch)
  70. Biovotion: final closing of CHF13M Series A financing round (Startup Ticker)
  71. Metail scores £10m Series B to boost operations in Asia (Tech City News)
  72. Cross-border payments startup InstaReM raises $13M in new round of funding (YourStory)
  73. Crpyto Data Feed Platform Santiment Raises $12.215 Million in Token Crowdsale (Cyptocoins News)
  74. Care/of Raises $12 Million Series A Led By Goodwater Capital (Business Wir)
  75. Engage3 Raises $12 Million in Series B Funding from Retail Technology Focused Venture Groups (PR Web)
  76. Buoyant raises $10.5M Series A round as it looks to bring service meshes to the masses (TechCrunch)
  77. London-based mobile banking start-up Curve bags £8m of investment after signing up 50k users (This is money)
  78. Continuum Analytics Raises $10 Million (
  79. Hutch Lands $10M Series A Investment (VC News Daily)
  80. China: Yamibuy secures $10m Series A; Fintech startup Sunrate raises funding (Deal Street Asia)
  81. Yamibuy Announces $10 Million Series A Investment Led by GGV Capital (PR Newswire)
  82. Squirro Completes Financing Round of $10 Million Led by Orange Growth Capital (
  83. Comtravo brings in €8.5 million in funding (TNooz)
  84. News: Worldsensing Raises €8.3 Million in Series B Financing (WorldSensing)
  85. OnboardIQ raises $9.1 million to automate hiring for hourly workers (TechCrunch)
  86. Plum Raises $9M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  87. Brief: BeMyGuest closes series A, bringing total funds to $8.5m (TechInAsia)
  88. Jumbotail raises $8.5mn in Series A from Kalaari Capital and Nexus Venture Partners (
  89. [Press Release] Applitools Raises $8 Million Round Led by Sierra Ventures to Expand its AI-powered SaaS Visual Application Testing and Monitoring Solution (Applitools)
  90. Cover raises $8 million to insure your belongings (TechCrunch)
  91. Entefy Raises $7.9 Million (Newscenter,io)
  92. OwnBackup grabs $7.5M Series B investment for SaaS data backup service (TechCrunch)
  93. Martech startup Zanroo closes $7.4m Series A, aims to be first Thai unicorn by 2019 (Deal Street Asia)
  94. Aptrinsic Raises $7.2M in Series A (Deal Street Asia)
  95. Easy Payment Gateway targets betting industry expansion following £5.5 million funding round (SBC News)
  96. Stratifyd $7.00 million Financing. Xiaoyu Derek Wang Published Jul 6 form D (Finance News Daily)
  97. Velan Studios Secures $7 Million in Series A Funding For Ongoing Investment in Experimental Games Initiatives (VentureBeat)
  98. Norwegian energy startup Otovo raises €6.1 million in new funding (
  99. Foxintelligence Raises €6m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  100. Healthify Raises $6.5M Series A (VC News Daily)
  101. Open Listings raised $6.5M to help you buy a home without an annoying agent (TechCrunch)
  102. Qloo Raises $6.5m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  103. Everfront Ventures(Datametrex) to acquire Nexalogy for $6-million (
  104. Stidner gets Svea Ekonomi as an investor for SEK 6M. (nordic9)
  105. Side raises $5.7 million to match students with companies for short-term jobs (TechCrunch)
  106. On-demand alcohol-delivery startup Saucey raises $5.4 million more (TechCrunch)
  107. Insticator Secures $5.2M in Series A Funding (VC News Daily)
  108. VR company Dimension10 picked up 4.5 million. Then they traveled to the United States to meet Google and HTC. (
  109. Blockchain Energy Startup Conjoule Raises €4.5 Million Series A (Coindesk)
  110. Five million for Amovens in their challenge to compete against Blablacar (ABC)
  111. Myocardial Solutions raises $5m (Mass Device)
  112. RiskLens Secures $5M Series A Equity Investment (VCA Online)
  113. JE Dunn leads $5M round in a local, ‘skunkworks’ tech spinout (Startland News)
  114. Sphre Raises Over $5 Million in XID Token Sale to Bring Identity Management to the Blockchain (Bitcoin Agile)
  115. Austin Communications App Company Secures $4.7M Round with Local VCs (Austinno)
  116. Yoopies raises € 4 million to dominate the European market for personal services (French Web)
  117. Retail app Poq gets £3.5m, brings total to £7m (Tech City News)
  118. Content production firm Quill closes £3.5m Series B (Tech City News)
  119. iBeat, the Lifesaving Smartwatch, Extends Seed Round to $4.5 Million; Builds Out Executive Bench with Hires from Apple and Stanford (Business Wire)
  120. InXile gets $4.5 million investment from Gumi for an open-world survival RPG VR game (Venture Beat )
  121. DBmaestro Raises $4.5 Million Led by Vertex Ventures to Drive Market Adoption of DevSecOps for Databases (
  122. UVeye raises $4.5M to use computer vision to inspect underside of vehicles at security checkpoints (TechCrunch)
  123. e-learning platform DataCamp secures $4M and goes B2B RSS (
  124. EXCLUSIVE: London PropTech firm OneDome closes $4m Series A (Tech City News)
  125. Welsh startup enModus closes £3m Series A (Tech City News )
  126. Automated Accounting Company Bokio Raises €3.1m Series Seed Led by Creandum (Arctic Startup)
  127. Astronomer raises $3.5M to make data analytics more accessible (TechCrunch)
  129. Decision Supporting Platform Element Data Closes $3.5M Series Seed Plus Round (BW disrupt)
  130. Case on IT closed a round of investment of 3.5 million (
  131. Raises €3M in Funding (FinSMEs )
  132. Shopper analytics startup POSpulse raises €3 million in fresh funding (
  133. Bluechiip Ltd Raises $3.425 Million From Rights Issue And Placement (BioSpace)
  134. French fintech startup Shine completes a €2.8 million financing round (
  135. Miso Robotics Raises $3.1M For Burger Flipping Robot (SoCal – Tech)
  136. NVM invests £3m in Knowledgemotion (Realdeals)
  137. Automotive tech firm Smart Auto Systems bags $3 mn from Mitsui (VC Circle)
  138. Sparrho raises $3 million to democratize access to science research (VentureBeat)
  139. Construction tech start-up Assignar raises $3 million Series A growth funding round (
  140. HostnFly, € 2.5 million to maximize rental revenue Airbnb (FrenchWeb)
  141. Datatron raises $2.7M to help companies query real-time and historical data (TechCrunch)
  142. Entrupy picks up $2.6 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  143. AIMS Innovation raises $2.5M for its SaaS platform. (
  144. This group of Obama alums has raised $2.5 million to improve Democrats’ tech tools (Re/code )
  145. Software startup Haste raises $2.5 million (
  146. BloomAPI locks down $2.4M to fix medical record releases (TechCrunch)
  147. On-demand staffing app Catapult gets £1.8m from Global Founders Capital (Tech City News)
  148. Motion detection startup Aerial Technologies raises $2.25 mln in VC (PE HUB)
  149. GlamTech Startup Fabogo Secures $2.25 Mn From Dubai Based Dunamis Ventures (Indian Web 2)
  150. Brief: Cashlez raises $2m to expand operations in Indonesia (TechInAsia)
  151. Autonomous System Simulation Startup Metamoto Raises $2M (Business Wire)
  152. Singapore: Vertex Ventures invests $2m in Turnkey Lender (Deal Street Asia)
  153. Sky invests US$2m in connected device firm Circle Media Labs (
  154. Fintech EFTsure raises $2 million Series A to build out secure payments data platform (Startup Daily)
  155. Caterpillar backs bricklaying robot with $2 million investment (
  156. JetClosing raises another $2M, will expand real estate closing process service to more states (
  157. Previse secures $2 million seed funding for AI-based instant B2B payments service for SMEs (Finextra)
  158. ReadyDock raises $1.9M Series A (Hartford Business)
  159. Fairclaims raises $1.8 million to be a virtual “Judge Judy” (TechCrunch)
  160. PeopleGrove Raises $1.8 Million to Connect Students, Professionals with Mentors (EdSurge )
  161. Powervault’s Fourth Crowdfunding Campaign Nears £1.3 Million During The Final Days on Crowdcube (Crowdfund Insider)
  162. Repsly Raises $1.6M as Startup Becomes Cash-Flow Positive (Bostinno)
  163. With $1.6 million in funding, Zently now helps roommates split bills (TechCrunch)
  164. Special Announcement: LunchBadger raises 1.5M investment to reduce complexity working with APIs (LunchBadger)
  165. Fintech Startup Matcherino Secures $1.5 Million (
  166. Sendence closes $1.5m seed round to simplify deployment of real-time applications (TechCrunch)
  167. Bibblio closes $1.5m Seed led by 01 Ventures (Tech City News)
  168. 100 hours since Hive Project ICO started: over USD 1.5 million raised from nearly 900 participants! (Medium)
  169. Former Google employee’s edTech startup exceeds its £1.15m funding target (
  170. UK HealthTech firm Locum’s Nest raises £1.1m from Albion Capital and IDO Investments (Tech City News)
  171. EXCLUSIVE: Smart productivity tool provider Motivii lands £1.1m Seed (Tech City News)
  172. UK PropTech startup Lavanda raises £1m (Tech City Insider)
  173. SavingStar Raises $1.4 Million (
  174. Whipper Closes €1.2M Seed Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  175. Sydney fintech Macrovue secures $1.25 million with themed investment plans (Smart Company)
  176. Steam founder Rick Ellis raises $1.25 million for new studio Sharkbite Games (PocketGamer)
  177. Digital Tech Fund invests €1 Million into itravel and Nektria (
  178. Digital Tech Fund invests €1 Million into itravel and Nektria ( )
  179. Food delivery startup Foodout merges with Ukraine’s EDA.UA, raises €1 million (
  180. Term1nal developer Force Field raises $1.14 million to finish its next six games (PocketGamer )
  181. AdQuick raises $1.1M to bring online tools to outdoor advertising (TechCrunch)
  182. Bynk raises SEK 59M from new and existing investors. (Nordic9)
  183. London-based Ably raises $1 million to deliver next generation realtime digital experiences (EU Startups)
  184. Blockchain Genomics company raises over $1M with Gene-Chain Coin Token Sales (Clockchain News)
  185. Goodnest Raises $1M to Transform Home Improvements (Business Scoop)
  186. Rewired Solutions Raises $1M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  187. Reliance Capital Arm Invests $1M in Fintech Company Billionloans (Indian Web 2)
  188. Update: Bluesmart Quickly Secures $1 Million Through Second Indiegogo Campaign For Series 2 Smart Luggage Line (Crowdfund Insider )
  189. Clip App Raises $1 Mn From India Quotient, Shunwei Capital (Inc42)
  190. Real Estate Technology Startup HouseLens Raises $1 Million (
  191. Swedish DJ app Pacemaker raises $1 million (
  192. In an oversubscribed round, PopBookings raises $1M (Start Land News)
  193. Silicon Valley’s ShareRoot raises $1 million (Australian Financial Review)
  194. Warsaw-based Survicate secures about $1 million to expand globally with its survey tool (EU Startups)
  195. Online marketplace for home services Timesaverz raises $1 million (Entrackr)
  196. UrbanYou raised $1 million in just two weeks: Co-founder Noga Edelstein explains how (
  197. Belgium’s Small Teaser raises €800,000 to expand to the US (
  198. Yourfeed gets £700,000 to connect millennials with employers (Tech City News)
  199. Tracktor, the leading platform for the rental of construction equipment, raises 700,000 euros and welcomes BTP Capital Investissement and Kerala Ventures to its capital (Tracktor)
  200. Provenance raises $800,000 from Humanity United, Digital Currency Group, others (PE HUB)
  201. Esquify Secures $710K Seed Funding (VC News Daily)
  202. Dropcountr Raises $600k Seed Round, Launches Spanish Version of Product (gov tech)
  203. Second Closet raises $500,000 from Hyatt brothers for pay-per-item storage company (BetaKit)
  204. Fintech Startup Flinks Raises $500K to Connect with Banks (Tech Vibes)
  205. Tencent Joins New Funding Round In Event Ticketing Platform Huodongxing.Com (China Money Network)
  206. UberMedia buys Cintric for ‘always-on’ location data (LA Biz)
  207. ANSYS Acquires Computational Engineering International (Ansys)
  208. Wellspring Acquires Covalent Data (PR Newswire)
  209. Vendavo Acquires Endeavor Commerce (Marketwired)
  210. UK building society buys out Jade Software (NZ City)
  211. Profile acquires treasury software provider (Asset Servicing Times)
  212. Cincinnati Bell Inc. to Combine with Hawaiian Telcom and OnX Enterprise Solutions (PR Newswire)
  213. Process Sensing Tech to buy Rotronic AG (PE HUB)
  214. Symantec Snaps Up Skycure in Mobile Security Move (Dak Reading)
  215. MARU Buys Customer Experience Specialist SynGro (MrWeb)
  216. AudienceView Acquires TheaterMania and OvationTix (TheaterMania)
  217. AudienceView Acquires TheaterMania and OvationTix (TheaterMania)
  218. Littelfuse acquires U.S. Sensor (Daily Herald)
  219. Mountain Acquisition Co. Acquires Western Security Systems in Colorado (Security Sales)
  220. Spira Data Corp. Announces Strategic Acquisition of Zayfti Inc. to Expand Safety Compliance Platform (Benzinga)
  221. Arcserve Acquires Zetta, Broadens Unified Data Protection Suite (Channel Partners)
  222. India Dealbook: Arcatron Mobility, Fabogo raise funds; DriveU acquires Zuver (Deal Street Asia)
  223. Pamlico invests in Becker’s Healthcare (PE HUB)
  224. BookingJini: Redefining Hotel Technology Solutions (Insight Success)
  225. Caroobi secures millions in funding led by BMW, DN Capital and Cherry Ventures (Angel News)
  226. ChiroTouch Gets Private Equity Investment (SocalTech)
  227. Boston Tech Watch: Amazon, Kayak, Runkeeper, Kaspersky & More (Xconomy)
  229. Bangalore-based Venture Design Cafe Raises Funding (Tech Story)
  230. `Ground-breaking’ deal in Oxford sees NHS products commercialised (Digital Health)
  231. Subscription-based drinks app Foom raises seed funding (VCCircle)
  232. PSG acquires SignUpGenius (PE HUB)
  233. Sports Direct buys 26% stake in Game Digital (The Guardian)
  234. Lunch With Sumiko: Grab whiz Tan Hooi Ling happy to stay low-key (
  235. Santander InnoVentures adds two new UK and one US fintech businesses to its portfolio (Santander)
  236. Worldline to acquire Digital River World Payments (Finextra)
  237. Restaurant reservation app Eatigo acquires Ressy, enters India (VC Circle)
  238. H&E Equipment Services to Acquire Neff Corporation to Create Leading Equipment Rental Company (
  239. Ansys acquires Profitek ( )
  240. MullenLowe Group buys comms agency salt, rebrand to follow (
  241. Next Games pushes into AR and location-based games with Lume Games acquisition (PocketGamer)
  242. Line expands with DGM59 acquisition (Bangkok Post)
  243. Warner Music Group buys concert discovery service Songkick (TechCrunch)
  244. Uber acqui-hires social app studio Swipe Labs (TechCrunch)
  246. Ultra Mobile and Sister Brand Mint SIM Announce Exclusive Partnership With campusSIMs, the Mobile Innovator that Provides Hassle Free Mobile Services for International Students Studying in the U.S. (PR Newswire)
  247. LPC: EagleTree to Buy Video Game Gear Maker Corsair-Sources (New york times)
  248. Resolver Completes Acquisition of Global AlertLink, Expanding Emergency Notification, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Capabilities (Business Wire)
  249. Avaap buys into micro-vertical vision for healthcare, retail customers (Silicon Angle)
  250. Xing acquires global expat network InterNations (
  251. Vela to acquire Object Trading complementing its recent acquisition of OptionsCity (Business Wire)
  252. Cisco acquires network security startup Observable Networks (TechCrunch)
  253. AcademixDirect Acquires Popular Education/Career App Company, Expands Service Offerings for Over 12MM Students (PRNewswire)
  254. Teradata Acquires San Diego-based Start-up StackIQ to Strengthen Teradata Everywhere and IntelliCloud Capabilities (PRNewswire)
  255. Inverness Graham acquires SwipeClock (
  256. WPP Acquires German Agency thjnk AG (AdWeek )
  257. Salem Media Group Announces Acquisition of TradersCrux (Business Wire )
  258. Upland Software Announces Acquisition of Waterfall International and Raises 2017 Guidance (
  259. REAN Cloud Expands Big Data and Analytics Capabilities with 47Lining Acquisition (PR Newswire)
  260. American Institute of CPAS, acquired Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project (
  261. Inmar Acquires MedEx Product Line from Aethon (
  262. PE-backed Viewpoint to buy Dexter + Chaney (PE HUB)
  263. TVT Creates Global Content Services Powerhouse with Acquisition of DMC (
  264. Digital Map Products Acquires DMTI Spatial (
  265. Russian MNOs VimpelCom and MegaFon End Euroset Retail Joint Venture (The Fast Mode )
  266. Acquisition Takes Conway Analytics to Next Level in Tracking Global Investment Data (
  267. Highline BETA acquires Female Funders with goal to support 1,000 women angels by 2020 (
  268. InfoMart Acquires Global Information Source (
  269. 4 Months Old, Bengaluru-Based AI Startup Halli Labs Acquired By Google (
  270. First Asia Holdings Limited, acquired Hong Kong Esports Training Centre (
  271. Software firm Advanced acquires Welsh cloud SaaS company Hudman (Tech City News)
  272. Newsquest Media Group announced today the completion of its purchase of the Isle of Wight County Press Ltd (IWCP). (
  273. Franklin Covey Co. Acquires Jhana (Business Wire)
  274. Oak View Group Acquires Pollstar (
  275. Quark Acquired by Parallax Capital Partners to Support Accelerated Growth (
  276. Zift Solutions and Relayware Agree to Merge (PRWeb )
  277. Atheer Acquires SpaceView to Create a Richer Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience (PRNewswire)
  278. Sell Your Photos to News Outlets with Spread (Tech Cocktail)
  279. UK’S Beattie Communications Group Merges With Canada’s Tartan Group (Canadian News Wire)
  280. The SoNo Recording Group Merges with The ILS Group (
  281. WTWH Media Acquires to expand Robotics Media Platform (Business Wire)
  282. Tacton Expands Global Footprint with New Acquisition and Leadership Appointment (
  283. Mercer Advisors Acquires Wealth Design Services (PRNewswire)
  284. On-demand driver provider DriveU buys rival Zuver in third acquisition (VCCircle)
  285. Looking for group? Guilded wants to be your gaming guild’s headquarters (TechCrunch)
  286. Eastern Bell Leads Round In Industrial Parts E-Commerce Vertical Haizol.Com (China Money Network)
  287. iCapital® Network Secures Strategic Investment from UBS (Business Wire)
  288. Ukrainian-American Kitcasts raises $500,000 to create “the data-driven future of digital signage” (
  289. CPA Global invests in Markpro (PE HUB)
  290. Leeds Equity Partners Completes Investments in Dalton Education and Money Education (PRNewswire)
  291. NBT Solutions Closes Seed Round Led by Maine Venture Fund and CEI Ventures (
  292. Nok Nok Labs Gets Infusion of VC for New-Gen Authentication (eWeek)
  293. nPhase closes on second round of funding (CTTC)
  294. New VC Firm Invests In B2B Payments Startup PayStand (PYMNTS)
  295. Santander InnoVentures adds two new UK and one US fintech businesses to its portfolio (Santander)
  296. New World Angels Invests in TechCrunch Winner RecordGram (PR Web)
  297. Autodesk Invests in to Make Construction Sites Safer & Smarter (Bostinno)
  298. Exclusive: Omnivore-backed IoT solutions firm Stellapps secures Series A funding (VC Circle)
  299. Tailify Receives Investment from Awin (FinSMEs)
  300. Alumni News: TalkJS receives seed investment from BOM, Pioneers Ventures, and GGP (Rockstart)
  301. $232 Million: Tezos Blockchain Project Finishes Record-Setting Token Sale (Coindesk)
  302. Ticwatch is back with two new alternatives to the Apple Watch (TechCrunch)
  303. Tinitell participating in Amazon’s Alexa accelerator (Digital)
  304. Deutsche Boerse invests in bond trading platform Trumid (Reuters)
  305. Logistics Startup VDeliver Raises Pre-Series A Funding From Corvus Ventures, Others (Inc42)
  306. VINCI Energies acquires Acuntia, a leading Spanish information and communication technology company (GlobeNewsWire.)
  307. Adelis acquires Swedish IT business AddPro (Realdeals)
  308. AeroMobil raises fresh investment to bring its flying cars to Asia (Venture Beat )
  309. Millions will take the AEryne fashion startup over the Atlantic (Breakit.)
  310. Merkle strengthens European data analytics offering with acquisition of Aquila Insight (Merkleinc)
  311. SEI Expands Its Footprint in Family Office Services Arena With Acquisition of Archway Technology Partners (SEI)
  312. HID Global Acquires Arjo Systems to Expand its Government ID Business with Physical and Digital Identity Solutions (Business Wire)
  313. British buyer GFG Alliance plans $1 billion spend on Arrium (
  314. AxiomSL Announces Strategic Investment from TCV (Business Wire )
  315. Group 1 Automotive Acquires Significant UK Dealership Group (Group1corp)
  316. Catena Media acquires the award-winning sports affiliate (
  317. BRIEF-Secunet Security Networks takes over bintec elmeg Security GmbH (
  318. GCI acquires Blue Chip to lead digital transformation (Yorkshire Business Daily)
  319. BlackFin Capital Partners announces the acquisition of Buckaroo (Blackfincp Capital Partners)
  320. BookMyShow acquires Burrp in all-cash deal (YourStory)
  321. BuySeasons Inc., popular costume company in New Berlin acquired by Rubie’s Costume Company (Fox6now)
  322. ABC Supply Co. buys Ohio roofing and siding distributor (Millwaukee Journal)
  323. Exclusive: Re-commerce startup Cashify raises Series A round from Chinese VC, others (VCCircle)
  324. CerebrEX, Inc. Secures Investments from INCJ and UMC Capital (Business Wire)
  325. Valitor buys Chip & PIN Solutions (Finextra)
  326. Falanx Group Ltd Q&A: Acquisition of Cloudified Limited (
  327. DigitalTown Acquires Comencia (
  328. Comply365 Receives Investment from Luminate Capital Partners (FinSMEs)
  329. EXCLUSIVE: Xscape Theatres owner adds Tennessee manufacturer to $200M portfolio (
  330. Deep Imaging Receives Growth Equity Investment (FinSMEs)
  331. The e-commerce brand fills the checkout – invests in Europe ( )
  332. CM Acquires Payment Institution Docdata Payments from Ingram Micro (Business Wire )
  333. Echo Payment Systems Receives Investment from Rebel Venture Fund (FinSMEs)
  334. Food delivery startup Foodout merges with Ukraine’s EDA.UA, raises €1 million (
  335. Indutrade acquires Elma Instruments in Denmark (
  336. Vision Solutions Completes Acquisition of Enforcive System (
  337. Enoro sold to Hansen Technologies (
  338. Entanet and CityFibre unite to transform wholesale proposition for UK communication providers (
  339. Advanced Energy acquires Irish power-supply company Excelsys (Biz West)
  340. QualiTest Group Acquires Experior Group, Positioning Itself as a Leader in SAP Testing (IANS)
  341. Yoopies lève 4 millions d’euros pour dominer le marché européen des services à la personne (French Web)
  342. Exclusive Group Acquires US VAD – Fine Tec (Business Wire)
  343. Symantec to Acquire Fireglass to Bring a Generational Leap Forward in User Protection (Business Wire)
  344. WE Connect : Acquisitions de PCA FRANCE et de HALTERREGO, sociétés de distribution et concepteurs de matériel informatique (Business Wire)
  345. Advantage Smollan Announces the Acquisition of Hamilton Bright (Business Wire)
  346. Philips Buys Health & Parenting to Boost Parenting Platform (Zacks)
  347. Publicis Communications Acquires The Herd Agency in Australia (MSL group)
  348. Big Wind Capital Signs LOI With Military-Grade, Cyber Security Company, Hill Top Security Inc. (
  349. Sony Pictures IMS acquires majority stake in ad network Httpool (Indian Television)
  350. Telia förvärvar AI-bolaget Humany ( )
  351. Mastech Digital Completes Acquisition of InfoTrellis (prnewswire)
  352. Indonesian startup Jukir acquires fintech firm Wallezz Finansial (Deal Street Asia)
  353. NetDragon Acquires JumpStart to Expand Its Online Communities (prnewswire)
  354. Kangarootime Announces Seed Financing (
  355. ABB acquires KEYMILE’s communication networks business to strengthen digital grid portfolio and software focus (ABB)
  356. Baidu acquires natural language startup, maker of chatbot engine ChatFlow (Dailyed)
  357. Infolob Solutions Inc. Expands Its Capabilities by Acquiring Ksquare Solutions Inc. (
  358. Fortune Global (00327) $ 6.4 million acquisition of electronic payment terminal business (
  359. ITPS acquires Lefcon (
  360. Loco2 sold to Voyages SNCF (TNooz)
  361. Marias Technology is Acquired by the Haines Family (
  362. Mi9 Retail Receives Growth Investment from General Atlantic (FinSMEs)
  363. Game studio Mighty Bear rises from the ashes of King’s former Singapore office (TechCrunch)
  364. Cloud computing based startup Minjar gets funded (Indian CEO)
  365. Egyptian ecommerce platform acquires two phone comparison portals (
  366. Egyptian ecommerce platform acquires two phone comparison portals (
  367. GoCompare is investing in digital mortgage advisor MortgageGym (Business Insider)
  368. Barcoding, Inc. Forms Partnership With MunchOn (Perishable news)
  369. Vitec Software Group AB: Vitec acquires MV-Nordic A/S in Denmark (
  370. TIBCO Bolsters Microservices Leadership with Acquisition (PRNewswire)
  371. NCI to Be Acquired by H.I.G. Capital, LLC (Business Wire)
  372. Nektan Plc acquires Nektan Marketing Services from Betfred Founder (SBC News)
  373. Channel Ten has one good asset – scarce broadcasting spectrum (Canberra Times)
  374. The GLI Group Acquires NMi Gaming, Bringing Expanded Global Reach to NMi Gaming Clients (Gaminglabs)
  375. Business briefs: Gatesman acquires Noble Communications (
  376. Equiniti Group plc acquires Nostrum Group (Equiniti)
  377. Logicalis adquire NubeliU ( )
  378. MassRoots acquires Odava to create one of largest cannabis tech combines (Innovatio News)
  379. Vanderlande acquires venture-backed Optosecurity (PE HUB)
  380. Pandascore is a data provider for your favorite esports competitions ( TechCrunch)
  381. Omise acquires online payment business Paysbuy from Thai operator Dtac (TechCrunch)
  382. LDC-backed Connect Managed Services acquires PC-1 (LDC)
  383. WE Connect : Acquisitions de PCA FRANCE et de HALTERREGO, sociétés de distribution et concepteurs de matériel informatique (Business Wire )
  384. PointPredictive Closes Series A Funding Round (San Diego Business Journal)
  385. Long Beach Grand Prix VIP Party (Qubechain)
  386. Navigant Technologies Acquires New Delhi Based Specialized Outsourcing Firm Quick Call (
  387. Ivanti Acquires RES Software, Workspace Automation and Identity Provisioning Innovator (PRNewswire All )
  388. Edtech startup Ruangguru raises series B round led by UOB’s venture arm (TechInAsia)
  389. Investors expect more action in the battle for Sandvine Corp (Financial Post)
  391. BridgeTower Media Acquires SC Biz News (Business Wire)
  392. Convergint Technologies expands again with acquisition Of SigNet Technologies (Security Info Watch)
  393. H.I.G. Capital Acquires a Majority Stake in Santa Lucia Pharma Apps (Hig Capital)
  394. Havas acquires health and wellness communications firm SO What Global (The Drum)
  395. Centerbridge to Acquire Clearlake-Backed Enterprise Software Providers Syncsort and Vision Solutions (Business Wire)
  396. Acquisition of creative Engagement Group Limited (
  397. TechJini is now a Datamatics company ( )
  398. IK Investment Partners buys Beringea’s stake in Third Bridge (realdeals)
  399. Point B Acquires TNG Digital Experience Studio (
  400. Tonsser, the social app for youth soccer players, partners with Nike and raises new funding (TechCrunch)
  401. DXC Technology Acquires Tribridge to Solidify its Position as a Leading Systems Integrator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Wire)
  402. Ed-tech startup Byju’s acquires TutorVista from Pearson (VCCircle)
  403. Ny platform vil styrke demokratiet gennem lobbyisme (Techsavvy Media)
  404. Upserve Raises Strategic Investment From Vista Equity Partners (Venturefizz)
  405. Upwardly raises seed fund from senior finance industry executives (Mint (IN) – Industry)
  406. Centerbridge to Acquire Clearlake-Backed Enterprise Software Providers Syncsort and Vision Solutions (Business Wire)
  407. Perth telco and IT provider Swift Networks spends millions to acquire VOD and Movie Source (CRN)
  408. Coleman-Lands makes his next big play off the court (Dailyillini)
  409. An American payments firm goes online and buys British (The Economist)
  410. Bitcoin: Fringe Meets Mainstream (Huffington)

China’s booming bike sharing sector


First, there was the ride-sharing war between Didi Chuxing and Uber. Now, the battle for the best bike sharing startup is heating up. Bike sharing is thriving in China, with investors pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in to two of the country’s biggest players: Mobike and Ofo. To date, Mobike has raised a total of $928 million, while Ofo has recently received $700 million, raising its total funding to $1.29 billion. What attracts investors to these two startups is their mammoth scale. Each company boasts of having more than 100 million registered users and their bikes can be found in more than 20 cities in China. Now the big question is, can these companies be profitable given their weak business model, slim margins, and losses from thieves and vandals? It seems that investors are undeterred and both companies are eyeing global domination and have expanded outside of China.

Weekly Update – July 4, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $1,622,371,918                   Total Deal Number –  138

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $200,000,000 View TIAA, BlackRock Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
2 $145,484,824 3G Mobile Blue Label Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
3 $120,000,000 JustGiving Blackbaud Transactions Acquisition
4 $114,164,000 Contorion Hoffmann Group Transactions Acquisition
5 $75,000,000 Sumo Logic Consortium Software & Services Investment
6 $71,000,000 Flipkart Naspers Ecommerce Investment
7 $64,000,000 Trax Image Recognition Warburg Pincus Software & Services Investment
8 $53,000,000 Algolia Consortium Software & Services Investment
9 $50,000,000 Consortium Software & Services Investment
10 $49,000,000 Kinvey Progress Mobile & Apps Acquisition
11 $46,000,000 CloudHealth Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
12 $41,000,000 Catalant Consortium Transactions Investment
13 $40,000,000 Autotalks Mirai Creation Investment Fund Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
14 $35,000,000 Glooko Consortium Software & Services Investment
15 $34,000,000 Swift Navigation Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
16 $33,000,000 Riskified Consortium Software & Services Investment
17 $32,500,000 SparkCognition Verizon Ventures, The Boeing Company Software & Services Investment
18 $30,000,000 Auth0 Consortium Software & Services Investment
19 $25,000,000 Sitehands Undisclosed Transactions Investment
20 $22,000,000 DiffBlue Consortium Software & Services Investment
21 $22,000,000 Platform9 Systems Canvas Ventures Software & Services Investment
22 $21,000,000 Xcalar Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $20,000,000 Resolver Klass Capital Software & Services Investment
24 $18,000,000 Dook Book Consortium Media Investment
25 $15,546,120 Welltory Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
26 $15,546,120 Yoyo Wallet Consortium Transactions Investment
27 $15,000,000 Clique Media Group Consortium Media Investment
28 $12,000,000 JASK Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $10,000,000 OpenDoor Trading Undisclosed Transactions Investment
30 $10,000,000 PHEMI Health Systems Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $10,000,000 Tango Card Western Technology Investment Transactions Investment
32 $10,000,000 Your.MD Orkla Ventures, Smedvig Capital Transactions Investment
33 $9,500,000 Shapr Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
34 $9,128,400 Sentiance Consortium Software & Services Investment
35 $8,500,000 Homer Logistics Consortium Transactions Investment
36 $8,100,000 Harver Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
37 $7,900,000 Fyber BillFront Marketing Investment
38 $7,500,000 Cartasite Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
39 $6,500,000 Innovu Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
40 $6,000,000 PayKey MizMaa Ventures Transactions Investment
41 $6,000,000 UrbanStems Undisclosed Transactions Investment
42 $5,250,670 iKentoo Undisclosed Transactions Investment
43 $5,200,000 Octopus software Consortium Software & Services Investment
44 $5,000,000 Home Bay Technologies Consortium Transactions Investment
45 $5,000,000 Hug Innovations Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
46 $5,000,000 Stashfin Consortium Transactions Investment
47 $4,000,000 Cocoon Cam Happiness Ventures, Angel Investors Network Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
48 $4,000,000 V Resorts RB Investments, Seedfund Transactions Investment
49 $4,000,000 Zegami Parkwalk Advisors Ltd, University of Oxford Software & Services Investment
50 $3,600,000 Alegion Watson Boyd LLC, RHS Investments Software & Services Investment
51 $3,550,000 CAR360 Consortium Software & Services Investment
52 $3,238,775 Moixa Energy Holdings Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
53 $3,200,000 MUSO Harwell Capital Software & Services Investment
54 $3,000,000 Rubique Udayan Goyal, Kalaari Capital Transactions Investment
55 $2,750,000 MessageGears Hallett Capital, Covalent Interests Software & Services Investment
56 $2,740,164 TalentWorks Consortium Transactions Investment
57 $2,700,000 BitStar Global Brain Corporation Marketing Investment
58 $2,282,900 Flashnode Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $2,200,000 Flip Consortium Transactions Investment
60 $2,200,000 MetaBrite Consortium Software & Services Investment
61 $2,100,000 TechSee Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $2,000,000 Jonathan Zweig, John Zdanowski Software & Services Investment
63 $2,000,000 StdLib Consortium Software & Services Investment
64 $2,000,000 Storageos Bain Capital Ventures Software & Services Investment
65 $2,000,000 Upstream Security Glilot Capital Partners, ManivMobility Software & Services Investment
66 $1,712,025 Codemotion Consortium Transactions Investment
67 $1,600,000 ClauseMatch Consortium Software & Services Investment
68 $1,500,000 Stayawhile Consortium Transactions Investment
69 $1,400,000 Outschool Consortium Transactions Investment
70 $1,300,000 HERO Sports PN Cellular, Alliance of Angels Media Investment
71 $1,200,000 PromoRepublic Consortium Transactions Investment
72 $1,137,280 Prochaine Escale SIDE Capital investment Transactions Investment
73 $1,100,000 OMG Digital Consortium Media Investment
74 $1,040,640 Mute International Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
75 $1,000,000 CredoLab Fintonia Group, Reliance Modal Ventura Transactions Investment
76 $1,000,000 Fitpass Business Ventures Abhinav Bindra, Gaurav Marya Transactions Investment
77 $500,000 Barkly Pets Newark Venture Partners Transactions Investment
78 $500,000 Beauceron Security Consortium Software & Services Investment
79 Undisclosed APL Italiana SimCorp Transactions Acquisition
80 Undisclosed Apsalar Singular Software & Services Acquisition
81 Undisclosed Authentica Solutions Authentica Solutions Transactions Acquisition
82 Undisclosed AXS DBS Group Holdings Transactions Acquisition
83 Undisclosed Bitsec Nixu Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
84 Undisclosed Brand Amper The Muse Marketing Acquisition
85 Undisclosed Burall InfoSmart BemroseBooth Paragon Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
86 Undisclosed C-Radar Sidetrade Marketing Acquisition
87 Undisclosed CacheMatrix BlackRock Transactions Acquisition
88 Undisclosed CAMPFIRE Undisclosed Media Investment
89 Undisclosed CCSTEAM Tech-Value Software & Services Acquisition
90 Undisclosed Celi H-FARM Software & Services Acquisition
91 Undisclosed Chatbot Incubator Visionstate Marketing Acquisition
92 Undisclosed Choose Energy Red Ventures Media Acquisition
93 Undisclosed CloudMunch JFrog Software & Services Acquisition
94 Undisclosed Cloudyn Software Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
95 Undisclosed Tikehau Capital Transactions Acquisition
96 Undisclosed Denodo Technologies HGGC Software & Services Acquisition
97 Undisclosed DocuMatix Marquis Software Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
98 Undisclosed DoubleDigit CreativeDrive Software & Services Acquisition
99 Undisclosed Edusight NELSON Software & Services Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Electric Word Sport Business Acquisitions Ltd Transactions Acquisition
101 Undisclosed Energy Navigator 3esi-Enersight Software & Services Acquisition
102 Undisclosed Fan App Events TeamSnap Mobile & Apps Acquisition
103 Undisclosed Flashstock Technology Shutterstock Transactions Acquisition
104 Undisclosed FORMCEPT GVFL Software & Services Investment
105 Undisclosed Frontiir Daiwa Securities Group Software & Services Investment
106 Undisclosed Gaming Nation Orange Capital Games Acquisition
107 Undisclosed General Data Systems DDI System Software & Services Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Global Capacity Global Telecom & Technology (GTT) Transactions Acquisition
109 Undisclosed GrocerMax Tata Group Ecommerce Acquisition
110 Undisclosed HoloEyes Nissay Capital Software & Services Investment
111 Undisclosed IMeasureU Vicon Motion Systems Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
112 Undisclosed InfoScout Market Track Marketing Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Inframon Ensono Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed InstaLively LiveStreaming Hike Messenger Media Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Intrepid Pursuits Accenture Marketing Acquisition
116 Undisclosed ItemLogic Certica Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Joieful Undisclosed Transactions Investment
118 Undisclosed Keepcon Atento Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Kentor Sopra Steria Software & Services Acquisition
120 Undisclosed KissKissBankBank Technologies SAS La Banque Postale Transactions Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Klarna Visa Transactions Investment
122 Undisclosed Longley Systems NOVAtime Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Mercateo BIP Transactions Investment
124 Undisclosed Mojiit Ed Reed Mobile & Apps Investment
125 Undisclosed Nihonbishoku Consortium Transactions Investment
126 Undisclosed Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
127 Undisclosed NuEyes Arab Angel Fund Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
128 Undisclosed PayThru Direct Pay Online Group Transactions Acquisition
129 Undisclosed PlanRadar Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
130 Undisclosed Quantta Analytics Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
131 Undisclosed RadiumOne RhythmOne Marketing Acquisition
132 Undisclosed RentTrack yabeo capital Transactions Investment
133 Undisclosed Science Exchange Consortium Transactions Investment
134 Undisclosed SensoMotoric Instruments Apple Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
135 Undisclosed T2O media Ardian Marketing Investment
136 Undisclosed Tokenize Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
137 Undisclosed Unbound Concepts Certica Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
138 Undisclosed VeriLocation Isotrak Inc Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. Milpitas ‘smart glass’ startup raises $200M to take on the real estate world (Silicon Valley Business Journals)
  2. Blue Label to buy 3G Mobile for R1.9bn (Tech Central)
  3. UK crowdfunding platform JustGiving acquired by Blackbaud for $120m (Silicon Republic)
  4. Tool specialist Hoffmann SE acquires Berlin-based startup Contorion for more than €100 million (EU Startups)
  5. Sumo Logic lands $75 million Series F, on path to IPO (TechCrunch)
  6. Naspers Invests $71 Mn In Flipkart To Take Holdings Up To 16.5% (Inc42)
  7. Singapore computer vision company Trax raises $64m in Warburg Pincus-led round (Tech In Asia)
  8. Algolia raises $53 million for its search engine API (TechCrunch)
  9. Startup Gets $50 Million, Waymo’s Driverless Trucks Spied, GM CEO on Workplace Diversity (Driverless.ID)
  10. Progress Software just dropped $49 million on start-up Kinvey to help companies build smarter apps (CNBC)
  11. CloudHealth grabs $46 mln Series D (PE HUB)
  12. Exclusive: Consulting Matchmaker Catalant Lands $41 Million In New Funding (Forbes)
  13. Car Tech Startup Autotalks Raises $40 Million (No Camels)
  14. Diabetes management platform Glooko raises $35 million (TechCrunch)
  15. Swift Navigation Raises $34 Million Series B Round for Next Generation of High-Accuracy GPS for Autonomous Vehicles (Marketwired)
  16. Riskified Raises $33M Growth Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  17. SparkCognition raises $32.5 mln (PE HUB)
  18. Auth0 raises $30 million for more secure logins (VentureBeat)
  19. On-demand IT provider Sitehands secures $25 million from FTV Capital (New York Business Journal)
  21. HPE Joins Investors In OpenStack Startup Platform9’s $22 Million Funding Round (CRN)
  22. Xcalar Releases New Platform Update and Receives $21 Million in Recent Funding Round (DBTA)
  23. Resolver Raises $20M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  24. China: Legend Capital leads $18m funding in Dook Book; GGV backs Clobotics (Deal Street Asia)
  25. A payments app that tracks shopper loyalty has raised £12 million (Business Insider )
  26. Yoyo Wallet Raises £12M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  27. This Amazon-backed media startup has raised $15 million to make a big bet on commerce (Recode)
  28. JASK emerges from stealth with $12 million and an automated threat detection service (TechCrunch)
  29. Startup bond trading platform OpenDoor raises $10 million (Nasdaq)
  30. PHEMI Closes $10 Million Venture Capital Financing with New and Existing Investors (Business Wire)
  31. Tango Card Announces $10 Million Strategic Growth Investment From WTI (PR Newswire)
  32. Your.MD raises $10M to grow AI-driven health information service and marketplace (TechCrunch)
  33. Professional networking app Shapr gathers $9.5 mln (PE HUB)
  34. Sentiance raises EUR 8 mln in funding, led by Volta, KPN (Telecompaper)
  35. Homer Logistics Secures $8.5M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  36. Harver Raises $8.1m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  37. Adtech platform Fyber grabs $7.9 mln (PE HUB)
  38. Cartasite $7.50 million Fundraising. David Armitage Released Jun 29 SEC Filing (Finance News Daily)
  39. Enterprise IT Startup Innovu Raises $6.5 Million (
  40. In-app payment messaging startup PayKey raises $6 million (Finextra)
  41. UrbanStems Secures $6 Million (
  42. iKentoo Raises €4.6m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  43. Cloud-based security co Octopus raises $5.2m (Globes)
  44. Real estate tech startup Home Bay Technologies raises $5 million to fund expansion (HousingWire)
  45. HUG Innovations Raises $5 Mn Series A Funding At $15.5 Mn Valuation At A TiE Event (Inc42)
  46. Stashfin gets $5 million in Pre-Series A (The Economic Times)
  47. Cocoon Cam raises $4M for video-based smart baby monitor (Mobi Helath News)
  48. V Resorts raises $4 m from Seedfund, RB investments (The Economic Times)
  49. Oxford-backed Australian startup Zegami raises almost $4 million (AFR)
  50. Alegion Raises $3.6M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  51. Term Sheet — Wednesday, June 28 (Fortune)
  52. Moixa lands £2.5m investment creating 60 jobs in Manchester (Manchester Evening News)
  53. MUSO RAISES $3.2M IN SERIES A FUNDING ROUND (Music Business Worldwide)
  54. Rubique gets $3 million in a bridge round (The Economic Times)
  55. Email marketer MessageGears raises $2.75 million, plans 100-job expansion (Atlanta Business Chronicle)
  56. Uber, Instagram, Fitbit investors put $2.4M behind job interview matching platform TalentWorks (Geekwire)
  57. Japan Digest: Campfire, HoloEyes and Bizcast close venture rounds (Deal Street Asia)
  58. Flashnode Raises €2M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  59. Flip gets $2.2 million to grow its marketplace for long-term sublets (TechCrunch)
  60. MetaBrite raises another $2.2M for receipt-scanning business intelligence platform (Geekwire)
  61. A new wireless tower network grows in Africa as YC alum Tizeti raises $2.1 million ()
  62. Raises $2m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  63. StdLib just raised $2 million to connect businesses via APIs (TechCrunch)
  64. StorageOS Raises $2M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  65. Car cyber security co Upstream Security raises $2m (Globes)
  66. Codemotion Closes €1.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  67. ClauseMatch raises $1.6 million to provide real-time collaboration to finance and legal teams (TechCrunch)
  68. Stayawhile gets $1.5M to target the sweet spot between Airbnb and long-term rentals (TechCrunch)
  69. Outschool goes to Sesame Street and picks up $1.4 million for its K-12 online learning marketplace (TechCrunch)
  70. Hero Sports raises $1.3M to help fuel growth of college sports news site (Geekwire)
  71. PromoRepublic nabs $1.2 mln seed (PE HUB)
  72. Next Escale raises € 1 million to establish itself in the customized travel market (FrechWeb)
  73. Ghana’s OMG Digital closes $1.1m funding round (Disrupt Africa)
  74. Electric Scooter & Bicycle Brand Mute International Surpasses £800,000 Funding Target Following Crowdcube Extension (Crowdfund Insider)
  75. Singapore fintech startup CredoLab raises over US$1M to help unbanked consumers manage their credit (e27)
  76. Abhinav Bindra’s Shooting Star leads $1 mn round in Fitpass (VC Circle)
  77. New Money: The 19 D.C. Area Companies That Raised Funding in June (DCInno)
  79. SimCorp acquires Italian software company APL Italiana S.p.A. (PR Newswire)
  80. Singular, Apsalar Merge To Create One Analytics Company (MediaPost)
  81. Authentica Solutions Announces PIP Learning Acquisition (PR Newswire)
  82. Singapore’s DBS Group Holdings Boosts Stake In AXS To 87.3% (Nikei Asian Review)
  83. BRIEF-Nixu buys ‍Bitsec (Reuters)
  84. The Muse acquires Brand Amper to ‘amp’ up its insight into hiring companies (TechCrunch)
  85. BemroseBooth Paragon and Burall InfoSmart coalesce for a smarter future (Euro Transaport)
  86. BRIEF-Sidetrade ‍announces final acquisition of C-Radar (Reuters)
  87. BlackRock’s Acquisition of Cachematrix Should Strengthen Its Cash Management Unit (Forbes)
  88. Japan Digest: Campfire, HoloEyes and Bizcast close venture rounds (Deal Street Asia)
  89. BRIEF-Tech-Value acquires entire share capital in CCSTEAM (Reuters)
  90. H-FARM and CELI together to grow in AI and NLP market (CMI)
  91. Visionstate signs LOI to acquire Chatbot Incubator, invests in Artificial Intelligence (Globe)
  92. Exclusive: Red Ventures Acquires Choose Energy (Fortune)
  94. Infosys-investee firm Cloudyn acquired by Microsoft (The Economic Times)
  95. Tikehau Capital buys (PE HUB)
  96. HGGC backs data virtualization software developer Denodo (The Middle Market)
  97. PE-backed Marquis Software Solutions buys DocuMatix (PE HUB)
  98. CreativeDrive acquires DoubleDigit (PR News)
  99. NELSON Acquires Technology Assets of Edusight, Continuing to (PR Newswire)
  100. Electric Word Agrees To Takeover By Sport Business Acquisitions (ALLISS) (London South Side)
  101. 3esi-Enersight accelerates growth with Energy Navigator acquisition (JW Energy)
  102. Colorado sports tech company acquires app startup (Denver Business Journal)
  103. Shutterstock to Acquire Flashstock, A Leading Custom Content Creation Platform (PR Newswire)
  104. CIIE-IIMA Incubatee FORMCEPT Raises Funding From GVFL (Inc42)
  105. Japan’s Daiwa Securities Group to invest nearly $6.26m in Frontiir (Deal Street Asia)
  106. Gaming Nation Inc. to Be Acquired by Orange Capital (Marketwired)
  107. DDI System Acquires General Data Systems (MDM)
  108. BRIEF-GTT to acquire Global Capacity (Reuters)
  109. Tata Group to enter online grocery business by acquiring Gurgaon-based GrocerMax (Economic Times India)
  110. Japan Digest: Campfire, HoloEyes and Bizcast close venture rounds (Deal Street Asia)
  111. Wearables Startup IMeasureU Acquired By Motion Capture Company Vicon (Sport Techie)
  112. Market Track and InfoScout Combine Link Marketing Activity (Business Wire)
  113. Ensono Acquires Microsoft Azure Partner Inframon for Hybrid IT (Channel2e)
  114. Exclusive: Hike Messenger Acquires InstaLively Social Networking App – Pulse (Inc42)
  115. Local startups need to make noise about voice computing (Xconomy)
  116. Certica Solutions Acquires ItemLogic (Benzinga)
  117. Joieful raises additional funding for local travel app (Benzinga)
  118. Atento Announces Strategic Partnership with Keepcon to Expand Artificial Intelligence and Automatization Capabilities (MarketWatch)
  119. Sopra Steria: Proposed Acquisition of Kentor (Business Wire)
  120. La Banque Postale acquires KissKissBankBank, the French Kickstarter (French Web)
  121. Visa takes a strategic stake in Klarna, the finance startup out of Sweden (TechCrunch)
  122. NOVAtime Acquires Midwest Reseller Longley Systems, Expanding Their Presence in the Region (PR Web)
  123. Mercateo Raises Growth Financing (FinSMEs)
  124. Emoji Technology Startup Mojiit Raises New Financing (
  125. 6 rising startups in Japan (Tech In Asia)
  126. raises Series A from SAP.iO, Unilazer Ventures. Will AI create ‘Tricorns’ soon? (YouStory)
  127. NuEyes Raises Undisclosed Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  128. Direct Pay Online acquires PayThru South Africa (Finextra)
  129. PlanRadar: Millions of investments for Wiener Startup, which offers cloud software for construction sites (Trending Topics)
  130. Data Analytics Startup Quantta Analytics Raises Pre-Series A Funding (Inc42)
  131. RhythmOne plc Announces Transaction With RadiumOne (Marketwired)
  132. RentTrack Closes Series A Round for International Expansion with Yabeo (PR Newswire)
  133. Term Sheet — Friday, June 30 (Fortune)
  134. Apple acquires SMI eye-tracking company (TechCrunch)
  135. Ardian invests in Spain digital media agency T2O (PE HUB)
  136. Token has made one ring to rule all your passwords, payments and physical access (TechCrunch)
  137. Certica Acquires Unbound Concepts to Make Digital Content More Discoverable (EdSurge)
  138. Isotrak acquires VeriLocation in transformational move for the Fleet and Telematics market (Nasdaq)