Weekly Update – June 20, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $3,211,763,515              Total Deal Number – 167

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $600,000,000 Mobike Consortium Transactions Investment
2 $360,000,000 Tata Technologies Warburg Pincus Software & Services Investment
3 $310,000,000 Bonobos Walmart Ecommerce Acquisition
4 $230,319,000 Gryphon Group Holdings Leadenhall Capital Partners, Punter Southall Group Transactions Investment
5 $170,000,000 Casper Target Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
6 $159,000,000 QingCloud Consortium Software & Services Investment
7 $146,000,000 Futu Securities Consortium Transactions Investment
8 $102,000,000 Element AI Consortium Software & Services Investment
9 $73,000,000 Chezhibao Jiansgu One Belt One Road Investment Fund, You Jin Capital Transactions Investment
10 $70,000,000 ClassPass Consortium Transactions Investment
11 $64,000,000 Clutter Consortium Transactions Investment
12 $60,000,000 Scopely Consortium Games Investment
13 $60,000,000 inthinc ORBCOMM Software & Services Acquisition
14 $50,000,000 Ola Tekne Capital Transactions Investment
15 $41,000,000 Fusion Risk Management Catalyst Investors, Level Equity Software & Services Investment
16 $40,000,000 Conviva Consortium Software & Services Investment
17 $26,000,000 ROKT Consortium Marketing Investment
18 $23,000,000 Alto Pharmacy Consortium Transactions Investment
19 $22,800,000 Seven Dreamers Laboratories Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
20 $22,500,000 INTURN B Capital Group, Eduardo Saverin Transactions Investment
21 $22,000,000 Ponycar Huiyou Capital, Oppo Transactions Investment
22 $20,000,000 CrowdFlower Inc. Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $20,000,000 Culture Amp Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $20,000,000 Entelo Consortium Transactions Investment
25 $20,000,000 Ridibooks Consortium Ecommerce Investment
26 $17,000,000 Pivotal Commware Consortium Software & Services Investment
27 $16,000,000 AEye Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
28 $16,000,000 HelloSign Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $15,000,000 Cognitive Scale Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $15,000,000 Coverfox Insurance Undisclosed Transactions Investment
31 $15,000,000 Ferris Wheel Ticketing Consortium Transactions Investment
32 $15,000,000 Highspot Consortium Software & Services Investment
33 $15,000,000 Local Logic Consortium Marketing Investment
34 $15,000,000 PingCap Consortium Software & Services Investment
35 $14,049,200 Lucid Group Communications LDC Transactions Investment
36 $13,000,000 Snips SAS Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $12,300,000 Sqrrl Consortium Software & Services Investment
38 $12,000,000 Snapsheet Tola Capital Transactions Investment
39 $11,762,770 Kolonial Dag Rasmussen Transactions Investment
40 $11,198,900 SnappCar Consortium Transactions Investment
41 $11,148,500 Rythm Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
42 $11,000,000 Dreem Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
43 $10,500,000 Atrium LTS Consortium Software & Services Investment
44 $10,000,000 Figure 1 Consortium Transactions Investment
45 $10,000,000 Loop Labs Draper Frontier, Foundry Group Software & Services Investment
46 $10,000,000 Notion Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
47 $10,000,000 Trusona Microsoft Ventures Software & Services Investment
48 $10,000,000 VICIS Harry Fath Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
49 $10,000,000 WhiteSource Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $9,000,000 Top Hat Leaders Fund Software & Services Investment
51 $8,500,000 Xealth DFJ Growth Transactions Investment
52 $8,000,000 Buildout Susquehanna Growth Equity Marketing Investment
53 $8,000,000 Fortanix Foundation Capital, NeoTribe Ventures Software & Services Investment
54 $7,300,000 MyHealthTeams Consortium Media Investment
55 $7,300,000 Smartlabs Richmond Capital Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
56 $7,000,000 HyperTrack Founders Fund, Nexus Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
57 $6,500,000 Zaius Consortium Marketing Investment
58 $6,000,000 Nomadic VR Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $6,000,000 TreasureHunt The Gauelmann Group Games Investment
60 $5,700,000 Shopmatic ACP Pte Ltd, Spring Seeds Capital Software & Services Investment
61 $5,500,000 Goodera Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $5,500,000 Spry Health Consortium Software & Services Investment
63 $5,500,000 VRB Samsung Electronics Software & Services Acquisition
64 $5,000,000 Byte Power Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
65 $5,000,000 Covr Financial Technologies Consortium Transactions Investment
66 $5,000,000 Digital Global Systems Ancora Advisors Software & Services Investment
67 $5,000,000 HLTH Consortium Transactions Investment
68 $5,000,000 Submittable True Ventures Software & Services Investment
69 $4,000,000 Compliance.ai Cota Capital Software & Services Investment
70 $3,121,580 Signaturit Consortium Software & Services Investment
71 $2,500,000 HURDL Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
72 $2,500,000 Lanla Capital croissance PME Software & Services Investment
73 $2,500,000 ZineOne Golden Seeds Angels, Hyderabad Angels Software & Services Investment
74 $2,470,000 See Jane Go Undisclosed Transactions Investment
75 $2,303,190 Optoscribe Limited Consortium Software & Services Investment
76 $2,300,000 Peerfit Consortium Transactions Investment
77 $2,298,420 Optoscribe Consortium Software & Services Investment
78 $2,229,700 Packator Undisclosed Transactions Investment
79 $2,229,700 Proceedix Consortium Software & Services Investment
80 $2,000,000 Codota Khosla Ventures Software & Services Investment
81 $2,000,000 NowRx SeedInvest Transactions Investment
82 $2,000,000 PortDesk Alphard Maritime Group Software & Services Investment
83 $1,919,062 Thriva Consortium Transactions Investment
84 $1,750,000 ShipBob Consortium Software & Services Investment
85 $1,679,325 Beemray Wall Street Financial Software & Services Investment
86 $1,527,720 Settled Connect Ventures, Piton Capital Transactions Investment
87 $1,500,000 FraudScope Consortium Software & Services Investment
88 $1,279,375 The Chapar Undisclosed Transactions Investment
89 $1,279,375 WiseAlpha Undisclosed Transactions Investment
90 $1,231,862 Youmiam M6 Ventures, Maslow Capital Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
91 $1,149,663 Assently Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
92 $1,149,623 Bookatreat Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
93 $1,100,000 Timeular Speedinvest Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
94 $1,000,000 Powur Undisclosed Transactions Investment
95 $712,000 WhereIsMyTransport Global Innovation Fund Software & Services Investment
96 $636,550 StockViews Consortium Transactions Investment
97 $518,000 Stitch Golf Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
98 $500,000 boxx.ai Consortium Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed AdExchanger Access Intelligence Marketing Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Arraid Reactive Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
101 Undisclosed Autologic Diagnostics OPUS Software & Services Acquisition
102 Undisclosed Blackmesh Contegix Software & Services Acquisition
103 Undisclosed BORDER 6 Expereo Software & Services Acquisition
104 Undisclosed Careem Networks Kingdom Holding Transactions Acquisition
105 Undisclosed Circuits Compunetics, Inc Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Clip Industrie Forterro Software & Services Acquisition
107 Undisclosed comcept LEVEL-5 International America Games Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Conexant Systems Synaptics Software & Services Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Continuum Managed Services Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
110 Undisclosed Datum Security Prevalent Networks Software & Services Acquisition
111 Undisclosed DepositAccounts.com LendingTree Media Acquisition
112 Undisclosed DEVISE Social Chain Games Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Dinetec Sandy Alexander Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed Inergy Main Capital Partners Software & Services Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Innovative Software Engineering Trimble Software & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed inPulse Works Oy Solteq Software & Services Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Intact Software Distribution Cognosec Software & Services Acquisition
118 Undisclosed iProCon iXerv Global Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed ISSELNORD Fincantieri Software & Services Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Klik.Villas Rentivo Transactions Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Knowesia EasyVista Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed KnowledgeTree SAVO Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed LeapWired GrowthEX Transactions Acquisition
124 Undisclosed Mobkoi You & Mr Jones Brandtech Ventures Marketing Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Sure Just Eat Ventures Software & Services
126 Undisclosed Monitise Fiserv Transactions Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Montage Studio Kaazing Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed Natoma Technologies Red River Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed NextNine Honeywell Software & Services Acquisition
130 Undisclosed NexTraq, Inc. Michelin Transactions Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Oration PokitDok Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Paciolan Learfield Transactions Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe Eagle Eye Networks Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
134 Undisclosed PPI Marketing LST Marketing Marketing Acquisition
135 Undisclosed PT Global Tiket Network Blibli Transactions Acquisition
136 Undisclosed RepairTech Clipper Logistics Transactions Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Rovio Entertainment Tencent Holdings Games Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Selima The Access Group Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed SoC Solutions Silvaco Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed SportsTG Blue Star Sports Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed The Customer Framework Dentsu Aegis Network Marketing Acquisition
142 Undisclosed The Room Ring Roomi Transactions Acquisition
143 Undisclosed The unbelievable Machine Company Basefarm Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Tineri Open Destinations Mobile & Apps Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Trooly Airbnb Software & Services Acquisition
146 Undisclosed Ubiquity Qrious Marketing Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Boost Payment Solutions Mosaik Partners Transactions Investment
148 Undisclosed Carshare Ventures Undisclosed Transactions Investment
149 Undisclosed Ceterus, Inc. Consortium Software & Services Investment
150 Undisclosed Delta Risk Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
151 Undisclosed Fairy Consortium Transactions Investment
152 Undisclosed Fincash.com Undisclosed Transactions Investment
153 Undisclosed Goodbox Nexus Venture Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
154 Undisclosed Guazi.com Consortium Transactions Investment
155 Undisclosed Kofera Consortium Transactions Investment
156 Undisclosed LoanMeet Consortium Transactions Investment
157 Undisclosed Loyyal Consortium Marketing Investment
158 Undisclosed Nebullam Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
159 Undisclosed NextGen Phanindra Sama Software & Services Investment
160 Undisclosed Pondera Solutions Serent Capital Software & Services Investment
161 Undisclosed PrivyID Consortium Software & Services Investment
162 Undisclosed Sportswik AB Fort Knox, Almi Invest Mobile & Apps Investment
163 Undisclosed Torchlite Undisclosed Marketing Investment
164 Undisclosed Weather Telematics Internet of Things Software & Services Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Xanity Cloud Solutions Inc. Uniserve Communications Software & Services Acquisition
166 Undisclosed zIT Consulting CA Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
167 Undisclosed Zitcom Intelligent Software & Services Acquisition

More information

  1. China’s Mobike raises $600M to expand its bikes on-demand service worldwide (TechCrunch)
  2. Warburg Pincus to devote $360M to Tata Technologies (PitchBook Blog)
  3. Walmart to buy Bonobos for $310M as it doubles down on fashion (TechCrunch)
  4. Insurance Entrepreneurs Raise £180M to Bring Protection Challenger to Market (Financialit)
  5. Casper, Mattress Maker, Raises $170 Million and Plans I.P.O. (Rightrelevance)
  6. China’s QingCloud hits unicorn status with latest funding round of $159M (Geekwire)
  7. Tencent Leads $146M Round In Chinese Online Brokerage Firm Futu (China Money Network)
  8. Element AI, a platform for companies to build AI solutions, raises $102M (TechCrunch)
  9. China: Used car auction platform Chezhibao raises $73m; BeauCare Clinics secures $29m (dealstreetasia.com)
  10. ClassPass Raises $70M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  11. Clutter Raises $64 Million To Move Your Mess Globally (Forbes)
  12. Mobile Games Maker Scopely Banks $60 Million With Valuation Over $600 Million (Variety – Digital )
  13. ORBCOMM Acquires Inthinc Assets For Up To $60 Million (Seeking Alpha)
  14. Ola picks up $50m from NY hedge fund (The Economic Times)
  15. Chicago disaster recovery firm gets $41 million safety net (Cranes Chicago)
  16. Conviva Adds $40M in Strategic Funding Round (Multi Channel News)
  17. ROKT’s $US26 million is this year’s biggest capital raise in Australian tech (PRNewswire)
  18. Digital pharmacy startup ScriptDash rebrands as Alto, inks $23 million for nationwide expansion (TechCrunch)
  19. KKR founders, Fosun join $22.8m investment in Japan’s Seven Dreamers Lab (Deal Street Asia)
  20. Inturn raises $22.5 million to help you buy clothes at a discount (TechCrunch)
  21. Chinese Phone Maker OPPO Co-Leads $22M Round In EV Sharing Firm Ponycar (China Money Network)
  22. CrowdFlower raises $20M to accelerate the adoption of AI within the enterprise (PRNewswire )
  23. Culture Amp lands $20m Series C funding round (The Australian)
  24. Entelo Raises $20 Million Series C to Modernize Recruiting (Market Wired)
  25. Korean ebook platform Ridibooks raises $20m in fresh funds (TechInAsia)
  26. Pivotal Commware Lands $17M Series A From The Thermo Companies – DIG Investments – Bill Gates and Others (PRNewswire)
  27. AEye raises $16 mln (PE HUB)
  28. HelloSign raises $16 million so you can stop signing paper documents (VentureBeat)
  29. CognitiveScale Raises $15M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  30. Insurance Platform Coverfox Raises $15 Mn Funding From Transamerica, Others (Inc42)
  31. Matrix Partners Joins $15M Round In China’s Ferris Wheel Ticketing (China Money Network)
  32. Highspot Raises $15 Million to Extend Leadership in Sales Enablement (Highspot)
  33. Local Logic Closes $1.15M First Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  34. China Growth Capital Leads $15M Round In Open-Source Database Firm PingCAP (China Money Network )
  35. LDC completes £11m minority investment in Lucid Group (www.ldc.co.uk)
  36. Snips raises $13 million for voice platform that gives gadgets an alternative to Google and Amazon (VentureBeat)
  37. Threat Hunting Sqrrl Raises $12.3 Million for Global Expansion (Security Week)
  38. Snapsheet raises $12 million to save you time after a car accident (TechCrunch)
  39. Kolonial.no priced at 1.5 billion (Hegnar)
  40. Europcar invests €10m in Dutch car sharing platform SnappCar (EU Startups)
  41. Rythm raises 10 million euros to improve French sleep (Maddyness)
  42. Dreem machine: Rythm raises $11 million and launches $500 sleep-tracking headband (VentureBeat)
  43. Justin Kan confirms $10.5 million in funding for his legal tech startup Atrium LTS (TechCrunch)
  44. The “Instagram for doctors” just raised a fresh $10 million (TechCrunch)
  45. Loop Labs $10.00 million Fundraising. Brett Jurgens Released Jun 13 Form D (Weekly Register)
  46. IoT smart home sensor Notion seals $10 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  47. Microsoft leading $10M Series B funding round in Scottsdale tech startup (Business Journals)
  48. Vicis nets $10 million in fresh funding (Business Journals)
  49. WhiteSource Raises $10M From Microsoft, 83North (NoCamels)
  51. DFJ leads $8.5 million investment in Xealth’s digital prescription service (VentureBeat)
  52. Buildout raises $8M Series A to make more than 30 new hires (Built in Chicago)
  53. Fortanix Announces $8 Million Investment from Foundation Capital and NeoTribe for Runtime Encryption Technology (Market Wired)
  54. MyHealthTeams raises $7.3M to give fuller picture of patient experience to pharma sector (Med City News)
  55. Seattle startup vet Rob Lilleness acquires Smartlabs, investing $7.3M in the home automation company (GeekWire)
  56. Nexus, Founders Fund invest $7m in India’s HyperTrack (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  57. Zaius Adds $6.5M to Previous Round of Funding (Venturefizz)
  58. Nomadic nabs $6M for its modular VR system for retail spaces (TechCrunch)
  59. Berlin gaming company TreasureHunt raises $6 million Series A (Tech.eu)
  60. Singapore-based etailer Shopmatic raises pre-series A round (The Economic Times)
  61. CSR platform Goodera raises $5.5 mn from Nexus, Omidyar (VCCircle)
  62. Spry Health Lands $5.5M to Fund Commercialization of Clinical-Grade Wearable (Hit Consultant)
  63. Samsung quietly acquired VR app studio VRB, sources say for $5.5M (TechCrunch)
  64. Byte Power Group Ltd (ASX:BPG) Singapore Based Cryptocurrency “SoarCoin” to Invest US$5M and Launch Currency Exchange (ABN Newswire)
  65. Covr Financial Technologies Raises $5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  66. Digital Global Systems Raises $8.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  67. HLTH Secures $5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  68. Submittable Raises $5 Million Series A Financing Round Led by True Ventures (PRNewswire)
  69. Compliance.ai Raises $4m in Financing (FinSMEs)
  70. Spanish electronic signature company Signaturit raises €2.8 million (Tech.eu)
  71. Hurdl Announces Completion of Techstars Music Accelerator, Close of $2.5 Million Funding Round (Business Wire)
  72. Customer research platform Lanla raises $2.5 mln in funding ( PE HUB )
  73. ZineOne Secures $2.5m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  74. See Jane Go Snags $2.47M To Expand In SoCal (SoCal – Tech)
  75. Photonics firm Optoscribe raises £1.8m (Daily Business Group)
  76. Peerfit Scoops Up $2.3M (Vc News Daily)
  77. Photonics firm Optoscribe raises £1.8m (Daily Business Group)
  78. Courier services marketplace Packator secures €2 million to expand throughout Europe (EU Startups)
  79. Ghent startup Proceedix gets 2 million (DE Tijd)
  80. Israeli coding startup Codota reels in $2 mln seed (PE HUB)
  81. On-demand pharmacy NowRx fetches $2 mln seed (PE HUB)
  82. Exclusive: Maritime solutions startup PortDesk raises $2 mn seed funding (VCCircle)
  83. Digital health start-up Thriva secures £1.5m to roll-out domestic blood tests (Startups)
  84. ShipBob raises $17.5 million to help small businesses ship stuff faster (Chicago Tribue)
  85. Beemray raises 1,5M € in Seed B funding (Beemray.)
  86. Settled lands £1.2m in round co-led by Connect Ventures and Piton Capital (Tech City News )
  87. FraudScope Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  88. Overfunding: Online Personal Styling Service The Chapar Secures £1 Million Funding Target on Crowdcube (Crowdfund Insider )
  89. High Yield: WiseAlpha Nears £1M on Crowdcube Campaign (Crowdfund Insider)
  90. Paris-based cooking app startup Youmiam has closed a €1.1 million round (EU Startups)
  91. Assently raises SEK 10 million – signup agreement with Wrapp (Breakit)
  92. Bookatreat gearing up to bring in millions of Aggregate Media (Breakit)
  93. Time-tracking startup Timeular raises $1.1M to help you work smarter (Techcrunch)
  94. Powur PBC Raises $1M via Equity Crowdfunding in Record Time (PRWeb )
  95. SA’s WhereIsMyTransport raises $712k from GIF (Disrupt Africa)
  96. StockViews raises £500K (Finextra )
  97. Filings: Stitch Golf raises $3M; Gateway surgery center lands $518K (WRAL Techwire)
  98. Boxx.Ai Raises $500K From Unicorn India Ventures, Angels (Indian Web 2)
  99. Access Intelligence Acquires AdExchanger (FolioMag)
  100. Reactive acquires Arraid (TotalTele)
  102. Contegix acquires cloud service provider BlackMesh (PRNewswire)
  103. Expereo Acquires Border 6 for SD-WAN Underlay Platform (SDXCentral)
  104. Kingdom Holding acquires major stake in Careem (Trade Arabia)
  105. Compunetics and Circuits, LLC Announce Acquisition (PRNewswire)
  106. Ardian Sells Clip Industrie to Forterro (FinSMEs)
  107. Level-5 acquires Mighty No. 9 dev Comcept (se7en.ws)
  108. BRIEF-Synaptics to buy Conexant Systems and multimedia solutions business of Marvell Technology (Reuters)
  109. Thoma Bravo Acquires Continuum, A Leading Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Company (PR Newswire)
  110. Datum Security Acquired By Prevalent (Socal Tech)
  111. BRIEF-LendingTree acquires DepositAccounts.com (Reuters)
  112. Viral Gaming Network Secretly Acquired in Multimillion-Dollar Deal (PR Newswire)
  113. Sandy Alexander Acquires Dinetec – An Intelligent Solutions Platform Specific to the Restaurant Industry (Sandy Inc.)
  114. Main Capital acquires stake in Inergy Analytical Solutions (Inergy)
  115. Trimble Acquires ISE to Provide Fleets with Electronic Driver Logs as a Service (Trimble)
  116. Solteq acquires inPulse Works Oy, expands to the utilities sector and strengthens its BI and analytics expertise – Solteq (Solteq)
  117. Cognosec Enters Exclusive Agreement to Acquire Intact Software Distribution (PR Newswire)
  118. IXerv Announces Acquisition of iProCon Ltd (9&10 News)
  119. Fincantieri Acquires a Stake in Isselnord (Epicos)
  120. Rentivo buys fellow vacation rental tech provider Klik.Villas (Tnooz)
  121. EASYVISTA annonce l’acquisition prochaine de KNOWESIA (Capital)
  122. SAVO Acquires KnowledgeTree, Leading Consolidation of Sales Enablement Market (PRNewswire)
  123. GrowthEX Acquires Technology Platform Leapwired for an Undisclosed Sum (IndianWeb2)
  124. You & Mr Jones has bought a majority stake in Mobkoi, the mobile marketing specialist (Campaign)
  125. Just Fund: Just Eat reckons these five startups will be food tech’s next big thing (Cityam)
  126. Top Monitise investor Cavendish says to vote against Fiserv deal (uk.reuters.com)
  127. Kaazing Acquires Montage Studio to Enable Rapid Delivery of Secure, Real-Time, Web-Scale Enterprise Mobile Apps (kaazing.com)
  128. Red River Acquires Natoma Technologies (Red River)
  129. Honeywell International To Acquire Nextnine Cyber Security Firm (Nasdaq)
  130. Michelin to Acquire NexTraq, a Telematics Provider, from FLEETCOR (Business Wire)
  131. PokitDok Acquires Pharmacy and Software Assets of Oration PBC (HIT Consultant)
  132. Learfield Acquires Ticketer Paciolan From Spectra: Exclusive (Billboard)
  133. Eagle Eye Networks buys Panasonic’s cloud video surveillance service and Nubo security camera (ZDNet)
  134. LST Marketing Acquires Dallas-Based PPI Marketing (PR Newswire)
  135. Blibli.com acquires Tiket.com, taps into online travel agency market (The Jakarta Post)
  137. Tencent : to Acquire Rovio Entertainment (4-traders)
  138. The Access Group Completes Acquisition of Selima Limited (PR Newswire)
  139. Silvaco to Acquire SoC Solutions (Design Reuse)
  140. Blue Star Sports Acquires SportsTG (PR Newswire)
  141. Dentsu Aegis Network acquires marketing transformation consultancy The Customer Framework (Dentsu Aegis)
  142. Roomi Acquires The Room Ring to Consolidate the Shared Housing Market in the United States (Business Wire)
  143. Basefarm acquires The unbelievable Machine Company (Basefarm.com)
  144. Open Destinations in deal to buy mobile itinerary app Tineri (Tnooz)
  145. Airbnb to Buy Background-Check Startup Trooly to Root Out Scams (Bloomberg)
  146. Ubiquity acquired by Qrious, the Spark-owned big data and analytics software company (knowledgecentre)
  147. Boost Payment Solutions Closes Funding With Mosaik Partners (FinSMEs)
  148. BRIEF-Europcar Group invests in Snappcar (Reuters)
  149. Grotech Ventures leads funding round for Ceterus (PE HUB)
  150. Delta Risk Completes Growth Capital Financing (FinSMEs)
  151. Fairy wants to make daily housecleaning a thing (TechCrunch)
  152. Fintech Startup Fincash Raises Funding by Industry Stalwarts (Bitcoin Agile)
  153. Exclusive: M-commerce app Goodbox raises funds from Nexus, Mekin Maheshwari (VCCircle)
  154. Guazi Announces Series B Financing (PR Newswire)
  155. Marketing automation startup Kofera raises pre-series A (TechInAsia)
  156. Lending Startup LoanMeet Raises Undisclosed Seed Funding from Chinese Investors (BW Disrupt)
  157. Loyyal Closes Series A Capital Raise (JCN Newswire)
  158. ISU Ag Startup Engine announces pair of investments (Clay&Milk)
  159. Bangalore-based NextGen raises funding, welcomes Phanindra Sama on board (YourStory)
  160. Pondera Solutions Scores Investment from SF Equity Firm (Tech Wire)
  161. PrivyID raises pre-series A for electronic signatures (TechInAsia)
  162. His appbolag takes in the capital: “We do all the fans of sports reporters” (Digital)
  163. Torchlite Brings in Big Name Expertise, Funding (Inside Indiana)
  164. Internet of Things Intl to Acquire Weather Telematics Company WTX (RTInsights)
  165. Uniserve to buy Xanity Cloud Solutions (Telecom Paper)
  166. CA Technologies Acquires zIT Consulting for a Better Mainframe Experience (ChannelBiz)
  167. Hg Capital sells Zitcom (The London Economic)
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