Weekly Update – May 23, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $6,480,651,095              Total Deal Number – 232

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $3,300,000,000 Bureau van Dijk Moody’s Media Acquisition
2 $1,400,000,000 Paytm SoftBank Transactions Investment
3 $200,000,000 Lattice Data Apple Software & Services Acquisition
4 $125,000,000 MindMeld Cisco Software & Services Acquisition
5 $100,000,000 CrowdStrike Consortium Software & Services Investment
6 $95,458,510 PCA Predict GBGroup Software & Services Acquisition
7 $83,905,500 AUTO1 Group Princeville Global Transactions Investment
8 $75,000,000 Huya.com Consortium Games Investment
9 $63,000,000 Symphony BNP Paribas Mobile & Apps Investment
10 $55,000,000 Yitu Technology Consortium Software & Services Investment
11 $50,000,000 LevelUp Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
12 $45,000,000 Money360 Undisclosed Transactions Investment
13 $42,000,000 Wacai Consortium Transactions Investment
14 $41,000,000 Fetchr Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
15 $40,000,000 QASymphony Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
16 $30,000,000 D-Wave Systems PSP Investments Software & Services Investment
17 $30,000,000 EAT Club Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $30,000,000 OpenGov Consortium Software & Services Investment
19 $27,000,000 Wandera Consortium Software & Services Investment
20 $25,000,000 Tile Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
21 $24,000,000 Arohan Financial Maj Invest Equity Transactions Investment
22 $24,000,000 ChargePoint Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
23 $22,000,000 Sweet Inn BRM Group, Qumra Capital Transactions Investment
24 $21,300,000 additiv BZ Bank Software & Services Investment
25 $20,692,800 YOPA Grosvenor Hill Ventures, DMGT Transactions Investment
26 $20,000,000 Nymi Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
27 $20,000,000 Verse Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
28 $18,000,000 KeepTruckin Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $17,000,000 Tiqets HPE Growth Capital, Capital Mills Transactions Investment
30 $16,000,000 Frame Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $15,000,000 Brit + Co Verizon Ventures Media Investment
32 $15,000,000 FullStory Consortium Media Investment
33 $14,473,550 Readly Consortium Media Investment
34 $14,000,000 Ruigu Source Code Capital, Chengwei Capital Ecommerce Investment
35 $13,500,000 Affinity Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $13,000,000 Mode Analytics REV, Foundation Capital Software & Services Investment
37 $12,584,264 Stillfront Group Undisclosed Games Investment
38 $12,000,000 Aira Tech Corp Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
39 $12,000,000 Appear Here Consortium Transactions Investment
40 $12,000,000 Karamba Security Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
41 $12,000,000 WinView Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
42 $11,200,000 Aporeto Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $11,000,000 Mocana Consortium Software & Services Investment
44 $10,500,000 Amazon Pay (India) AMAZON CORPORATE HOLDINGS, Amazon Ecommerce Investment
45 $10,300,000 Terminus Consortium Marketing Investment
46 $10,000,000 Bright field of vision Blue Chi Venture, latitude and longitude with China Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
47 $10,000,000 CloudIn Fortune Venture Capital, Yunqi Partners Software & Services Investment
48 $10,000,000 Mintigo Consortium Software & Services Investment
49 $9,000,000 Numerated Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $8,918,800 talent.io Ventech, Alven Capital Transactions Investment
51 $8,650,000 Atavium Consortium Software & Services Investment
52 $8,400,000 HealthLoop Consortium Software & Services Investment
53 $8,000,000 Conversa Health Consortium Software & Services Investment
54 $8,000,000 Social Native SoftBank Capital Marketing Investment
55 $8,000,000 The Farmer’s Dog Consortium Transactions Investment
56 $7,601,459 CDN-VIDEO LLC Wangsu Science & Technology Software & Services Acquisition
57 $6,670,500 EasyRecrue Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $6,300,000 Taralite SBI Group Transactions Investment
59 $6,000,000 teamBlind DCM Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
60 $5,600,000 Rubica Consortium Software & Services Investment
61 $5,600,000 Upfront Healthcare Services Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $5,300,000 IOTAS, Inc. Rogue Venture Partners, Oregon Angel Fund Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
63 $5,300,000 PaySense Consortium Transactions Investment
64 $5,239,795 Robocath Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
65 $4,800,000 GrandCanals Cloud Apps Capital Partners, AllMobile Fund Software & Services Investment
66 $4,800,000 Spotluck Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
67 $4,500,000 Upload VR Consortium Software & Services Investment
68 $3,979,704 TRIBE Undisclosed Marketing Investment
69 $3,950,000 Ubco Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
70 $3,800,000 Dor Technologies Vertex Ventures, Zetta Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
71 $3,600,000 Multinet Corporation Japan Hyper Software & Services Acquisition
72 $3,500,000 Airy:3D Consortium Software & Services Investment
73 $3,500,000 Nexla Consortium Software & Services Investment
74 $3,380,000 FreeCharge Snapdeal Transactions Investment
75 $3,100,000 SAIGON STEC Co., LTD. Sharp Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
76 $3,000,000 AKUA Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
77 $3,000,000 In2lytics Enerdigm Ventures, Referentia Systems Incorporated Software & Services Investment
78 $3,000,000 Moni International Finance Corporation (IFC) Transactions Investment
79 $3,000,000 Telr Innovations East fund Transactions Investment
80 $2,300,000 Sinorbis Executive Channel International Marketing Investment
81 $2,200,000 Shippit Consortium Software & Services Investment
82 $2,150,000 StashAway Francis Rozario Transactions Investment
83 $2,078,032 Vita Mojo Undisclosed Transactions Investment
84 $2,072,000 Vivacity Labs Innovate U.K. Software & Services Investment
85 $2,057,871 Min Doktor EQT Ventures Transactions Investment
86 $2,004,030 MoBerries Consortium Software & Services Investment
87 $1,700,000 Reality AI Family Offices, TechNexus Software & Services Investment
88 $1,666,725 iCabbi BMS Finance Software & Services Investment
89 $1,500,000 4xLabs OSK Ventures International., Dymon Asia Ventures Software & Services Investment
90 $1,500,000 IronCore Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
91 $1,500,000 Vezeeta.com Consortium Transactions Investment
92 $1,335,702 restb AI Consortium Software & Services Investment
93 $1,250,000 Precognitive Consortium Software & Services Investment
94 $1,220,000 Oppsource Bozeman Limited Partnership, NEXT Frontier Capital Software & Services Investment
95 $1,200,000 Accern Consortium Software & Services Investment
96 $1,100,000 Expensya Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
97 $1,012,468 WebIQ B.V. Space Hellas Software & Services Acquisition
98 $1,000,000 Retrium Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
99 $1,000,000 SafetyKart Retail Dheeraj Jain Ecommerce Investment
100 $750,000 Barracuda Networks Ann Arbor SPARK, Michigan Strategic Fund Software & Services Investment
101 $649,385 Hope Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
102 $500,000 Fynd Rocketship Ecommerce Investment
103 $500,000 Zapty Ideaspring Capital Software & Services Investment
104 Undisclosed Allstate Capital Crestmark Transactions Acquisition
105 Undisclosed AltX Addepar Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Apprise Aptean Software & Services Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Apteligent VMware Software & Services Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Are You a Human Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Bill Hudson Agency Dalton Agency Marketing Acquisition
110 Undisclosed Blissfully Eric Paley Software & Services Investment
111 Undisclosed Brand Karma SilverNeedle Marketing Acquisition
112 Undisclosed CompleteSet M25 Group Transactions Investment
113 Undisclosed Concurrent Real-Time Battery Ventures Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed Cuebiq Balyasny Asset Management, Elevate Innovation Partners Software & Services Investment
115 Undisclosed Daojia Yum! China Mobile & Apps Acquisition
116 Undisclosed DIB Hotel Karl-Johan Persson Transactions Investment
117 Undisclosed Discovia Lighthouse eDiscovery Transactions Acquisition
118 Undisclosed Doku Emtek Group Transactions Acquisition
119 Undisclosed DonorCommunity Arreva Software Software & Services Acquisition
120 Undisclosed EBD Euro Media Group Media Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Eccella Corporation NGDATA Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Espay Emtek Group Transactions Acquisition
123 Undisclosed FogHorn Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
124 Undisclosed Foodpanda Kazakhstan Chocofamily Transactions Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Fyndiq Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
126 Undisclosed GameSim Keywords Studios Software & Services Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Greensmith Energy Management Systems Wartsila Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed Hadley Media Grandesign Marketing Acquisition
129 Undisclosed ICIDigital Adweek Marketing Acquisition
130 Undisclosed iHomefinder FRONTSTEPS Transactions Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Infogram Prezi Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Innovative Software Solutions Advanced Solutions International Software & Services Acquisition
133 Undisclosed ITPM Consulting YASH Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
134 Undisclosed JouleSmart Solutions Joule Assets Software & Services Acquisition
135 Undisclosed LogicStream Health Noro-Moseley Partners Software & Services Investment
136 Undisclosed Mathis Tire Pep Boys Transactions Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Mealsaver ResQ Club Mobile & Apps Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Media Hive Accenture Marketing Acquisition
139 Undisclosed MT Business Technologies Xerox Corp. Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Neighborly Consortium Transactions Investment
141 Undisclosed niland Spotify Media Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Oglass Sunny Agarwal Marketing Investment
143 Undisclosed OpenInvest Consortium Transactions Investment
144 Undisclosed Optimatics Emerald Technology Ventures, Suez Ventures Software & Services Investment
145 Undisclosed Orpak Systems Gilbarco Veeder-Root Software & Services Acquisition
146 Undisclosed OTAS Technologies Liquidnet Software & Services Acquisition
147 Undisclosed PayU Payments Mswipe Transactions Acquisition
148 Undisclosed Payubiz Mswipe Technologies Transactions Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Prestige Data Centre Solutions Park Place Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed QC Marketing Adaptive Marketing Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Qlue ServiceNow Software & Services Acquisition
152 Undisclosed Quest Integrated solutions Technology Recovery Group Software & Services Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Quickhelp Yup Technologies Mobile & Apps Acquisition
154 Undisclosed Razer Horizons Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
155 Undisclosed Riskopy Coupa Software Software & Services Acquisition
156 Undisclosed SCALES NNIT Software & Services Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Simply Stylist Nylon Transactions Acquisition
158 Undisclosed SpeedETab Paymentez Mobile & Apps Acquisition
159 Undisclosed Statistica Tibco software Software & Services Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Sticky Ad Tobii Marketing Acquisition
161 Undisclosed Suvitech Axiata Software & Services Acquisition
162 Undisclosed Tamr GE Ventures Software & Services Investment
163 Undisclosed TechInsights Oakley Capital Software & Services Acquisition
164 Undisclosed TechWorks Vibrant Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Telosa Software Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
166 Undisclosed Tembit Software Hanse Orga Group Software & Services Acquisition
167 Undisclosed Thirsty Boy Zizzo Group Marketing Acquisition
168 Undisclosed Total Merchant Services North American Bancard Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
169 Undisclosed TriLumina Corp. Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
170 Undisclosed VIRES Simulationstechnologie MSC Software Software & Services Acquisition
171 Undisclosed Vistar Technologies Symplr Software & Services Acquisition
172 Undisclosed ViXS Systems Pixelworks Software & Services Acquisition
173 Undisclosed Grzybowski Scientific Inventions Ltd. MilliporeSigma Software & Services Acquisition
174 Undisclosed Guiides Leavetown.com Vacations Transactions Acquisition
175 Undisclosed Halkin Asset Management F.A.B. Partners Transactions Acquisition
176 Undisclosed Hickup Showpad Marketing Acquisition
177 Undisclosed HydroBio Inc. Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV), Formation 8 Software & Services Acquisition
178 Undisclosed inet-logistics Castik Capital Software & Services Acquisition
179 Undisclosed Inke Shunya International Brand Consulting Mobile & Apps Acquisition
180 Undisclosed Jemsoft Xped Software & Services Acquisition
181 Undisclosed Jester Communications Ackmann & Dickenson Software & Services Acquisition
182 Undisclosed Jibe Consulting The Hackett Group Software & Services Acquisition
183 Undisclosed Leeyo Software Zuora Software & Services Acquisition
184 Undisclosed LION Digital Media AdSupply.Com Marketing Acquisition
185 Undisclosed LLamasoft TPG Capital Software & Services Acquisition
186 Undisclosed Lochbridge DMI Software & Services Acquisition
187 Undisclosed Maple Deliveroo Transactions Acquisition
188 Undisclosed Marketplace Ignition Possible Marketing Acquisition
189 Undisclosed Matchi.biz KPMG Transactions Acquisition
190 Undisclosed McGraw-Hill Ryerson Nelson Education Transactions Acquisition
191 Undisclosed Micros SA Adapt IT Software & Services Acquisition
192 Undisclosed Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services of Wisconsin Transactions Acquisition
193 Undisclosed MobileNosh Electronic Payments Mobile & Apps Acquisition
194 Undisclosed Nabaroo Ello Transactions Acquisition
195 Undisclosed NewCo ICT Security Services Kft. Invitech Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
196 Undisclosed Nocme Technologies SCSOFT Software & Services Acquisition
197 Undisclosed One Central Point AdSupply.Com Marketing Acquisition
198 Undisclosed Owlchemy Labs Google Games Acquisition
199 Undisclosed PayEx Swedbank Transactions Acquisition
200 Undisclosed PEACHES Mobile GmbH UMT Mobile & Apps Acquisition
201 Undisclosed PopPlaces Go-PopUp Transactions Acquisition
202 Undisclosed Power 106 Meruelo Media Media Acquisition
203 Undisclosed Pristine Upskill (formerly APX Labs) Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
204 Undisclosed Robotic Assistance Devices OMVS Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
205 Undisclosed Saiyan Productions Imperium Media Software & Services Acquisition
206 Undisclosed Senddr Software AMCS Group Software & Services Acquisition
207 Undisclosed SETIPE Lunch Actually Group Transactions Acquisition
208 Undisclosed ShapeDrive GmbH Wenglor Sensoric Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
209 Undisclosed ShareShed Leavetown.com Vacations Transactions Acquisition
210 Undisclosed SilverRail Technologies Expedia Software & Services Acquisition
211 Undisclosed SnT Classifieds Schibsted Software & Services Acquisition
212 Undisclosed softfair FondsFinanz Software & Services Acquisition
213 Undisclosed Spex J.S. Held Software & Services Acquisition
214 Undisclosed Spot and Pay SocialPlay USA Mobile & Apps Acquisition
215 Undisclosed Strut Digital Deloitte Software & Services Acquisition
216 Undisclosed sunshine.co.uk On The Beach Holidays Ecommerce Acquisition
217 Undisclosed Sycle Cochlear Software & Services Acquisition
218 Undisclosed TapServices Value Exchange International Transactions Acquisition
219 Undisclosed TestEquity Investment Firm Acquires TestEquity Software & Services Acquisition
220 Undisclosed The Halo Group Didit Search Marketing Marketing Acquisition
221 Undisclosed The Monkeys Accenture Marketing Acquisition
222 Undisclosed The Pearlman Group Stephens Group Transactions Acquisition
223 Undisclosed TurboAppeal Paradigm Tax Group Transactions Acquisition
224 Undisclosed Twigkit Lucidworks Software & Services Acquisition
225 Undisclosed Ulbel & Freidorfer Bechtle Software & Services Acquisition
226 Undisclosed Unigma Kaseya Software & Services Acquisition
227 Undisclosed Viasat Technology GLEN HARBOR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Software & Services Acquisition
228 Undisclosed WPG Solutions, Inc. Good Done Great Software & Services Acquisition
229 Undisclosed XLOC Inc. Keywords Studios Games Acquisition
230 Undisclosed Yokee Music Stingray Mobile & Apps Acquisition
231 Undisclosed Zenify NestAway Software & Services Acquisition
232 Undisclosed Zenith Merchant Services Inc EVO Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. Moody’s Corp to buy Bureau van Dijk for about $3.3 billion (Reuters)
  2. Paytm raises $1.4 billion from Softbank, valuation jumps to over $8 billion (The Economic Times)
  3. Apple acquires AI company Lattice Data, a specialist in unstructured ‘dark data’, for $200M (TechCrunch)
  4. Cisco acquires conversational AI startup MindMeld for $125 million (TechCrunch)
  5. Security startup Crowdstrike raises another $100 million, valued at almost $1 billion (Business Insider Australia)
  6. GB Group agrees to a acquire PCA Predict for £73.85m (Digital Look)
  7. Princeville Global Invests €75 Million in AUTO1 Group (Business Wire)
  8. Ping An Insurance leads $75m Series A in video streaming platform Huya (Deal Street Asia)
  9. Goldman-backed ‘Slack for finance’ startup Symphony raises $63 million from BNP Paribas (Business Insider)
  10. AI developer Yitu Technology gets $55m Series C led by Hillhouse Capital (Deal Street Asia)
  11. LevelUp Bags $50M From JPMorgan Chase & Others For Mobile Payments (Xconomy)
  12. Money360 Closes $45M in Commercial Real Estate Loans in April, Breaks Monthly Record (Marketwired)
  13. CDB Capital Leads $42M Round In Chinese Fintech Firm Wacai (China Money Network)
  14. Fetchr Secures $41 Million In Series B Funding Led By New Enterprise Associates, To Continue Disrupting The Traditional Delivery Industry (ME Newswire)
  15. Software testing platform QASymphony raises $40 million (VentureBeat)
  16. D-Wave Lands $30 Million to Build New Quantum Computer (WSJ Blogs)
  17. Redwood City startup gets $30M to expand corporate food deliveries (Business Journals)
  18. OpenGov Raises $30 Million to Lead Digital Transformation of Government (PR Newswire)
  19. Mobile Security Firm Wandera Raises $27 Million, Cites Huge Growth (Fortune)
  20. Lost item finder Tile grabs another $25 million in funding (TechCrunch)
  21. India: MFI Arohan raises $24m from Maj Invest, existing backers (Deal Street Asia)
  22. ChargePoint Raises Another $24 Million for European Expansion—and Possibly Flying Cars (Greentech Media)
  23. Resort suite booking co Sweet Inn raises $22m (Globes)
  24. Older Swiss fintech additiv gets $21.3 million in new capital (Bitcoin Agile)
  25. Hybrid estate agency YOPA clinches £16m Series B (Startups)
  27. Growing fast in Europe — our investment in Verse (Medium)
  28. KeepTruckin secures $18m funding as Silicon Valley eyes trucking industry (Deal Street Asia)
  29. Tech5 winner Tiqets banks $17M Series B from HPE Growth Capital (Silicon Canals)
  30. Why Frame Scored $16M Investment From Microsoft And Bain Capital Ventures (Forbes)
  31. Brit + Co raises $15 million to grow its media and merchandise businesses (TechCrunch)
  32. Atlanta’s FullStory raises $15 million from Google, Salesforce; plans 120-job expansion (Atlanta Business Chronicle)
  33. Digital magazine newsstand Readly inks funding (PE HUB)
  34. Chengwei Leads $14M Round In Electrical Hardware E-commerce Firm Ruigu (China Money Network)
  35. For investors seeking a purpose-built CRM toolkit, Affinity raised $13.5 million to get you covered (TechCrunch)
  36. Mode Closes $13M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  37. Swedish game developer Stillfront receives €11.2 million bond loan (Tech.eu)
  38. Aira Tech $12.00 million Fundraising. Suman Kanuganti Published May 16 Form D (KL Daily)
  39. Appear Here takes in $12 mln Series B (PE HUB)
  40. To stop hackers from invading self-driving cars, Karamba Security raises $12 million (TechCrunch)
  41. WinView, a Sports Betting Start-Up, Raises $12 Million (The New York Times)
  42. Aporeto raises $11.2 million to help build a more secure cloud (Venture Beat)
  43. Mocana raises $11M to boost its IoT security offering (Silicon Angle)
  44. Amazon injects $10.5 mn into India payments arm (VCCircle)
  45. Terminus Raises $10.3M in Series B Funding to Fuel Account-Based Marketing Revolution (www.newson6.com)
  46. AR companies bright field of vision to complete the $ 10 million B round of financing, blue Chi venture investment leader (it.sohu.com)
  47. Fortune Capital Leads $10M Round In Chinese Cloud Computing Service Provider CloudIn (China Money Network)
  48. Enterprise AI co Mintigo raises $10m (globes.co.il)
  49. Numerated Growth Technologies Secures $9 Million (NewsCenter.io)
  50. Recruitment platform Talent.io raises €8 million to expand its reach (Tech.eu)
  51. Atavium Closes $8.65M Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  52. HealthLoop raises $8.4M Series B round to build commercial teams (Med City News)
  53. Northwell Health Leads $8M Series A Funding Round for Conversa (Conversa Health)
  54. Social Native raises $8 million to build a new social media ad platform (TechCrunch)
  55. The Farmer’s Dog Raises $8M To Bring Made-To-Order Dog Food To Your Door (Forbes)
  56. BRIEF-Wangsu Science & Technology to buy 70 pct stake in CDN-VIDEO LLC for 430.5 mln roubles (Reuters)
  57. EasyRecrue Raises €6M Third Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  58. Taralite Raises US$6.3M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  59. Tech Employees Are Anonymously Venting on a Popular Korean App (WSJ – ATD)
  60. Rubica raises $5.6M seed series to expand reach of service that keeps families safe and private with a personal cyber operations team (Rubica)
  61. With $5.6M in new funding, Upfront Healthcare Services wants to streamline your doctor visits (Built in Chicago)
  62. First IoT-as-a-Service Company Focusing on Smart Apartments, IOTAS, Raises $5.3M in Funding (BusinessWire)
  63. PaySense raises $5.3M in Series A from Jungle Ventures, Naspers, Nexus Ventures (YourStory)
  64. French medtech startup Robocath raises €4.7 million for its cardiovascular device (Tech.eu)
  65. GrandCanals Closes $4.8m Series A Financing (FinSMEs)
  66. Exclusive: Spotluck scores big round of funding to fuel expansion (Washington Business Journal)
  67. Upload VR startup raised $4.5 million Series A from Colopl, General Catalyst last year (TechCrunch)
  68. Social media influencer app TRIBE launches in the UK after AUD$5.35M Series A round (Anthill Online)
  69. NZ’s Ubco raises $3.95 million to power electric farm bike (NBR)
  70. Dor Retail Traffic Analytics Launches With $3.8 Million Investment (BusinessWire)
  71. BRIEF-Hyper to fully acquire Multinet Corporation Japan for 400 mln yen (Reuters)
  72. 3D Sensor Start-Up Airy3D Raises US$3.5 Million In Seed Financing (AIRY:3D)
  73. Nexla launches data operations platform with $3.5 million investment (TechCrunch)
  74. Freecharge Secures $3.38 Mn From Owner Jasper Amidst Talks Of Acquisition (Inc42)
  75. BRIEF- Sharp to acquire SAIGON STEC for $3.1 mln (Reuters)
  76. AKUA raises $3 million Series Seed Financing for IoT Supply Chain Transformation (PR Newswire)
  77. Honolulu-based In2lytics raises $3M in Series A funding (Pacific Business News)
  78. Moni Raises $3m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  79. Payment Gateway Telr Raises $3 Mn Series B From Innovations East (ET Tech)
  80. Cloud-based digital marketing startup Sinorbis secures $2.3 million (Smart Company)
  81. Sydney logistics management startup Shippit raises $2.2 million Series A (StartupDaily)
  82. Singapore fintech startup StashAway raises US$2.15M to roll out robo-advisory platform (e27 News)
  83. Vita Mojo: cashless restaurant that aims to double as your personal nutritionist raises £1.6m (The Independent)
  84. AI startup Vivacity Labs gets £1.6m (Tech City News)
  85. Nätläkaren My Doctor takes in 218 million (Digital)
  86. MoBerries Closes €1.8M Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  87. Reality AI Raises $1.7 Million In Funding (Sensors Online)
  88. iCabbi gets €1.5 million funding from BMS Finance (The Business Post)
  89. Fintech start-up 4xLabs raises US$1.5m in new funding (Straits Times)
  90. IronCore Labs Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  91. Egypt’s Vezeeta raises additional US$1.5 million to launch in Jordan, Lebanon (Techloy)
  92. The technological potential of Restb.ai boosts its internationalization (ABC)
  93. Precognitive Raises $1.25M in Seed Funding to Accelerate Growth (Precognitive)
  94. OppSource Secures $1.22m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  95. Accern raises $1.2 million for AI-curated financial news (Venture Beat)
  96. Tunisia’s Expensya raises US$1.1 million for international expansion (TechLoy)
  97. BRIEF-Space Hellas acquires 17.2 pct shares of WEB-IQ B.V worth EUR 0.9 million (Reuters)
  98. Retrium Raises $1M in Funding, Introduces Enterprise-Ready Solution for Agile Retrospectives (PR Newswire)
  99. Online retailer of hygiene products Safetykart raises funding (ET Tech)
  100. Barracuda Networks To Expand In Ann Arbor With $750,000 State Grant (Mitechnews)
  102. Fashion portal Fynd raises $500K from Silicon Valley-based Rocketship (VC Circle)
  103. Zapty raises $500,000 from Ideaspring Capital (Mint (IN) – Industry)
  104. Crestmark Acquires Florida-based Allstate Capital (crestmark.com)
  105. Addepar Acquires AltX to Double Down on High-Growth Alternatives Market (R Newswire)
  106. Aptean Strengthens ERP and SCM Solution Suite with Acquisition of Apprise (Nasdaq)
  107. VMware acquires mobile app intelligence startup Apteligent (Silicon Angle)
  108. Distil Networks Acquires Are You A Human (Market Wired )
  109. Dalton Agency to acquire Nashville-based advertising agency (Business Journals)
  110. Boundless Co-Founders Unveil New Startup, Blissfully, in New York (Xconomy)
  111. SilverNeedle Hospitality acquires Brand Karma, rebirths as Next Story Group (Webintravel)
  112. Fast-growing Cincinnati startup raises financing round (Cincinnati Business Journal)
  113. Battery Ventures buys Concurrent Real-Time (PE HUB)
  114. Cuebiq Receives Additional Strategic Investment (FinSMEs)
  115. Daojia.com.cn Acquired By Pizza Hut’s Parent Company (ChinaTechNews)
  116. H & M manager invests in bidding site for hotels (Digital)
  117. Lighthouse eDiscovery merges with Discovia to form self-described largest electronic discovery company (Geekwire)
  118. Emtek Group quietly confirms the acquisition of e-money provider Doku and Espay (e27 News)
  119. DonorCommunity and Telosa Software Merge To Become Arreva Software (www.arreva.com)
  120. Euro Media Group Buys EBD, a Sports Statistics and Graphic Illustration Specialist in Italy (PRNewswire)
  121. NGDATA Acquires Eccella to Fuel International Growth and Expansion (Ngdata)
  122. Emtek Group quietly confirms the acquisition of e-money provider Doku and Espay (e27 News)
  123. FogHorn Systems Raises Additional Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  124. Internet holding Chocofamily bought “Foodpanda Kazakhstan” (Kursiv)
  125. Fyndiq load new capital (Digital)
  126. Keywords moves into software engineering with GameSim acquisition (GamesIndustry.biz)
  127. Wartsila to Acquire Greensmith for Energy Storage Software (Green Tech Media)
  128. Marketing Firm Grandesign Buys Comic-Con Specialist Hadley Media (Variety – Digital)
  130. FRONTSTEPS Completes Acquisition of iHomefinder, Leading Provider of Real Estate Search Technology and Websites (PR Newswire)
  131. Prezi and Infogram Join Forces to Catapult Visual Communications (Prezi Blog)
  132. ASI Acquires New Jersey-Based ISSI as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary (Sagemount)
  133. YASH Technologies Announces Acquisition of UK-headquartered ITPM Consulting (Business Wire India)
  134. Joule Assets Completes Acquisition And Forms Subsidiary JouleSmart Solutions (The Street)
  135. LogicStream Health Closes Series B Financing to Accelerate Growth (Market Wired)
  136. Pep Boys Acquires Mathis Tire & Auto Service and Direct Tire Distributors (www.pepboys.com)
  137. ResQ Club acquires competitor, attracts funding from German investors and appoints the new CEO (Arctic Startup)
  138. Accenture Acquires Media Hive to Expand Its Commerce Capabilities (Newsroom)
  139. Xerox Corp. (XRX) Acquires MT Business Technologies (Street Insider)
  140. Neighborly Raised a Series A (Neighborly)
  141. Spotify just bought an AI startup to help it stay ahead of Apple Music (CNBC)
  142. Exclusive: Mobile ad platform Oglas raises angel funding (TechCircle)
  143. OpenInvest helps retail investors back companies that share their values (TechCrunch)
  144. SUEZ Takes a Stake in OPTIMATICS, Enhancing Its Range of Innovative Digital Solutions for the Performance of Water Networks (Business Wire)
  145. Gilbarco Veeder-Root Acquires Orpak Systems (Nasdaq)
  146. Liquidnet Further Enhances Trading Platform with Acquisition of OTAS Technologies (Liquidnet)
  147. Matrix-backed Mswipe acquires PayU’s offline merchant PoS unit (VC Circle)
  148. Matrix-backed Mswipe acquires PayU’s offline merchant PoS unit (VCCircle)
  149. Park Place Technologies Acquires UK-based Prestige Systems (CNW)
  150. Charlotte marketing firm merges with Virginia company (Charlotte Business Journal)
  151. ServiceNow Acquires Qlue and Invests in BuildOnMe to Deliver Intelligent Automation to Everyday Enterprise Work (Servicenow)
  152. Technology Recovery Group buys custom software developer in Stow (Cranes Cleveland)
  153. Harvard Startup Quickhelp Has Been Acquired by Yup Technologies (Bostinno Streetwise)
  154. Razer gets backing from Horizons Ventures, inks phone JV with Three (TechCrunch)
  155. Coupa Acquires Riskopy for Advanced Data Aggregation Engine (Nasdaq)
  157. Nylon Acquires Simply Stylist, Ups Brand-Supported Events (MediaPost)
  158. South Florida tech companies team up to propel growth (Miami Herald)
  159. TIBCO Software to Acquire Data Science Platform Leader Statistica (PR Newswire)
  160. Tobii Acquires Sticky, A Leading Solution Provider for Market Research Studies Based on Webcam Eye Tracking (PR Newswire)
  161. Malaysian telco giant Axiata buys 65% stake in Thai firm Suvitech (Deal Street Asia)
  162. Software Startup Tamr Raises New Financing (Newscenter.io)
  163. Oakley Capital to buy majority stake in PE-backed TechInsights (PE HUB)
  164. News/Press on Vibrant Technologies (Vibrant)
  165. DonorCommunity and Telosa Software Merge To Become Arreva Software (Arreva)
  166. Hanse Orga Group acquires Tembit Software (IBS Intelligence)
  167. Zizzo Group acquires Thirsty Boy, shifts to ‘engagement marketing’ (Milwaukee Business Journal)
  168. North American Bancard Holdings and Total Merchant Services Announce Agreement for the Acquisition of Total Merchant Services (PR Newswire)
  169. TriLumina Closes Additional Round of Funding (PR Newswire)
  170. Autonomous vehicle software acquired by Hexagon (Develop3D)
  171. symplr and Vistar Join Forces to Create Healthcare Provider Management Software Leader (PRWeb Sitemap)
  172. Pixelworks To Acquire ViXS Systems (vixs)
  173. MilliporeSigma Acquires Grzybowski Scientific Inventions to Expand Chemical Synthesis Offering (PR Newswire)
  174. Adventure tech startups ShareShed and Guiides acquired by Leavetown (BetaKit)
  175. FAB Partners Acquires Majority Stake In Halkin Asset Management (Finalternatives)
  176. Belgium’s Showpad acquires UK marketing tech startup Hickup (Tech.eu)
  177. The Climate Corporation Acquires HydroBio, Accelerates Delivery of Data-Driven Water Management Insights for More Farmers across Globe (Business Wire)
  178. Castik Capital invests in Inet-Logistics (Automobil Industrie)
  179. Shunya International acquiring controlling stake in Chinese video streaming platform Inke (Deal Street Asia)
  180. South Australian software company Jemsoft acquired amid ongoing Federal Court action (The Advertiser)
  181. Digital Firm Ackmann & Dickenson Acquires Jester Communications (PRNewswire All )
  182. The Hackett Group Acquires Oracle Cloud Applications Implementer Jibe Consulting (Business Wire)
  183. Zuora to acquire Leeyo to help customers cope with upcoming accounting rules changes (TechCrunch)
  184. AdSupply acquires Lion Digital Media, enabling advertisers to reach local markets (TheDrum)
  185. TPG Capital buys majority stake in LLamasoft (Crains Detroit)
  186. DMI Acquires Lochbridge and Enters the Connected Car and IoT Market (PR Newswire)
  187. Maple, the NYC-based food delivery firm, has been acquired by Deliveroo (The Tech Portal)
  189. KPMG acquires Matchi, global fintech innovation and matchmaking platform (PRNewswire)
  190. NELSON Acquires McGraw-Hill Ryerson’s K-12 Business Becoming the Largest Canadian-Operated Publisher (Newswire Canada)
  192. Literacy Services & Milwaukee Achiever Merge to Strengthen Adult Education and Workforce Development Services (Literacy Services)
  193. Electronic Payments Acquires MobileNosh, Provides Seamless Web and Mobile Ordering for Merchants (PR Web)
  194. Ello Acquires Nabaroo (PR Newswire)
  195. Invitech Solutions acquires NewCo ICT Security Services (Telecompaper)
  196. Nocme Tech to merge with SCSOFT of Singapore; eyes Smart City, Metro projects (The Hindu)
  197. AdSupply, Online Advertising Platform, Opens European Office (PRNewswire)
  198. Google acquires Owlchemy Labs VR game studio (TechCrunch)
  199. Swedbank acquires PayEx (Banking Technology)
  200. UMT acquires majority in PEACHES Mobile GmbH and expands its own value chain with prelado (UMT)
  201. Pop-up retail platforms Go-PopUp and PopPlaces announce merger (Tech.eu)
  202. Emmis Announces Agreement to Sell LA’s Power 106 to Meruelo Group (PRNewswire)
  203. Augmented Reality Industry Leader Upskill Acquires Pristine (Upskill)
  204. OMVS Enters into Binding Agreement with Robotic Assistance Devices (Market Watch)
  205. Imperium Media Acquires Saiyan Productions (Medium)
  206. AMCS Group invests in innovative digital engagement platform for the waste and recycling market with the acquisition of Senddr (Business Wire)
  207. Indonesian dating site Setipe gets acquired by Lunch Actually, will focus on revenue and profitability (e27)
  208. Wenglor sensoric takes over 3D specialist ShapeDrive (EENews)
  209. Adventure tech startups ShareShed and Guiides acquired by Leavetown (BetaKit)
  210. Expedia Announces Agreement to Acquire Majority of SilverRail (SilverRail Technologies)
  211. Schibsted increases ownership in fast growing online classifieds market leader in Brazil, OLX, to 50 percent (Nasdaq)
  212. Softfair to FondsFinanz (Procontra)
  213. J.S. Held Makes Majority Investment in Spex, Leading Insurance Technology Platform (JS/HELD)
  214. Social Play USA to Acquire Next-generation Remote Mobile Payment Technology (Cleveland19)
  215. Deloitte acquires Strut to add DevOps capability to its cloud consulting service (ZD Net)
  216. On the Beach acquires Sunshine.co.uk (Travolution)
  217. Cochlear to buy audiology software firm Sycle (ZD Net)
  218. Value Exchange International, Inc. Acquires TapServices, Inc. in Philippines as part of Strategic Growth Plan (NASDAQ Global Newswire)
  219. Investment Firm Acquires TestEquity (San Fernando Valley Business Journal)
  220. Didit Acquires The Halo Group to Further Enhance Its Integrated Marketing, PR Services (PRNewswire)
  221. Accenture Acquires Creative and Design Agencies The Monkeys and Maud to Expand its Customer Experience Capabilities in Australia and New Zealand (Accenture)
  222. Antares Capital Supports The Stephens Group’s Acquisition of The Pearlman Group (Business Wire)
  223. Paradigm Tax Group Acquires TurboAppeal (PRWeb Sitemap )
  224. Lucidworks Acquires Twigkit to Deliver Superior Enterprise Search Experience (Market Wired)
  225. Bechtle takes over Ulbel & Freidorfer (Elektro Journal)
  226. Kaseya Acquires Unigma for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Cost Management (Channele2e)
  228. Good Done Great Acquires Tacoma-Based WPG Solutions (PR Web)
  229. Keywords Studios buys XLOC Inc. (gamesindustry.biz)
  230. Stingray Acquires Yokee Music LTD (Stingray)
  231. NestAway buys rival Zenify to offer home rental solutions to families (Livemint)
  232. EVO Acquires Full Ownership of Zenith Merchant Services (PR Web)
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