Weekly Update – April 4, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $23,532,478,166           Total Deal Number – 163

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $22,000,000,000 Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd. China Development Bank Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
2 $140,000,000 UCloud Information Technology CICC, Oriza Holdings Software & Services Investment
3 $106,795,000 Picnic Consortium Ecommerce Investment
4 $100,000,000 Accedian Networks Bridge Growth Partners Software & Services Acquisition
5 $81,500,000 Looker Consortium Software & Services Investment
6 $69,416,750 Oodrive Consortium Software & Services Investment
7 $68,000,000 Yongqianbao Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
8 $64,000,000 Rigetti Quantum Computing Consortium Software & Services Investment
9 $60,000,000 Decisely EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants,Two Sigma Private Investments Software & Services Investment
10 $55,000,000 Brocade Communications Systems Extreme Networks Software & Services Acquisition
11 $50,000,000 Placester New Enterprise Associates Marketing Investment
12 $40,000,000 Colyar Technology Solutions Gold Star Foods Software & Services Acquisition
13 $36,500,000 Eddyfi La Caisse Software & Services Investment
14 $35,000,000 MasterClass Consortium Transactions Investment
15 $30,000,000 BYJU’S Verlinvest Transactions Investment
16 $29,000,000 Shanghai Flashhold Technology Cainiao Network, SB China Venture Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
17 $27,000,000 DELY Consortium Media Investment
18 $25,000,000 Freightos Consortium Transactions Investment
19 $25,000,000 Icertis Consortium Software & Services Investment
20 $25,000,000 MapD Consortium Software & Services Investment
21 $25,000,000 PivotDesk Consortium Transactions Investment
22 $25,000,000 Turvo Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $19,300,000 Cool Planet Agustín Coppel, North Bridge Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
24 $15,000,000 Cloudvirga Incenter Software & Services Investment
25 $15,000,000 Filament Consortium Software & Services Investment
26 $15,000,000 Tenfold Consortium Software & Services Investment
27 $14,300,000 Kaloom Inc Consortium Software & Services Investment
28 $14,000,000 Tiger Brokers China Growth Capital, ZhenFund Transactions Investment
29 $13,339,062 SwipeStox GmbH Fosun Group Transactions Investment
30 $12,538,800 Quint Group Toscafund Asset Management Transactions Investment
31 $12,000,000 Raise.me Consortium Transactions Investment
32 $12,000,000 Voxy Consortium Software & Services Investment
33 $11,600,000 Cognoa Morningside Software & Services Investment
34 $11,000,000 Sensors Data DCM Ventures, Sequoia Capital Software & Services Investment
35 $10,400,000 ShapeShift Consortium Transactions Investment
36 $10,000,000 ControlUp, Inc Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $10,000,000 JoyRun Consortium Transactions Investment
38 $10,000,000 Licious Mayfield Capital, 3one4 Capital Transactions Investment
39 $10,000,000 Paradata Consortium Software & Services Investment
40 $10,000,000 Upskill Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
41 $9,000,000 Moneytree Consortium Transactions Investment
42 $8,000,000 RightHand Robotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
43 $7,000,000 Ledger Consortium Software & Services Investment
44 $7,000,000 SMART-Photonics Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
45 $6,515,105 Peakon Consortium Software & Services Investment
46 $6,500,000 Carbon Health Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
47 $5,000,000 Emergent Payments Responsible Gold Holdings Transactions Investment
48 $5,000,000 Emoticast Sean Parker, David Guetta Mobile & Apps Investment
49 $5,000,000 Munchery Sherpa Capital, Menlo Ventures Transactions Investment
50 $5,000,000 MYDAWA Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
51 $4,702,050 Ripjar Winton Ventures Software & Services Investment
52 $4,591,755 Travelaer Entrepreneur Venture, Pleiade Venture Software & Services Investment
53 $4,272,200 Hundredrooms Consortium Transactions Investment
54 $4,250,000 Arable Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
55 $4,200,000 Storyhunter Consortium Transactions Investment
56 $4,100,000 Chute Salesforce Ventures Marketing Investment
57 $4,000,000 Cloapp Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
58 $4,000,000 Smyte Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $4,000,000 Wrench Madrona Venture Group Transactions Investment
60 $3,600,000 airpay Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
61 $3,600,000 Weeloy Undisclosed Transactions Investment
62 $3,000,000 ADVR Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
63 $3,000,000 OneTwoTrip Bank Saint Petersburg Transactions Investment
64 $3,000,000 Snapcart Consortium Software & Services Investment
65 $3,000,000 Wehunt Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
66 $2,700,000 Hey Let’s Train Undisclosed Transactions Investment
67 $2,670,125 Tilak Healthcare iBionext Growth Fund Games Investment
68 $2,600,000 Lightform Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
69 $2,576,766 OOjiBO centurion corp Transactions Investment
70 $2,452,835 Parsek d.o.o. 3TS Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
71 $2,250,000 root9B Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
72 $2,200,000 GAMEE Consortium Games Investment
73 $2,136,100 ClaimVantage Davy EII Tax Relief Fund 2015 Software & Services Investment
74 $2,136,100 Recruitz.io Slingshot Marketing Investment
75 $2,136,100 Travelsify Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
76 $2,132,900 Trappit Consortium Software & Services Investment
77 $2,123,606 Airangel WiFi Santander Corporate & Commercial Software & Services Investment
78 $2,029,295 Coras Consortium Transactions Investment
79 $2,000,000 Alchemist Accelerator GE Digital Software & Services Investment
80 $2,000,000 Fixt Consortium Transactions Investment
81 $2,000,000 HeyOrca Undisclosed Marketing Investment
82 $2,000,000 Keli Network Consortium Media Investment
83 $2,000,000 Slock.it Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
84 $1,900,000 PICKUP Albert Cantu Transactions Investment
85 $1,706,184 Otherwise 360 Capital Partners, Bpifrance Transactions Investment
86 $1,600,000 Attaq Online Houston Angel Network Games Investment
87 $1,500,000 LeasePilot Rose Park Advisors Software & Services Investment
88 $1,500,000 RBC Signals Blacktop Capital Software & Services Investment
89 $1,500,000 UPshow Consortium Marketing Investment
90 $1,388,465 Botfuel Breega Capital, Seventure Partners Software & Services Investment
91 $1,388,205 Vidsy Guardian Media Group Software & Services Investment
92 $1,250,000 Lidya Accion Venture Lab, Newid capital Transactions Investment
93 $1,200,000 ClearGov Consortium Software & Services Investment
94 $1,200,000 Pargo Consortium Transactions Investment
95 $1,000,000 1Scope Aqualand Transactions Investment
96 $1,000,000 Flourish LocalGlobe, Founder Collective Software & Services Investment
97 $1,000,000 Tactai National Science Foundation Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
98 $1,000,000 Taskrunner Undisclosed Transactions Investment
99 $900,000 Kipsu Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
100 $874,090 Reactec ArchAngels, Scottish Investment Bank Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
101 $854,440 Skitude Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
102 $800,000 POTLOC BDC Venture Capital Transactions Investment
103 $799,987 Bomberbot Social Impact Ventures NL Software & Services Investment
104 $750,000 Aiden Consortium Marketing Investment
105 $728,000 Andamio Games National Science Foundation Games Investment
106 $724,246 Content Cal Colin Smith Marketing Investment
107 $650,000 Perpule Kstart, Venture Highway, Raghunandan G Mobile & Apps Investment
108 $600,000 soCash Undisclosed Transactions Investment
109 $500,000 The Perspective Rimokh Family Trust Media Investment
110 Undisclosed 118 Group Ltd Pricoa Capital Software & Services Investment
111 Undisclosed ABS Associates Mechdyne Software & Services Acquisition
112 Undisclosed Brain4Net, Inc. LETA Capital Software & Services Investment
113 Undisclosed Bulletin Intelligence Cision Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed Critical Technologies, Inc. GE Aviation Software & Services Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Cumulocity Software AG Software & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed Day1 Solutions Deloitte Software & Services Acquisition
117 Undisclosed DogVacay Rover.com Transactions Acquisition
118 Undisclosed Duniaku Network Discovery Nusantara Capital Media Investment
119 Undisclosed Edison Interactive GKG Investments, Vinyl Capital Marketing Investment
120 Undisclosed ethology Tallwave Marketing Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Four32C Sullivan Marketing Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Fuzzy Frog Hugo Games Games Acquisition
123 Undisclosed GiveForward YouCaring Transactions Acquisition
124 Undisclosed Grant Group Dentsu Aegis Network Marketing Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Hallam Internet BigSpring Marketing Acquisition
126 Undisclosed ICsense TDK-Micronas Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Indus OS Consortium Software & Services Investment
128 Undisclosed Infracast Imimobile Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed Ingresso Group accesso Transactions Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Inside Unternehmensberatung All for One Steeb AG Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Jarokn Games Healesville Game Studios Games Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Junifer Systems Gentrack Group Transactions Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Keystone Logic Solutions Zensar Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Kite Canon Software & Services Acquisition
135 Undisclosed KlinicApp Om Chaudhry Mobile & Apps Investment
136 Undisclosed Lenmar Consulting Kellton Tech Software & Services Acquisition
137 Undisclosed mbiz.co.id Undisclosed Ecommerce Investment
138 Undisclosed MightyTV Spotify Media Acquisition
139 Undisclosed MyBuilder Limited 4iP Transactions Acquisition
140 Undisclosed NGage Technology Group Pty Ltd Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed OnCorp Direct, Inc. Dye & Durham Software & Services Acquisition
142 Undisclosed OneTree Microdevices Analog Devices Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
143 Undisclosed PivotDesk Industrious Transactions Acquisition
144 Undisclosed pref.tv, Inc. Toyota Motor Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Quicket KNF Ventures Transactions Investment
146 Undisclosed rankingCoach GmbH United Internet AG Software & Services Acquisition
147 Undisclosed Reputation.com Consortium Transactions Investment
148 Undisclosed RivalHealth gBehavior Transactions Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Rooter Intex Technologies Mobile & Apps Investment
150 Undisclosed SDGblue Crowe Horwath Software & Services Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Siftr APUS Group Transactions Acquisition
152 Undisclosed Silvercar Audi Transactions Acquisition
153 Undisclosed SOASTA Akamai Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
154 Undisclosed Software Link Kerr Consulting Software & Services Acquisition
155 Undisclosed Solchar Limited Hague Print Software & Services Acquisition
156 Undisclosed StepOne FanThreeSixty Software & Services Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Strenuus, LLC Zelis™ Healthcare Software & Services Acquisition
158 Undisclosed The Daily Edited OrotonGroup Ecommerce Investment
159 Undisclosed TotalCross Undisclosed Software & Services Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Truecaller Zenith Venture Capital, Inbox Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
161 Undisclosed Upplication Mobusi Mobile Advertising Mobile & Apps Acquisition
162 Undisclosed Wheeliz MAIF, Keolis Transactions Investment
163 Undisclosed Wigzo Consortium Marketing Investment

More information

  1. China’s Largest Chipmaker Secures $22 Billion to Expand Globally (Bloomberg)
  2. China’s UCloud secures $140m Series D (Asian Venture Capital Journal )
  3. Dutch grocery delivery startup Picnic picks up historic €100mm funding round after only 1.5 years (The Next Web)
  4. Montreal network monitoring company Accedian lands US$100-million investment from U.S. firm (Financial Post)
  5. Looker Announces $81.5 Million In Series D Funding Led By CapitalG (BusinessWire)
  6. French software firm Oodrive raises €65 million to move into new markets (Tech.eu )
  7. China personal lending platform Yongqianbao raises $68m (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  8. Rigetti Computing Raises $64 Million in Series A and B Funding, Led by Andreessen Horowitz and Vy Capital (PR Newswire)
  9. Small biz HR and benefits platform Decisely picks up $60 mln (PE HUB)
  10. Extreme Networks snaps up Brocade’s data center networking business for $55M (Silicon Angle)
  11. Placester Raises $50M Series D Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  12. Gold Star Foods scores over $40 mln from Castle Harlan (PE HUB)
  13. La Caisse invests $36.5 million to support Eddyfi’s international growth (Yahoo)
  14. MasterClass raises $35 million for celebrity taught classes (TechCrunch)
  15. Zuckerberg-backed edtech giant Byju’s ropes in $30M to go international (YourStory)
  16. Cainiao, SBCVC Lead $29M Round In Chinese Logistic Robot Firm Flashhold (China Money Network)
  17. Japan’s Dely secures $27M to beat Cookpad for online recipe market dominance (The Bridge (Japan))
  18. Logistics startup Freightos lands $25 million in funding from GE Ventures (TechCrunch)
  19. Enterprise SaaS firm Icertis raises $25 million led by Facebook co-founder’s VC fund – Times of India (Times of India – Sitemap)
  20. Powered by GPUs, Real-Time Data Startup MapD Lands $25M Funding Round (Nvidia)
  21. Industrious buys PivotDesk, raises $25M to be WeWork without startup bros (TechCrunch)
  22. Turvo Raises $25M in Series A Financing (FinSMEs)
  23. Cool Planet Closes $19.3M Series A Financing (FinSMEs)
  24. Mortgage automation startup cloudvirga raises $15 million (Finextra – Innovation)
  25. Filament raises $15M to bring industrial application of IoT and blockchain for production (EconoTimes)
  26. Andreessen Horowitz buys into Austin startup’s $15 million funding round (Tech Republic (Australia))
  27. Kaloom nets $14.3 mln in Series A led by Fonds de solidarité FTQ (PE HUB)
  28. China Growth Capital leads $14m funding in Tiger Brokers (Deal Street Asia)
  29. DGAP-News The NAGA Group AG: Leading China-based investment group FOSUN invests EUR12.5 million in Hamburg based FinTech firm THE NAGA GROUP AG (wallstreet-online.de)
  30. Quint raises £10 million to fund recapitalisation (Finextra)
  31. Raise.me grabs $12 million to fix how colleges provide financial aid (TechCrunch)
  32. Voxy raises $12 million to roll out its e-learning English app in emerging markets (Venture Beat)
  33. Cognoa raises $11.6m to advance diagnosis of autism through machine learning (ZD Net)
  34. DCM Leads $11M Round In Chinese Big Data Analysis Company Sensors Data (China Money Network)
  35. Digital Currency Exchange ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million Series A (Coindesk)
  36. ControlUp takes in $10 mln Series B (PE HUB)
  37. This Food Delivery Startup Raised $10 Million to Help College Kids Make Extra Cash (Fortune)
  38. Online meat service startup Licious gets $10 million in funding (The Economic Times)
  39. Paradata pulls in $10 mln (PE HUB)
  40. Herndon wearables company is out with another round topping $10M (Boston Tech Flash)
  41. Moneytree Completes a $9M Series B Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  42. RightHand Robotics Raised $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  43. Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Startup Ledger Raises $7 Million (Coindesk)
  44. SMART-Photonics raises 7 million in new investment round (E52)
  45. Employee engagement platform Peakon raises €6.1 million (Tech.eu )
  46. Carbon Health rakes in $6.5 mln in BuildersVC-led round (PE HUB)
  47. Emergent Payments Raises Over $5 Million To Expand Its Global Payments Platform (PR Newswire)
  48. Music-themed messaging company Emoticast raises $5 million from Sean Parker, Will.i.am, others (Venture Beat)
  49. This food startup specializes in turnover, stiffs original investors (San Francisco Business Times)
  50. MyDawa.com raises $5 million to bring prescription drugs online in Kenya (TechMoran)
  51. Ripjar Raises £3.75M Follow-on Funding (FinSMEs)
  52. Travelaer raises €4.3 million to improve online customer experience (TNooz)
  53. Hundredrooms Raises €4m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  54. Arable Labs Closes $4.25M Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  55. Media freelance talent pool Storyhunter funding rises to $4.2m (Silicon Republic)
  56. Chute raises $4.1 million to bring user-generated content into the enterprise (Venture Beat)
  57. Cloapp change tracks – and bring in new million to crazy (?), Valuation (Breakit)
  58. Online security startup Smyte grabs $4 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  59. Wrench raises $4 million to bring auto repairs to your door (TechCrunch)
  60. B2B payments company Airpay raises $3.6 million from Kalaari Capital (MediaNama (India))
  61. Singapore startup Weeloy raises US$3.6M to make restaurant management more efficient (e27 News)
  62. ADVR unveils AR and VR discovery marketing platform (VentureBeat)
  63. OneTwoTrip raises $3 million, plans new B2C and B2B services (TNooz)
  64. Snapcart raises $3M to track offline commerce data in Southeast Asia (TechCrunch)
  65. Hunters favorite app is targeting Norway with fresh million (breakit.se)
  66. Hey Let’s Train raises $2.7 million (St. Louis Business Journal)
  67. Tilak Healthcare Raises €2.5 Million from iBionext Growth Fund (Business Wire)
  68. Lightform Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  69. Singapore fintech startup OOjiBO raises S$3.6M to serve the unbanked (sg.news)
  70. Parsek Raises €2.3M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  71. root9B Raises $2.25M In Private Placement (Twitter)
  72. Bot-based games platform Gamee hits 500 million plays, scores $2.2 million seed round (Venture Beat)
  73. Dublin fintech player ClaimVantage raises €2m (Silicon Republic)
  74. Where AI meets HR: Recruitz.io banks €2M from Slingshot (Silicon Canals)
  75. Travelsify Raises €2 Million (Silicon Luxembourg)
  76. Trappit raised € 2 million from Swanlaab Venture Factory, Sabadell Venture Capital and a group of business investors (Capital Reisgo)
  77. Hotel WiFi specialist secures GBP1.7m to fund growth overseas (Angel News)
  78. Coras Raises €1.9M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  79. GE invests $2 million in Alchemist Accelerator to back industrial IoT startups (TechCrunch)
  80. Fixt raises $2 million, led by diversity-focused venture firm (Technnical.ly)
  81. HeyOrca Just Gave a Huge Boost to North America’s Oldest City’s Startup Ecosystem (Sociable)
  82. Keli Network Raises $2 Million To Make More Videos On Platforms Like Facebook (Tubefilter)
  83. Despite the DAO-saster, its creators raise $2M (American Banker)
  84. PICKUP Raises $1.9M For On Demand Delivery Service (Texas Tech Pulse)
  85. Insurtech Startup Otherwise Closes €1.6M Seed Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  86. Attaq Online Completes $1.6M Bridge Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  87. LeasePilot® Receives $1.5M Investment from Rose Park Advisors’ Disruptive Innovation Fund (PR Newswire)
  88. RBC Signals Raises $1.5 Million in Latest Venture Capital Round (Via Satellite)
  89. Selfie startup lands $1.5 million (CRAIN’S)
  90. With a lead investment from Seventure Partners and the participation of Breega Capital, Botfuel successfully raises 1.3 million Euros in capital (Botfuel)
  91. Guardian Media Group contributes to £1.3m funding pot for Vidsy (The Drum)
  92. Nigerian fintech startup Lidya raises $1.25 million seed funding (Techpoint)
  93. ClearGov Raises $1.2M in Seed Funding Round (Govtech)
  94. South Africa’s logistics firm Pargo raises $1.2m led by Saad Investments for rapid growth (Tech Moran)
  95. Edutech startup 1Scope raises $1 million from property developer Aqualand’s new Capital division (Startup Daily)
  96. London startup Flourish closes $1m Seed from LocalGlobe and Founder Collective (Tech City News)
  97. National Science Foundation Grant Won By Touch-Based VR Company Tactai (VR Focus)
  98. Task Runner want to get more people to perform odd jobs – now investing PriceRunners former CEO (breakit.se)
  99. MN Tech Startup Kipsu Raises $900k To Double Staff Size (tech.mn)
  100. Archangels leads GBP700k investment in Reactec (Angel Newsletter)
  101. Skitude Completes a Funding Round with More Than €800,000 to Finance a Leap towards the US and Canada (Business Wire)
  102. POTLOC to have the right trade in the right place (Actu Marketing )
  103. Bomberbot: “We want to program global Add to education ‘ (NU.nl)
  104. Aiden closes $750,000 seed round in its quest to amplify marketers (TechCrunch)
  105. Andamio Games Receives $728k SBIR Grant (TECH.MN)
  106. ContentCal closes £400,000 Seed, brings total to £580,000 (Tech City News)
  107. Kalaari Capital’s Kstart Infuses $650K In Fintech Startup Perpule (Inc42)
  108. Fintech startup soCash raises US$600K to help consumers withdraw cash from shops (e27 News)
  109. With $500K in financing, The Perspective wants to unite a divided media world (TechCrunch)
  110. 118 Group Receives Investment from Pricoa Capital (FinSMEs)
  111. Mechdyne acquires Schaumburg, Illinois-based ABS Associates (Talking New Media)
  112. Brain4Net to Showcase SDN-Based Carrier Ethernet Services Integrated with Value-Added Virtual Network Services (Brain4net)
  113. Cision acquires Bulletin Intelligence (PE HUB)
  114. GE Aviation Acquires Leader in Digital Aircraft Records Management (Business Wire)
  115. Software AG Acquires Cumulocity (FinSMEs)
  116. Deloitte Buys Day1 Solutions in Cloud Service Expansion Push (Govcon Wire)
  117. Rover and DogVacay merge to dominate the pet-sitting market (TechCrunch)
  118. Indonesia: DNC injects seed funding into Duniaku.net (Deal Street Asia)
  119. Edison Interactive Receives Investment from GKG Investments and Vinyl Capital (FinSMEs)
  120. Scottsdale’s Tallwave acquires full-service digital agency (AZ Big Media)
  121. Sullivan Acquires FOUR32C (Sullivannyc)
  122. BRIEF-Hugo Games buys game studio and restructuring organization (Reuters)
  123. YouCaring Acquires GiveForward to Expand the Reach of the World’s Leading Free Crowdfunding Platform (PRNewswire)
  124. Dentsu Aegis to acquire Sri Lanka’s Grant Group (Economic Times)
  126. TDK’s Subsidiary TDK-Micronas to Acquire ASIC Specialist ICsense to Further Grow Its Sensor Business (Yahoo)
  127. Mobile Operating System Indus OS Secures Funding From JSW Ventures, Others (Inc42)
  128. BRIEF-Imimobile plc to acquire Infracast Ltd (Reuters)
  130. All for One Steeb AG to Acquire inside Unternehmensberatung GmbH and Enlarge its HR Digital Transformation Portfolio (IT Business)
  131. Healesville Game Studios acquires assets of Jarokn Games (Healesville Game Studios)
  132. Gentrack accelerates UK growth with the acquisition of Junifer Systems ( Gentrack)
  133. BRIEF-Zensar Technologies buys business of Keystone Logic Solutions (Reuters)
  134. Canon acquires London-based printing tech startup Kite (TechCrunch)
  135. Exclusive: Health-tech startup Klinic App raises seed funding (VCCircle)
  136. Kellton Tech acquires US-based Lenmar Group (Economic Times)
  137. B2B eCommerce Startup Mbiz Secures Series A (PYMNTS)
  138. Spotify acquires content recommendation startup MightyTV (TechCrunch)
  139. IAC’s HomeAdvisor Acquires MyBuilder, a Leading Home Services Marketplace in the UK (PRNewswire)
  140. Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited, will acquire NGage Technology Group Pty Ltd (MNA)
  141. Dye & Durham Acquires OnCorp (MarketWired)
  142. ADI buys One Tree Microdevices (Electronics Weekly)
  143. Industrious buys PivotDesk, raises $25M to be WeWork without startup bros (TechCrunch)
  144. Fanuc sets sights on army of interconnected robots (Financial Times )
  145. Quicket acquires BookitNow! to strengthen its travel app offering (EU Startups)
  146. 1&1 Parent United Internet Acquires Stake in SEO Software Firm rankingCoach (Whir)
  147. Reputation.com Receives New Funding from Heritage Group (FinSMEs)
  148. gBehavior and RivalHealth, LLC Announce Merger (PR Web)
  149. Sports social app Rooter gets funding from Intex Technologies (The Hindu)
  150. Crowe Horwath merges in SDGblue (Accounting Today)
  151. Siftr Labs gets acquired by China’s fastest growing unicorn APUS Group (Bizztor)
  152. Audi Acquires Silvercar Car-sharing (Kelley Blue Book)
  153. Akamai Agrees to Acquire SOASTA (Akamai)
  154. Kerr Consulting Acquires Software Link (PRWeb Sitemap)
  155. West Yorkshire print solutions provider acquires Berkshire software firm (EquityNet)
  156. StepOne, Inc. Launches Targeted Solutions to Unify Customer Experiences (Kansas City Business Journal)
  157. Zelis™ Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Strenuus® (Business Wire)
  158. OrotonGroup buys 30pc stake in The Daily Edited (Australian Financial Review)
  159. TotalCross back independent (Baguete)
  160. Swedish Zenith continues to invest in TrueCaller (Digital)
  161. Mobusi acquires the developer of apps for SMEs Upplication (Dircomfidential)
  162. MAIF and Keolis become shareholders of Wheeliz (Boursier)
  163. Marketing personalisation platform Wigzo raises funding, eyes expansion to Americas (e27)
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