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Weekly Update – April 26, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $5,051,444,418             Total Deal Number – 144

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $3,350,000,000 PetSmart Ecommerce Acquisition
2 $400,000,000 Microvast Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
3 $180,000,000 Qualtrics Accel Partners, Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Investment
4 $109,008,457 NetEase Cloud Music Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
5 $85,000,000 Quora Consortium Media Investment
6 $75,000,000 Actility Consortium Software & Services Investment
7 $60,000,000 Branch Metrics Consortium Marketing Investment
8 $60,000,000 SenseTime Sailing Capital Software & Services Investment
9 $57,000,000 SeatGeek Consortium Transactions Investment
10 $56,000,000 TopTix SeatGeek Software & Services Acquisition
11 $45,000,000 Getaround Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
12 $43,000,000 DRIVIN KAR Auction Services Transactions Acquisition
13 $40,000,000 Reltio Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $36,000,000 Gladly Software Consortium Software & Services Investment
15 $30,000,000 MakeSpace Consortium Transactions Investment
16 $26,400,000 Xero TCV Software & Services Investment
17 $25,000,000 ZappRx Surojit Chatterjee Software & Services Investment
18 $20,000,000 CyberGRX Consortium Software & Services Investment
19 $16,800,000 BIMA AXIATA Digital Transactions Investment
20 $16,500,000 Dome9 Security SoftBank Software & Services Investment
21 $16,000,000 IceKredit China Creation Ventures, Lingfeng Capital Transactions Investment
22 $16,000,000 SafeGraph Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $14,000,000 Sapho Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $13,900,000 Pluto VR Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $13,700,000 Avegant Hangzhou Liaison Interactive Information Technology Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
26 $12,000,000 V5 Systems Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
27 $12,000,000 Yeecall Addor Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
28 $11,000,000 Narrative Science Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $11,000,000 Zinc Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $9,000,000 Legends of Learning Baltimore Angels Games Investment
31 $9,000,000 Mux Accel Partners Marketing Investment
32 $8,950,480 Farmdrop Consortium Transactions Investment
33 $8,144,624 Unu Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
34 $8,000,000 Akoonu Shasta Ventures Marketing Investment
35 $6,400,000 FretLink Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $6,250,000 Solv Consortium Transactions Investment
37 $5,894,460 Qover Anthemis Group Transactions Investment
38 $5,500,000 Ninjacart Consortium Marketing Investment
39 $5,500,000 AppDetex Consortium Software & Services Investment
40 $5,000,000 Beamery Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $5,000,000 Jaanuu Consortium Ecommerce Investment
42 $4,900,000 Elmodis Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $4,501,875 Enervalis Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
44 $4,500,000 LeanDNA Next Coast Ventures Software & Services Investment
45 $4,500,000 Vector Space Consortium Software & Services Investment
46 $4,335,400 Pitchy Bros Prod Consortium Software & Services Investment
47 $4,000,000 VICIS Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
48 $3,800,000 Lumen Learning Alliance of Angels Transactions Investment
49 $3,500,000 Boundless Consortium Software & Services Investment
50 $3,300,000 Barnebys Consortium Transactions Investment
51 $3,215,160 ZIVVER HENQ Invest Software & Services Investment
52 $3,100,000 Halo Smart Labs Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
53 $3,000,000 Boomtime Verge Fund, Saba Investments Marketing Investment
54 $3,000,000 MJ Freeway Roger McNamee, Tao Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
55 $3,000,000 Humaniq Undisclosed Transactions Investment
56 $2,700,000 Bedly Founder Collective, Accomplice Transactions Investment
57 $2,685,144 Core Collective Undisclosed Transactions Investment
58 $2,600,000 Touristly Air Asia Transactions Acquisition
59 $2,572,500 Blacknut Undisclosed Games Investment
60 $2,500,000 Gravity Supply Chain Solutions (HK) Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
61 $2,500,000 Shine Betaworks, Eniac Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
62 $2,300,000 Inventure Oy, The Venture Reality Fund Software & Services Investment
63 $2,250,000 MortgageHippo CMFG VENTURES Software & Services Investment
64 $2,000,000 DadeSystems Ocean Azul Partners Transactions Investment
65 $2,000,000 INNEFU IndiaNivesh Software & Services Investment
66 $2,000,000 Invertex OurCrowd First Software & Services Investment
67 $2,000,000 OXX Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
68 $2,000,000 PowerPost Arsenal Capital Partners Marketing Investment
69 $1,800,000 GeoCV Runa Capital, Emery Capital Software & Services Investment
70 $1,800,000 MeetMindful Bridge Builders Collaborative Mobile & Apps Investment
71 $1,700,000 U-Parking Gobi Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
72 $1,625,775 DreamCheaper TruVenturo GmbH, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures Transactions Investment
73 $1,624,155 nello Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
74 $1,533,954 HowNow Fuel Ventures Transactions Investment
75 $1,517,390 Rubicoin The Motley Fool, Enterprise Ireland Mobile & Apps Investment
76 $1,500,000 Credihealth Consortium Transactions Investment
77 $1,500,000 Innovapptive Hyderabad Angels Software & Services Investment
78 $1,500,000 Qwilr Consortium Software & Services Investment
79 $1,500,000 Turbo Tenant, LLC Crescendo Capital Partners, FrontRange Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
80 $1,409,005 Wellmo Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
81 $1,400,000 Undisclosed Transactions Investment
82 $1,200,000 ABSENTIA Exfinity Venture Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
83 $1,200,000 CM First Group Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
84 $1,200,000 DEXMA Inveready Technology Investment Group Software & Services Investment
85 $1,200,000 RotoQL Jason Robins, Boston Seed Capital Software & Services Investment
86 $1,200,000 Saleswhale Consortium Transactions Investment
87 $1,100,000 Better Initialized Capital, Designer Fund Transactions Investment
88 $1,100,000 Gridics Consortium Software & Services Investment
89 $1,100,000 Swingvy Big Basin Capital, Walden International Software & Services Investment
90 $1,000,000 VideoKen Surojit Chatterjee Media Investment
91 $780,000 Milanote Simon Martin Mobile & Apps Investment
92 $750,312 Cybersprint Consortium Software & Services Investment
93 $750,000 Sensara Lalitesh Katragadda, Ganayantrika Systems Mobile & Apps Investment
94 $600,000 Whodat Ideaspring Capital Software & Services Investment
95 $566,867 RaceONE Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
96 $543,000 RAW Pressery Jacqueline Fernandez Transactions Investment
97 $535,860 Rateboard Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
98 $500,000 Arbitrum Consortium Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed Investoo Group Transactions Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Alert Labs Intact Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
101 Undisclosed Fatboy Vendis Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
102 Undisclosed American Traffic Solutions Platinum Equity Software & Services Acquisition
103 Undisclosed BigRep Klöckner & Co. Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
104 Undisclosed Covercake Spindle Marketing Acquisition
105 Undisclosed Elite Daily Bustle Digital Group Media Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Ellisphere AnaCap Software & Services Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Experiment Engine Optimizely Software & Services Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Factom Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
109 Undisclosed Firebird General Catalyst, Accomplice Mobile & Apps Investment
110 Undisclosed Forestry Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
111 Undisclosed Freebird Accomplice, General Catalyst Software & Services Investment
112 Undisclosed Health 2.0 HIMSS Media Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Hellobike Chengwei Capital, GGV Capital Transactions Investment
114 Undisclosed helloPay Ant Financial Transactions Acquisition
115 Undisclosed HomeTrak Software ClearCare Software & Services Acquisition
116 Undisclosed InLogg Myntra Transactions Acquisition
117 Undisclosed Intentional Software Microsoft Software & Services Acquisition
118 Undisclosed JETPDV Viasoft Informatica Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Kunstmaan Accenture Marketing Acquisition
120 Undisclosed Long Island Press Schneps Communications Media Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Mainstream Software CBRE Group Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Market Track Vista Equity Partners Software & Services Acquisition
123 Undisclosed Moat Oracle Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
124 Undisclosed More Health CITIC Capital Holdings Transactions Investment
125 Undisclosed NetSPI Sunstone Partners Software & Services Investment
126 Undisclosed Ongo National Bank of Canada Transactions Investment
127 Undisclosed Portal Finance Magma Partners Transactions Investment
128 Undisclosed RippleNami Consortium Software & Services Investment
129 Undisclosed Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions ConvergeOne Software & Services Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Shopial Magento Marketing Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Skytree Infosys Software & Services Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Spanning Cloud Apps Insight Venture Partners Mobile & Apps Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Suyo Omidyar Network Transactions Investment
134 Undisclosed SVG Media Dentsu Aegis Network Media Acquisition
135 Undisclosed SweetIQ Analytics Gannett Co Inc Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed This Place Ltd. Infoteria Corporation Marketing Acquisition
137 Undisclosed ToutApp Marketo Mobile & Apps Acquisition
138 Undisclosed TradeWarrior Oranj Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed TVC Solutions American Innovations Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Utiligroup Energy Services Group Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed VideoDays Divimove Media Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Wercker Oracle Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Workplace Answers Everfi Software & Services Acquisition
144 Undisclosed ZOZI Peek Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. PetSmart is acquiring for $3.35 billion in the largest e-commerce acquisition ever (Recode)
  2. CITIC Securities Leads $400M Round In EV Battery Maker Microvast (China money network)
  3. Qualtrics Tech ‘Unicorn’ Raises $180M And Valued At $2.5 Billion (FileHippo)
  4. NetEase Cloud Music Completes A Round Financing of RMB 750 Million, Sending It into the “Unicorn Club” with an Estimated Value of RMB 8 Billion (PRNewswire All)
  5. Q&A app Quora valued around $1.8 billion in $85 million fundraise (TechCrunch)
  6. Eurobites: IoT Startup Actility Raises $75M (Light Reading )
  7. Deep-linking startup Branch raised $60 million from Andy Rubin’s Playground Ventures (TechCrunch)
  8. China Digest: SenseTime raises $60m; China Creation Ventures backs IceKredit; U-Parking fundraise (DealStreetAsia)
  9. SeatGeek raises $57 million, acquires Israeli ticketing software company TopTix for $56 million (TechCrunch)
  10. Ticketing Startup SeatGeek Acquires Software Company TopTix for $56 Million (Fortune)
  11. Getaround raises $45M from Toyota and others to build more partnerships (TechCrunch )
  12. Chicago used-car data startup Drivin takes a $43 million exit (Chicago Tribue)
  13. Enterprise data management platform Reltio raises $40 million (Venture Beat)
  14. Gladly, incubated at Greylock, nabs $36 million in Series C funding (TechCrunch )
  15. MakeSpace raises $30 million to store your belongings (TechCrunch)
  16. A venture capital firm that backed Facebook and Airbnb just bought a $26.4 million stake in Xero (Business Insider)
  17. ZappRX gets $25 million from Chinese VC’s to expand into the U.S. drug prescription market (TechCrunch)
  18. Cyber Risk Auditor Raises $20M Amid ‘Viral’ Customer Growth (Fortune)
  19. Axiata Digital invests US$16.8 mil into Swedish insurtech, BIMA (Digital News Asia (SE Asia))
  20. SoftBank leads $16.5 million investment into cloud infrastructure security startup Dome9 (VentureBeat)
  21. China Creation Ventures Leads $16M Round In SME Credit Firm IceKredit (China Money Network)
  22. SafeGraph Raises $16 Million Series A (Medium )
  23. Sapho gets $14M more to make legacy software more useful with ‘micro apps’ (TechCrunch)
  24. Pluto VR raises $13.9M to build out virtual reality communication platform (GeekWire)
  25. Mixed reality company Avegant closes $13.7 million investment (haptic al)
  26. V5 Systems Closes Series A2 Round of $12 Million, Bringing Total Funding to over $20 Million (PRNewswire)
  27. Addor Capital leads $12m round for China’s Yeecall (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  28. Narrative Science Raises $11M in Series D Funding (FinSMES)
  29. Zinc Raises $11 Million Led by GE Ventures to Transform Deskless Communication (Market Wired)
  30. Legends of Learning raises $9 million for expansion (Balitmore Sun)
  31. Mux Raises $9m in Series A Funding from Accel to Give Companies Insights into Video Performance (Business Wire)
  32. Online grocery platform Farmdrop raises £7M Series A led by Atomico (TechCrunch )
  33. Unu Raises €7.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  34. Akoonu Announces $8M Funding, New Executives and Launch of Akoonu for Sales™ (PRWeb )
  35. FretLink raises $6.4 million to make trucks run like clockwork (TechCrunch)
  36. Solv Closes $6.25M Series A (VC News Daily)
  37. Belgium’s Qover raises €5.5 million in Series A funding ( )
  38. Ninjacart raises $5.5 mn led by Accel, Nilekani’s trust (VC Circle)
  39. AppDetex Raises $5.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  40. £15m in UK tech investment, a $26.99bn acquisition, Uber ban and more in The Week in Tech (Tech City News)
  41. Medical apparel brand Jaanuu snags $5 mln (PE HUB)
  42. Elmodis raises a $4.9M round to find the soul of a new machine (TechCrunch)
  43. Enervalis Raises €4.2m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  44. LeanDNA Closes $4.5M Series A Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  45. Tucson aerospace startup raises $4.5 million, hiring up to 100 employees (Business Journals)
  46. French video software company Pitchy raises €4 million (
  47. Vicis raises another $4M as it prepares to equip teams with high-tech football helmet (GeekWire)
  48. Higher education startup snags $3.8M from investors, including Seattle’s Alliance of Angels (Business Journals)
  49. Startup led by ex-Amazon manager and Obama tech policy guru raises $3.5M to navigate the ‘opaque, intimidating, and high-stakes’ immigration process (Geekwire)
  50. Barnebys Closes $3.3M Financing (FinSMEs)
  51. Amsterdam-based ZIVVER secures €3 million to email, chat and share very large files in a secure environment (EU Startups)
  52. Severe weather detector startup raises $3.1 million (WRAL Techwire)
  53. ABQ marketing firm raises $3 million in venture funds (Abqjournal)
  54. MJ Freeway Closes $3M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  55. Humaniq Secures $3m in Initial Coin Offering (FinSMEs)
  56. Bedly raises $2.7 million to make renting an apartment a little less horrible (TechCrunch)
  57. Success: Core Collective Completes Seedrs Funding Round With Nearly £2.1 Million Raised (Crowdfund Insider)
  58. AirAsia acquires travel planning startup Touristly for US$2.6M; will allow guests to book travel activities (e27)
  59. French Blacknut raises €2.4 million for its “Netflix for video games” (
  60. HK-based Gravity Supply Chain raises $2.5m (
  61. Betaworks-backed Shine raises $2.5 million to boost morale via text messaging (Venture Beat)
  62. Virtual Reality Software Innovator, Vizor, Raises $2.3 Million and Announces Launch of Private Beta at F8 Conference (Business Wire)
  63. MortgageHippo secures $2.25M to bring more mortgages online (Built In Chicago)
  64. Financial technology startup locks in $2M investment (South Florida Business Journal)
  65. Artificial Intelligence Startup Innefu Labs Raises $2 Mn Series A From IndiaNivesh (Inc42)
  66. Invertex Raises $2M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  67. Startup raises $2M in funding ()
  68. Arsenal invests $2 million in PowerPost (Business Journals)
  69. GeoCV Raises $1.8 Million for its 3D Capture Technology (24-7 Press Releases)
  70. Denver-based dating app attracts like-minded investors, raises $1.8 million (Denver Post)
  71. U-Parking raises US$1.7M Series A led by Gobi Ventures, aims to help China finds parking space (e27 News)
  72. DreamCheaper raises €1.5 million to boost hotel rebooking platform (Tnooz)
  73. Munich-based nello raises €1.5 million to simplify urban life (EU Startups )
  74. London-based EdTech startup HowNow lands £1.2m (Tech City News)
  75. Irish fintech start-up Rubicoin raises a further €1.4m (Irish Times)
  76. Credihealth raises $1.5M in pre-Series A round from Tolaram Group and Mountain Pine Capital (YourStory News)
  77. Innovapptive Secures $1.5 Million In Funding Round led by Hyderabad Angels (PR Newswire)
  78. Qwilr, which turns boring business documents into attractive websites, raises $1.5M (TechCrunch)
  79. TurboTenant Raises $1.5 Million to Expand Landlord Software Features and Accelerate Growth (PRWeb)
  80. Finnish health tech startup Wellmo raises €1.3 million (
  81. Raises $1.4M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  82. India: Absentia VR raises $1.2m from Exfinity Venture (Deal Street Asia)
  83. Software Modernization Provider CM First Secures $1.2M Investment (PRWeb Sitemap)
  84. Energy saving software for SMEs (La Vanguardia)
  85. RotoQL raises $1.2 million to level the field in daily fantasy sports (Venture Beat)
  86. Singapore’s Saleswhale, which uses AI to automate sales emails, raises $1.2M (TechCrunch)
  87. Better raises $1.1M for service to help individuals correct and secure health insurance claims (Med City News)
  88. Gridics Closes $1.1 Million Seed Round (
  89. Swingvy raises $1.1M to give HR staff in Southeast Asia a break from paperwork (TechCrunch)
  90. Video Learning Platform VideoKen Raises $1M Funding in the Seed Round (Indian Web 2)
  91. Milanote bags $780k seed to tool up its ‘Evernote for creatives’ (TechCrunch)
  92. Cybersprint Accelerates its International Growth with New Investment of €700.000,- (The Hague Security Delta)
  93. Tech Startup Sensara Gets $750K from ex-Google India Head Lalitesh Katraggada (iAM Wire )
  94. Whodat Tech raises $600,000 from Ideaspring Capital (Live Mint)
  95. RaceONE Raises SEK5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  96. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Invests $543K In Juice Startup Raw Pressery (Inc42)
  97. Rateboard brings in €500,000 in seed funding (TNooz)
  98. Text, image and video moderation service Arbitrum picks up $500K from founders (TechCrunch )
  99. Investoo Group Acquires Broker Comparison Site (PR Newswire)
  100. Alert Labs receives Intact Ventures’ first investment in Canada (BetaKit)
  101. Fatboy Receives Investment from Vendis Capital (FinSMEs)
  102. Platinum Equity to acquire American Traffic Solutions (PE HUB)
  103. 3D Printing Startup BigRep Receives Investment from Klöckner & Co. (FinSMEs)
  104. Spindle Enters into Purchase Agreement for CoverCake (Market Wired )
  105. Bustle acquires Elite Daily (TechCrunch)
  106. AnaCap acquires French business intelligence provider Ellisphere (Tribuna Economica)
  107. Optimizely acquires Experiment Engine to offer more collaboration tools for big companies (TechCrunch)
  108. Factom, Blockchain-Based Records Startup, Adds to Series A Funding (Xconomy)
  109. Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Snares Funding from General Catalyst and Accomplice (Skift)
  111. Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Snares Funding from General Catalyst and Accomplice (Skift)
  112. HIMSS acquires Health 2.0 conferences (
  113. Chengwei Capital Leads Series B Round In Chinese Bike Sharing Start-up Hellobike (China Money Network)
  114. Lazada’s helloPay acquired by Ant Financial for Alipay expansion (IBS Intelligence)
  115. ClearCare Announces Acquisition of HomeTrak (PRNewswire)
  116. Myntra acqui-hires logistics startup InLogg (VCCircle )
  117. Microsoft acquires Intentional Software and brings old friend back into fold (TechCrunch)
  118. Viasoft Informatica Ltda., acquired JetPDV (
  119. Accenture Acquires Kunstmaan to Boost its Customer Experience Services in Belgium (Business Wire)
  120. Queens-based publisher acquires LI Press (
  121. CBRE Group, Inc. Acquires Mainstream Software (Business Wire)
  122. Vista to buy Market Track from Aurora (PE HUB)
  123. Oracle acquires ad measurement company Moat (TechCrunch)
  124. MORE Health to submit radiation therapy planning consult tool for FDA review (Med City News)
  125. NetSPI Receives Investment from Sunstone Partners (FinSMEs)
  126. Ongo Receives Strategic Investment from National Bank of Canada (FinSMEs)
  127. Colombian Fintech Startup Portal Finance Secures Investment from Magma Partners (FinSMEs)
  128. RippleNami Closes Seed Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  129. Clearlake-backed ConvergeOne to buy RGTS (PE HUB)
  130. Shopial acquired by Magento (GKH)
  131. India’s Infosys snags former Georgia Tech artificial intelligence talent (Atlanta Business Journal)
  132. Spanning Acquired by Insight Venture Partners; Dell EMC Remains a Spanning Strategic Partner (Business Wire)
  133. Suyo Receives Investment from Omidyar Network (FinSMEs)
  134. Outbrain appoints SVG Media as India sales partner (ET Tech)
  135. Gannett Acquires Location and Reputation Management Software Company SweetIQ Analytics Corp. (Gannett)
  136. BRIEF-Infoteria buys UK-based design firm This Place (Reuters)
  137. Marketo acquires sales engagement tool ToutApp (Marketing Land)
  138. Oranj buys majority share in rebalancing software firm Trade Warrior (Invesment News)
  139. American Innovations Acquires TVC Solutions; Cloud and Mobile Solutions Will Make Compliance Data More Accessible (Yahoo Finance)
  140. Energy Services Group acquires Utiligroup (The Energyst)
  141. Divimove to Acquire the VideoDays (FinSMEs)
  142. Developer tools startup Wercker has been acquired by Oracle (TechCrunch)
  143. VC-backed EverFi acquires Workplace Answers (PE HUB)
  144. Troubled travel startup Zozi gets acquired by Peek (TechCrunch)

PetSmart acquires for $3.35 billion


After Walmart’s acquisition of for $3.3 billion last year, another traditional brick and mortar retailer is getting into the online business. Last week, PetSmart, the American retail chain that sells pet supplies and services, has acquired pet ecommerce site for a jaw-dropping price tag of $3.35 billion. The deal is said to be the biggest ecommerce acquisition in history. According to analysts, PetSmart stands to reap several benefits from the deal including a broader customer reach, better digital marketing, expanded omnichannel capabilities, and a bright spot in the future of shopping. According to reports from BI Intelligence, ecommerce is truly becoming the future of retail with a projected growth of $632 billion in 2020.

Weekly Update – April 18, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $857,492,994                    Total Deal Number – 127

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $108,000,000 NetEase Cloud Music Consortium Media Investment
2 $75,000,000 Actility Consortium Software & Services Investment
3 $69,000,000 Naspers Ecommerce Investment
4 $60,000,000 Branch Consortium Software & Services Investment
5 $60,000,000 Lucid North Bridge Venture Partners & Growth Equity Software & Services Investment
6 $43,800,000 PagerDuty Consortium Software & Services Investment
7 $40,000,000 PAS Tinicum Software & Services Investment
8 $36,000,000 Luminar Technologies Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
9 $33,000,000 Tegile Systems Consortium Software & Services Investment
10 $23,000,000 aiFi Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
11 $22,000,000 Yunxuetang SIG China, Li Qi Software & Services Investment
12 $15,000,000 Boost Capital Atalaya Capital Management Transactions Investment
13 $15,000,000 Tasktop Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $14,519,267 Xiaodian Consortium Transactions Investment
15 $13,900,000 Pluto VR Consortium Software & Services Investment
16 $12,000,000 ClearDATA Consortium Software & Services Investment
17 $9,417,600 Neyber Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $9,000,000 SmartDrive Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
19 $8,000,000 Akoonu Shasta Ventures Marketing Investment
20 $7,984,012 Unu Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
21 $7,300,000 CloudMine Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
22 $7,000,000 Fnatic Consortium Games Investment
23 $6,650,000 Ink Labs Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $6,400,000 FretLink Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $5,680,000 Flex Class Undisclosed Transactions Investment
26 $5,641,650 Audioboom Group Edge Investments, Nick Candy Software & Services Investment
27 $5,500,000 BestMile Consortium Software & Services Investment
28 $5,500,000 Ninjacart Consortium Marketing Investment
29 $5,000,000 Beamery Consortium Marketing Investment
30 $5,000,000 Cleanly Consortium Transactions Investment
31 $5,000,000 Fleet Space Technologies Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $5,000,000 FleetUp Humax Holdings Software & Services Investment
33 $5,000,000 MFour Mobile Research Kayne NewRoad Ventures Fund Mobile & Apps Investment
34 $5,000,000 Teamable True Ventures, SaaStr Fund Transactions Investment
35 $4,900,000 Elmodis Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $4,500,000 Emiza Inc Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $4,500,000 HackerEarth Consortium Transactions Investment
38 $4,500,000 WeTrust Undisclosed Transactions Investment
39 $4,400,000 Virtualitics The Venture Reality Fund Software & Services Investment
40 $4,000,000 Clovia Consortium Ecommerce Investment
41 $4,000,000 Smart Sparrow Consortium Transactions Investment
42 $4,000,000 TheWaveVR Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $3,300,000 Aggrigator Elevate Innovation Partners Transactions Investment
44 $3,250,000 Flowhub Phyto Partners, Green Lion Partners Software & Services Investment
45 $3,100,000 Attest Consortium Transactions Investment
46 $3,100,000 Popular Pays Consortium Transactions Investment
47 $3,000,000 Lybrate Undisclosed Transactions Investment
48 $2,900,000 Shipyard Games Supercell Games Investment
49 $2,880,000 Favstay 500 Startups Transactions Investment
50 $2,500,000 Gravity Supply Chain Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
51 $2,500,000 Qualtrics Insight Venture Partners, Accel Partners Software & Services Investment
52 $2,382,780 Den Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
53 $2,250,000 Narrative I/O, Inc. Consortium Software & Services Investment
54 $2,100,000 SquadRun Consortium Software & Services Investment
55 $2,000,000 Full Harvest Consortium Transactions Investment
56 $2,000,000 Consortium US Investment
57 $2,000,000 TripCreator Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
58 $2,000,000 Wurk Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $1,800,000 GeoCV Runa Capital, Emery Capital Software & Services Investment
60 $1,700,000 BAYiQ Tallwave Capital Marketing Investment
61 $1,700,000 Haystack Follow[the]Seed Transactions Investment
62 $1,600,000 SocialDiabetes Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
63 $1,598,625 Artsy Q2Q Capital Transactions Investment
64 $1,500,000 Laser Motive Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
65 $1,500,000 Qwilr Consortium Software & Services Investment
66 $1,500,000 Spring Care Consortium Software & Services Investment
67 $1,400,000 Darkstore PivotNorth Capital Transactions Investment
68 $1,300,000 Snapmaker Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
69 $1,200,000 Fivejack 500 Startups Games Investment
70 $1,200,000 Saleswhale Consortium Software & Services Investment
71 $1,110,654 Mondido Collector Ventures Transactions Investment
72 $1,000,000 Approved Consortium Transactions Investment
73 $1,000,000 Bluethumb Consortium Transactions Investment
74 $1,000,000 Planet Fundraiser Undisclosed Transactions Investment
75 $752,220 Tenzo Consortium Software & Services Investment
76 $746,445 Cybersprint Consortium Software & Services Investment
77 $712,000 Percipient Consortium Software & Services Investment
78 $627,840 Sideways 6 Brent Hoberman, 24 Haymarket Software & Services Investment
79 $626,790 Shot Scope Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
80 $564,111 Fund Twenty8 Undisclosed Transactions Investment
81 $500,000 Arbitrum Consortium Software & Services Investment
82 $500,000 Finvale Softline Seed Fund, Da Vinci Capital Software & Services Investment
83 Undisclosed Alading Bank Matrix Partners China Transactions Investment
84 Undisclosed ALCIS Sports RB Investments Ecommerce Investment
85 Undisclosed RBmedia Transactions Acquisition
86 Undisclosed BeesPath Mortgage Cadence Transactions Acquisition
87 Undisclosed Blue Star Sports Genstar Capital Software & Services Acquisition
88 Undisclosed CHILI publish Volta Ventures Software & Services Investment
89 Undisclosed Cirracore Green House Data Software & Services Acquisition
90 Undisclosed Comic Republic Aviva, Tseyi Hammond Media Investment
91 Undisclosed Concorde Solutions Ivanti Software & Services Acquisition
92 Undisclosed CreativeBug Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Transactions Acquisition
93 Undisclosed Microsoft Software & Services Acquisition
94 Undisclosed Entrada NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Software & Services Acquisition
95 Undisclosed First Circle Consortium Transactions Investment
96 Undisclosed Fuzzycube Software Magic Leap Software & Services Acquisition
97 Undisclosed GoTenna Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
98 Undisclosed O Victory Fund Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed Indie Hackers Stripe Transactions Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Inside Sales Bootcamp Sales Bootcamp Transactions Acquisition
101 Undisclosed Longscope J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
102 Undisclosed MailerMailer J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
103 Undisclosed Minute Menu Alpine Investors Software & Services Investment
104 Undisclosed 500 Startups Ecommerce Investment
105 Undisclosed MXForce J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Nitero AMD Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Omnify Inc Consortium Software & Services Investment
108 Undisclosed Op Ed Marketing Sensei Marketing Marketing Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Parking Panda SpotHero Mobile & Apps Acquisition
110 Undisclosed PayVisors Zift LLC Transactions Acquisition
111 Undisclosed Plumbr Karma Ventures Software & Services Investment
112 Undisclosed Plume Design Inc. Comcast Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
113 Undisclosed R2C Buchanan & Edwards. Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed ReeWise Exadel Software & Services Acquisition
115 Undisclosed SafetyKart Retail Redcliffe Capital Ecommerce Investment
116 Undisclosed ScoutMyTrip Z Nation Lab Transactions Investment
117 Undisclosed Scrypt J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
118 Undisclosed SendInc J2 Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
119 Undisclosed Sudu Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
120 Undisclosed Synack Consortium Software & Services Investment
121 Undisclosed TeamPages Active Network Software & Services Acquisition
122 Undisclosed TinMen Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
123 Undisclosed uCampaign Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
124 Undisclosed Wavefront VMware Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Williams & Garcia Data Blue Software & Services Acquisition
126 Undisclosed XPerception Baidu Software & Services Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Zyme Solutions Insight Venture Partners Software & Services Acquisition

More information

  1. NetEase Cloud Music becomes unicorn after $108M series A (TechNode)
  2. Actility energised by $75m funding round to accelerate industrial IoT solutions globally (Actility)
  3. Naspers Invests $69 Million Into South African E-Commerce Business Takealot, Takes Its Shareholding To Over 50% (iAfrican)
  4. Deep-linking startup Branch raised $60 million from Andy Rubin’s Playground Ventures (TechCrunch)
  5. LUCID SECURES $60M IN FUNDING (Research Live)
  6. PagerDuty raises $43.8 million to help businesses streamline digital operations (VentureBeat)
  7. PAS Announces $40 Million Investment to Fuel Its Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Business (NewsOn6)
  8. Luminar reveals sensors that could make self-driving cars safer than human (TechCrunch)
  9. Tegile Systems Raises $33m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  10. The speaker star Aifi gets 23 million – from trotters and DJs (Breakit)
  11. China: SIG leads $22m series B in employee training firm Yunxuetang (Bitcoin Agile)
  12. Boost Capital Secures £15m Credit Line from Atalaya Capital Management (FinSMEs)
  13. Tasktop raises $15 mln in AVX Partners-led financing round (PE HUB)
  14. Power bank rental startup Xiaodian secures RMB 100m series A (Technode)
  15. Pluto VR Raises $13.9M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  16. ClearDATA raises $12 mln (PE HUB)
  17. FinTech startup Neyber closes £7.5m Series B (Tech City News)
  18. Japan’s SmartDrive, car telematics startup, nabs $9M series B to ramp up big data analysis (The Bridge (Japan))
  19. Akoonu Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  20. Electric scooter maker Unu raises €7.5 million in funding (
  21. CloudMine raised a $7.3 million Series B (
  22. Teams from the NBA, MLB, and Italian soccer invested $7 million in esports team Fnatic (Business Insider )
  23. Ink Labs, Inc. Secures $6.65M in Seed Funding Led by VTF Capital, Base Ventures, G-Bar Ventures, Nelnet and IT-Farm, Relocates Headquarters to Nebraska (Marketwired)
  24. FretLink raises $6.4 million to make trucks run like clockwork (TechGig)
  25. Edtech Startup Flex Class Holdings Raises US $5.68 Million from PIPE Investors (SATPRNEWS)
  26. Audioboom has raised £4.5 million from property tycoon Nick Candy and Edge Investments (Business Insider)
  27. BestMile Seed Round Reaches $5.5M with the Addition of $2M from Partech Ventures, Serena Capital and Airbus Ventures, Company Also Appoints a New Chief Technology Officer. (VentureBeat)
  28. Accel Partners, Nandan Nilekani’s Trust, Others Bet $5.5 Mn On B2B Agrimarketing Platform Ninjacart (Inc42)
  29. Index leads $5M Series A in Beamery’s ‘CRM for recruitment’ (TechCrunch)
  30. Cleanly raises a $5M Series A to bring profitability to the on-demand laundry space (TechCrunch)
  31. Blackbird and Mike Cannon-Brookes back space tech startup Fleet’s $5m round (AFR)
  32. FleetUp Raises $5 Million in Series B Funding (PR Newswire)
  33. MFour Mobile Research Raises $5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  34. Teamable Raises $5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  35. Elmodis raises a $4.9M round to find the soul of a new machine (TechCrunch)
  36. Mumbai-based logistics startup Emiza raises $4.5M in round led by Mayfield (YourStory News)
  37. HackerEarth raises $4.5 million from DHI Group, others (Mint (IN))
  38. Ethereum: Gets $2 Million for Creation of the Universal Sharing Network, WeTrust Receives $4.5 Million with an ICO (BTC Manager)
  39. Virtualitics raises $4.4 million to power its ‘Excel for VR’ (TechCrunch)
  40. Indian lingerie startup Clovia raises $4 million (Hindustan Times)
  41. Edtech startup Smart Sparrow rakes in $4 million in new funding (Impact Alpha)
  42. TheWaveVR Raises $4M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  43. Aggrigator™ announces it has raised over $3.3M (PR Newswire)
  44. Flowhub Closes $3.25m Series A Equity Financing (FinSMEs)
  45. London-based MarTech startup Attest lands $3.1m (Tech City News)
  46. Popular Pays raises $3.1M in new funding to connect marketers and creators (TechCrunch)
  47. India-based doctor booking platform Lybrate quietly raises $3M more (TechCrunch )
  48. Shipyard Games raises $2.9 million from Clash Royale maker Supercell (Venture Beat)
  49. [Updated] Favstay raises US$2.88M funding from Dusit International, 500 Startups, others (e27)
  50. Gravity Supply Chain Raises $2.5m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  51. After taking no funding for a decade, Qualtrics just raised a huge round and is worth $2.5 billion (CNBC)
  52. Smart Home Startup Den raises £1.9M in Crowdfunding ()
  53. Narrative simplifies the buying and selling of online data (TechCrunch)
  54. Software firm SquadRun raises $2.1 million (LiveMint)
  55. BREAKING: Full Harvest Raises $2m Seed Round for Food Waste Reduction Platform (AgFunder News)
  56. Infrastructure monitoring startup Honeycomb raises $2 million (VentureBeat)
  57. TripCreator raises $2 million, banishes B2C trip planning service (TNOOZ)
  58. Denver payroll services firm aimed at marijuana business raises $2M (9News)
  59. GeoCV receives $1.8 million funding for 3D interior scanning technology (3D Printing Industry)
  60. EXCLUSIVE: Mesa software startup raises $1.7 million seed round – Phoenix Business Journal (
  61. Follow[the]Seed invests in digital business card startup Haystack’s $1.7m seed round – here comes the paperless office (Anthill Online)
  62. SocialDiabetes receives 1.6 million from the EU to boost its internationalization (Google)
  63. Artsy, Public House of Art raises €1.5M to accelerate international expansion (Startup Juncture)
  64. LaserMotive raises $1.5 million to boost innovations in laser power transmission (Geekwire)
  65. Qwilr, which turns boring business documents into attractive websites, raises $1.5M (TechCrunch)
  66. Yale spinout raises $1.5M to help physicians match patients with right depression drug (Med City News)
  67. On-demand delivery fulfillment startup Darkstore raises $1.4 million seed round (TechCrunch)
  68. Snapmaker 3D Printer Passes $1.3 Million in Funding Via Kickstarter (video) (Geeky)
  69. itemku raises US$1.2M investment, wants to fuel Southeast Asia expansion (e27 News )
  70. Singapore’s Saleswhale, which uses AI to automate sales emails, raises $1.2M (TechCrunch)
  71. Klarna competitor Mondido receive 10 million kronor – Collector Ventures invests (
  72. Approved Announces Funding and Public Release (Medium)
  73. Art marketplace Bluethumb raises $1 million to build out Indigenous Art Centre program (Startup Daily)
  74. Shipt’s CEO among investors in Planet Fundraiser’s $1 million first fundraising round (
  75. Tenzo, an up-and-coming hospitality tech platform, raises £600K to expand internationally (TheTechPortal )
  76. Cybersprint Accelerates its International Growth with New Investment of €700.000,- (HSD)
  77. Singapore data startup Percipient closes $712k seed round (Deal Street Asia)
  78. London-based SaaS startup Sideways 6 closes £500,000 Seed (Tech City News)
  79. Shot Scope backed by £500,000 grant (Bunkered)
  80. SyndicateRoom’s Fund Twenty8 Raises £4.5 Million (Crowdfund Insider)
  81. Text, image and video moderation service Arbitrum picks up $500K from founders (TechCrunch)
  82. Finvale attracts $500,000 in seed capital for its fintech marketplace (Finextra)
  83. Matrix Partners Leads Series A Round in Chinese Online Lending Firm Alading Bank (China Money Network)
  84. Exclusive: India’s sportswear startup ALCIS raises funding from RB Investments (Deal Street Asia)
  85. Audiobook Producer/Distributor Acquired by RB Media (The Digital Reader)
  86. Accenture Acquires BeesPath’s ClosingBridge Platform, Extending Mortgage Cadence’s Loan-Origination Functionality to Connect Lenders to Title and Settlement Agents Securely Via the Web (Business Wire)
  87. Blue Star Sports Announces Majority Equity Investment From Genstar Capital (PRNewswire )
  88. SweepBright & CHILI publish get funding from Volta Ventures RSS (
  89. Green House Data Acquires Cirracore (Cirracore)
  90. Nigeria’s Comic Republic raises funding from 2 investors (Disrupt Africa)
  91. Ivanti Acquires Software Optimization Expert Concorde Solutions, Extends IT Asset Management Capabilities (PR Newswire)
  92. Creativebug Acquired By Jo-Ann Stores (Socal Tech)
  93. Microsoft acquires container platform Deis from Engine Yard (TechCrunch)
  94. NextGen Healthcare Announces Agreement to Acquire Entrada, Inc. (Entrada)
  95. Philippines Alt-Lender Lands Venture Funding (Pymnts)
  96. Magic Leap reportedly acquires FuzzyCube Software game studio (VentureBeat)
  97. goTenna Series B fuels vision to make local communication possible anywhere on the planet (TechCrunch)
  98. secures funding to make recruiting efficient and simpler with a Virtual HR assistant (
  99. Stripe acquires Indie Hackers, a knowledge-sharing community for entrepreneurs (TechCrunch)
  100. Sales Bootcamp™ Acquires Insides Sales Bootcamp and Launches Free Online Bootcamp (Business Wire)
  101. j2 Global Buys Five More Companies (SocalTech)
  102. j2 Global Buys Five More Companies (SocalTech)
  103. Alpine Investors funds Minute Menu (PE HUB)
  104. Exclusive: Indonesia’s raises Series A from 500 Startups, others (Deal Street Asia)
  105. j2 Global Buys Five More Companies (SocalTech)
  106. AMD buys Nitero wireless VR startup (TechCrunch )
  107. SaaS Startup Omnify Gains Funding From Rajan Anandan, Others (Inc42)
  108. Sensei Marketing Inc. Acquires Op Ed Marketing (Sensei Marketing)
  109. SpotHero acquires Parking Panda (TechCrunch)
  110. Zift Acquires Leading Payments Technology Company PayVisors (PR Newswire)
  111. Plumbr raises venture capital, hires first senior executive (Plumbr)
  112. Comcast invests in Plume, a Wi-Fi wall plug startup (Axios)
  113. Buchanan & Edwards Acquires R2C (BusinessWire)
  114. Exadel Acquires ReeWise, Continues to Expand Breadth of Global Enterprise Services (PR Newswire)
  115. Redcliffe Capital invests in SafetyKart Retail (Livemint)
  116. Exclusive: Travel-tech startup ScoutMyTrip raises seed round (VC Circle)
  117. j2 Global Buys Five More Companies (SocalTech)
  118. j2 Global Buys Five More Companies (SocalTech)
  119. Sudu Adds High-Profile Customers Amid Fund Raise (Metro Atlanta CEO)
  120. Travelers enlists Symantec to advise cyber insurance customers (CIO)
  121. ACTIVE Network Expands Its Technology Portfolio For The Sports Market (PR Newswire)
  122. FoodTech Startup TinMen Receives Second Round of Funding from Sify Cofounder and Others (Indian Web)
  123. Advocating For Nuclear Energy — There’s An App For That (Forbes)
  124. VMware Buys Monitoring Company Wavefront (SDX Central)
  125. Data Blue Acquires Williams & Garcia, LLC (PR Newswire)
  126. Baidu is acquiring xPerception, a US startup focused on computer vision (TechCrunch)
  127. Insight Venture Partners to buy majority stake in Zyme (PE HUB)

Luminar raises $36 million seed funding


In a few years, our roads will be full of driverless cars. If forecasts do come true, companies like NVIDIA, Audi, Nu Tonomy, Ford, Volkswagen, GM, Tesla, BMW, and others, will all be rolling out driverless vehicles in as early as 2020. But big questions remain. Will consumers want to relinquish control of their vehicles? Can driverless cars be truly safe in an unpredictable world? Luminar, a startup specializing in LiDAR technology, is about to unveil sensors that could make driverless cars safer than human drivers. LiDAR technology allows cars to “see” where they’re going, make sense of their surroundings, and react accordingly. Luminar claims that its LiDARs allow cars to “see” obstacles better and at greater distances than any other system in the market. Last week, the company has raised $36 million in seed-stage funding from Canvas Ventures, GVA Capital and 1517 Fund.