Weekly Update – March 14, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) –  $3,680,270,730              Total Deal Number – 153

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $614,000,000 Veracode CA Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
2 $500,000,000 Kabbage Undisclosed Transactions Investment
3 $447,800,000 Airbnb Consortium Transactions Investment
4 $400,000,000 Bigo Technology Ping An Overseas Holdings Mobile & Apps Investment
5 $400,000,000 Instacart Consortium Transactions Investment
6 $175,000,000 BankMobile Flagship Community Bank Mobile & Apps Acquisition
7 $100,000,000 DraftKings Undisclosed Games Investment
8 $90,000,000 iflix Consortium Media Investment
9 $89,000,000 Cradlepoint Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
10 $60,000,000 if(we) MeetMe Media Acquisition
11 $50,000,000 Confluent Consortium Software & Services Investment
12 $50,000,000 Current Consortium Software & Services Investment
13 $48,000,000 Viva Republica Consortium Transactions Investment
14 $40,000,000 Farmers Business Network Consortium Software & Services Investment
15 $40,000,000 TRANSFAST Apis Partners Transactions Investment
16 $40,000,000 Peerspace Consortium Transactions Investment
17 $36,000,000 Fuyoukache Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $35,000,000 Job Today Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
19 $30,000,000 Amartha Consortium Transactions Investment
20 $24,462,200 Currencycloud Consortium Transactions Investment
21 $24,000,000 Veem Consortium Transactions Investment
22 $21,000,000 TurnKey Vacation Rentals Consortium Transactions Investment
23 $16,000,000 ScyllaDB Consortium Software & Services Investment
24 $16,000,000 Fluxx Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $15,000,000 Zimperium SoftBank Software & Services Investment
26 $15,000,000 Easemob Technologies Matrix Partners China Software & Services Investment
27 $15,000,000 ACV Auctions Consortium Transactions Investment
28 $14,669,820 Garrison Technology Consortium Software & Services Investment
29 $14,000,000 RiskSense Consortium Software & Services Investment
30 $12,000,000 Qapital Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
31 $10,654,300 InterCloud Hi Inov, BPI France, CapHorn Invest, Ventech Software & Services Investment
32 $10,000,000 Goldbely Consortium Transactions Investment
33 $10,000,000 Learners Guild Consortium Transactions Investment
34 $10,000,000 Prevedere Consortium Software & Services Investment
35 $10,000,000 Mobile & Apps Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
36 $10,000,000 Agrostar Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $10,000,000 LoopMe Consortium Marketing Investment
38 $10,000,000 Dream Payments Consortium Transactions Investment
39 $9,300,000 Crealytics Consortium Marketing Investment
40 $9,000,000 Conversion Logic Consortium Marketing Investment
41 $8,000,000 Astro Technology Consortium Software & Services Investment
42 $7,000,000 LawGeex Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $6,750,000 Quidd Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
44 $6,500,000 Kiddom Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
45 $6,395,190 Odilo Consortium Marketing Investment
46 $6,000,000 Mass Appeal Universal Music Group Media Investment
47 $6,000,000 Caicloud Matrix Partners China, Cybernaut Venture Capital Software & Services Investment
48 $6,000,000 Foodsby Consortium Transactions Investment
49 $5,755,671 Small Giant Games Consortium Games Investment
50 $5,000,000 Endor Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
51 $5,000,000 Chowbotics Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
52 $4,890,300 cloud.IQ Consortium Software & Services Investment
53 $3,750,000 Blowhorn Consortium Transactions Investment
54 $3,600,000 24-7 Entertainment 7digital Media Acquisition
55 $3,500,000 RealConnex.com Silver Portal Capital Transactions Investment
56 $3,500,000 Crypt TV Consortium Media Investment
57 $3,200,000 Kidizen Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $3,100,000 Tylko Consortium Ecommerce Investment
59 $3,000,000 Wrapify Consortium Transactions Investment
60 $3,000,000 CIM Enviro Capital Markets Technologies Software & Services Investment
61 $3,000,000 Simplifeye Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
62 $3,000,000 Wirex Limited SBI Group Transactions Investment
63 $3,000,000 Cymulate Susquehanna International Group Software & Services Investment
64 $2,800,000 Anchor FM Consortium Media Investment
65 $2,600,000 Khorus Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
66 $2,600,000 Datebox Undisclosed Transactions Investment
67 $2,500,000 StatX Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
68 $2,250,000 HoloBuilder Inc. Brick & Mortar Ventures, Tandem Capital Software & Services Investment
69 $2,000,000 Show-Score Consortium Media Investment
70 $2,000,000 Cambridge Blockchain Digital Currency Group, Partech Ventures Software & Services Investment
71 $1,800,000 Rezdy Stackla, SiteMinder Transactions Investment
72 $1,700,000 Toss Lab, Inc. Ascent Capital, Shin Hyun Sung Software & Services Investment
73 $1,700,000 Crowdcare ScaleUp Ventures Software & Services Investment
74 $1,500,000 Sift wallet Consortium Transactions Investment
75 $1,500,000 Kaymbu Reach Capital Software & Services Investment
76 $1,300,000 Dynamis Software Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
77 $1,279,038 Skoove Consortium Transactions Investment
78 $1,136,355 Logic Inabox Group Software & Services Acquisition
79 $1,100,000 PipeCandy Consortium Marketing Investment
80 $1,000,000 Riipen Mohamed Mansour Transactions Investment
81 $1,000,000 Surprise Ride Undisclosed Transactions Investment
82 $1,000,000 Fairygodboss Undisclosed Transactions Investment
83 $1,000,000 Akos Undisclosed Marketing Investment
84 $935,136 OINKY Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
85 $800,000 DashTag Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
86 $799,398 Vitcord Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
87 $750,000 jobZology Consortium Software & Services Investment
88 $693,322 Mimo Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
89 $600,000 BloomThis REAPRA, Venture Builders Transactions Investment
90 $600,000 Lavelle Networks Ideaspring Capital Software & Services Investment
91 $500,000 Gobi Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
92 $500,000 AppBrowzer Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
93 $500,000 CoolBitX Technology Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
94 Undisclosed Wazoku Fig, Cambridge Angels Group Transactions Investment
95 Undisclosed Core Informatics Thermo Fisher Scientific Software & Services Acquisition
96 Undisclosed IneoQuest Telestream Software & Services Acquisition
97 Undisclosed Dirac Jörgen Lanttos, Staffan Persson Software & Services Investment
98 Undisclosed Online Succes Angel Investors Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed Sonalytic Spotify Software & Services Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Snack experts Consortium Transactions Investment
101 Undisclosed Reach150 SmartZip Software & Services Acquisition
102 Undisclosed Bizzy SendGrid Marketing Acquisition
103 Undisclosed CalReply ROKT Software & Services Acquisition
104 Undisclosed Jelly HQ Pinterest Media Acquisition
105 Undisclosed Parentune Kae Capital, SEGNEL Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
106 Undisclosed Invapay Optal Transactions Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Stormpath Okta Software & Services Acquisition
108 Undisclosed TFG Financial Systems Numerix Software & Services Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Waitr Drew Brees Mobile & Apps Investment
110 Undisclosed neo-nomade Sodexo Ventures Transactions Investment
111 Undisclosed Tuque Inc Mill Street & Co. Transactions Acquisition
112 Undisclosed The Hungry JPEG 123RF Software & Services Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Leonovus Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
114 Undisclosed TalkLife LEO Innovation Lab Mobile & Apps Investment
115 Undisclosed Remedly, Inc. LEO Innovation Lab Software & Services Investment
116 Undisclosed Conferize Lars Kolind, Allan Søgaard Larsen Transactions Investment
117 Undisclosed Kymeta Intelsat Software & Services Investment
118 Undisclosed Interswitch TA Associates Software & Services Investment
119 Undisclosed Grib FiBAN – Finnish Business Angels Network Software & Services Investment
120 Undisclosed Tungtree The Writer Ltd Marketing Acquisition
121 Undisclosed M14 Industries Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
122 Undisclosed HomeTouch Consortium Software & Services Investment
123 Undisclosed Kaggle Google Transactions Acquisition
124 Undisclosed AppBridge Google Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed imoji Giphy Mobile & Apps Acquisition
126 Undisclosed RecordLion Gimmal Software & Services Acquisition
127 Undisclosed Stuart Geopost Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed L2 Gartner Software & Services Acquisition
129 Undisclosed ID.me FTV Capital Software & Services Investment
130 Undisclosed Amris PIXID Transactions Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Divimove FremantleMedia Media Investment
132 Undisclosed iconectiv Francisco Partners Software & Services Investment
133 Undisclosed Legend Engage Four Communications Marketing Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Vizual.ai Guardian Media Group, Betaworks Software & Services Investment
135 Undisclosed Imaging Advantage Envision Healthcare Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed Groupon Singapore KFit Transactions Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Virtual Card Services Direct Pay Online Group Software & Services Acquisition
138 Undisclosed iOrderFresh Singapore Angel Network Mobile & Apps Investment
139 Undisclosed Xin Xi Bao Consortium Software & Services Investment
140 Undisclosed busybusy, Inc. Caterpillar Ventures Software & Services Investment
141 Undisclosed Caramo Jonah Levey Transactions Investment
142 Undisclosed Message Automation Ltd. Broadridge Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Tapglue Localytics Mobile & Apps Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Navis Learning BLR Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed Skippbox Bitnami Software & Services Acquisition
146 Undisclosed Betterez Amadeus IT Group Transactions Investment
147 Undisclosed Roost Spacer Transactions Acquisition
148 Undisclosed Ekar Audacia Capital Transactions Investment
149 Undisclosed Thinkbox Software Amazon Web Services Software & Services Acquisition
150 Undisclosed Do Amazon Web Services Software & Services Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Easynvest Nyx Participacoes Transactions Investment
152 Undisclosed Sameroom 8×8 Inc Mobile & Apps Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Njus Media Undisclosed Media Investment

More information

  1. Veracode bought by CA Technologies for $614 million (Boston Globe)
  2. Kabbage nabs $500M for small business loans (TechCrunch)
  3. Airbnb closes $1B round at $31B valuation, profitable as of 2H 2016, no plans for IPO (TechCrunch)
  4. Popular video streaming app Bigo Live now valued at $400m after series C round (Tech In Asia)
  5. Instacart raises $400 million at a $3.4 billion valuation to deliver groceries on-demand (TechCrunch)
  6. Customers Bank sells digital unit BankMobile for $175m (Finextra)
  7. Dodgers’ Boehly Leads $100 Million DraftKings Investment (Bloomberg)
  8. iflix raises $90M to expand its Netflix alternative to more emerging markets (TechCrunch)
  9. TCV leads Series C round for Cradlepoint (PE HUB)
  10. Old-school social networks Tagged and Hi5 bought by MeetMe for $60M (TechCrunch)
  11. These former LinkedIn engineers just raised another $50 million to help spread the software they invented (CNBC)
  12. Confluent raises $50M to continue growing commercial arm of Apache Kafka (TechCrunch)
  13. Korea’s top financial services startup lands $48M from PayPal and others (TechCrunch)
  14. VC Deal of the Day – Farmers Business Network Raises $40M Series C (Finteknews)
  15. Transfast grabs $40 mln from Comvest (PE HUB)
  16. Peerspace Raises $11M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  17. China: Logistics startup Fuyoukache raises $36m funding led by Legend Capital (Deal Street Asia)
  18. JobToday inks $35M media-for-equity deal with European broadcasters (TechCrunch)
  19. Indonesian P2P lending platform Amartha raises Series A, aims to disburse US$30M by end of year (e27 News)
  20. CurrencyCloud, maker of APIs for remittance startups, raises £20M led by GV (TechCrunch)
  21. Veem, formerly Align Commerce, gets $24M from GV, others for its Venmo for SMBs (TechCrunch)
  22. Vacation Rental Company TurnKey Raises $21 Million ( Skift)
  23. ScyllaDB Closes $16 Million in Series B Funding to Expand Next-Generation Cassandra Database (ScyllaDB)
  24. Fluxx Raises $16 Million in Funding Round to Make Philanthropic Giving Easier (PRNewswire)
  25. Zimperium raises $15m from Japan’s Softbank (Globes)
  26. Matrix leads $15m Series C for China’s Easemob (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  27. ACV Auctions Secures $15 million in Funding to Fuel Expansion (PRNewswire)
  28. Garrison Technology Raises £12.0m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  29. RiskSense nabs $14 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  30. Savings app Qapital raises $12 million and plans to add debit accounts (TechCrunch)
  31. InterCloud Raises €10M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  32. Specialty food marketplace Goldbely gathers $10 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  33. Silicon Valley investors offer $10M to boost diversity in tech (CNet)
  34. Rev1 Ventures Announces Investment in Prevedere (PR Web)
  35. Restaurant app Liven scores $10m … if it expands from Sydney and Melbourne (AFR)
  36. Pune-based AgroStar raises Series B funding of $10mn led by Accel Partners (YourStory News)
  37. LoopMe raises $10 million to optimize mobile video ads using artificial intelligence (Venture Beat)
  39. Crealytics Closes $9.3m Series C Financing (FinSMEs)
  40. Conversion Logic raises $9 million to help marketers understand cross-channel attribution (Venture Beat)
  41. Astro raises an $8 million Series A for its AI-powered email solution for teams (TechCrunch)
  42. Legal SaaS A.I. Platform LawGeex Raises $7 Million in Funding Round (Ulitzer, Inc.)
  43. Quidd picks up $6.75M seed round to make digital collectibles ‘a thing’ (TechCrunch)
  44. Kiddom Raises $6.5 Million to Apply Startup Thinking to K-12 Schools (Huffington Post)
  45. Odilo Raises €6M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  46. Mass Appeal Raises $6M Funding Round Led by Universal Music (Billboard)
  47. Caicloud nets $6 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  48. Foodsby raises $6 million for its suburban restaurant delivery service (Star Tribue)
  49. Small Giant Games raises 5.4 mln euros (Arctic Startup)
  50. Predictive Analytics Co. Endor Raises $5M (No Camels)
  51. Chowbotics raises $5 million for salad-making robots named Sally, of course (TechCrunch)
  52. Artificial Intelligence Platform Cloud.IQ Secures GBP£4M Funding To Build On 100% Growth and Global Expansion (RealWire)
  53. Intra-City Logistics Platform Blowhorn Secures $3.75 Mn From IDG Ventures, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Others (Inc42)
  54. 7digital To Acquire Top Competitor 24-7 Ent, Raise $3.6 Million (Hypebot)
  55. RealConnex, a platform connecting real estate pros with projects and each other, raises $3.5 million (TechCrunch)
  56. Digital Horror Startup Crypt TV Raises $3.5 Million (The Wall Street Journal)
  57. Kidizen raises $3.2M for a kids’ clothes resale app with a social twist (TechCrunch)
  58. Tylko bags $3.1M to size up a bespoke furniture business (TechCrunch)
  59. Wrapify raises $3M from Avery Dennison to pay you to wrap your car in ads (TechCrunch)
  60. Sydney startup CIM Enviro on mission to drive down energy waste secures $3 million but “didn’t even need the capital” (StartupSmart)
  61. Simplifeye gets $3 million to make wearables part of your doctor’s workflow (TechCrunch)
  62. Online banking platform Wirex secures $3 Million in Series A Funding (Finextra)
  63. Cyber security co Cymulate raises $3m (globes.co.il)
  64. Anchor raises $2.8 million to facilitate audio broadcasting (Venture Beat)
  65. PenPal Schools’ VR in Pakistan | Khorus Software Raises $2.6M | SXSW Controversy (AustinInno)
  66. Datebox Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  67. StatX raises $2.5 million for app that notifies you when your business changes (Venture Beat)
  68. VR Start-up Holobuilder Gets $2.25 Million Investment Boost (VR focus)
  69. Theater Fansite Show-Score Raises $2 Million in New Funds (Variety – Digital)
  70. Cambridge Blockchain Raises $2M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  71. Activity tech house Rezdy brings in $1.8 million funding round (TNooz)
  72. Toss Lab raises US$1.7M Series A to compete with Slack-like apps in Asia (e27 News)
  73. Crowdcare Raises $1.7m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  74. Sift Announces $1.5 Million Seed Round – Poised to Bring Transparency to the Credit Card Market (PR Newswire)
  75. Boston Tech Watch: Bose, LearnLaunch, Fuze, Boston Dynamics, & More (Xconomy)
  76. Dynamis Software raises $1.3 million round (BizTimes)
  77. Skoove Raises €1.2M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  78. Inabox to acquire Logic Communications for AU$1.5m (ZDNet)
  79. India Dealbook: PipeCandy gets $1.1m; Supr Daily raises $120k (Deal Street Asia)
  80. LearnLaunch Accelerator Companies Collectively Raise More Than $10 Million in the First Quarter of 2017 (NASDAQ)
  81. Kids activity subscription service Surprise Ride raises $1 million (Technical.ly)
  82. Fairygodboss Closes $1M Seed Financing Round (FinSMEs)
  83. Akos raises $1 million for local take on app-based telemedicine (Mobi Health News)
  84. Oinky Raises £765k in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  85. DashTag Raises $800k in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  86. Barcelona-based Vitcord secures €750K to conquer the world with its collaborative video app (EU Startups)
  87. jobZology closes $750K seed round to fuel national expansion, add 15 jobs (InnovatioNews)
  88. Mimo: Wiener Programmierer app receives € 650,000 from Push Ventures, Hansmann and Busuu founder (Trending Topics)
  89. With $600k funding, flower delivery startup sets its sights on weddings (TechInAsia)
  90. Ideaspring Capital invests $600K in Lavelle Networks (ETtech)
  91. Gobi raises $500K to take on Snapchat (TechCrunch)
  92. Exclusive: AppBrowzer secures $500K from Deepak Gurnani, others (Tech Circle)
  93. Bitcoin Wallet Maker CoolBitX Raises $500k for Healthcare Solution (CoinDesk)
  94. UK crowdsourcing company Wazoku grabs funding (PE HUB)
  95. Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Core Informatics, Provider of Leading Cloud-Based Scientific Data Platforms (Business Wire)
  96. Telestream to Acquire IneoQuest (Business Wire)
  97. Swedish billionaire invests in audio company Dirac (Digital)
  98. Start-up Online Success has funding for growth plans (Fd)
  99. Spotify acquires audio detection startup Sonalytic (TechCrunch)
  100. Snackexperts raises Pre series A funding, existing investors exit company (Times of India)
  101. SmartZip Acquires Reach150, Further Enhancing its Predictive Marketing Platform (PR Newswire)
  102. SendGrid acquires San Francisco marketing tech company (Denver Business Journal)
  103. ROKT Acquires CalReply (PR Newswire)
  104. Pinterest acquires Jelly, the crowdsourced Q&A startup from Biz Stone (TechCrunch)
  105. Parentune raises second round of funding (Times of India)
  107. Okta acquires Stormpath to boost its identity services for developers (CIO)
  108. Numerix Acquires TFG Financial Systems (Finance Magnates)
  109. NFL’s Drew Brees backs Waitr to make takeout easy in anytown USA (TechCrunch)
  110. Neo-Nomade Raises Equity Funding from Sodexo Ventures (FinSMEs)
  111. Mill Street acquires stake in insurtech startup Tuque (PE HUB)
  112. Malaysian stock photo startup 123RF acquires TheHungry.JPEG to grow design resources globally (e27)
  113. Leonovus Closes $1.3 Million Financing Round to Fuel Growth (CDN Business Journal)
  114. LEO Innovation Lab invests $5.5 million in healthtech (Vator.tv)
  115. LEO Innovation Lab Announces $5.5M US Series A and Seed Funding for Healthcare Startups (Market Wired)
  116. Lars Kolind and Allan Søgaard Larsen throws millions in startup (Borsen)
  117. Kymeta and Intelsat debut Kalo satellite service and antennas at ‘coming-out party’ (Geekwire)
  118. Interswitch Receives Minority Equity Investment from TA Associates (FinSMEs)
  119. Innovative 3D design tool Grib closes first funding round (FIBAN)
  120. In brief: Writer acquires PR firm,SEEN launches wellness offering, Hills Balfour wins Santa Monica (PR Week)
  121. How the M14 Industries Dragons’ Den deal collapsed (TechCrunch)
  122. Home care marketplace HomeTouch quietly picks up backing from 500 Startups, launches UK-wide (TechCrunch)
  123. Google has confirmed its Kaggle acquisition (The Tech Portal)
  124. Google acquires AppBridge to help enterprises move their files to its cloud services (TechCrunch)
  125. Giphy quietly acquired imoji to build out its emoji and sticker business (TechCrunch)
  126. Gimmal Announces Acquisition of RecordLion®, a Leading Provider of Information Governance Software (PR Web)
  127. GeoPost acquires delivery startup Stuart (TechCrunch)
  129. FTV Capital leads Series B round for ID.me (PE HUB)
  130. French ISV Pixid buys UK peer (Channelnomics)
  131. FremantleMedia Ups Investment In Top European Digital Network Divimove (Tubefilter)
  132. Francisco Partners to invest in Ericsson’s iconectiv business (Yahoo Finance)
  133. Four powers social and content offer with acquisition of Legend Engage (Four Communications)
  134. First Customer Leads Seed Round in Vizual.ai (PRWeb Sitemap)
  135. Envision Healthcare Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Imaging Advantage (Business Wire)
  136. E-commerce firm Fave acquires Groupon Singapore (Straits Times)
  137. DPO Group acquires SA’s Virtual Card Service (Techloy)
  138. Dairy Products And Grocery Delivery App IOrderFresh Secures Funding From Singapore Angel Network (Inc42)
  139. Chengwei leads Series B round for China messaging service provider (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  140. Caterpillar Venture Capital invests in busybusy (Worldcement Com)
  141. C2C used car marketplace Caramo raises seed funding from VietnamWorks founder (e27 News)
  142. Broadridge acquires Message Automation (Finextra)
  143. Boston-based Localytics, a mobile engagement platform, acquires Berlin’s Tapglue (TechCrunch)
  144. BLR Acquires Navis Learning (PR Web)
  146. Betterez closes strategic investment by Amadeus Ventures (EIN NEWS)
  147. Australian startup Spacer will start operating in three US cities after acquiring a Californian rival (Business Insider)
  148. Audacia Capital secures a 25 per cent Stake in Dubai startup ekar (CPI)
  149. Amazon’s AWS buys Thinkbox Software, maker of tools for creative professionals (TechCrunch)
  150. Amazon’s AWS acquired meeting productivity startup Do to expand Chime (TechCrunch)
  151. Advent-backed Nyx to take minority stake in Easynvest (PE HUB)
  152. 8×8 Acquires Sameroom (FinSMEs)
  153. Njus want to make all journalists – now runs investors Rolf Bäck startups (Breakit)
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