Weekly Update – February 28, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $1,502,021,360               Total Deal Number – 182

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $310,000,000 Turn Amobee Marketing Acquisition
2 $119,000,000 Preferred Systems Solutions STG Group Software & Services Acquisition
3 $102,000,000 StoneRiver Sapiens International Corporation Transactions Acquisition
4 $95,000,000 MDC Partners Goldman Sachs Marketing Investment
5 $62,100,000 Tilt Airbnb Transactions Acquisition
6 $60,000,000 Lytro Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
7 $58,204,680 Shinezone Consortium Games Investment
8 $51,000,000 Moosejaw Walmart Ecommerce Acquisition
9 $42,246,000 TaxiBeat Intelligent Apps (mytaxi) Mobile & Apps Acquisition
10 $31,684,500 solarisBank AG Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
11 $28,000,000 Anxin Doctor Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
12 $26,403,750 Upstream European Investment Bank Software & Services Investment
13 $26,000,000 AirMap Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $25,000,000 uShip DB Schenker Rail Transactions Investment
15 $24,228,750 Monzo Consortium Transactions Investment
16 $22,500,000 Top Hat Consortium Software & Services Investment
17 $22,000,000 Soundtrack Your Brand Consortium Software & Services Investment
18 $20,000,000 Thinxtra Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
19 $19,000,000 Prospa AirTree Ventures, Entree Capital Transactions Investment
20 $18,000,000 Ms. Paris Consortium Transactions Investment
21 $18,000,000 Diamanti Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
22 $15,000,000 OpenFin Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $15,000,000 MealPal Consortium Transactions Investment
24 $15,000,000 Opal Consortium Marketing Investment
25 $15,000,000 Layer Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
26 $15,000,000 Sun Basket Consortium Transactions Investment
27 $15,000,000 Plays tv Consortium Media Investment
28 $14,908,800 Ecrebo Keith Mills, Joseph C. Schull Marketing Investment
29 $13,955,200 Updox Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
30 $13,300,000 One Tap BUY Consortium Transactions Investment
31 $13,000,000 EverQuote Consortium Transactions Investment
32 $11,500,000 ZeroPoint Technologies AB Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
33 $10,000,000 TetraVue Consortium Software & Services Investment
34 $10,000,000 Exactuals Consortium Transactions Investment
35 $10,000,000 Brightwheel Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
36 $8,000,000 Immuta Consortium Software & Services Investment
37 $8,000,000 Aviso Consortium Software & Services Investment
38 $6,700,000 SlamData Consortium Software & Services Investment
39 $6,336,900 Curated Shopping Auden AG Transactions Investment
40 $6,300,000 Clinc Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $6,000,000 StockX Consortium Transactions Investment
42 $5,800,000 OneTwoTrip Vostok New Ventures Transactions Investment
43 $5,000,000 Collage HR Diagram Transactions Investment
44 $5,000,000 Spiffy Bull City Venture Partners, IDEA Fund Partners, Industry Ventures, Development 72 Transactions Investment
45 $5,000,000 Doctor.com Spring Mountain Capital Transactions Investment
46 $5,000,000 Banuba VP Capital, Larnabel Ventures Software & Services Investment
47 $4,984,000 Clubhouse Golf Foresight Group Ecommerce Investment
48 $4,450,000 Gamalon, Inc. Consortium Software & Services Investment
49 $4,000,000 Predikto Fidelis Capital, TechOperators Software & Services Investment
50 $4,000,000 Geniecast Undisclosed Transactions Investment
51 $3,600,000 YotaScale Consortium Software & Services Investment
52 $3,000,000 Ozobot & Evollve Tribeca Venture Partners, Mark Rampolla Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
53 $3,000,000 Truebil Shunwei Capital Transactions Investment
54 $2,600,000 Yume Consortium Transactions Investment
55 $2,500,000 Mylestone Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
56 $2,500,000 Overtime Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
57 $2,350,000 Cognitive Operational Systems Safeguard Scientifics Software & Services Investment
58 $2,301,300 Splend Investec Transactions Investment
59 $2,112,300 Auddly Ash Pournouri, Max Martin Transactions Investment
60 $2,000,000 RealFace Apple Software & Services Acquisition
61 $2,000,000 Jazva Oradell Capital Software & Services Investment
62 $2,000,000 Drizly Polaris Partners Transactions Investment
63 $1,800,000 Shippabo Consortium Transactions Investment
64 $1,689,840 SummuS Render Consortium Software & Services Investment
65 $1,600,000 Vault Dragon Raging Bull, Golden Equator Capital Software & Services Investment
66 $1,500,000 TinyTap Consortium Transactions Investment
67 $1,500,000 Roadmunk Consortium Software & Services Investment
68 $1,495,200 Spov Keywords Studios Games Acquisition
69 $1,400,000 Printerous Consortium Transactions Investment
70 $1,200,000 Faira Consortium Transactions Investment
71 $1,200,000 Bitbond Consortium Transactions Investment
72 $1,056,450 Coowry Swanlaab Venture Factory, Breega Capital Transactions Investment
73 $1,000,000 Relink Seed Capital Software & Services Investment
74 $1,000,000 Ommy Haxus Mobile & Apps Investment
75 $1,000,000 IBEE Hosting XBT Software & Services Investment
76 $880,000 Progate DeNA, FreakOut Transactions Investment
77 $633,690 Hardt NS, UNIIQ Software & Services Investment
78 $500,000 IMAGINATE SRI Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
79 $500,000 SoFi Consortium Transactions Investment
80 $500,000 Record360 Alliance of Angels Software & Services Investment
81 Undisclosed Pico.Buzz Capital Innovators Software & Services Investment
82 Undisclosed SinnerSchrader Accenture Marketing Acquisition
83 Undisclosed Nurego GE Digital Software & Services Acquisition
84 Undisclosed SecureKey Technologies Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
85 Undisclosed Seynse Technologies Bharti Airtel Ltd Transactions Investment
86 Undisclosed Townscript BookMyShow Transactions Acquisition
87 Undisclosed Cloudreach Blackstone Software & Services Acquisition
88 Undisclosed melaud Samsung Electronics Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
89 Undisclosed ROOT6 Technology Jigsaw24 Software & Services Acquisition
90 Undisclosed Ghostery CLIQZ Software & Services Acquisition
91 Undisclosed AdTheorent H.I.G. Growth Partners Software & Services Investment
92 Undisclosed Blueprint OneWorld Diligent Software & Services Acquisition
93 Undisclosed BoardPad Diligent Software & Services Acquisition
94 Undisclosed Fonality NetFortris Software & Services Acquisition
95 Undisclosed Lumos Networks Corporation EQT Software & Services Acquisition
96 Undisclosed NFP HPS Investment Partners Transactions Investment
97 Undisclosed ShopWell Innit Mobile & Apps Acquisition
98 Undisclosed Single Digits Bregal Sagemount Software & Services Investment
99 Undisclosed Syncplicity Axway Software & Services Acquisition
100 Undisclosed Travelopia KKR & Co. (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.) Transactions Acquisition
101 Undisclosed VERBA VitalSource Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
102 Undisclosed Hubdata viihealth Software & Services Acquisition
103 Undisclosed Outpace Systems Melbourne IT Software & Services Acquisition
104 Undisclosed Raven Tech Baidu Software & Services Acquisition
105 Undisclosed Thinfactory Copaco Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Wealthminder AdvisorEngine Transactions Acquisition
107 Undisclosed Shwe Property Undisclosed Transactions Investment
108 Undisclosed Deep Run Security Services Convergence Technology Consulting Software & Services Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Domos Labs Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
110 Undisclosed Albacross Stefan Lennhammer Marketing Investment
111 Undisclosed Landmapp Omidyar Network Software & Services Investment
112 Undisclosed NIDA Rooms Shanda Group Transactions Investment
113 Undisclosed Tala Consortium Transactions Investment
114 Undisclosed AutoGravity Daimler Financial Services Transactions Investment
115 Undisclosed Aerial Intelligence Mindset Ventures Software & Services Investment
116 Undisclosed Crowd Med Mindset Ventures Software & Services Investment
117 Undisclosed FunnelBeam, Inc. Mindset Ventures Marketing Investment
118 Undisclosed GEO Semiconductor Mindset Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
119 Undisclosed Globatom Mindset Ventures Software & Services Investment
120 Undisclosed JimDrive Auden Transactions Investment
121 Undisclosed Kensci Mindset Ventures Software & Services Investment
122 Undisclosed Metric Insights Mindset Ventures Software & Services Investment
123 Undisclosed Vention Consortium Software & Services Investment
124 Undisclosed KISSsoft AG Gleason Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Testcraft.io Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
126 Undisclosed CultureMap Gow Media Media Acquisition
127 Undisclosed W.W. Gay Fire & Integrated Systems Sciens Building Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed Aisle Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
129 Undisclosed Invesdor Mika Ihamuotila Transactions Investment
130 Undisclosed Wattkeeper Urbanise Software & Services Acquisition
131 Undisclosed Trillium Incorporated Consortium Software & Services Investment
132 Undisclosed OKAST FlameFy Media Acquisition
133 Undisclosed Blue Bay Travel LDC Transactions Investment
134 Undisclosed Lab Cave Mobusi Mobile Advertising Games Acquisition
135 Undisclosed OpenCloud Metaswitch Networks Software & Services Acquisition
136 Undisclosed Bohemia M&C Saatchi Australia Marketing Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Mailgun Consortium Software & Services Investment
138 Undisclosed Results Software Abacus Data Systems Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed LiftMetrix Hootsuite Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed ChimeraCompanyGames Momentous Entertainment Group Games Acquisition
141 Undisclosed Cloudnine Realtime Abacus Data Systems Software & Services Acquisition
142 Undisclosed Forix Motorsport Network Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed The Content Agency Channelzero Marketing Acquisition
144 Undisclosed MTech Systems Munters Software & Services Acquisition
145 Undisclosed we-inspire Hoylu Software & Services Acquisition
146 Undisclosed NetADge S4M Marketing Acquisition
147 Undisclosed myON Francisco Partners Transactions Acquisition
148 Undisclosed OAG Vitruvian Partners Software & Services Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Rapsodia LCatterton Ecommerce Investment
150 Undisclosed regAction Medgate Software & Services Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Vkidz Veronis Suhler Stevenson Software & Services Investment
152 Undisclosed Appello Pilotfish Networks Software & Services Acquisition
153 Undisclosed Krotos Leslie Benzies, Old College Capital Software & Services Investment
154 Undisclosed Scintel Deep Blue Analytics Software & Services Acquisition
155 Undisclosed PrairieSmarts Covisum Software & Services Acquisition
156 Undisclosed Spectre Technologies Prepaid Financial Services Software & Services Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Data3Sixty Infogix Software & Services Acquisition
158 Undisclosed HowGood Great Oaks Venture Capital, FirstMark Capital Software & Services Investment
159 Undisclosed Skyward Verizon Wireless Software & Services Acquisition
160 Undisclosed Satago Oxygen Finance Transactions Acquisition
161 Undisclosed Lin Education Summa Equity Transactions Acquisition
162 Undisclosed Realzeit DCMN Marketing Acquisition
163 Undisclosed RedTail Solutions HighJump Software Software & Services Acquisition
164 Undisclosed Cola Layer Mobile & Apps Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Cosmunity Trend Discovery Capital Management Mobile & Apps Investment
166 Undisclosed Dacuda Magic Leap Software & Services Acquisition
167 Undisclosed LookSharp WayUp Transactions Acquisition
168 Undisclosed MakieLab The Walt Disney Company Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
169 Undisclosed Maple Media Shamrock Capital Advisors Marketing Investment
170 Undisclosed Offerboard Entoro Group Transactions Acquisition
171 Undisclosed Pleo Consortium Transactions Investment
172 Undisclosed Rover Revcontent Mobile & Apps Acquisition
173 Undisclosed Wheel Tinder Mobile & Apps Acquisition
174 Undisclosed Wrapidity Meltwater Software & Services Acquisition
175 Undisclosed TCube Solutions Capgemini Group Software & Services Acquisition
176 Undisclosed CodePandora SMINQ India Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
177 Undisclosed Kudo Grab Transactions Acquisition
178 Undisclosed DeviantArt Wix Transactions Acquisition
179 Undisclosed TripScope Travefy Transactions Acquisition
180 Undisclosed Eightytwenty Ogilvy & Mather Marketing Acquisition
181 Undisclosed TMX Atrium IntercontinentalExchange Software & Services Acquisition
182 Undisclosed TrialWorks Ridge Road Partners Software & Services Acquisition

More information

  1. Singtel’s digital ad division Amobee acquires Turn for $310M (TechCrunch)
  2. STG Group Inc. to acquire Preferred Systems Solutions Inc. for $119 million (Washington Business Journal)
  3. Sapiens to Acquire U.S.-based StoneRiver, Inc. for Approximately $102 million (Sapiens)
  4. Goldman Sachs is investing $95 million for a 15% stake in ad firm MDC Partners (Business Insider)
  5. Airbnb Buys Tilt, Signaling Its Growing Interest In Group Travel (Fast Company)
  6. Lytro Raises $60M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  7. Mobile and Browser Game Developer Shinezone Wins RMB 400 Mln Series B (Marbridge Consulting)
  8. Walmart acquires outdoor retailer Moosejaw for $51 million (TechCrunch)
  9. mytaxi acquires taxibeat, the leading taxi app in Greece, for around €40 million (EU Startups)
  10. SolarisBank raises €30m in funding round (Banking Technology)
  11. Matrix Joins $28M Series B In Chinese App For Children And Women’s Healthcare (China Money Network)
  12. Upstream Receives €25m in Growth Financing (FinSMEs )
  13. AirMap raises $26 million to manage air traffic as drone use surges (TechCrunch)
  14. DB Schenker Takes $25 Million Stake in Online Freight Booking Platform uShip (The Wall Street Journal)
  15. Confirmed: UK challenger bank Monzo raises £19.5M with another £2.5M in crowdfunding planned (TechCrunch)
  16. Top Hat Raises $22.5M Series C to Transform How Universities Engage and Educate Students Inside and Outside the Classroom (Business Wire)
  17. Soundtrack Your Brand, a ‘Spotify for B2B’ nabs $22M for expansion (TechCrunch)
  18. Start-up Thinxtra is raising $20m to take on Telstra with national IoT network (AFR)
  19. AirTree leads $19m investment in Australia’s Prospa (AVCJ)
  20. NLVC leads $18m round for China clothing rental site (AVCJ)
  21. Diamanti Closed $18M Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  22. A little-known startup that has quietly amassed 100,000 Wall Street users just scored a big investment (Business Insider Australia)
  23. MealPal Raises $15m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  24. Top Silicon Valley VC firm Accel leads $15M round for Opal, a marketing collaboration startup based in Portland (GeekWire)
  25. Communication platform Layer raises $15M and acquires interactive messaging startup Cola (TechCrunch)
  26. Sun Basket cooks up another $15 million for gluten-free and paleo meal kits (TechCrunch)
  27. 49ers, NBA’s Jeremy Lin part of $15 million Series A for Plays.tv and its game-recording service (VentureBeat)
  28. Retail martech specialist Ecrebo eyes US expansion after £12m investment (Campaign)
  29. Fast-growing Central Ohio software maker raises $11.2M (Columbus Business First)
  30. Japanese mobile trading brokerage, One Tap Buy secures US$13.3 million to accelerate system development (NextUnicorn)
  31. EverQuote Raises Additional $13M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  32. Zero Point Technologies brings in 11.5 million to commercialize new compression technology (MyNewsDesk)
  33. TetraVue Closes $10M Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  34. Exactuals nets $10 mln Series A (PE HUB)
  35. Brightwheel raises $10 million to keep parents in-the-know about their kids’ day at school (TechCrunch)
  36. Former NSA techies raise $8m for their data governance startup (The Register)
  37. Predictive sales startup Aviso raises $8 million (VentureBeat)
  38. SlamData raises $6.7 million to provide business analytics for non-relational data (VentureBeat )
  39. Fashion ecommerce sites MODOMOTO and The Cloakroom raise €6 million (Tech.eu)
  40. Clinc raises a $6.3M Series A to advance its AI for banking platform (TechCrunch)
  41. StockX raises $6M to grow its marketplace for limited-edition products (TechCrunch)
  42. OneTwoTrip investor ups stake with $5.8m investment (TNOOZ)
  43. Collage Raises $5M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  44. Spiffy Raises $5m in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  45. Doctor.com closes $5M Series A round to launch marketing automation platform for physician practices (Updated) (MedCity News)
  46. Viktor Prokopenya’s VP Capital And The Gutseriev Family’s Larnabel Ventures Announce $5 Million Investment In Banuba (PR Newswire)
  47. Foresight Group invests £4m in retail business Clubhouse Golf (Realdeals)
  48. Gamalon Invents and Commercializes Radical New Approach to AI; Accelerating Machine Learning by More Than 100x (Business Wire)
  49. Predikto Plans European Expansion With $4M Series A Round (Hypepotamus)
  50. St. Louis videocast startup raises $4 million (St. Louis Business Journal)
  51. With $3.6M in fresh funding, YotaScale optimizes cloud computing for enterprises (TechCrunch)
  52. Evollve Raises $3M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  53. India-based used car marketplace Truebil refills its tank with $3M raise (TechCrunch)
  54. Fairfax family and major investors inject $2.6 million into Melbourne-based food waste startup Yume (StartupSmart)
  55. Mylestone Raises $2.5m in Funding (FinSMEs)
  56. Ex-NBA Commissioner David Stern Invests In Overtime’s $2.5 Million Seed Round (SportTechie)
  57. COSY just raised $2.35 million (Technical.ly)
  58. After beating the odds to partner with Uber, Splend raises $3 million to expand fleet for on-demand drivers (StartupSmart)
  59. Swedish music startup Auddly takes in €2 million (Tech.eu)
  60. Apple reportedly snaps up Israeli facial recognition company RealFace for $2 million (Apple Insider)
  61. eCommerce Solutions Provider Jazva Raises $2 Million in Series B Funding (Digital Journal )
  62. Investors pour $2 million more into booze marketplace Drizly (TechCrunch)
  63. Shippabo Snags $1.8M For Global Freight Shipping Software (SocalTech)
  64. Summus Render Raises €1.6M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  65. Vault Dragon gets US$1.16M pre-Series A to bring your medical records to the digital era (e27)
  66. Learning Games Co. TinyTap Raises $1.5M (NoCamels)
  67. Golden Venture Partners leads Roadmunk’s $1.5 mln seed round (PE HUB)
  68. Dublin video games service firm Keywords buys Spov for £1.2m (Irish Times)
  69. Indonesia’s Printerous raises $1.4M to digitize traditional printing (TechCrunch)
  70. Real Estate Startup Raises $1.2M To Expand (Pymnts)
  71. Global Lending Platform BitBond gets $1.2 Million Investment (The Bitcoin News)
  72. EIT Digital-supported Coowry raises €1M for global expansion (eit Digital)
  73. Danish Relink raises $1 mln seed (Arctic Startup)
  74. Ommy Raises $1M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  75. Web Hosting Company IBEE Hosting Got Funding of $1M from XBT Holdings (Indian Web 2)
  76. Japan’s online coding school startup Progate nabs $880K for Asian expansion (The Bridge)
  77. Delft Hyperloop continues as spin-off Hardt, gets 600.000 euro investment (Startup Juncture)
  78. Hyderabad-based AR & VR startup Imaginate raised $500,000 from SRI Capital (Bizztor)
  79. SoFi closes in on $500m funding round – Bloomberg (Finextra)
  80. Record360 raises $500K to grow platform that reduces damage disputes with rental companies (GeekWire)
  81. 6 startups get Capital Innovators investment (St. Louis Business Journal)
  82. Accenture Announces Intent to Acquire Digital Agency SinnerSchrader AG to Drive Expansion of Accenture Interactive in Germany (Accenture)
  83. GE Digital Acquisition of Israeli Startup Nurego to Help Acceleration of IIoT Business Models (ARC Advisory )
  85. Airtel acquires stake in fintech Startup Seynse (Bitcoin Agile)
  86. BookMyShow acquires 75% stake in ticketing platform Townscript (Bizztor)
  87. Blackstone Acquires a Majority Stake in Leading Global Public Cloud Enabler Cloudreach (Blackstone)
  88. Melaud startades i en sommarstuga – nu slukas doldisen av Samsung (Breakit)
  89. Jigsaw24 finalises deal to acquire rival reseller Root6 (Broadcast Now)
  90. The 10 things in advertising you need to know today (Business Insider Australia)
  91. AdTheorent® Receives Strategic Growth Investment from H.I.G. Growth Partners and Positions for Continued High Growth (Business Wire)
  92. Diligent Acquires BoardPad and Blueprint from ICSA: The Governance Institute (Business Wire)
  93. Diligent Acquires BoardPad and Blueprint from ICSA: The Governance Institute (Business Wire)
  94. NetFortris Acquires Fonality, Creates Next Generation Cloud Service Provider (Business Wire)
  95. Lumos Networks Enters into Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by EQT Infrastructure (Business Wire)
  96. HPS Investment Partners Closes Investment with NFP (Business Wire)
  97. Innit Acquires ShopWell, Plans Platform Launch in 2017 (Business Wire)
  98. Bregal Sagemount Announces Majority Investment in Single Digits (Business Wire)
  99. Axway Announces Acquisition of Syncplicity (Business Wire)
  100. KKR to Acquire Travelopia from TUI (Business Wire)
  101. VitalSource Announces Intent to Acquire Verba (Business Wire)
  102. viihealth acquires decision analytics company Hubdata (Centerwatch News Online)
  103. Melbourne IT Acquires Outware Systems for 4.7X EBITDA Valuation (ChannelE2E)
  104. Baidu’s Latest Acquisition Strengthens Its Smart Home Services (ChinaTechNews)
  105. Press Release: Copaco acquires Thinfactory (Copaco)
  106. AdvisorEngine acquires Wealthminder (Cranes Investment News)
  107. Myanmar: ShweProperty.com bags ‘six-digit series A funding’ for expansion (Deal Street Asia)
  108. Deep Run Security has joined forces with Convergence Technology Consultants! (Deep Run Security)
  109. Nextgentel first out with Norwegian smart router and wifi intelligence (Digi.no)
  110. TrueCaller-founder invests in advertising service (Digital)
  111. Ghanaian agri-tech startup Landmapp raises Omidyar funding (Disrupt Africa)
  112. Indonesia’s NIDA Rooms aims to be profitable early next year, raises US$5.6 million (e27)
  113. Micro-loan startup Tala raises $30 million in Series B funding (Fast Company)
  114. AutoGravity Earns Multi-Million Euro Investment from Daimler (Finovate)
  115. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  116. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  117. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  118. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  119. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  120. JimDrive Receives Equity Investment from Auden AG (FinSMEs)
  121. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  122. Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups (FinSMEs)
  123. Vention Raises Pre-Seed Round of Funding (FinSMEs)
  124. Gleason Acquires KISSsoft AG (Gleason)
  125. Israeli SaaS co TestCraft raises $1m (Globes)
  126. From Sports to Socialites: Gow Media Acquires Culturemap (Houston Press)
  127. Huron Capital’s Sciens Building Solutions Completes Additional Acquisition (IANS)
  128. CIO Angel Network Backs Member Only Dating App Aisle (Inc42)
  129. Mika Ihamuotila invests in Invesdor (Invesdor)
  130. Urbanise acquires Intelligen, Wattkeeper (ITWeb)
  131. Trillium Inc poised to Eliminate Cyber Threat to Autonomous Cars (JCN Newswire )
  132. FlameFy buys Okast (La Lettre)
  133. LDC starts new journey with Blue Bay Travel (LDC)
  134. Squire Patton Boggs Advises Mobusi on the Acquisition of Lab Cave (Legal Monitor )
  135. Metaswitch Buys OpenCloud (Light Reading)
  136. M&C Saatchi announces the acquisition of Bohemia in Australia. (M&C Saatchi )
  137. Mailgun Raises $50 Million to Spin out From Rackspace and Accelerate Growth as a Leading Automated Email Platform for Developers (MarketWired )
  138. Abacus Next Accelerates Market Strategy, Enters Accounting Vertical with Acquisition of Cloudnine Realtime and Results CRM (MarketWired )
  139. Hootsuite acquires LiftMetrix, aims for greater social ROI (MarketingTech)
  140. Momentous Entertainment Group to Acquire ChimeraCompanyGames.com (MarketWired )
  141. Abacus Next Accelerates Market Strategy, Enters Accounting Vertical with Acquisition of Cloudnine Realtime and Results CRM (MarketWired )
  142. FORIX joins the Motorsport Network (Motorsport)
  143. Channelzero acquires video content agency to diversify offering (Mumbrella)
  145. Hoylu AB: Hoylu acquires We-inspire GmbH (Nasdaq)
  146. S4M acquires Netadge to reinforce technology stack (S$M)
  147. Francisco Partners acquires myON (PE HUB)
  148. Vitruvian Partners acquires flight information company OAG (PE HUB)
  149. L Catterton invests in Rapsodia (PE HUB)
  150. Venture-backed Medgate buys compliance manager regAction (PE HUB)
  151. VSS invests in VKidz (PE HUB)
  152. Public transport supplier Pilotfish Networks AB is acquiring Appello Technologies AB (Pilotfish)
  153. Audio tech firm Krotos secures six-figure funding from former Rockstar North president (PocketGamer)
  154. Scintel Technologies, Inc. announces the acquisition of Deep Blue Analytics Inc. (PR Newswire)
  155. Covisum Acquires PrairieSmarts’ Risk Tools to Bring Enhanced Suite of Retirement Planning Tools (PR Newswire)
  156. Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) Acquires Software Development House Spectre Technologies Limited (PR Newswire)
  157. Infogix Acquires Data Governance Leader Data3Sixty (PRWeb)
  158. HowGood Partners With Ahold-Delhaize’s Giant Landover Stores (PRWeb)
  159. Verizon Buys Drone Operator (Pymnts)
  161. Summa Equity acquires Lin Education (Summa Equity)
  162. Berlin adtech startup Realzeit acquired for “seven-figure sum” by DCMN (Tech.eu)
  163. HighJump Buys RedTail Solutions (Tech.mn)
  164. Communication platform Layer raises $15M and acquires interactive messaging startup Cola (TechCrunch)
  165. Cosmunity brings the geek convention experience online (TechCrunch)
  166. Confirmed: Magic Leap acquires 3D division of Dacuda in Zurich (TechCrunch)
  167. Student job finder WayUp acquires competitor Looksharp (TechCrunch)
  168. Disney has quietly acquired tech and assets of MakieLab, a startup that 3D printed dolls (TechCrunch)
  169. The great app roll-up is coming and Maple Media is leading the charge (TechCrunch)
  170. Entoro Group acquires Offerboard, a platform for soliciting investments in private businesses (TechCrunch)
  171. Pleo, a startup that offers a card and app to manage company expenses, gets backing from Creandum (TechCrunch)
  172. Revcontent acquires Rover for better content recommendation tech (TechCrunch)
  173. Tinder acquires Wheel, an app for creating Snapchat-like video stories (TechCrunch)
  174. Meltwater acquires Oxford Uni spin-out Wrapidity to add AI to media monitoring capabilities (TechCrunch)
  175. Capgemini Acquires TCube Solutions, Idean In Two Separate Deals (Teleanalysis)
  176. Sminq acquires software services firm CodePandora for an undisclosed amount (The Tech Portal)
  177. Uber rival Grab is acquiring Indonesian payment firm Kudo (The Tech Portal)
  178. Wix has acquired DeviantArt, which may let artists license their work for the site builder (The Verge)
  179. Travefy acquires travel agent platform TripScope (TNOOZ)
  180. Ogilvy & Mather acquires stake in Eightytwenty in Ireland (WPP)
  181. Intercontinental Exchange Announces Agreement to Acquire TMX Atrium from TMX Group (Yahoo Finance)
  182. Ridge Road and its Principals Acquire TrialWorks, a Leading Vertical Software Company Servicing the Legal Industry (Yahoo Finance)
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